DAE still has to go to church?

DAE still has to go to church?


Ironically, I'm in my 20's getting ready for church as I type this. You'll get this from anyone else in this subreddit too, don't make any moves until you're financially stable on your own. I'm living at home so I'm playing along until I don't have to anymore. Being truthful with them is only going to cause you more trouble in the long run. I tend to zone out for the entire service, who wants to give up part of every single Sunday? I don't. I got a job where I work most Sundays just to avoid it.It's criminal! I'd rather be at work for 8 hours than go to church for 2. So... my only advice is to bite the bullet until you can leave on your own. And if you need to vent, we're here to listen/read.


Hey, I was typing up the post as I was getting ready for church too. Biting the bullet is exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m really glad this subreddit exists.


25 and still biting the bullet until they pay for my wedding lol- they’ll figure out when I say I don’t want a pastor at my wedding


I signed up to work in the infant nursery every Sunday morning. Paid $8/hour, got me out of the church service, and was a mix of fun/cute/gross/hard lol. But I grew to care about those little guys, and I used to tell non church friends that I can only be trusted with the religious instruction of pre verbal children.


No real advise other than to say that you’re not alone.


So I agree with most on here to say just bite your tongue until you’re financially free. It sucks but it’s most likely your best course of action. However I’ll add my two cents to your situation. In the near future you will have to confront a whole lot of people, especially you’re parents, on why you left and they will try to use the Bible to convince you to come back. Use this time to actually learn the Bible and all it’s wonderful contradictions and flaws. It’s a library of books that all all written by it’s author(s) to push *their* point of view. Bart Ehrman is a great author to get your foot into the door on learning more about the Bible from someone who left the faith. My personal favorite from him is https://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Hell-Afterlife-Bart-Ehrman/dp/1501136739/ref=nodl_ which goes into the evolution of the afterlife in the Bible and how it compares to surrounding religions of the near east. Read the 4 gospels and compare and contrast the differences in the 4 stories. While reading them remember that these were first written around 70CE ~40-50 years after Jesus died by literate Greeks that were getting this info through a game of ancient telephone! And John was written last around ~115 CE and is the only gospel to fully assert Jesus is god. Hope this help and feel free to message me if you would like some more topics to explore!


Omw to church right now. I feel you. Also in the same situation of not being able to show any divergence. I don't think I'd do that even after moving out because I don't want them to disown me lol.




In the same boat; I just left church. I try to be on my phone for the majority of it, especially the sermon. But today, a lady beside me did try to ask what I was reading- as if she could discipline me for not paying attention! Luckily, I had a page open on Safari about John 14:6. Also, my dad wouldn’t let me read a fictional book about witches before service. I had to remind him that I’m not “trying to get into a spiritual mindset” as a non-Christian. That sure got him going. In my head I was like, “Yeesh, I don’t feel like getting into this with you.” Anyways, it definitely sucks, but try not to let anybody get to you.


My experientially informed estimate is about six posters a day here.


Do you live in America?


I live in Brazil


If your parents are pentecostals, _please don't leave the closet for now_. We will survive this pandemic and this horrible president, and life will become "stable" and so jobs and prices.


At least they’re catholic, thankfully. I know how Brazilian Pentecostals are. I so hope you’re right. Gosh, I’m exhausted. I know we all are. Força.


Well idk the bill of rights there sorry. Hang in there.


Stopped going to church when I completed 18. Now 24. So I didn't went to church for 7 years _because the church have nothing I want to do_. And just like OP, I still live with my parents (__I want to graduate so hard and leave this house so badly__), but my parents stop forcing me to go to the church because I raise an "objection" to go to the church when I complete 18. And they kinda live with that, because they are roman catholics so what was done is done to "save my soul".


It's awesome you're able to listen to music/podcasts during it. This was not an option when I was in a similar spot. While my parents knew I wasn't a Christian (some of the time they were in denial and I did nothing to try to pull them out of it--I'll admit telling them at that point in my life was ill advised) I lived with them off and on again into my mid twenties I was required to go to church. Every week until I got a weekender position and then only had to go every other week. I ended up with the option from one parent at one point that they didn't care what church service I went to but that would have caused more friction with the other parent that wasn't worth it. So you're certainly not alone.