Least favorite character and why?

Least favorite character and why?


of the regular cast? JJ. Liked her well enough as liaison. But came to really dislike her as the suddenly better than everyone else profiler.


Yep, and her whole back stop storyline didn’t make any sense. Strauss said she’s a proven negotiator or something and like… no. It was such a stretch


Also didn’t like that they had her mention she’s a mom every 5 minutes.


can i say kevin? he was annoying and was there for way too long. penelope deserved better. and barnes of course. breaking up the team. messing up cases. treating them terribly. wish i could have punched her


I’ve disliked Kevin since Garcia and Reid ran into him at the Doctor Who convention wearing a couples cosplay with a new woman. Such betrayal.


Ashley Seaver. I almost can't watch s6 because of her.


POINTLESS character.


Totally agree, recently rewatching the series and just got to her. She's so awful!


Definitely JJ she was practically useless and she's done some pretty crappy things to Spencer


I’m indifferent towards Strauss. I don’t hate her but I’m not crazy about her


Definitely Callahan. I already dislike JLH, and Kate just seems to repeat what the other profilers say as if they were her original ideas. She’s so smarmy and cringey and doesn’t contribute. Imho


Seaver. You should know why…


Rossi. Loved JJ though.


I hate JJ


Seaver. Useless idiot


I am expecting Elle slander. I have gotten use to it. I really can't stand Rossi. I think Joe is a horrible Actor because Rossi was the one who started it all. But he never says anything smart. He makes obvious statements and has the cringiest lines ever. And the way he acted with Reid and that ditch is way worse than the rude line Seaver said


Of the main cast, I’m not fond of Rossi or JJ. Rossi was just kind of an ass (eg. Forcing Reid who had just recovered from a knee injury to climb in that ditch and then leaving) and they dropped the ball on the racism storyline. I wish I could like JJ more, because AJ Cook is insanely talented when she has something to work with. When JJ is well written and seems to have realistic character growth, she’s a great character. Not my favorite, but she’s good enough. But JJ’s writing is just….. ergh. It becomes especially bad after the season 6 thing. Surprisingly I don’t have a problem with Elle or Gideon


Elle and Ashley were definitely my least favorite characters.


Probably JJ out of the main cast. I really liked her as media liaison but once she became a profiler she wasn’t my favorite. I really had liked that she had a speciality and wish they had kept it that way. I also hate how they went with her character in regards to Reid. I really like Will so idk the love confession to Reid just hits the wrong way.


Morgan... Really won't like him. He manipulates people around him with his smooth talking but as soon as his ego gets dented he snaps and acts like a brat. Spoiler for S6 I'm re watching season 6 and the longest night episode sealed it for me. Previous episode DM gets blind sided and for the rest of the episode he is a dick to everyone. I don't think he was upset the cop got killed. I think he felt he was made to look stupid. Then at the end when Hotch tried to stop him going in the house he basicly says to Hotch "you know that time when you were stalked by a serial killer and your ex wife got murdered and son nearly killed? Well I didn't have your back, I questioned everything you did but now my ego is bruised and I expect you to cover me". He then shoots the killer around 5 times. Morgan is a sociopath!!!


I am sooooo glad that I'm not the only one that didn't like Morgan! The 1st time I watched CM I loved him but when I re-watched the series I realized how much an asshole he really was.


Least favorite character overall (someone who appeared in more than one episode) - Linda Barnes. Ugh. Don't even need words for this one. ​ Least favorite character who was a main character - Ashley Seaver. She didn't really have any personality, other than her dad being a serial killer thing, which, although sad, is not a personality trait, and she just felt a bit out of place, she didn't have much chemistry with the others I think. ​ Least favorite of the "main main characters" (Rossi, Prentiss, Morgan, Reid, JJ, Garcia and Hotch) - Ooh hard one. I like them all, and they all have really good chemistry, but I'd say Rossi. I definitely don't dislike him, I just don't feel for him as much as I do the others.


Without stating the obvious ones like Seaver and Callahan, probably Morgan. It felt like all of his short-comings were blamed on his traumatic childhood, despite all of the other characters also experiencing trauma in their youth.


I think Morgan’s sexual abuse was pretty significant, what was the trauma in Emily’s childhood? I know they all had experiences (jj’s sister dying) but Morgan’s was the most extreme by far


I spoilered them because I can't remember when certain details are revealed, and they're not all *childhood* per se, but all before our brains stop developing at 25. Emily - >!*Emily was pretty clearly traumatised by the ostracization and abortion she had when she was a teenager in Italy*!< Penelope - >!*Her parents were killed when she was 18, which she at least partly feels responsible for*!< Spencer - >!*Pretty sure from birth Spencer would have been dealing with issues from both his parents, that obvious got more serious when he was 8 and his father left due to his mothers illness*!< Rossi - >!*Rossi went to Vietnam at 18, and implied that he grew up with/near mafia activity*!< Hotch - >!*Hotch's father was at best a chronic adulterer and absentee father, and more likely a physical abuser*!< Morgan's was almost definitely the most severe, especially when you also take into account >!*his father dying in front of him in a way where he probably partly blames himself (like Penelope does)*!<


I didn’t care for Elle, I felt she never made any progress or developed at all.


Gideon for me.


rossi.. i was so sad when gideon left


I’m the opposite, I like Rossi but didn’t care for Gideon


not a big fan of rossi. i loved gideon, and rossi just didn’t have as much of an interesting character as gideon did


I’m the opposite. I think Rossi is funny and interesting. I think Gideon was boring and too broody


Gideon is not boring. And you find Rossi interesting. Watching a bland white wall is more interesting than Rossi imo


Why is no one talking about Elle? She was pretty boring for the seasons she was in, and then she just murdered a dude and up and left?


Emily. She never really added anything and in the seasons she’s gone the dynamic is the same as if she isn’t. She was pretty dull and other than Doyle most of her pre-BAU problems were just ‘poor little rich girl’. She basically got onto the BAU because she really wanted to rather than because she had any beneficial skills plus she was kind of annoying to watch but people who like her get more defensive than people who like Reid. She does get better in the last four seasons and in season 15 I actually quite like her but early on I just don’t understand the appeal at all.


Strauss, because she seems very cold and uncaring


My least favorite character is Erin Strauss! I think she is so rude! I’m only on season 6 of the show so hopefully her character will improve lol


Garcia. J.J. Kevin. Will. All whiny and annoying. Jj really got on my nerves thinking she's some military badass that has the authority to boss around veterans like she knew better than them. Clearly she didn't. I feel like 75% of Will's scenes, he was whining or complaining.