Ferrari vs a London bus

Ferrari vs a London bus

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If you want a perfect case study of a crumple zone, this was it. Driver probably had zero injuries. Well, their wallet may have sustained serious injury however.


For the Ferrari sure, for the bus that's a bit scary that it just pierced the body like a tin can and crashed into the seats mangling them... Reckon I'll sit upstairs next time I'm on a bus!


You may not want to do that either. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Westboro_station_bus_crash


Holy shit I had no idea we had double decker so close to home. I live near Montreal and always assumed I would have to go to London or something to try it out


I personally hate the ones here in Ottawa. I'm 6'6 so I obviously never go up (clearance upstairs is ~5'10) but the double Deckers also lowered the lower floors clearance to about 6'2 from the 7'q on the single Deckers. Only taller space is standing right in the doorways. Also, the entire middle lane is much narrower and feels more cramped/claustrophobic.


Just go down to niagara falls and ride the tourist London buses there


That was in my city, on my old route! It was so scary


Wow, a fellow ottawan!


Not much detail there. Why did the driver swerve into the shelter?


We've actually had this happen twice, where a driver essentially stopped paying attention, for whatever reason, and crashed a double decker. The first time the driver went straight into a moving train. He died, so there's no way to know exactly what happened.


It's actually happened at least 2 or 3 times here that a double decker bus hit an overhanging branch of a tree and it peeled back the roof on the front few rows. Each times it's happened amazingly there were no injuries. Since then now all new buses have a thick metal support bar on that corner of the bus so if it hits a tree it won't damage the bus.


Please don't be my city.... Dammit.


A place I worked at, years ago was on an industrial estate and the neighbouring business built London busses amongst other stuff and yeah, they’re basically a ladder chassis to attach the drive line to and the bit you occupy is made of Stirling board, aluminium panels and checker plate. Seeing those guys build them made me realise any crash at a decent speed would be insta death compared to a modern car.


We had one here in Dublin where a tram t-boned the side of a double decker bus, it pretty much went inside the bus... But it could have been worse, I guess the tram was going at low speeds and was braking. But yeh these buses seem unsafe when it comes to any tboning, surprised it doesn't happen more often with the mental drivers our there https://youtu.be/o8iV_RxJ0bk


I was on a new double-decker bus a few years ago when a man in a white van pulled out and smacked into the front passenger side of the bus, shattering the whole front and sending little old ladies with shopping trollies flying. It wasn't a high-speed collision, the bus was slowing down for a stop and the van was at a junction. The van looked ok, but the front end of the bus was completely shattered and the wheel was on wonky. I don't think anyone was injured seriously (I walked home). Makes a person wonder how someone doesn't see a double decker bus.


Seeing as you know your stuff, how would they compare to a USA school bus? Those are built to be roll cages to keep the children safe in a crash, but I don't know much more about their safety beyond that? Thanks! :-)


By no means an expert, but the American school bus always struck me as a fairly sturdily constructed beast.


Fairly tough to get newer Ferraris if you haven’t already owned a Ferrari. So this is probably not the person’s first super car. Doubt they’ll notice.


This is actually false. It only applies to certain models. My buddy just shopped for a Ferrari California and they would sell to him no problem…


Nope, totally true. I've seen it on Reddit many times. ^s The newest, limited-run models are exclusive. And exclusive for interviewing, not for financing. The common models are purchaseable -- as long as you can get a build date. This myth is perpetuated by repetition and Reddit's hate for successful.




Iirc doesn't this only apply to their halo and limited edition cars like the SF90 Stradale and Laferrari? I could theoretically go and buy a used California/F430 just fine. Not sure if this is true, but I heard that Ferrari also bars you from buying such cars if you own a Lamborghini, even if you have a Ferrari collection.


Why’s that?


Ferrari takes their cars and brand very VERY seriously. They care about money only to a certain point. Like they might consider you worthy of a \[model name\]. "Oh you want a new \[model\]" You have to love Ferrari and driving they way they do. Just because you own 1 Ferrari doesnt mean they'll sell you another one. They may even like you enough to sell you a second Ferrari or a third. You may want a [Name] Even if they like you, if they think you're not a good match for THAT Ferrari, you don't get onem If they decide they dont want to sell you a Ferrari then you're gonna be buying one second hand, if they dont sue you. Simply having money doesnt make you worthy of the brand. This owner may no longer be worthy.


Yeah they will sue you even if they know for a fact they won't win. If this owner didn't buy it first hand he will most likely get a lawsuit from Ferrari even though they can't win it.




I think I've seen this but I'm glad you posted it for others to see


‘If they don’t sue you’ Where would there be any legal issues here?




