Mechanic should have remembered the transaxle is in the rear.

Mechanic should have remembered the transaxle is in the rear.


Hey boss, I need the rest of the day off.


Done. Just take the rest of your life off.


this is too expensive of a fuck up to fire someone over. if it's their third time doing something like this? yeah get them out but at this point the employer has paid probably 10-15k in reimbursement (or at least their insurance has) on a mistake you can essentially guarantee the tech won't make again it's expensive training for sure, but the best way to make up for something like this is to keep working for the company and keep making them money, a good boss knows this shit happens and if they fire the tech then they just had to deal with all of this and didn't get a better, more cautious technician out of it


We would say “ why would I fire you when I just spent so much money training you?”


And it's a great video to show new hires. You'll eventually have a legend running your shop years later, show this of themselves.


> on a mistake you can essentially guarantee the tech won't make again not just that tech either, the entire shop will never make that mistake. when I was a service manager I had a tech who was in a pit under a running Tahoe and he accidentally bumped the shift linkage into gear. damn thing took off through the back door of the shop, knocked over our oil catcher, ran into a compressor tank and hit a parked car (gently). the kid was OK but you can be damn sure nobody else ever made that mistake.


that's one hell of a rube goldberg fail lmao, I'm really never under a car while it's running and the cars I've worked on the most have been stick so i didn't think this could occur but i definitely agree with ya


Having an employee you can rag on forever--priceless


We used to have a delivery driver for NAPA that was taking an entire pallet of Gojo hand cleaner to a coal mine. He got into a wreck and spilled the entire pallet over the highway and they had to call out hazmat to clean up that goopy shit because no cars could drive through it. He later graduated to a counter person, and finally to assistant manager… But everybody called him GoJo from that day on


This. I am a Maintenance Manager for a manufacturing company and we have very expensive machines. One of my techs made quite the misstep and caused $86k and in damage and we lost 3weeks of production. I could not beat him up harder than he beat himself up. It's been over a year now and he is one of my best guys. Moral of the story: Shit Happens.


I'm grateful for Managers like you. 1000% they beat the tar out of themselves, they didn't need any more.


Completely agree. First, there aren't enough good techs so it isn't worth losing a good one over something like this. Second, it really isn't that uncommon. Hell, C8s were falling off hoists because people didn't finish reading the repair procedures.


> Hell, C8s were falling off hoists because people didn't finish reading the repair procedures. Wouldn’t lifting the car be somewhere at the beginning of the repair procedure? Did they even start reading it?


Believe it or not, some repair procedures are written with the most important parts at the end of the introduction. The reasoning is that the techs are less likely to forget. Unfortunately, most people just read repair steps and not warnings.


Similar with teslas. You have to use special Jack pucks (that don’t come with the car) that need to be placed in precise locations or you risk damaging the $16k battery when lifting. I’ve seen teslas improperly lifted multiple times at tire shops. My discount tire probably hates me because I insist on watching them lift it– never know if you’ll get a new employee or someone who forgets to use the pucks.


Funny thing....Jack Pucks were first required on the 5th generation Corvette and the falling Vette is a 6th generation one....Aluminum frame too I think...That’s going to be “Spensive!” To rectify


Thank you for telling me this. New tesla owner here.


They’re mid-engined so the normal lifting Center of gravity isn’t where you’d expect it to be. It’s like a note in the back instead of the first thing in the booklet.


This is a procedural mistake. They should have procedures in place that make this kind of thing impossible to do without ignoring the procedures.


Definitely, this guy will NEVER make a mistake like this again, expensive training but you just got yourself an employee who will probably cross every t and dot every i for the rest of their life.


The employer is at fault, they are responsible for the locks on those arms being broken. There's no other way they could have swung forward like that. The car may have fallen anyway, but it likely would have landed on its bumper and stopped there otherwise.


Done and done


Hey boss. You felt that earthquake earlier?


Hey boss, I’m putting my 2 weeks in. Second, so you know that Corvette that just came in today…


"I saw Jeff over there working on, pretty cool car. Anyway, definitely going to just let Jeff take care of that. See ya later man...... Jeff."


"Well, the front fell off."


That's not very typical, I'd like to make that point.


Normally, they are built so the front doesn't fall off.


