What are y’all doing with your millions when shib moons? I’m buying boats and hoes.

What are y’all doing with your millions when shib moons? I’m buying boats and hoes.






Meh I just don't want to have to work anymore, so I'd probably just make sure my finances will allow me to do such. I'm sure it's not gonna happen but I have my hand in the bag all the same.


The way it works (investing) you invest in something you have faith in long term. Get to a point (5mill usd or more or what currency your country accepts) then pull out 2-4% every year live off the interest you occur and leave the rest to keep working for you. The goal is to have your money work for you 24/7.


After a real quick calculation: 4% of $5m = $200k US Federal married joint tax on $200k @ 24% = -$48k My state income tax @ 9.9% = -$19,800 Social Security @6.6% = -$13,200 OOP healthcare.gov annual premium total with 0 deductible and full dental = -$11,832 Net = $107,168 100% worth it to not have to work for the rest of my life. ETA all I need is for SHIB to hit $0.50 and I'm set. Here's to the dream 🍻🥂 and thanks for the silver!


I’ll be happy with 0.01 at this point in time! I can retire on that.


Move to Florida, Nevada or some other state without state income tax. Talk to an estate attorney and a top notch CPA to handle your tax burden.


I'm in Nevada, if it its .05 I'm good to go. Just Capital gains and property taxes for this guy. (For the most part)


Hope it happens then, but i dont understand all that other talk about income tax and social security. I guess since i dont live in the us i am not familiar with that system


Basically it's just capitalism at it's finest. Tax the fuck out of us, give us nothing in return. Our roads suck, infrastructure is worse, homelessness is at an all time high, we pay ridiculous health insurance premiums and the social security fund I spend my entire life paying into will be depleted by the time I hit retirement age. But uh... yeah. Go America.


Well we're good at bombing the shit out of 3rd world countries, destroying the little thing they have build, rob them and then leave. Your taxes at work, the more you pay the more they'll spend.


I just wish those that really hated America would just leave America, go live in the country that you want to then. I understand somebody that wants to change little aspects but you want to change the whole system then maybe you should just leave.


I'm not American (and don't want to) but I'm pretty sure that being pissed at taxes not being used on citizens, is a very legit complain. Mine taxes are not higher than an average USA citizen, but I don't need any medical insurance, state healthcare covers everything, roads are ok, and our emergency services are properly funded (cof cof, California fires out of control)


Love my country. Hate my government. Wanna know what my favorite thing about not living under a tyrant like Kim Jong-un is? I can say "fuck the government, fuck the president, fuck the system" without getting myself, my family, my friends and my next three generations disappeared. Wanna know what my least favorite part of 'land of the free' is? It's people like you. "jUsT lEaVe lOl." The beauty of the Bill of Rights is that I have all of the same rights as you do, namely, the first one. I watched fires burn more than 1 MILLION acres of my state last year and another half a million so far this year because of the piss poor forest management and wildfire mitigation attempts of my state government. More than 3,000 people lost their homes. In 2018, my governor gave a teenager a slap on the wrist for yeeting fireworks into a literal tinder box and *laughing* about it. That fire burnt 50,000 acres. My state government just passed a law saying that my guns need to be cable locked and stored in a safe *in my own home.* So instead of doing anything meaningful about the gun violence problems we have like stricter background checks, closing all of the strawman loopholes, investing in smart firearm technology, creating a licensing system or enforcing containment and storage laws on households with children (which my household is not), the answer is to turn otherwise law abiding citizens like myself into criminals for having a handgun within reach when they're alone at night. My federal government and senators in states that don't even represent me are trying to force their way into my uterus under the guise of 'God' when the first amendment clearly states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Yes, you can have your religion. No, you can't use it to govern my body. And I pay higher taxes than most "socialist" countries with less benefits. So yeah, I love my country. I've seen a lot of it and haven't found somewhere that isn't beautiful in its own way. When you set aside politics and religion, most of the people here are good too and have incredibly similar beliefs that are just guided by different sets of morals. But I fucking hate my government. I have a lot of valid reasons to hate my government and I don't have to leave the land I love because of it.


Well said.


