Mausoleum Mage for sure (such a good partner for Seer), Reliquary Tender (already have Seeker's TM boost, so I'd rather have her 3 turn cleanse compared to Runekeeper's 4 turn CD), Alure (might as well get giant slayer and a banner), and finally Vrask for spirit (FW MVP and and awesome on a lot of DT bosses).


Umbral over reliquary tender is the better choice. Reliquary tender at 50 does her job just fine, I use her in stage 20 faction wars and Hard DT.


Umbral definitely for void, vrask or fayne for spirit, mausoleum for force, magic you have a lot of options. I’d personally go toragi bc I want him for shadowkin crypt, but jareg is a good all around champ that can help in cb and dt. Alure is also great although I don’t use her as much as I should.


Alure, Umbral, Sinesha. I don't really see a good green one. Maus can probably be left at 5 stars.


Thanks for the suggestions! Having duchess, I'm thinking Maus Mage maybe fine at 50 as well? Im debating Vrask, but I'm wondering if he'd ever be a better option than Vogoth outside faction wars?