At least not while they're in this environment


How would you feel about unlimited time off with no pay?


"but I've finished stripping the front end off already"


"Why?" "You'll see" *walks out nearest exit*


What do you even say to the customer at this point!?


I’ll have my insurance contact your insurance. Also, a few “I am sorry” wouldn’t hurt.


I wonder what the insurance policy a shop has to carry against stuff like this looks like, I'd imagine it's not cheap


It’s called a Garagekeepers policy, Garagekeepers liability insurance covers sums you must legally pay as damages for loss to a customer's auto (or its equipment) left in your care while you are attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing it in your garage operations. More info [here](https://www.thebalancesmb.com/garagekeepers-liability-462435) Source: am a dealership service writer


What’s SOP for your service center when something like this happens?


former SA here - i’ve dealt with some insane shit.. had a car fall off the racks similar to this once.. sop is not fun. calling the customer to inform them that they’ll be keeping their loaner for another ..few months.. while we sort this out was never easy, and was almost always met with 2-3 hundred swear words directed at me. also dealt with the no-oil thing from our lube techs, in addition to a radiator cap being left off… probably a few more things including wrecking customer cars literally *on the way back from the shop to the customer*… it sucked haha.


We’ve never had anything in this scale, but we’ve had an oil change tech get distracted and forget to put oil in an engine, and predictably, it seized up driving it out. We told the customer straight up what had happened, yes it was awkward but he appreciated our honesty, arranged a rental vehicle for him during the repair, and bought another engine to replace the old one, installed it, tested it and returned it to the customer.


how many times did you check the oil on the way out?


Everyone in the shop checked the dipstick, twice.


Ok, but did the intern think it was weird everybody kept looking at his penis?


"I really like this yob."


My current car (suby Forester) was overfilled with oil during a service and it ultimately caused a crack in the bottom end. They replaced the whole motor. Confirmed this with both the owner and the dealership/service centre that broke and fixed it. Means 130k km fewer on the engine than the odometer says which is nice.


A standard business policy for a mechanic would cover this. Albeit with a hefty raise in premium.


It's been a while but mine covered up to $150k in damages to a customer's car and $3 million in building and property damage and it was a few hundred a month.


It happens more often than you think. I worked at a couple Chevy dealers for 19 years as a booker/warranty guy and I’ve seen at least 10 cars fall off a rack. Each time it was on the owners policy, we covered the deduct and a rental etc, but try telling a customer that HIS insurance is going to be covering it.


why would it not be on the shops' liability policy?


that's what you pay your insurance for. your insurance makes you whole again, then turn around and get their money back from the shop's insurance or the shop itself.


And if you have liability only?


That’s what lawsuits are for.


You think it was on the owners policy but their insurers laugh and introduce you to a little thing called subrogation


Even with subrogation in many states your insurer will *still* raise your rates even if they recoup all of the costs. (It still costs money to pay the people to recoup the money, and you're now "higher risk", even though you weren't at fault whatsoever.) I'd definitely be taking the other party to small claims court to avoid having my rates go up. (Of course this varies by state, some may not let you go about it this way.)


I’d prefer a whole new car. No way that car will ever be the same even after you get new fenders and shit on it.


That thing might have frame damage falling like that. Also the entire suspension is probably fucked and needs to be replaced as well. Unfortunately I don't see any way to demand a new car. Insurance definitely will only give you the value of what the car is worth and not what it costs to get a new car. Hell in a lot of cases they'll give you less than what you owe on the car because it's worth less than that. (This is what gap insurance is for.) You might however be able to make a diminished value claim and recoup costs that way.


At this point I think a good adjuster would probably total this car. GAP would cover anything leftover after evaluation. There’s too much potential damage here, and parts for these are definitely not cheap.


The front fell off..


Yea, no way. That’s WHY a business has insurance.


Shitty insurance if they wont even argue with your shop’s insurance after they investigate what happened


Absolutely 0 chance this is going on my insurance. I’d see your ass in court.


“Car? What car? You never brought in any car.”


Buy him a matching matchbox car and tell him you invented a car shrinker, but unfortunately haven't figured out how to enlarge it again.


