This plumbing job

This plumbing job

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Went from, "ok, thats a lot of valves" to "Are they trying to make a Celtic knot?"


Bro its so shitty is actually really fucking impressive.


I feel like this started out well intentioned, then they screwed up and rerouted, then screwed up again and rerouted, and then it just didn’t matter anymore. Nothing will ever matter to this person ever again.


I would guess it's a case of the building being designed without any of this piping in mind.


As a plumber I can tell you many building are in fact not designed with plumbing in mind...... you gotta get creative sometimes. This, however, is just poor craftsmanship. It looks like the plumbers who did this rushed it and didn't care how it'd look.


Idk about plumbing, but as someone who used to work telco, you could always tell shit like this was caused by wells intentioned installers upgrading shit work, especially with coax lines. Some of the lines are parallel, but the groupings make no sense? Yup, someone building over some shit-teir work from before that they can't fixe because, "why would you want to? We're not being paid to fix it. Also, we don't have a cut ticket for it, so work around those lines." Plumbing may be completely different though.


Thats the mentality of every job also happens in IT. Like.... he has more Permissons then he need, should i fix it?... Nah thats not my Problem.


Yeah. You often don't get any credit for fixing problems like that in IT, which is a big deal if you actually want a promotion. It won't change until companies incentivize it, and the reason they don't is because in the short term it's cheaper not to, especially when some employees will work after hours for free fixing those things while tanking their own career. It's all good for the company in the short term because it means being able to justify paying those types less because of rigged performance metrics.


If I fix issues like this along the way I tend to log it up as a seperate ticket explaining what I resolved just to have a record so it doesn't go unnoticed.


A co I once worked for commissioned a building from the famous Norman Foster. It was critically acclaimed by the art community and architects worldwide. It actually had a street with shops on the bottom floor. Unfortunately nobody picked up that there was no electrical ducting to half the building, no food prep area, and the car park was too small by about half. So the floors were strewn with extension cables with rubbery covers on them, they had to get food vans to come and sit outside the main doors for several hours, and all the backroads in the surrounding areas had cars abandoned on the verges for the day.


The chances are a specification was put together early on. As consultation went on the specification got changed while the building was designed. Once construction began there will have been a few proposed designs and even then there will have been tweaks during construction. The contractors, the architect and the commissioning company can all point fingers at each other.


I think it is excellent craftmanship. Look at that gordian knot! Would you be able to make that? /s


I'm not a plumber, but I took [this pic](https://i.imgur.com/tBSjqRh.jpg) recent at project at work. The same guy that did that project also does a lot of the plumbing.


my guess- it's an apartment building that was initially plumbed with one meter when water was cheap, so water was included in rent, but then water got more expensive so they added the individual meters... or former soviet union...


Yup, definitely bet it's a retrofit by a "handyman" in an apartment building.


"They quoted you *how much*!? Maaan, I can do it for half the price!" -Landlord's plumber friend probably


As an actual professional plumber this hurts me... its so bad... like that looks like 3/4" pvc... the fittings are like a dollar each. Why just why


But I can’t stop looking at it! That’s a lot of effort for such a cluster


And who would abandon a perfectly good 2 liter bottle of Sprite like that?


Try looking at it as an art piece critiquing how modern people feel helpless and can't make basic repairs to simple problems in their life because they view everything as a convuluted monumental task not meant for them.


Looking at this plumbing is a task that was not meant for us. It's borderline non euclidean. This is the plumbing that will summon eldritch beings from beyond the stars.




Considering where this was probably filmed, I think they may have just worked with whatever they could get.


Well they got a few grand in extra fittings it looks like


It's in Brazil, which actually has plenty of resources like the United States but there's just a ton more poor people and economic inequality.


PVC isn't even rated for supply/potable water. This is definitely a "Handyman's Special"


one unit at a time. probably as tenants moved or died. imagine trying to find the leak or shut the correct one off.


The leaks are a feature. That room would make an excellent mushroom nursery.


