You need a 5 string banjo


The 5 string banjo is the unique experience with the 5th string. Everything else will be like a guitar in its playing. If you are a finger picker, I would recommend the Scruggs style of playing with 3 finger picks. If you are a plectrum guitarist, I would recommend the clawhammer style. I played bass and some guitar before playing the banjo and really love the clawhammer style.


Yep, these answers are what I expect from this reddit page. BuY a FiVe sTriNg BaNJo!! Youtube and Spotify (or others) are your friends here. Listen to everything you can. If Dixieland jazz speaks to you, then you should probably look into a tenor banjo. If you really like bluegrass, than a 5 string is what you need. 5 string players (full disclosure, I am one) think that ours is the only banjo that matters. They need to get over themselves a lot of the time.


To be fair they did say country and folk music in the post (inferring from the use of country they probably mean North American folk not Irish or Scottish etc). But yeah, definitely agree that listening to different styles is a good starting point


I would recommend a good time deering 5 string banjo. Also would recommend a book called "how to play the 5 string banjo by Pete Seeger"


if you want a cheap one, buy it on craigslist, i was able to find a goodone