"Yet" And then give a knowing, magical wink so the customer feels like they're on an exciting adventure


"Honey, I shrunk the kids ..." THE END


Didn’t you say you wanted it slammed? You didn’t? You did, quit playin’.


"It turns out we're gonna have to order a few parts for the vehicle, so please enjoy that loaner for a few more days; we'll call you when it's ready to be picked up. Yeah, yeah, I know it looked like it was just a fender-bender ..."


The front fell off


First a call: "There was an incident with your car in our shop, I would appreciate it if you can come by so we can discuss it." Then in person - "our mistake was X, we are taking steps to ensure this never happens again, we are insured and will be filing a claim to make this right as soon as possible. Take a moment and I'll go over with you the next steps to get the process moving."


Tell them what happened and if they are at least half decent they’ll ask if the mechanic is ok.


>Tell them what happened and if they are at least half decent they’ll ask if the mechanic is ok. "Is the mechanic ok?" "Yes he is. Thanks for being concerned." "Where is he? Because I'm going to kill him."


Exactly. I’m so happy the mechanic was not injured. A person is worth infinitely more than a car.


Depends on the person lol I think the world would be better +1 Corvette and -1 of those cartel members that torture and murder people in the worst ways imaginable


"Hey, Mechanic, are you okay?!? Did you get hit by a car falling off a lift or some shit cause there is something wrong with your fucking brain. Literally how could you be so stupid? You yeeted my car to death, put yourself in further danger thinking you could single-handedly hold thousands of pounds, and somehow survived by dumb luck. Motherfucking Kevin out of ten. Get better soon. Yeah I know you're not injured I meant stop sucking at life."


I mean, it was balanced until it wasn't. You could've held it easily if you caught it early enough, it's not like he needed to bench press the whole car.


Just email them the post on reddit... (And if the shop's insurance will pay for the repair without totaling it whatever, I'd probably offer to buy the car if they no longer want it after repair. Other insurance situations make that less feasible though.)


They won't notice, it will be fine. He has scratch covers on the 1/4 panels and everything.


Just so happens you might enjoy [stories about working at a used car dealership and mechanic](https://www.reddit.com/r/36055512/). There is a story called *the fire*. They knew they caused an issue that damaged the customer's car. But because of some warranty or insurance issues they didn't file a claim. It's a wild read.


"Hello, it looks like we're gonna have to order a part that's a little rare. We've got it all torn down so we'd like to send a loaner or pay for a rental for the 1-2 weeks until it comes in and we can get the car back to you" ::frantically start fixing EVERYTHING::


They’re gonna fix it up factory new then realize they forgot to put in a dash trim piece that can only be inserted when everything else is pulled


Sounds like an Audi


AC condenser says what?!


My friend had to do one of these recently. It was a nice added extra that all of the connectors are identical to each other, but still all need to go back to the same spot.


Evaporator, you mean? On my B5 A4, the condenser was a breeze. Put it in "service position" and disconnect the hoses. 2hr job if I'm being lazy and chatting with a freind. The evaporator on the other hand took me 19 hours to do myself. Had to remove center console, entire dashboard, steering wheel, cowling, cabin intake, etc.. on the plus side, the dealer wanted $2200, and I did it for the price of some o-rings, a $53 part, and $20 bucks to my buddy to re-charge the system on a slow work day.


thats when you get out the angle grinder


This is a c6 Corvette, buddy. There's a few plastic puzzle pieces that make up that awful interior and that's it.


This makes me question what happened every time it’s taken “a bit longer than we expected”


I work at a small shop. When ever a car is delayed with us it is either that we were sent/ordered the wrong part, or most commonly we underestimated the amount of seized and broken bolts we would encounter.


It can't be that many broken boots can it Proceeds to go it can't be stuck if it's liquid on the bolts


The way parts are scarce, maybe a couple months to repair


It took me a couple years to realize I had this happen to a car of mine with a motor. I'll never let a shop keep a car longer than expected again without being up their asshole.


Good ole Hennessy switch aroo.


