Did Paul McCartney ever surpass his 1973 album Band On The Run?

Did Paul McCartney ever surpass his 1973 album Band On The Run?


All of you saying he surpassed Band on the Run with Ram must not understand what surpass means. It has to come AFTER Band on the Run. To answer the question, I think it depends on the mood you’re going for. Chaos and Creation is a beautifully produced album, with great songs but is it as commercially viable as Band on the Run? Maybe not. Egypt Station went to number one and it’s a really solid album but there’s still some skips on it. I hate to say that Paul’s best album was 40 years ago, but his career has too many moods that you could argue for or against any of them.


What about tug of war?


Oh yeah, I forgot about Tug of War! His voice is great, production is great, a couple of filler tracks, but yeah! I’m not sure it’s as fun as Band on the Run, but it’s very playful!


Venus and Mars


Venus and Mars is so close but I think falls off a bit during the second half (mainly Medicine Jar and Spirts of Ancient Egypt—which are fine songs but a bit throwaway compared to Band On The Run).


I think Venus and Mars came pretty damn close to matching Band On The Run. It's easily my second favorite Wings album. The only song I find myself wanting to skip is Spirits of Ancient Egypt, and even that has a catchy chorus.


The lyrics are aight, I love the rhythm


I love all of Wings’ songs so much that I think they can actually go head-to-head with the Beatles. Band On The Run is just as good as Abbey Road, and Venus and Mars is just as good as Sgt. Peppers


I would say so, McCartney II and especially Flaming Pie is up there for me


Yes, a couple of years earlier with Ram. :)


Flaming pie


RAM is a work of genius . It’s the only Beatles solo album that I may compare to a Beatles album in my personal emotional feedback. It has innocence.


But that was before Band on the Run


Yea his best work in my opinion. Amazing album start to finish. Glorious! It still surpasses his other work regardless of sequence


I’ll be the sole defender of Back to the Egg I suppose. That album straight up slaps.


Add Goodnight Tonight and Daytime Nighttime Suffering to the album and it’s even better.


You're not alone. There's dozens of us! Back to the Egg is fantastic.


I prefer Chaos & Creation to BOTR, and love them both


Off The Ground and NEW


Off the ground is very underrated.


McCartney III is my favorite post-Beatles record period. Not knocking any of his other albums, but III just hit me the right way. With everything that was going on last year, that was the record that got me thru. It’s the only CD I’ve listened to in the car in the last several months.


No but I think McCartney II came closest.


Imo, RAM (1971), Tug of War (1982) and McCartney III (2021) are better


Ram for sure , tug of war you can make a case altough I strongly disagree, but McCartney III must be a joke.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really like Paul's albums from the last ten years


I also like his recent albums but I dont think they compare with band on the run


Admittedly Macca 3 ain't as strong as say band in the run, but it isn't offensive to say that, both are great albums


I like Macca 3 but I think the difference in quality is huge


Yeah I agree with that


Multiple times before and after :)


He outdone himself with ram 2 years earlier


I think RAM, Band on the Run, Flaming Pie, and Chaos and Creation are all just as good but in different ways. I think you can add McCartney II to that list if you include tracks from those sessions such as Secret Friend and Check My Machine. Then after that he has many albums that are just one or two steps below his best.


I think a different question here is which one we actually enjoy the most, and if there was any album that in one's opinion is actually better than BOR. Personally, I usually enjoy Flaming Pie and Chaos and Creation more than BOR. It depends on the mood, but that's how it usually goes for me...


Flowers in the Dirt.


For me McCartney II, Tug of War, Flaming Pie, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, Electric Arguments and McCartney III all come close, but I’d say no, none entirely surpass BOTR (or Ram and McCartney I imo)


My Dad who has been the biggest Beatles/Paul McCartney for his whole career says this is his best and it seems like this is the most popular answer to the question Granted, I’m only 19 and haven’t been around for it all, I will admit that I’m not familiar with a lot of his work, and there might be many factors that go into this but my personal pick is for best McCartney album is... Memory Almost Full (2007) It could be it was the first solo McCartney album my Dad ever played for me, it could be childhood summer memories and associations, or it could be that it was my first concert after he toured in 2007. Either way it’s so grand to listen to for me and it has so many cool elements for me. I think the production along with the unique composition of the music is fantastic. It sounds so lively, like he put his entire heart and soul into it and there are so many songs on that album evoke strong emotions in me like no other song or album I’ve ever heard. The emotions are so strong throughout the entire album to me and there’s a great variety of them too. In a way if feels like the whole album could be performed live since it has that much soul and energy. I really don’t understand how this album doesn’t get more respect