Maybe I should have clarified, but that doesn’t seem enforceable on the buyer of the used Ferrari. Edit: and that’s the context the person I responded to was speaking in.


I'm honestly not sure the Lawful basis for this. It might be something like, if you re-sell the car to someone we don't approve of, we will no longer honour the warranty? They might try some intellectual property BS, but I don't think it would fly. The CD/DVD companies tried years ago to say you can't loan or re-sell your Music/Movies, they tried to say they had sold you a 'performance license' rather than an 'asset', as such the license was non-transferable etc. A lot of software companies still try this one on. Reminds me of the Chinese at Westfield offering people cash to buy items for them a few years back. Young Chinese were not the look some brands wanted. I'm sure they have no problems any more.


Yeah at least in the US I don’t think this would hold up in a court.


I didn't say they WOULD sue. Ferrari is very protective of their brand if you're lucky enough to own one there are rules. Being rich isn't enough to own one you have to be worthy in their eyes. There are likely stipulations on what you can do with a used Ferrari


Wow just looked this all up.... r/todayilearned


They are probably a Saudi oil magnate’s son. They’ll get one no bother.


You under estimate Ferrari. If they do not deem thee worthy no amount of money will save you from your unworthiness


> If they do not deem thee worthy no amount of money helps. You realize how easy it would be for oil money to set up a shell company to buy a new car to get around the ban?


What part of "Ferrari vets their customers" is escaping you? Ferrari owners sign contracts in order to own a Ferrari on top of paying loads of money for a car. You do something Ferrari y doesnt like, such as selling your slightly used Ferrari to a shell company Ferrari knows nothing about with no history.... gets you backballed and you're never allowed to own another Ferrari. So go ahead sell your Ferrari to some shell company. Ferrari may not prevent you from selling it, but you'll never set foot in a Ferrari owned property ever again. Youre now just one of billions of people without a Ferrari. Hope getting banned from the exclusive Ferrari owners club was worth it


You think someone too poor to ever buy a Ferrari would care after some rich dude offered them $5000 to buy it on their behalf?


The rich dude who used to own it will care that he's blacklisted from the Ferrari owners club and can't get back in no matter how rich he is. He's lost the prestige of being a Ferrari owner and money won't get it back


>They care about money only to a certain point. They care enough to have a god awful exploitative work culture so, there's that.


So you agree with me....


Let me tell you, living with these things is a painnnn in the asss. My hommie is thinking of getting the portafino so he rented one for a week. It’s goddamn annoying! We took it to the mall this past weekend to see Free Guy and navigating the parking structure was such a shitty experience we were Seriously considering driving back to his place and taking a cab. Fucking fast though


You don’t self park a Ferrari. You have the valet park it out front. Duh.


I mean, one can do whatever the hell one wants to with one’s car. Also the valet parking in this mall was near the entrance in the ground level past the parking aisle maze anyway. We thought about it but this rental had some issues with the key fob and we thought the valet guys wouldn’t be able to figure it out so we didn’t bother


They will easily sell every single car they make without even trying. At that point, they get to choose their customers.


Ferrari doesn’t like to sell their cars to random people, they really like to make their brand name look good and if you sell them to every influencer on the planet then your high powered cars get wrecked and it doesn’t look good for the company


Yeah thats why the Ferrari has suffered so much damage It absorbed the impact


Very wolf of wall st vibes. Also if you're that rich, you have matching insurance.


With eye watering deductibles. And then when you go to renew…. That insurance company could be asking for an extra $10-$15k yer year to keep that car on the road. Here that car could cost $20-$30k/yr to insure.


Exactly what I was thinking. And all the airbags deployed.


Nah It’ll buff out


The paint is nearly the same colour... the owner will hardly notice it.


Wax on.. No wait we need more wax on


That's what she said


Yeah and at least it’s still drivable


Is the bus okay?


40 grand of repair mostly related to lost incomes but it’s mostly non structural




Now my fiesta will beat it in a race tho. Take that Ferrari


The engine's in the back so a new set of wheels and I would doubt it


Tis but a scratch.


Just a flesh wound


Imma say bus gonna win that one 10/10


This is r/PraiseTheCameraMan material right there. Shows us the bus, the car, the inside of the bus. Maybe the portrait mode isn't a great move, but I can look past it.




TIL. Thanks.


At least the paint on each vehicle was the same color. That should help reduce damage. Right?


Ferrari owners insurance: “you hit a WHAT”


You're a bus, Harry


*rental company


Keeps them rare. 👍


Bus 1 - Ferrari 0


This subreddit has singlehandedly disabused me of any desire to drive a supercar. It's pretty clear they're too powerful for average drivers to just take to the market without juicing the engine just a LITTLE too much and rocketing out of control because the driver isn't used to going from 0 to 30mph in 2 seconds.