**"Fuck It -- that's it -- I'm done for the day"** Walk of Shame. Best one I've seen yet


I feel this walk with my soul. My dumb ass dropped my jeep changing a tire one day in my garage because I forgot to chuck the tires... Immediately just hit the close garage door button and walked inside whilst all the neighbors were walking out trying to figure out what in ragnarock was going on. No thanks I'll fix tat shit when the entire block isn't watching. Been living here less than a month at that point >. < lol


Lololol. It wasn't me. 🤣


Well it woz fuckin' one uh yuhs!




What in ragnarock - I fuckin love it


Some say he's still walking to this day


Pushing a SnapOn


Looks more like the “well, I’ll just get my stuff and head on out before you fire me” walk


I like to imagine he quit never to return


Guys going to get his box packed up and ready to be picked up


That’s a shame, that guy just learnt the most expensive lesson of his life, and now the next place he works at will get that benefit haha.


Yea it was an honest mistake, he shouldn't be punished but taught


That's such a tough call. Good worker (presumably) terrible accident. But there's a reason I can't be a boss. Decisions like that I wouldn't know what to do


Depends on how they respond. If they immediately come to you and honestly say what happened, then let your business insurance cover it. As long as they don't lie or try to get out of punishment, they're going to learn their lesson. As Calvin once said "I have an idea dad, let's pretend I already feel terrible about it, and you don't need to rub it in any more"


Also depends on whether something like this has happened before, or if this is a problem employee in general.


Also, if you yourself generate repeat or create new business and management is aware of it, that's a nifty potential mitigating factor, there.


At that point if there's lies being told and there's a wheel less corvette sitting on the shop floor I'll just let him pack his bags without saying a word.


Pretty much


Just back out of the room and hide in your office.


It's not an honest mistake. This is dangerous equipment and he needs to know what he is doing. He really needs to know that you raise the car up a couple inches off the ground and then push and shake it, in case it is off balance, it is a short fall with minimal to no damage. I think he should pack his shit, I'd fire him on the spot, imagine if someone was under there.


This. I have seen two cars fall off of the rack. One was an equipment failure (the pin that was supposed to keep the front arms forward sheared and they slipped backwards). Not the tech’s fault, good training for everyone. The other was a truck that was centred on the lift, but it was a crew cab, long wheelbase and the tech didn’t account for weight distribution (and this was less than a week after he failed to check clearance on a truck with a ladder rack and fucked up a bay door driving under it). He was asked to not return.


What do you reckon a better learning experience would be? This man just watched an incredibly expensive car just fall off the hoist because he was careless, not to mention who could have been under there. I think lesson learned, assuming this is a one time thing.


They should have liability insurance anyway shouldnt they?


The business would (we hope), but the guy may or may not get fired because of this. As mentioned, his character and record come into play and I think a good manager would have a few words to see if he is sorry and whether he is willing to learn from that experience. But definitely a hard thing for a guy to go through, and a hard thing for a leader to have to deal with.


Definitely mate. We don't know the full story, this guy could have broken his 4th car for all we know due to carelessness


I know a guy who had a major incident on an oil rig, talkin hundred if not hundreds of thousands of dollars fuck up, when it happened he literally grabbed his lunch box, hopped in his truck and went home, no one seen him again lol


Fuck it, ima head out now…


Plot twist, it's his own car, and he's in on his day off.


X to restart, O to quit O




Found the other one




Aside from *disgustingly* fast load times on PS5 titles and the pitifully small handful of PS5 exclusives (*not Cross-Gen*) that actually show off its capabilities and haptics, you're not missing much; I still prefer my Pro's UI, storage space (*seriously, the PS5's is painfully low*), PS4 game prices at $60, the Optical port on the Pro for my headset set-up, the fact I could use my SCUF controller on certain games, etc.


Time for lunch


Huh… he did *waayyy* better than I would’ve. Walking away so calmly and quietly? Nah, full blown helmet fire.


'helmet fire'?


![gif](giphy|11tTNkNy1SdXGg) That's my interpretation.


mine was quite a bit darker


I’ve fucked up in the garage but I’ve never fucked up like this.


Curious, what did your mistake look like?


First job change a headlight bulb. I was still a big groggy as I don’t sleep very well, add to this the garage where I work at has a over trying secretary who loves to pull cars on the ramp for you instead of giving you the keys to do it yourself. So I did the bulb, customer was waiting so, after changing thought I’ll start it up, check bulb, jump in and turn it around for it to go. Turned the key through the open window and it was in gear so it shot forward. I grabbed it but I had no chance, it was off, straight into the back of another car. Not terrible damage but very obvious. The lady was alright she could see it shook me up and I was annoyed at the over trying secretary as he always left them in gear which was a big no no in every other garage I worked at.