Nah in former Soviet Union they install the meters in our apartments and make us pay for it. Also for checking the meters periodically. Usually you don’t even have to call anybody, just pay for the check.


I was going to say… this is either an apartment building that had meters done afterwards or a building that was converted into a hotel or something. Good explanation!


In many countries you didn't even have water meters. The water bill was just based on the size of the house, how many bathrooms, size of swimming pool it had etc. or just the taxable value. Pre-1990 or so there wasn't a single domestic water meter in the UK.


Since when do they speak Portuguese in former Soviet countries?


unexpected r/FaucetForensics


I am so disappointed this is not a real sub.


Most likely it was a office building or work center which was converted into apartments which required separate water lines to each unit but the walls/ceilings weren't designed for apartments.


"oh shit these are all fanned out across 4 feet, but we need to route them all through a 1 foot square opening in a load bearing wall that we can't make any wider"


Rumor has it this feeds one sink


As a contemporary art piece, that's really good. It brings loads of questions.


lol i immediately thought "is this an art installation?"


Good art makes you think. Great art makes you think 'what the fuck'.


You mean, [like this?](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/Judith_Beheading_Holofernes_-_Caravaggio.jpg) Or [like this?](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bc/Saturn_Devouring_His_Son.jpg)


when i googled the judith and holofernes one, half the results are websites where you can get it printed on a beach towel. which isn't completely non-tempting, i'll be honest.


reminds me of [Electric wires in india](https://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/08/04/15/2B1636C800000578-3185040-image-a-6_1438699426875.jpg). If that wasnt so terrifying Id call it an art piece


It’s funny. Your first week in India as a westerner, and things like this are stunning. After that it blends into the scenery and you don’t even notice anymore. This picture reminded me. Bull walking around downtown? No biggie. Dead person on the side of the road? Seen it already. 10,000 volts in wadded up uninsulated copper above your head? Meh.


They're probably serving an entire underground city with that system, but god help you if your apartment has low water pressure due to there^^* being a knot in *your* pipe. ^(**their/there*)


Excuse me comrade, in Soviet Russia pipe is in knot, not other way around.


Gordian knot.


Indeed, the only way to solve it is to cut it lol


Those are all water meters. Building owner probably did it themselves cause they didn’t want to hire a plumbing contractor to come in and do the installation. They’re monitoring water usage in each unit of the building. Source: I used to sell water meter sometimes to cheap assholes that do shit like this.


"Hah! Try and replace me now! " said the maintenance man.


Plumber v electrician is the pettiest battle you will ever see. I swear even if they never see eachother they just hate eachother on natural instinct Edit: I knew it, I fucking knew it. See yourself to the replies where genuine plumbers and electricians are actively saying fuck you to each other. This is great


Modern Zeus vs Poseidon


Flushirama v Voltchiha


Scots vs Scots


They ruined Scotland!


The trouble with Scotland is that it's full if Scots!


"HVAC" *has entered the chat*... But seriously, best story from carpenter brother was the plumber who drilled all his holes on Friday, came back Monday to run the Pex and the electricians had put all their wires into the plumbers prep work. Plumber proceeded to cut every wire and rip it out of "his" hole. Fisticuffs ensued.


As a former plumber, never really had a problem with electricians. They only stole a hole like once or twice, and wasnt a big deal personally. I could definitely understand if they did it for every hole, and some pipes have tight tolerance's that we literally can't drill a new hole.




Then there’s me, the sound guy, who has to draw out a diagram of the ceiling grid to line up my speakers around the lighting, sprinklers and air vents.


Network guy here. Why is the HVAC and plumbing half an inch above the grid with a foot of clearance over it? The world may never know.


ACT/drywall guy here. Why does everyone sign off on cover up only to remember 15% of the shit they still have to install after we cover?