I always love how you americans allow religion has so much impact in your goverment, I'm from a country with deep catholic roots, and with a "recent" (80 years since) dictatorship that favoured the church, and still, we are no way near close to the grade of entanglement of religion and politics you have there in the US


It goes right back to the imbedded fear from birth that I just mentioned in my response to your other comment. I'd be rich if I had a dollar for every time I heard a phrase like "they're cancelling Christmas," "Christians are the most prosecuted people in America," "this country was built on Christianity" (lol no it wasn't), etc. As a teenager I worked as a cashier and finally just stopped acknowledging holidays because of the amount of times I got screamed at because "iT's fUcKinG MerRy ChRiStMaS not HaPpY hOlIdAys QuIt AtTaCkInG mY rElIgIoN." But if you say Merry Christmas to like, 90% of atheists or agnostics we're just like "Thanks! You too!" But the same people screeching about how not being able to inject their religion into my uterus is an affront on their religion are the same ones that clutch their pearls and gasp whenever someone in a turban or burkha walks by because, you know, everyone who wears a turban is Muslim and every Muslim is a terrorist or whatever. 🙄


Someone else lives in Oregon. That little punk who burnt the gorge down should be in jail.


I don’t hate America. I hate the horrible taxes I pay. You can love your country and hate your government. That is the American way.


As an American, a very patriotic one, I agree lol. Thats one of the best things about this place, we can voice how much we hate it and have the freedom to do so lol.


Half the world can do the same, sometimes even with less censorship than in US, for sure with less armed guards around to intimidate me....


"If you are homeless, just buy a house duh"


This is the way...


Wow. Are you so fragile that differing opinions upset you? This is why we can’t progress as a nation, some people just can’t hack it.


What a ridiculously stupid comment. Are you 15?


U don't pay social security after 106k little info to factor in your calculator


I’ll be happy at .10 then I’ll have $4.4M bút $5M would be better. Thanks for the calculations.


MY MIND JUST EXPLODED. I never looked at it like this. Wow. Wow. Wow. I just figured out my plan. Thank you.


First off there’s no guarantee everyone’s gonna be a millionaire. Secondly I’m gonna make sure I have enough to keep in swap, and be able to get a new truck for my ranch. Tacoma.


Millions to spend and you’re going to get a Toyota? To each his own I guess I’m not judging.


I’m just hoping to be financially free. And start a charity. Hoping to give back if I’m blessed


Then you shall be a millionaire one day. Just the thought would count.


I’m holding 147,502,458.26 as of now and my goal is to get to 200 mill before .00004


I hit my goal of 666,777,333. Hoping for .005 or .01 in the next 4-5 years.


What's wrong with a Toyota?? They are Reliable and amazing fuel economy what do you want more?? But still I would be that slick new Porsche taycan or maybe a 911 turbo and buy a house, invest some of my money in real estate.


What would you buy? A Lambo for ranch duty? bruh...


Shouldn’t have to buy hoes. At a certain income, they’re just there.


If shib reaches 0.005 they Will be there and if it reaches 0.01 and above they Will beg to be there😂


I'll invest more into something that would generate me more money. So that I never have to again work my life.


The dream? Move it into something less volatile than crypto and hope for 4-5% return each year to live on. The fantasy? Make enough to give my dad, sister and in-laws a hefty gift invested to provide them with passive income that will allow them to travel with me if they chose to, trust funds for my 5 nieces and nephews to do something with themselves so they don't have to struggle like I have, buy a house in my home state to be able to return to and then just travel. A new location every month until I have a favorite to buy a second home in. And a not-for-profit cattery with different floors for kitties with different need levels. I know we're all about the puppies here, but I'm a cat lover and just want all the unadoptable kitties to have somewhere they can live out their lives where they can roam knowing they were loved instead of in tiny shelter cages or starving on the streets.


Your dream makes me happy, good luck. Its always nice to read about people whoose goal is to make other happy


Definitely renting a helicopter from the MFing Catalina Wine Mixer!


Hell yeah!


Two chicks at the same time!


Over rated.


Bad Ass


Getting a Class-B RV and road tripping all of North America.


When is your moon? everybody moon is different? my realistic moon is 0.000xx and my I wishful thinking moon is 0.00xx


Mine is 0.0005 and wishful is 0.005. This will give me $100k or $1 million.


Unrealistic expectations but I’m just hoping for a penny


Buying and stacking lots of different crypto so I have always passive income, leave my work and try to find more ways of gaining passive income every month so I never need to work again if possible. Enjoy life travel around the world and possibly helping people that have always supported me all my life. I don’t have high hopes that shib is going make those plans come to fruition but it’s good to dream and have some hope, knowing and having hope that even if I work everyday someday when I wake up shib goes to the moon.


This is the way


Apart from shib what other crypto do you advice to keep an eye on?


If you want to sell your Shib for fiat shite, then knock yourself out! Ill just keep buying the dips!🙌💎 im heading for Mars, the moons just a toilet break!


