Man preaching to a captive audience on a train gets told off

Man preaching to a captive audience on a train gets told off

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“I’m not angry…I’m angry because…”


“i’m not angry!” as he leans in toward her to make a point with his body language


He is son of god


All you care about is making more money and making more sin! he says wearing a new Nike tee stitched by child laborers.


If you think humans not liking humans is scary, wait for the zombie apocalypse. Its bound to be worse, right?


Some of the Religious groups tell their followers that unless they preach the Word of God to others and bring other people into their Church to be Saved, then they themselves won't be Saved. How selfish is that? (More money for the Church coffers too.)


So...an MLM, then?


Yeah it's the more cult like ones like Jehovah's witnesses. So annoying and quite sad


They’re called…evangelicals


That guy at the end 😂 just when you think it’s winding down…


I feel like he was in on it with the annoying guy


I've personally experienced this. I was in a public square, enjoying a nice day when some street preacher starts going off at full volume. Everyone: Dude, not interested. Fuck off. Then some guy: "Hey, let's hear him out. Now I'm not a Christian or even religious, but..." Some Guy, aka Mr. Not A Christian,, had forgotten to cover up his full sleeve tattoo of The Last Supper.


Like the opening scene of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Jason Statham selling stolen goods in an alley and an enthusiastic buyer steps up because it's such a good deal. Unbeknownst to the crowd, they are partners working together.


Did you say ten pounds? That's a bargain, I'll have one


Left foot, right foot, your body will follow...that's right, they call it "walking."


Handmade in Italy, hand stolen in Stepney. It's as long as my arm, I wish it was as long as something else


Stolen? These are not stolen! They just haven't been paid for. And we can't get any more because they've changed the bloody locks.


And then what happened? Did Mr. Not A Christian have the bullshit flag thrown at him?


It’s not the same, you can walk away from a public square.


I love Christians with religious tattoos. Leviticus 19:28 - You shall not make any cuttings on your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you, I am the lord.


Hey preacher, I don't think you can help me. Preacher asks why. Well you see, I sold my soul to satan 2 years ago.....


That’s because he 100% was in on it. But the “oooh my godddd” right as he started made it worthwhile.


They fucked after this. Anyone have the source?




I guess I can flick the bean to this


He was. The original guy responded "Sure" as soon as the next guy started talking. He was waiting for him to say his part.


I feel that too.


That lady, “oh no”.


That was fantastic


Can you help me with my vapor lock?


You are the first person to notice my avatar, and recognize it's provenance. I see you are a person of fine taste and sophistication. We are now best friends.


Everything about this (and my award! Thank you!) just made my day. Cheers to you, new best friend!


Like NOOOOOO just let it die!


I love the lady’s voice right at the end when the second guy started talking. You just hear she say “oh no....”


I know 🤣 that would have been my reaction too


He's probably a plant. No doubt works for that Billy Graham wannabe.


The guy at the end must be the one who will always raises his hand just as the professor says "If there are no more questions, let's wind it up"


For real and you can see it on his face the doubt .. should I do this ?


You can audibly hear the groans right after like oh boy


I think he was just covering his ass in case the dude went full loony.


He was thinking man this is the moment of denial the book warned me of, I must speak up.


That old guy is an articulate savage. I wanta be like him when I age.


He got some inspiration from Samuel Jackson, "Shut the fuck up!"


That's the "old person superpower", where you are beyond giving a damn, and can respond to idiots like that guy with that incomparable confidence that comes with life experience.


I hope someone bought him a beer after this.


He’s my spirit human.


I want to be him at my current age. 😂


Is this the creepy beach guys brother?


They are clones 😂


Was thinking the same lol.


Respecting other people's beliefs means to shut up about yours in a public space. Also, other passengers have the right to travel with some degree of silence


But I have to personally save your immortal soul! And I respect your beliefs so much that I'm going to preach at great length about it!


Right? But also if you really love them why doesn't he respect them enough to stfu when asked multiple times? That dude only has a one note song - he has no clue about using different approaches or being respectful because he's so entitled he thinks he's the only on who knows the truth. I'm soooo done with that type - it was quite lovely to hear the applause.