Rodent guy here. You bunch of work shy contractors just created a route from the basement to the kitchens for the rats to run through. I have to seal the gap between the rectangular HVAC and the bunch of 10 pipes and thick power cables bunched next to/around it. Look at OPs video where the bunch of pipes go through the wall. I need to rodent proof that without using steel wool or expanding foam.


Why can’t you use expanding foam or steel wool?


Well, if it's like our space the office manager signed off on what the contractor put in front of her because she thought he'd be "smart enough" to know the exact needs of our office. Never really looking at the spaces herself in any meaning capacity. She'd complain about how the carpet was dirty or a scratch in a filing cabinet that may have been there before them (it definitely was). You know, makes sure everyone on the project hates her as much as possible. Then the boss has everyone take a tour of the new space and everyone is like "why is there only 1 outlet in ever office?"and "Why is the ethernet on the opposite side of the office as the single outlet?" then the office manager panics and blames everyone else but ultimately has to beg all the dudes she just antagonized of stupid shit for 3 months to fix it.


Same lol, did plumbing commercial for 3 years and never had a problem with electricians. Except for the wire pulling monkeys that Electrical companies contract out.Those guys were always morons and whiny as hell.


> They only stole a hole like once or twice, Show some respect, she has a name.


>> They only stole a hole like once or twice, > >Show some respect, she has a name. Absolutely. Her name was Op's Mom.


Or you get one of those plumber slash electricians that can sort of do both jobs.


Yeah but then they just hate themselves


Oh this explains Dad's drinking.


Those are hvac guys. We're just confused and didn't know what to pick so we picked both.




Its not my fault they put their God damn valves and pipes in my way.


I can understand the plumber acting this way but it really shocks me how few electricians know how to conduct themselves.


>I can understand the plumber acting this way Why? In my experience, they usually just go with the flow.


And this is fair. Water and Electricity


And then there's the fire protection dude crying to coordinate everything to place his sprinklers / pipes. And no one ever wants to move.


Fire protection is the youngest child


I have read drywallers are the bane* of plumbers. Because they'll shit in toilets that aren't connected to water. But are in the house. And will dump drywall down drains.


Electricians are fuckin awesome to get along with on a big project. Drywallers don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves. The amount of times I’ve had to install trim hovering over a piss stained tub. The worst is when these subhumans piss on top of our flange, the place where the toilet should go SHOULD GO, fuckin thing won’t even be installed yet they figure they should piss there because that’s where the hole WILL BE


It's very difficult to do drywall while not on meth.


I thought piss was a euphemism for something else until I finished reading your comment...christ


Yeah, I've seen this, I also saw construction manager going from place to place and asking WHO THE FUCK MADE SHIT IN CORNER OF BASEMENT?! Some people are ... They just think differently.


Holy shit, having worked in "property management" (I wouldn't call it that) for the construction supervisor and inspecting units after they should be "finalized" has given me an appreciation for what good work should be. Painters are worse than drywallers by a mile.


What do you think breathing paint constantly does to you...


Dry toilets, bathtubs, sinks not connected to the drain, open pipe ends, empty water bottles, even the space between walls, all places I've found piss or shit. Guaranteed its the drywallers every time. Nastiest mother fuckers in all the trades. The guy who sucks out the porta potty once a week is more sanitary than those nasty bitches.


Sounds like the drywallers i know. Being a drunk will do that to you, though.


Been doing drywall for 8 years. Never heard of anyone doing this. Am a drunk though. Party on Wayne


I don't hate on drywallers leaving piss bottles around since they're paid by piece work. I hate thier boss.


Around here it's the roofers that are chain-smoking alcoholics who shit on the property. A few will come out for overtime on weekends to get drunk on the roof, do a little work, then come down and toss all their Icehouse cans and take a dump in the woods or construction trash area. They hammer more beers then nails working on the weekend. At least the toilets and fixtures usually haven't shown up yet when they are around


I have yet to meet a drywall installer had any sense


>Plumber v electrician is the pettiest battle you will ever see. I swear even if they never see eachother they just hate eachother on natural instinct "I don't even know you and I hate your guts." -Buck Nasty


I'm a water well service tech... I'm a plumber and an electrician... I'm very good at hating myself


I think you mean pipe fitter vs HVAC guy...we rip each other's shit out of the ceiling regularly.


