You ever just

You ever just


Literally me, but maybe not every minute. I open the game like every 2 hours even though there isn't anything to do.


Imagine how good this game would be if there was something to do


imagine how could the game use to be without the God awful stamina system.


Meh, I don't really care about stamina anymore, doesnt change anything to me. I mean, it just take 3-4 days to clear an event instead of 1 day, which is fine. The problem is that even this way, the game still has no content. We desperately need an endgame content worth the farm. And no, the weekly 15 minutes of Champion Stadium are not an endgame content.


That's why the stamina system sucks balls imo, or at the least it needs to be heavily adjusted. Without the stamina system, you could just play to power up the sync pairs which added quite a bit of replay value, now it's much more difficult to get them leveled up, and doing the events with the little stamina we get daily


The problem isn't the stamina system per se, it's more the lack of stamina replenishment. This is something vital to gacha games that have this sort of system and unless I've completely missed it there is no currency to replenish stamina outside of crystals.


I was hoping the region dailies would be somewhere between Master Mode and Ancient Brawl in difficulty to give people a reason to juggle their teams around every few days, but alas they're as mindless as event dailies.


Exatcly. I reopen the game ever 30 mins just to look at my bag and dex... and sometimes the masterfairs


All the time


Realise I haven't done Daily Scout and I need those precious 80 gems.


That would be me, but I do ransoms Co-Op battles if I feel like it. But those Master fairs are so damn tempting, and I just don’t wanna spend gems over the 5 Multis that guarantee rewards. So entering the game and seeing the Master Fair tag there, my God! Go away already!!!!! I want the Anni units!


Same I like doing Lear coop. I love his theme.


Forgot to cycle the eggs


Same! After i do all the daily missions i close the app. Then i’ll remember a team i want to try and do the ultra hard extreme battles LOL


nah.. I'm more like: login in the morning, do the stuff, close, open again in the evening to use those 140~180 stamina so they don't overflow in the morning.. close


“Oh wait, stamina…….”


I mean... it's going away for story mode, so maybe try hard?


I fell asleep last night before spending all stamina. Today I woke up sad with stamina full for a long time.


It happens! Damn you old age lol


That happens when the Battle Villa is up. Spend all my stamina, close the game, remember Battle Villa exists.




Sometimes, but most of the time once I finish the daily objectives I'm done for the day.


Claim rewards


That is the sad fate of majority of my PM game days since they introduced stamina


This is hardly a problem made by Stamina, if anything stamina helps mitigate it. The real problem is the lack of anything long term to do with rewards that matter and good progression. Power creep is also on the table, completing CS use to be an all week effort but now I can do it half asleep at weekly reset. Despite that I think the game is in a great place, I just wish we would get one more ritual weekly content to keep me interested a little longer.


One thing would be helpful would be a Champion Difficulty in Champion Stadium. No conditions, but it would be Ancient Brawl hard without the region restrictions


Just done four solo night shifts at work and opened the app twice the whole time on site. That is a damming indictment of the state of play to be honest with you it really is. For sure I don't want it to mandate me to play every few hours in a stamina chase ala Prestige event but wow oh wow there should be something tangible to do everytime we open the app.


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This and reopening the app every 9ish hours to burn my accumulated energy… I can wait up to 14hrs now (lvl 100 gang eyyyyy)


I open the game like 2 or 3 times a day. First in the morning for all the basic stuff, then 12 hours later when my stamina is charged again, and a third time when I forget the Battle Villa sometimes. And that's on every day


When I reopen the app, I debate on farming for gear or Battle Villa for a good minute then close the app.


We need an online battling system for the end game. They don’t even need to give us crazy rewards, IMO. Like. Tournament style events for true rewards. For the non-events, I’d be happy with a random roll for a number of sync orbs.