I mean if you really truly think that you’re saving their soul and you really truly think your assertion is factual and not just an unsubstantiated belief then tbh if you loved them you’d continue to try to save their soul despite protest. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’d make sense for your entire life, and arguably all of society, to then be devoted to a sort of utility maximizing machine where utility is maximized by spreading whatever it is that saves someone’s eternal soul. I don’t believe in souls (or saving them via Jesus) but if I did and the options were eternal hell or eternal heaven I can certainly see why you’d want to be spreading that knowledge around lol


Oh yeah - I agree with you there. He's just a jerk for not trying a different approach when challenged. Any good huckster/believer worth their weight in an argument would at least recognize the hostility and work it into his riff - here he just starts calling them stupid (which is not a great way to win folks over). If he was intelligent AND devoted AND respectful he may have gained more traction but based on the video it doesn't look like that was a winning tactic for that moment - that's all. If I knew 'The secret' to eternity this is not how I'd share - but that's just me.


The only thing I want to preach about in public is civil inattention.


I hate that it's a fucking American who traveled to the other side of the world to do this shit...


Loved the “I’ve been in prisons, I’ve been on the streets of India” speeches. Like great, God gave you time and money to travel so you can flex on people on their way to work


Missionaries don’t raise the money themselves. It is actually churches that give money to them, and pay for them to go spread the gospel.


Feels like that money is better spent actually helping, than flying these people to different places just so they can brag about going to different places and seeing people suffer. That’s just me tho


Unless you’re a Mormon and then the church makes you pay them while you go do the work


Was about to say when I went on my mission shit wasn’t cheap. Mormons make you pay and work at the same time


It is stated in the Bible that they would receive persecution. So they will double down and preach even more! Lol.


As an American, I live through this shit daily. No matter what event you go to, there is always some doomsday cult or Christian organization with a megaphone and a parade of sweaty ring girls/guys with their signs telling you you're going to hell for having a good time. Watching a sporting event? Going to hell. Having alcohol? Hell. Any skin showing? Hell. Wanting to protect the Earth? Hell. (Yes, the westboro baptist church/knockoff really protested Earth Day in my city). Non-white? Hell. Come on over to the Bible belt, it's a load of fun let me tell ya.


> As an American, I live through this shit daily. Wait, it's **that** frequent?


In some places yes. There’s a reason phrases like “y’all Qaeda” and Vanilla ISIS have been gaining traction since the mid aughts


Huh. That's quite sad.


It is, but those people are desperately holding on to something else that we’re not seeing - a community. There’s no replacement for it, truly, and once that line of tradition is broken it is gone. That’s what conservatives are trying to conserve and it’s a losing battle, which is why we see such hysterical flailing at any cultural developments. Ultimately, it is self defeating because it only serves to push the majority of people away, and these communities will render themselves less relevant through failure to change




Another American here and I can say that in my entire life I have only seen this maybe two times. I am not discrediting what the other person said but in my personal experience, no, this is not common at all.


Tennessee will fill any void you have in this experience, come on down to churches on every corner and some hillbilly telling you you'll burn in hell lol


I'm so glad I live in New Jersey. Sure, this shit happens here, too, but it's not a frequent!


Every Friday and Saturday night on the corner of Court St at Ohio U! “You’re going to hell!” “Yeah yeah but not before I get fucked up get laid!”


nah, I only see them on days when I leave the house. More seriously, they tend to congregate around anywhere people go for fun. when I was in college, there was always at least one ranting just outside the student center


Only in big cities really


I worked with this really nice guy a few years ago who was also in some weird culty Christian thing. I took my parents to a My Morning Jacket concert and I see dude with his church outside of the theater holding the typical nonsense signs. He saw me, I said hi, and introduced him to my parents. The guy looked so ashamed when he realized he's protesting the type of show that I take my parents to lol. Like seriously, who calls My Morning Jacket devil music?


They probably latch onto the opening lyrics of Into the Woods lol Love me some Jacket…good taste friend…good taste


Do you work at the CIA with Stan Smith?


We actually had the Westboro Baptist church come by our city so we protested while we were at work. They are the worst.


Someone who used to live in an apartment I moved into was part of some TX Christian cult. Get this, they sent a Jesus prayer mat through the mail (paper mat), where Jesus' eyes would show up if you stared at it for too long (like the optical illusion books). So my roommates, all of us atheists, got high and drew devil horns on Jesus, 666, and all the bs they associate with the devil on it and sent it back (dummies sent a prepaid envelope with it for donations). Oddly enough, we never received a reply lmao


I went to jury duty and got told I was going to hell


Lol seriously? Glad I'll never get selected for jury duty


Masturbation? Believe it or not, hell. We have the best followers because of hell.


This sounds like the American version of pub; Bad day. Pub Good day. Pub Girlfriend left you. Pub Starting seeing new girlfriend. Pub Eternal damnation. Pub


Ofcourse, it hightens his massive ego even further.