Pretty sure all trades shit on plumbers, no pun intended.


And now his work will last forever


As a retired plumber I'm both in awe and horrified, the lack of clips on the pipes is going to cause it to sag over time. I've got no idea what's going on tho.


what a nightmare if one of the lines broke, it's much easier to smash your head with a rock than fixing some crazy pipes.


That’s what she’s saying in the video, that there is a leak and they have no idea how to figure out what happened.


Brazil. That is what is going on.


I'm old enough to remember this windows screen saver.


I miss the flying toasters from After Dark.




I just now realise how old I really am. Here’s to the last of the millennials!


Oh man, the nostalgia <3


The marbles screensaver was the best


Pretty sure this is world 7 from Super Mario 3.


This is a screenshot from a really epic game of snake.


[for the zoomers](https://youtu.be/tCpnDTzRAjE)


Not like I was doing anything for the next 10 hours anyway.


I had to turn it off. I don't want to get stoned and wake up on Monday going to work wondering where 48 hours went.


Am I right in remembering that you could set the colors and the amount of variance in them or the number of pipes and stuff? I feel like you could but I'm old enough now to hold basically every memory I have as suspect of being bullshit.


I think you could even map a picture as a texture on the pipe. Which also made it draw 100x slower on a 386 processor running at 25mhz


There was also that 3d maze you could run through, looking like the original wolfenstein style graphics. And going back further those ancient computers had the wireframe almost fractal like designs. Sorry Im just walking down memory lane.


Yeah, I looked up pipes to find answers but also stumbled upon [3D Maze](https://youtu.be/-UDccX7dlE0), and I think you're talking about good ol' [Mystify](https://youtu.be/FPfMkEgi2qI)? I found [flying windows](https://youtu.be/_P00jYB81ZQ) too, which I had forgotten.


Woah that brings back memories.


I’m old enough to remember this episode of The Three Stooges


I didn't want to go back any further, for my own mental health.


You're just a baby. I remember [Pipe Mania](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipe_Mania)


What the fuck is that cover?


box art in the 80s and early 90s was weird as fuck https://newretrowave.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/pac-man-Atari-400-800-version-atari-1982.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/aa/54/69/aa5469063064c63a2285136bac4283bd.jpg https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/waypoint/original/2X/d/da4886611c44c785878438ca432ec6350625a0c5.jpg


Seems like The Mystery of the Druids is probably connected to bath salts.


Did you find the tea pot yet?


Thought it couldn't get weirder and then the camera pans to an array of pipes blocking out half a window.


I’d be losing my mind in there and I’m not even a plumber. This place is in the knife’s edge for a disaster


Didn't even notice the window, had to watch again after reading your comment


I... thought those were blinds when I first watched the video. Wooooow.


Oh my god, this is a *video!?*


Brazil, it had to be Brazil.


"I do assure you, Mrs. Buttle, the Ministry is very scrupulous about following up and eradicating any error."


Have you got a 27B-6?


The horror on those plumbers faces lol.


Aha – they obviously didn't have a 27B-6


I didn't see any flip flops


I can hear the português it was indeed Brazil.


but does it work?


In the video she's basically saying there're apartments with leaking issues, and now they're supposed to fix the problem but how can they even figure out which is which because of the mess. Then she finishes by saying that all this clusterfuck is right at the emergency exit So, to answer your question, no, I don't think it's working


It's Brazil isn't it? I started listening and thought "ahh, yes Spanish, I know that" to..."starting to sound Russian...Portuguese"


If you think it’s spanish that sound a little bit like russian, then it’s portuguese. You can’t get it wrong knowing that. Source: brazilian who have mistaken spoken russian as portuguese before


Somebody has to know what goes where because the ID on the meters should be associated with a specific address. Might have to get the utility company involved and I'm going to guess they wouldn't give two shits about the leak.


