Is Band On The Run a spotless masterpiece? Is it as good as the best Beatles album?

Is Band On The Run a spotless masterpiece? Is it as good as the best Beatles album?


Paul has a few albums id consider as good as the best beatles album. BOTR is one of them


That one, RAM and Flaming Pie, yeah… he has some others that come close, then others with 2-4 gems or less. There’s always a Beatle level song or two on his albums imo.


What do you think of Chaos and Creation?


It’s pretty close, so is Flowers in the Dirt for me


I always say you get at least 60-70% greatness on every Mccartney album. A few are near perfect. Back to the egg comes pretty close for me.


I honestly believe that Paul has several albums that are as good as Beatles albums. That might be an unpopular opinion though.


Yes. BOTR is AS good as the best Beatles album, not better. It would have been even better with musical and vocal contributions from the other three Beatles -- then it would have been one of the greatest Beatles albums of all, top three or four on everyone's list. However, even if it were a Beatles album, I would have still liked Linda's vocals in there on some of the tracks (Bluebird especially, after all it's about Paul and Linda's loving marriage).


I prefer most of Paul’s / Wings albums more than Band on The Run. That being said I still think Band on the Run is very good and I enjoy it more than most Beatles music too.


yes and yes


I think Band on the Run is an excellent pop album, but Beatles albums hold such incredibly high standards it would be hard to compare. In my opinion, Band on the Run has 4 or 5 truly excellent songs, 3 pretty good ones, and 1 that is just bad (I don't care for Bluebird too much...), while albums like Abbey Road, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper were just hit after hit after hit. There is one Paul album that I think is as good as any Beatles album, and that's Ram. And I will fight for that album until my grave.


Nope! But it's very very very good - and there's nothing bad on there. I do think Paul has done four or five better albums.


Which ones?


I can’t speak for them but I personally think ram is considerably better


Yeah, Ram’s really good.


I like Band On The Run more than any Beatles album. :) is it objectively better than like Abbey Road? Probably not. But I personally like it more


might be an unpopular opinion, but band on the run is a vastly better album than anything ever released by the beatles. i hold my stance that wings is the better band, even though i do love the beatles


Strong opinion, I love it


No solo Beatle album is as good as a Beatles' album. How could it be without the other three? But BOTR is good. Not as good as Ram, but still good.


Not even Ram or All Things Must Pass?


Already answered the question. No solo work by the Fabs is equivalent to their work together. ATMP and Ram are extremely good but are not even close to Pepper or AR.


But both are better than With the Beatles, at the very least.


Nope. Put WTB in context--it is golden compared to other albums released in 1963.


I don’t think any solo Paul album surpasses the very best Beatles of Abbey Road, The White Album, A Hard Day’s Night, and Sgt. Pepper. But I think Ram, Band On the Run, and Chaos and Creation is as great as the next best Beatles stuff, like Magical Mystery Tour, Help!, and Rubber Soul. I’m not making it sound like it a lot here, but that’s super high praise in my mind.


Not one solo album by any of them is as good as Abbey Road. Or Revolver. Band on the Run is an incredible album but that’s just how high the bar is. Let me put it another way: I would rather be trapped on an island with those 2 Beatles albums than the entire solo catalogue.


The value of a Beatles album is, for me, the variety of the band - multiple vocalists. No solo album has that, and, imo, can never be 'better' simply because of the math. For the most part, almost any 'solo' album has 2-4 \*strong\* songs, then comparative filler. The other value in a Beatles album is every writer brought their strongest stuff, and ... you end up with an album of 10-12+ \*strong\* songs. BOTR is definitely good, but suffers a bit just because... it's 100% Paul singing. An "brainwashed" is great from George, but... it's 100% George. etc...


No and no but it’s damn good and deserves the praise it gets - imho


For me, band on the run it's a ok