Exactly. He says that he "loves people," but the only things he loves are the sound of his voice and the feeling of doing something positive in the world while doing absolutely nothing of any actual worth.


Its the "cop out" of doing good deeds. just acting like he's doing a good thing. Its almost cartman without his filter. Nothing good about his speech except for himselve. He screams "you will repent". How is that positive, lol. Douche of the year award.


Could have just done it near his local Walmart.


No shit. I’m in Utah. It’s constant:


They are usually people who have been drug addicts, criminals and gone from one extreme to the other and want to make everyone suffer like them.


The guilt tripping by Christian evangelists is upsetting. “The evil around you”. Wtf is that suppose to mean?


Anything other than groveling in a church is "evil" to them.


Don’t mix your textiles, that’s sinful


I love pointing out to southern christians that watching football with beer and all your emotions like you do is 100% *not* keeping the sabbath holy.


I think this dick head got fined. It's illegal to do this on trains.


Street preaching is one thing, but doing this to a captive audience is just so disrespectful. I'm glad that guy told him off, but I wish the rest would've done more. Christians are indoctrinated into believing that people like that man are in mortal danger and that it's their responsibility to save them, but having that 1 guy be the only one to really tell him off means that the preacher, unfortunately, probably won't learn anything from this experience.


Christians are indoctrinated into believing they will be persecuted for their beliefs. The more people who stand up to them the more righteous their little mental masturbation feels.


That's where you slap them with the "sin of pridefulness" line and call them out as hypocrites


Street preaching sucks too though. Once i was waiting for the bus with my kid and there was one of those street preaching groups across the street. We had passed em before and they said their bull so then a teenage girl streets yelling jesus loves you blah blah ah to my kid. I just told my kid jesus is the guy on the microphone and he doesn't he know us.


Lmao I love that explanation 😂 I've definitely left the beach with my friend's kid because of a radical screaming hateful shit. My friend's 4 year old doesn't need to hear about sins of the body and eternal damnation????


They really don't! Then when they grow up they end up disliking anyone who doesn't believe in that shit. They've been talking about the end of days since forever. People saying oh bad things are happening that the world is ending soon. For all i know bad shits been happening since the begining of time.


A while back I used to commute in NYC. There was this guy who would stand in one of the commuter tunnels and preach the word of god in his thick Spanish accent. His annunciation and volume sounded like he was on the radio. But what made it extra uncomfortable, was when he would lock eyes with someone and walk backwards with them so he could keep preaching. If you looked like you spoke Spanish, he would seamlessly switch and keep preaching while holding eye contact. It was a tunnel, so you were kind of held captive by him for a minute. I used to wonder which language I would get if I was ever chosen.


The irony is really that he’s an American preaching to Australians when although Australians are far more atheistic than Americans, actually follow Christian principles of charity and social support. In other words, the society has actual Christian values whereas here in the US is just empty virtue signaling. There are so many support systems in Australia that it’s really hard to end up homeless. You have to actually try, even if it’s mental health bringing you down there loads of support for that. Incredible.


Religion is like a dick don't go shoving it down my throat unless I ask


Especially down people's children's throats and try and make it seem normal.






I was talking about religious schooling indoctrination, but yeah it does sound bad when I say it like that.


Yeah it did sound bad lol when I read it I spat my soda out lol


The way I like it is this: Having a religion is like having a dick. People may look at you and be able to tell you have one. You may be proud of it. You might even want to show it off. But the moment you try to shove it down my throat, you're going to have a problem. \*Don't remember where I heard it though.


As a dick owner myself people can't tell I have one 😏


This exactly I’m a Christian, too. And one of the biggest take aways is we were given free will. We can choose to have faith and we can choose not to have faith. This guy has a train full of people who heard him the first time (I assume since this looks like the middle of the incident when the vid starts) and tell him they’re not interested. I’m not super religious. I do pray every day, but I am getting sick and tired of people like this and others using God and/or the Bible to push their own world views and opinions on people expecting them to do the same.


We are both on 2 ends if the belief spectrum you're Christian I'm Athiest haha and honestly it's Christians like this that actually prevent us from wanting to learn about God well it's one of the reasons regardless of ones belief we should all just respect one another views and beliefs I know not all Christians are like this bastard in the video I used to be Christian myself years ago I sadly was like him but only because I was in a church that brainwashed its members now I couldn't care what one believes in


Agreed I’m not going to sit here and disrespect other people’s beliefs or religions. We all have different backgrounds and experiences. And even if a guy like this would want to convince you to come back, this would be the wrong way to do it. There’s preaching/teaching, then there’s some jackass with a megaphone on a busy street corner or someone yelling in a small space jam packed with several others telling him they aren’t interested.