*Oooof*; I can understand the Secretary's eagerness to lend a hand or go the extra mile (*shitty pun intended*), but with certain things it is just safer to let people do their full routine. Glad to hear everyone was safe and the lady was understanding (*not sure how my first reaction would be 😅*). Anyways, have a good day 'SK. 🤙


Something like this happened to me once. I really don't like when people have such poor mechanical habits like this. If you park your car on an incline, fair enough, otherwise, practice correct parking procedure.


Never leave them in gear and never leave the keys in them without the window open are/were the 2 main rules. It was always very annoying to go out on a road test then come back needing to recheck the car and he’s already pulled one on the ramp. He eventually got told to reign it in when he started to go get the code reader and plug cars in then come over and tell me what the code is and ask me what he should do next... stay in the office and answer the phone you idiot!


clocking out. see you next week….


Looks like there was no engine upfront. The mechanic should have known better. That said, it looks like the lift arms basically ripped off the front fenders. The car might not be as damaged as you think but there is a lot of work to put it back together. If the windshield did not crack that would be a good sign


I'm not good with cars. But are Corvette engines in the rear?


The engine is in the front, and the transmission is in the rear instead of being directly attached to the engine. This helped balance the weight closer to 50/50. this also means if you pull the engine, the weight of the transmission will make it rear heavy, which is why this video exists. The newest generation Corvette moved the engine to the rear, ahead of the rear axle.


Thank you for the explanation, us smooth brained peeps appreciate it.


not on this model.


The newest generation is a mid engine car, but before that they were always front engine rear wheel drive cars.


„Yup, I leave that for Monday „


That should say “Ex-mechanic….” Instead. 😆


Deus ex mechanic.


Didn’t know trans cars were a thing but I support it


As much as you pay for these lifts is there not a weight sensor with warnings.


You'd be amazed how cheap you can get those lifts for


$3,000 for a 2 post. Been searching for some home ones.


I can't decide between a lift or a pit


Lifts are always better than pits. Only reason to have a pit is if you cant have a lift.


What r u thinking of using it for? Oil changes? Pit definitely. Wheel work? I’d say lift. Keep in mind basically any garage can get a pit installed with little concerns unlike a lift where you’d need to consider ceiling clearance.


It would be for tinkering mainly. I'm leaning towards pit. Cheaper and simpler


Pits hold carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses. Make sure you have a good air system or monitor.


Maybe not. Digging a hole and supporting it properly so the walls don’t cave in around you while a vehicle is above you doesn’t sound very cheap. A lift you just need to dig in the ground surprisingly very little to set the posts into concrete. Plus a lift is infinitely more versatile for maintenance tasks. The only place I can see a pit being viable and coast effective is at an oil change only type place. Where the liability and expense of training people to use a lift is too high.


A lot of places pits are illegal, even for home. I have a Bendpac and I like it. It is OSHA certified and not too expensive.


Yup. You could place weight sensors in each lift pad and it would tell you when shit ain’t balanced pretty easily.


The amount of weight here wasn’t really the problem. Corvettes aren’t heavy. This lift could certainly lift the weight of two, maybe three Corvettes. And this lift didn’t fail. The balance of the weight along with the technician’s lack of knowledge/experience is the problem. By the time the car starts tipping there’s nothing you can do. No sensor is going to stop this. Plus, the lift arms move to fit a wide variety of vehicles. The calibrations you’d need for weight and balance of every vehicle in multiple configs (engine in or out, trans, axles, etc) would be near impossible to calculate. All you can really do is consult the manual of the vehicle and see if they recommend a procedure for extra jacking/support if you’re removing certain parts and failing that you just need good ole common sense.


... i don't work here. I do NOT work here. Bye


I had a job changing oil and doing other maintenance work at a Nissan dealership when I was 19. The first week that I was there, I dropped a 1994 Altima off of a lift. Had to check my britches afterwards.


"We got it up on the lift and found some additional problems."


