O'Tama for strawhat ?

O'Tama for strawhat ?


She will stay I wano and will utilise the beats pirates who had eaten the kibi dango of her df. And help rebuild wano back.


I feel like O'Tama joining the crew would defeat the point of Luffy fighting so that her and the people of Wano can eat whatever they want. I also feel that O'Tama does not have a reason to go out to sea as she does not fufill any roles on the strawhats and does not seem to have a dream or goal like the others besides helping Wano get food.


Bruh After This Arc Luffy Is Close To Fighting Blackbeard His Crew And His Fleet Tama Can't Join She Wouldn't Be Useful To Luffy And The Strawhats She Be A Burden And Someone That Needs Saving All The Time Nobody Wants To Be A Babysitter For That Kid All She Would Is Get In The Way Just Because Luffy Place The Strawhat On Her Doesn't Mean She's Joining The Crew After Wano And Her Fruit Doesn't Match The 29 29 Number


Tbh I don't see any of them joining the crew. I think that when Yamato finally find herself and decide to go on an adventure she will go on her own, make her own crew, maybe we get her adventures in cover story and she later join Strawhats in Great War as a part of Grand Fleet. And for Otama, I don't see it, for a child to join them. I mean, if anyone can make it work it is Oda, but we will see, right now not a fan of Otama joining the crew.


She could become a captain in the Grand Fleet. She has too many followers to join the crew directly, but being her own captain is a possibility. They could also use Juku Juku no Mi to turn her into an adult. Then aces promise can be fulfilled on the spot.