No, this is not an area of the world that metered things are sent to an address. It's just charged to the landlord.


Water would get lost in the way before reaching its destination


There's a giant cavernous cistern hidden under this building with thirty years worth of tap water stored in it.


>There's a giant cavernous ~~cistern~~ sinkhole hidden under this building with thirty years worth of tap water stored in it. ftfy


*Nestlé wants to know your location.*


Landlord to new tenants: The shower's in the middle of the living room because the hot and cold water comes out of these light fixtures in the ceiling. And before you ask, no, we can't move it. Trust me, ya don't wanna know why."


In this case, even if it works its still stupid


My brother "works" but he's a mess too. Not sure where I'm going with this but...


Any plumbers mind adding their two cents on wtf might've happened here?


It's not wtf here, but how come other setups look cleaner. Honestly it takes a lot of thought, planning and effort to do plumbing right. Here it's a challenging situation, since I assume this is a multiple occupancy building which needs a meter on each of the line. And it looks like it wasn't planned well or it was upgraded couple of times and so you end up with a complete mess.


My first thoughts is a building that was remodeled to become housing and this is what was done to fill the need


Also not a plumber, but my guess is that it is an apartment building that initially included water. At some point the owner decided to make each tenant pay their own water bill so he hired the cheapest plumber he could to retrofit the meters.


This seems like it would be more expensive than just splitting off a big pipe closer to the individual apartments...


Not if you had a shitload of ancient screw together cast iron crap pipes and fittings laying around in your yard.


I do landscaping at a little "village" of like 80 townhouses. Whoever initially installed the gas lines did exactly this. It's a cobbled together mess of different size/material pipes with all kinds of oddball fittings and adapters. There are at least 3 leaks that I know of. Just look for the patches of dead grass that that bubble when it's wet. The gas company is aware of it and replacing the whole system is on their "list of things to do one day". I've been trying to keep them well marked so people don't fucking BBQ right next to them :/


> I've been trying to keep them well marked so people don't fucking BBQ right next to them :/ “I’ll want my steak medium-rare, Bob.” _boom_ “Well Sam. Looks like you’re getting it well done, heading south towards the I-5 at 500 feet.”


Usually from my understanding there will be one main large pipe that supplies the building that runs through the master meter, then its branched off and metered individually after that, for some reason this disaster has dozens of small pipes coming from the main in the street. The side going to each apartment is just poor design and planning.


Yes this is a sub-metering job in a multi-family retrofit. A lot of time at least in the US the submetering guys make their money off of billing fees and their mechanical/plumbing skills are not the focus of the company. Usually there would be wirelss transmitter attached to the meters. I don't know how they read that bullshit.


They added individual lines for each apartment.


Plumber here. I believe they only spent Fridays working on this job.


Honestly the amount of labor that went into it is kind of amazing. Imagine threading all that pipe haha.


I do fire protection sprinklers. Not plumbing. But Ive seen enough to tell you that everything here was done as an afterthought. Absolutely zero planning at all. Just "does it fit? Good put it in". This honestly looks like it was done as a personal challenge on "how fucked up can you make it". If thats the case they won man.


Not a plumber, electrician that deals with property management companies. My wild guess is that each pipe was ran per diem. There wasnt any service plumbing roughed into the building. As people moved in 1 by 1, their plumber got them water. Seen similar electrical work.


Yeah this makes the most sense. Installed one at a time, only paid to do one at a time, not to fix prior issues.


