Memory Almost Full vs NEW

Memory Almost Full vs NEW


MAF is way better than NEW, which has a couple good songs and then evaporates as it goes.


I’m baffled


Something about Memory Almost Full sounds really dated IMO, I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it is. Maybe it’s the flat production and compression given that it came out at the peak of the loudness war. The album is just begging for a remix, but until that happens, NEW blows it away in that aspect. When it comes to songwriting though I think it’s really close—they’re both pop but enormously different, Memory Almost Full is much rockier and more traditional in its approach while New feels pretty digital and synth driven. Memory Almost Full is probably more consistent all around and more pure McCartney, whereas NEW has a ton of outside pop producers on it which gives it a really fun and unique sound. I’d probably give the edge to Memory Almost Full since it’s more consistent all around, but I think the Highs of NEW are higher than MAF. When it comes to cover art, Memory Almost Full has to be one of McCartney’s worst honestly. It just does absolutely nothing for me. NEW is pretty cool and stylized, that’s an easy win. All things considered I think I’d give a slight edge to NEW. But a remix of Memory Almost Full would go a long way in its favor.


This HAS to be a joke


no competition. MAF is Paul's weakest album of the century. Id argue that NEW is his best of the century, or atleast top 3


Agree with the second half, but I think MAF is up there as wwll