>average drivers they are literally "race car." Money should also buy track time and tuteledge, unless being a poseur is all they wish .


The best part is us most people will assume your th ahole if you collide with anything cheaper..


I'm sure there's some demographic bias too. It hit the side of a bus, dead centre, head on, that doesn't strike me as an obvious loss of control candidate.


Pretty sure the bus was the more expensive part of this crash


Well you'd be wrong. Cost of Routemaster bus: £354,500 Cost of Ferrari 488: £251,590 One of them is a write off, the other has suffered cosmetic damage.


Hard to tell to be honest, the engine of the Ferrari could still be salvageable, meanwhile the frame of the bus could be warped, which would mean it's a total write off. All the news stories I could find about this only mentioned how expensive the Ferrari is and none mention if the bus was repairable or if the engine was salvageable. I mean, Ferrari rebuild a car that had been more or less cut in half in a crash, so fixing this doesn't seem too difficult.


It’s already repaired and back up for sale: https://www.carsnitch.co.uk/used-cars/ferrari/488/used-ferrari-488-39-gtb-2d-660-bhp-bedford-13481921.html


This is London too. He must have been going really fast to do that damage. What an idiot. Could have killed someone.


I wonder what percentage of Ferraris end up like this.


Ferrari really has become the brand of retards with too much money.


yes because no other makes of car are ever involved in accidents


To be fair: Approximately 8,400 Ferraris are sold each year after being built in Maranello, Italy. The BMW brand (not the cheapest cars either) reported a new all-time high in 2019, with a total of 2,168,516 (+2.0%) vehicle deliveries worldwide. Compared to the numbers of other car manufacturers, the number of destroyed Ferraris throughout the multiple subreddits about car crashes, burning cars and alike is very high, knowing that there are not many of these driving around at any given moment.


It's still good, i'ts still good.... But, no joke, I talked to some other user about this already. Years ago, a WRECKED Ferrari Enzo sold for 1.5million EUROS. Where the cockpit just survived. Everything else was REKTED, and i mean... REALLY rekted. But, was re-built, and sold for 1.5mill Euros. Maybe it was rare? People will buy Ferraris sometimes no matter what.


A rich guy near me totalled his ferrari ff back when it had just come out. I believe the insurance still managed to sell it for decent money and it's back on the road now https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/11050760.230k-ferrari-write-off-hitting-tree-near-haslingden/


It's a 458. Probably in the 300k US dollar range before it kissed the bus


Think it’s a 488 - 458s don’t have the side vents


You are correct! Didn't notice that.


Well that's an Enzo now. We know how limited they were. They will go for millions even if a burned out shell because Ferrari would rebuild the damn thing for you if you pay them further and give them that burned shell. A 458 though? Nah I don't think so, although it's a great, great car, it's just not the once-in-a-decade Ferrari the Enzo was.


That's because it's one of those Ferrari halo cars, Enzo, F40, F50, Laferrari if you total one or ot burns to ashes they will rebuild it from the ground up if you can find the vin plaque


It was too much car for the driver to handle


Judging by the drivers seat position, it looked like a child (proportioned person) was driving.


I didn't even notice that, good point


how the fvck do you run into a BIGAZZ RED double decker BUS


With a small ass Ferrari


And the bus looks like it wasnt even moving when they hit it because theyre in a bus stop.


I wonder what percentage of Ferrari crashes are unavoidable to the driver? I’m gonna make an assumption here but I imagine if you compare it to Volvo crashes I imagine the percentage difference of crashes as a result of idiocy would be interesting. Probably not as bad as Lambos though. I bloody love their cars but even if I was rich as fuck I’d think twice before buying one as so many of the owners seem like dick heads.




Straight to Copart get ready Samcrac.




That’s my response to any comments about damage to my car, “you should see the Ferrari!”


Car is already repaired and back up for sale https://www.carsnitch.co.uk/used-cars/ferrari/488/used-ferrari-488-39-gtb-2d-660-bhp-bedford-13481921.html “Almost immaculate”. Lol, like saying “nearly a virgin”.


Really shows just how strong those carbon fiber tubs are that surround the cockpit. Almost no damage or encroachment of body parts into the passenger area. Expensive yes, but it did exactly what it was designed to do in a crack up.


That is pretty impressive


Damn! 2018 model. Just checked the car history and it only had 2,450 miles on the clock. Ouch!


There wasn't a broad side of a barn to aim for?