Can somebody explain to me what he was doing and why all of the sudden the center of gravity change?


Corvettes of this generation have the transmission in the rear of the car by the rear axle for better front/rear weight distribution. When the car is whole it’s a nearly 50/50 split. This is very desirable for performance. But the engine up front was removed. This made the front end light by a few hundred pounds and threw off that perfect weight balance by a lot. With the engine removed there’s only the heavy transmission in the rear. The rear of the car should have been supported by an extra stand. Now had this been another car this might have not happened. For example, something with the transmission directly behind the engine in the front. But general rule of thumb is if you’re removing something big/heavy from a vehicle while it’s on a lift you should support the opposing end with an extra jack.


Hah! Very interesting. Thank you kindly for sharing. Really fulfill my curiosity


I am leaving immediately for Nepal, where I intend to live as a goat


And he's never been seen again.


Ouch! If that wasn’t his car, which I’m assuming it isn’t, I would so hate to be the one to make the phone call to the customer. Tell them about their new car!


Love it how he just walks away… “dunno, was like that when I got back from smoko”




He is leaving like he is in a cartoon movie..


He blew the transaxle!! Ease down! Ease down! EASE DOWN! Ease down... That's it.


You're just grinding metal, Ripley


"Well [email protected]#$ it, I'm fired, might as well go eat Steve's lunch."


Thank god it was just a corvette.


I don't know what happened, but it looks like they either took the engine out and lost ballast in the front, or they just really suck at placing the vehicle on the lift. Think it's actually the second one. Also that guy should have just backed away from the car when it started to fall. I know it's human nature to try and catch something like that, but stuff like that is replaceable/repairable, your body really isn't. My friend who is a tech, dropped a freshly painted truck tailgate and tried to catch it and screwed up his back.(truck wasn't a customer vehicle)


It's missing the engine, so it's a combo of #1 and #2. If they were gonna lift a car without an engine, they should have placed a jack-pole or two under the rear suspension.


He went straight to the office to update his indeed account.


Had no engine. Car must have been pretty fucked up already.




Welp. Thats it for today.


It’ll buff out.


There's a reason most repair procedures say Step 1: Disconnect negative battery cable. Step 2: Raise and SUPPORT vehicle


That's not the correct way to tip


Walking straight to the next shop, “I’m ready to start tomorrow”.




this one hurt to watch


Not so sure. I have a similar life and the lifting arms automatically lock when the lift gets a few inches off the ground. If you look at the video, the rear lift arms moved forward. Of course, you are supposed to look up the lift points in the lift manual and pay attention to what is going on. Still, with a properly functioning lift those arms can't move.


> They are intended to keep arms under the vehicle during normal service. The ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 (standard) lateral load-holding requirement for these components is 150 pounds with the arms fully extended. When a vehicle is falling at velocity due to improper loading or positioning on the lift, the arms will be leveraged under extreme load, a load sure to exceed the nationally mandated standard of 150 pounds - https://www.bendpak.com/blog/two-post-safety-lift-carriages-and-arm-restraints/ The vette fell first due to poor weight distribution and the force of whatever he was torquing down. The arms don’t move until the car applies lateral force to them. The negligence is on the technician.


At least the fender covers were on so he didn't get the fender paint dirty and scratched. Too bad the fenders don't attach to the car anymore.


Huh. Didn't even stand there for a moment going "well, fuck."


"I'm not even supposed to be here today"


I feel bad for the guy. Its not like every car has a transaxle so he probably isn't familiar with the weight distribution issue. I'm sure every honest mechanic who has seen that video is thinking "There but for the grace of God, go I"


Dude just bought a Corvette!


This hurt to watch


Dude walked straight to the office and the first words outta his mouth were probably "I fucked up" I put a hole into the oil pan of a tractor once and went straight to the bossman to say exactly that. He told me "oh it can't be that bad" I responded "oh no, it's bad." The crew knew it was really bad if I said it was.....we got the tractor back up and running over a week later in the middle of planting season.....oops?


Lost of problems I can’t see but one that I can. The lift arms, yellow part of the lift, are supposed to lock in place when raised. That was not the case.


"Hey, so... I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm probably fired..."


Nicknames are easy to get and harder to loose.