Hoes come free when you focus on yourself in all aspects king. Don’t let the Thots touch your shibs but do let them touch something else. 👑


You'll lose money chasing women, but you'll never lose women chasing money ;)


you could buy a huge boat and fill it with hoes, something like the loveboat, except its the hoeboat, yeah, shib to the moon.


Buying a pirate ship and sailing up the river where my colleagues live to have a paintball cannon battle with them on there balcony. This has been discussed and agreed on.


Now this is what I called living


Buying a Challenger Hellcat, a Penthouse condo and a PS5. LFGO SHIB!


Not working for a while I finish school and try out classes so I can learn what I enjoy in life. I don’t plan on becoming a millionaire from shib but shit if I make make half a million I’m more than happy to take a few vacations and just live life for a bit stress free


As long it hits 0.01 I'll be set


I guess you gotta have yo boats and hoes


Am buying the land opposite to my house now and then building a dream house there , that would set me back by 672,000 dollars , then I would buy a BMW , prolly a 3 series Sedan , that would be like 135,000 dollars in my country, then a off-road vehicle at about 20,000 dollars , a triumph motorcycle at 13,000 dollars , then would need around 500,000 more to invest in incomes for future expenses , this 500,000 I would invest in businesses , bonds , stocks and maybe some crypto also So all in all I would need 1.3 million dollars approx to be financially independent and stress free and live out the rest of my life gleefully


Where do You live? Because in my country a 3 series sedan cost like 40-50k


Well let's just say , there is a heavy export duty on foreign cars and then there is a luxury tax on them as well plus road tax and whatnot Which is why the price for a 3 series Sedan is that much


It’s great to have dreams and goals. 👍🏼. I wish you MANY times those numbers. Strong hands from Texas 🤠


Thank you so much I wish you the same 👍🏻 Prosperity to all


Im probably still gonna be pretty young when it moons so im just going to keep investing and maybe buy a nice house/apartment. All depends on How high it goes 0.005 would be a dream. But with 0.05 i wouldnt have to work ever again and could buy a bugatti




I’m building a strip of apartments for people in my town who can’t afford an expensive house. I’ll do a lottery for people of lower income to have a chance to get a home. Yes they still will have to pay rent and utilities but rent at a screaming low rate compared to the insane high Colorado Mountain prices of today.


Probably buying a lot of property and renting them out to generate a steady income.


Imma buy a house and restore a 1994 Honda Accord and slap a h22a4 in that bitch. Also I want to pay for my siblings college education, I have 1 full sister, 1 half sister, and twin siblings half brother and half sister. 20, 7, 3, and 3. I’m 29.


Escorts for everybody!!!!


I’m buying myself Education.


This kind of post is really going to bring in the serious investors!


Lol sorry I just got tired of looking at my phone and having anxiety of the ups and downs and figured I’d be silly for a moment plus it’s fun seeing what everyone would do if they made that much


You know what? I’m sorry too. You were just having fun. If you can help me help the sub out too and post some serious stuff so we’re taken seriously and get some real investors wanting to jump on board. None of the Elon and celeb endorsement stuff. Let’s be comparable to the bitcoin and ETH subs! This is an amazing coin but it’s getting a lot of wannabes investing and it puts the serious guys off. We’re better than that! Thanks for being awesome and have an amazing weekend!


What's wrong with this post really? You guys are blabbing about "serious" investors all day but don't realize that this community isn't the reason they invested in the first place. They didn't invest because the reddit had awesome "mature or whatever the hell it means to be a proper" post. Thus, given how much anticipation was built, it's the right of everyone to spill out their hopes and dreams for this coin. Once it Moons, I'm buying my mom a house! There you go!


Oh man, don’t say ‘you guys’….it’s just an opinion and even OP was cool with it. And whether we like it or not, and whether it was created as a meme or not, you can’t expect to make money off ‘moon’ posts. You need serious investors for absolutely anything in the world to grow. I live the lightness of this sub, but don’t mistake how it can crash tomorrow if no one wants to invest because we ruined their perception of its significance. It’s bigger than we’re giving it credit for. Or at least, it can be if we let people know that we know what we’re on about. We can’t grow without investors. No token can. We’ve got all the fun people in on this, and we’ve taken it to here, and now it’s time we show the world that we’re here to stay long term. And a house is an amazing investment! You’ll get that (if we get serious 😜)!


It's posts like this that sets shib back.


Bro it’s literally a memecoin I get if we want to make profits it’s gotta be serious but it’s nice to have fun once in a while, otherwise life is boring


Feed the poor und buy a shelter and clothes for them.