Rich cunt doing rich cunt things


Was trying to board the bus, probably too broke to afford gas for the Ferrari.


I think the bus won


Looks to me like the front fell off


This is why you never risk a dumb move around a big truck or a bus. The big truck or bus is going to win, not you. Yeah, that bus took a big hit, but it'll live to drive another day.


The value of the bus went up as soon as that Ferrari ran into it


hit the thing they gonna be riding from now on... the irony


Yeah, I had a similar reaction to only fools and horses the musical.




Where in London was this?




Thanks. 1. Of course it's a rapper 2. Northumberland Avenue is on the UK Monopoly board.


Nobody wins an accident but that Ferrari sure lost that one


Well, it’s totaled so definitely expensive.


JFC how fast was that car going?!


Why would you just assume it was the car that was speeding?


Because it T-boned the bus *deeply*. It’s forward motion of the car that caused it. If the bus was speeding it would not have an effect on damage to its side. I mean, it coulda been, sure, but that wouldn’t cause that particular damage.


Because the bus probably wasn't speeding sideways


If I go back and edit in a '/s' at the end, would that help?


Serious question. Anyone know of a sub like this one but without car accidents?


Like a sub full of destruction without the cars? I think r/catastrophicfailure might be what you're after


Yes! Thank you!


That bus just had a baby


*Hey man, you just fucked up your Ferrari.*


How much does this Ferrari come in at? Those double decker buses are fucking expensive too (although it wasn't wrote off obvsiously).


At least he had his hazards on. Safety first!


The hazard lights of most modern cars turn on automatically in the event of a crash


And under hard braking (along with rapidly flashing brake lights)


All part of the Ferrari master plan.


Thats good actually… when the carriage is all mangled that means that it absorbed the hit and did not transfer it to the driver or passengers.


Geeze, you can tell how expensive something is by the amount of people who have to stand around idly for the next hour


I hate it when that happens!


I didn't know Only Fools and Horses was a west end show. That takes me back. Trotters Independent Traders (TIT for short).


I wonder if Richard Hammond caused that.


Do these cars have zero dep insurance or what?


Most of it will buff right out.


I'll take a guess at the car being a rental?


They dun fucked up


Without a doubt, it was the Ferrari driver's fault.


Which vehicle cost more? I’m guessing the bus. I’m also guessing that the bus could potentially be repaired and stay in service.


Given the impact I thought the Ferrari would have been in a far worse shape. It actually resisted quite well and the driver / passenger area are intact. The bus was open like a tin can :/


The Ferrari is totalled. The bus just needs a new skirt slapped on.


I bet that bus was speeding!


At least the twatt is off the road for a few hours.


Of course it’s Northumberland Avenue. There’s constantly supercars driving like dicks up and down there for some reason. Must be the only bit of central London without cameras.


Just as James May said it would happen


MechanicSteve92 can pull that out with a chain, a hook and a hammer. And bondo. And the car too.


Maybe we fix the front end with a new one Maybe were midengined and we dint have all the t of endine damage Maybe idk wtf im talkin about


Ah mate, what a plonker innit.


At first i tought the ferrari merged with the bus


The bus won its the Ferrari’s natural predator after all


Imagine driving a Ferrari in a heavily urban environment. Driving poorly, at that.


Most of that will buff right out


Durable innit?


It coupled, it's supposed to do this you know.


So basically people that own Ferraris shouldn’t own Ferraris


The inside of that bus is disgusting.


[Dude, you just fucked up your Ferrari](https://clip.cafe/the-rock-1996/you-just-fucked-up-ferrari/)


Parking spaces must be getting harder to find in London. Parking in a bus lane is frown upon, but parking in an actual bus this guy must have been desperate to park.


Shit'll buff.


Bus: Tis but a scratch! Ferrari: *ded*


Bet you he sues the bus company.


That’s the things about supercars. They could hit a pebble and get totaled.


Funny thing is that the bus is the more expensive vehicle written off here


British police don’t believe in securing the scene of a traffic accident?


Can't help but feel that one of the drivers deserved this.


I feel bad for the bus.


Ello mate


Dude, you just fucked your Ferrari.


That car is bricked


"Holy shit dude are you ok?" "Yeah I think Ill be fine" "Ok good because I want you to be fully conscious when I told you that youre fucking stupid"


This settles it. London Bus > Ferrari


I can fix it...I can FIX it...my dad is a TV repair man,he’s got an AWESOME set of tools.


Bit of T-cut and that will polish out no probs!


Was trying to tip the bus over? 😅


yeah but it needed a ladder to stand on if it wanted to do it properly.


I'll 'ave thadengine yeah