This appears to be for a large apartment building with individual meters for each unit. Depending on how tall it is, there may be a pump down those stairs. That amount of piping may have been almost necessary whether the building was fed off one large master meter or not. There are advantages to having all of that exposed until past the meters: Every pipe will leak eventually. Accessibility makes it easy to fix. Also, each unit having its own meter makes isolating a leak further downstream more convenient as there is a shutoff at each meter. Of course, you may have a leak and just start turning off any meter that is running until the leak is stopped and that would put a few people out of water for a short amount of time, but that does not shut off the whole building. You could do that without the meters too by just having marked isolation valves. The disadvantages would be: The unnecessary amount of piping to do all that. Also, I didn't notice and check valves. If you are going to do all this, I would want at least a check valve after each meter to prevent any backsiphonage in that clusterfuck arrangement of pipes. The potential for a cross connection there is fairly high, as they seem to be fed off inadequately sized pipes in clusters of 4. There may be check valves, but I didn't notice them watching the video. Also, why not just use one master meter and include the total price in the rent? Maybe they are condos that would be individually purchased, metered, and billed. Still, there are better ways to do that. Overall, yes it's dumb. But nobody spends money to make a big mess like that without being forced to. We live in a crazy, crazy world.




Only if you are absolutely shit at the game. Source: I am absolutely shit at the game.


https://i.imgur.com/e1Gb3gj.png Its all about the nuclear power, once you have a decent nuclear reactor and the limitless Kovarex process, you're set.


I'm sorry I don't speak whatever language this is.


mania brought on by sleep deprivation




I highly recommend trying out Factorio. Hit up some videos on YouTube to check it out. You have crashed onto a planet and your goal is to build a new rocket to leave on. But first you have to mine iron ore and smelt it to make iron plate. Iron plate can be crafted into iron sprockets. Copper and iron are need to build circuit boards. Etc. eventually you can build rocket parts. There are bad guys that attack you and the complete build stream is large enough that it becomes very challenging to balance all of your factories in the correct ratios to get the right end parts. It is a very cerebral game. Power is always an issue and as the game progresses your need for it will begin to outstrip your ability to handle it via coal. So, normally, you will build a nuclear reactor which requires uranium 235. But mining 235 is very inefficient (both in game and in real life). In reality that is addressed by adding absurd quantities of centrifuges. To keep the game fun that wasn’t practical, so they created the “Kovarex” process. Its a fictitious technique of turning U238 into U235.


I have factorio and honestly have never progressed that far, it's always something I stop playing just because something else I've been waiting for comes out. It's a vicious cycle.


Wait, you can *stop*?


"Hmmm... Messy but not so bad, I see what they are trying to...". *Camera pans*. "Oh...". *Camera pans again*. "Oohhhhh...". *Camera pans again* ".... Oh nooooo."


You were in my head!


Reminds me of jazz chords for beginners. https://i.imgur.com/RbGeeNe.jpg


That is.....hilarious.


#Pianist Version *plays normal chord with both hands* “Boo! Fuck you!” *plays same chord, but moves right hand up a step* “oooo yeah that’s groovy man you got it”


Counted 56 meters, there might be more around that corner... 56 different pipe runs through that building... You'd think that doing it competently would end up being cheaper.


This looks like "This shonky building owner wants this done on the cheap to screw his tenants for the cost of water and I have an absolute shitload of old cast iron/gal pipes sitting in the shed I got for free..."


Yeah this is an insane amount of work and money to put every apartment on individually metered water. I mean, damn, just include it in the rent or average a single master meter read across the entire building.


You’re going to need a 27B-stroke-6 to repair that!


When you're a plumber but you can't fucking make anything plumb


Escher Plumbing. We do amazing work.


The Internet is just a series of tubes!


In a way, this is really impressive.


*In a Mario accent* Mama mia!


Looks like something slowly created by insects over 100 years


And none of it worked because the water had to stop and ask for directions.


Bitcoin mining cooling pipes. Shit's real......


This is like the physical version of a copy and pasted codebase when programming.


“Sir one of the pipes is leaking” Which one? “Yes”


Can someone explain to me like I am 5 to why this is like this?


Because fuck it, thats why


I audibly said WTF. Well done. Quality content.


This looks like an SCP


Jesus Clusterfucking Christ.