Pay off debts buy a house and a beach house and open up a business to keep money coming in


Getting a new house


Me too bro!!😂😂😂🤝


That sounds like a good plan 🤣


If it happens..... paying off my debt house buying my wife a new car(cash). And maybe some new shoes for myself.


0.11 and I bet everyone's happy not too much to ask is it


I’m buying the 1st Edition Step Brother’s DVD


my question is, with all this ppl with at least 1M SHIBA, do you think it will be easy to move the money out if the assets would increase sporadically? I don't think we will never reach $1, I want to be realistic (math doesn't lie), if we are lucky maybe we can get to 0.01(in 5 or 7 years) but still for a lot of ppl we are talking about a lot of money.


A fuck ton of cheeseburgers


This sub seems filled with very young people


Cars and hoes


911 GT3RS


Pay off the house and step down to part time at work.


Hiring someone to follow my ex boss around and insult him daily! (Long backstory and believe me he’d deserve it)


Start my own business and hire 2 or 3 people and pay them a liveable wage....


This is the way


Do you guys really believe in shiba? Serious question


Well if it moons there would still be weirder things that has happend and With all the project going on in shib who knows what Will happen. I belive in shib.


Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t, it’s a long shot but hey .02-.08 is my target.


I was thinking about buying an actual shiba inu dog but i realised that i should get myself a dog from a shelter instead. One less unhappy dog on earth.


I’ll setup high class bordello.


🤣🤡 they ait payed out in 3 weeks and u still think its going to moon you people are so funny


Hoes then boats.


Buying meth Because this is the way


A nuke




shib will never moon, it already has a 3+ billion market cap. if shib gets as big as doge thats around 10x your investment. whales and people who understand market cap are gonna sell their shib before it ever gets that big crashing the price youll only be able to afford a dinghy and 50yr old hoes




did i say something that isnt true?


I'll hodl this dog till I die


Hypothetical man.... hypothetical


Ok. Tell me when to sell then, lol.


You have to change the way you think. If/when the whole crypto market cap rises the multiplication possibilities are endless. Say the whole crypto market 10x'ed then doge would be 300 billion and we could theoretically 100x.


Im going to put it all on a dividend stock and just retire and live off of that while doing what i really love to do.


My Tales will be sang and heard a thousand miles wide and across the land and seas were you find the best shanty... A Glorious life to a even more Glorious death, To the shiba, may we all prosper and dine with the gods 🍻🍻


Whatever you choose just be sure not to sell it all, a moon to one person is just the start of another moon for the next person.


Who the hell does gardening on a boat?


Hoes and boats


financially freedom...but...still working i guess... or i'll get bored...


Living off of APR


buy a huge house so that i have so much room for activities


Retire plan like thanos


Keep working (genuinely love my job), but also probably share a lot of it with family and close friends. Might be able to buy a house, but the way current prices for even shithouse houses in Australia are going, maybe I'll need to join the billionaire club first...


A retirement plan


I have shib and safemoon. I have more hope in shib now it’s been pumping




Which goes against my philosophy of if it flies, floats, or fucks…lease it!


you’re buying hoes?


i think i’ll wake up


You too? NOICE!!


It will never moon, so many ppl will sell if it even inches a penny


1. Buy house& car for my parents 2. Split 30% and give money for my parents 3. Buy car&house 4. Stocks investment 5. Crypto investments 6. Bussiness income 7. Risky investments cashflow money


Land......and a small little house with a million dollar view. It will become a wildlife refuge.




Just a mountain of tendies


I just wanna take care of my parents tbh


Invest with dividined and make sure i will earn monthly 100k minimum


Tbh i only need around 10k $ to fix myself 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ don't need a million, wouldn't mind tho. But that would need shib to hit the 0.01 mark.


I just want to buy a house that's my dream for now


All I need is .005 C'mon guys is that too much to ask😁 Let's do this!!!!


I want to buy a farm and build a simple house for my mom and family❣


more shib


Self sufficient homestead, with enough land to operate a dog rescue/teaching space for kids to learn real life skills. Got big dreams so I’m gonna need that moon.


After my wife finishes her doctorate I want to go back and finish my core classes up and go to mech engineering school. Continue donating to people and organizations. Buy some land by a lake. A few old classic cars. A 93-98 Supra. Some new landscaping machines. Enjoy more concerts and travel. That’s about it for me 😂😘🙌


Buy family property, pay off bills, sit back and watch the world go by


You must be a huge fan of the water and gardening.