Honestly as an Atheist and someone who has lost his faith screaming the Bible out in the street or even forcing others to listen to your opinion makes me want to punch you in the face you also just reminded me about a man in my local town who does this ever 3 to 6 months preaches about God going on about sin and the like just being a condescending dick I can't remember what he said that made me say "if God exists why is it that every single day do 15yr old girls and children get raped by pedophiles?" The guy legitimately said "it's all because of sin" this really irked me because he is basically saying that because of 2 dead humans children around the world are being violated every day which doesn't seem right to me if I hadn't walked away right then I would have snap kicked him in the chin people don't want to go shopping and get preached at i will DM you to continue this conversation on


I like your comment a lot. I’m going to steal it for my use irl.


Go for it mate lol


These idiots, we get a lot in India. They visit on a tourist visa and do not mention about religious activities and then go on preaching to the poor and slum dwellers.


damnn. that's fucked up. they need punishment for their sins


- You sound angry. - I AM NOT.


“I’m not angry! I’m angry…”


In college one of these evangelicals was talking in the mall. The crowd picked him up and set him down, on his feet, in a near by stream. He didn't stop talking the whole time. After the crowd set him down everyone just walked away and he was left there by himself still preaching.


Talk about mental illness.


God somebody ask the guy for a $20 and watch him stutter on why he won’t give it to you.


He'll probably ask for $20 in the name of god instead.


Calling everyone selfish sinners without knowing anything about them... Yeah that seems like the Jesus way...


Straya don’t take no shit!




These people who do public preachings are not real Christians, but hypocrites. Taken from Matthew 6:5


The whole “I love you” part is so disgusting. It sickens me actually You don’t love him if you can’t respect his boundaries


You can't do this shit to Aussies. All you'll get is a big old Fuck off!


ah,yes,forcing people stuck in a train to listen to your bullshit. typical christian behaviour


Proselytizing is never a good look.


Dude had him quiet then engaged with him one time to many. Tell him to shut up, don't reason with him. That starts a conversation and puts you back at square one


Australians are polite af!


Is it just me or does that old guy sound like a voice actor


10 to 1 this guy is mentally ill.


Duh, he believes on a magical space being watching him and others 100% of all time. Who doesnt give a shit about anyone, saves no child, no woman, no man, but spreads fear and stupid rules.


Sin is delicious 👌


Okkultismus ist sexy. Okkultismus macht geil. Spuck auf die Reinheit, befleck sie. Scheiß auf dein Seelenheil.


The way he's saying that. It's as if he's in a cult or something.


So did he just see a middle eastern guy and think “yep, this guy must not share the same beliefs, I better yell at him in public”


This guy is the type of person who wants everybody to be like him and believe what he beliefs based purely on a belief that he can’t show any demonstrable evidence of (souls existing, etc.). Yes, the guy preaching is very much so the selfish, egocentric one.


Not technically a facepalm. This is a real incidence of a moron who won't shut the fuck up and gets told off.


Belongs on r/religiousfruitcake


Thank you for this precious gift.


This was the kind of thing that got me to stop going to cell groups and abandoning the whole shebang.


If you love something, you accept it as it is. You try to nurture and protect what it already is. This man does not know what true love means. Love is acceptance, nurturing, not trying to change and inflict.


I'd be the one in the back yelling "God's not real"


Is this Mac?


Well first of all, through God anything is possible, so jot that down


This kind of thing is so inconsiderate. And probably pretty traumatic to listen to for anyone who survived abuse at the hands of the clergy. He's disturbing the peace isn't he?


The "oh no" once the brown guy started talking fucking killed me lmao.


Why does it always seem like the most religious people are the ones who had something terrible happen to them. A past co worker was a raging alcoholic and one day decided to quit drinking. Now he listens to church on YouTube, hates when you swear around him or try’s preaching god on people. Iv always said. I respect your beliefs, but please respect mine if I don’t believe what you are preaching. He understood but it seems like most of the time they keep trying to change your beliefs


Australians on a train vs one American with no sense of privacy


I was thinking about that the entire time. If there’s one place you don’t want to be loud and obnoxious, is in Australia, or around any Australians. They will point out the thing you hate most about yourself in an instant and make fun of your ass cause you deserve it.


Is it just me or is this mental illness? I also have a hard time believing he’s “been to the prisons of El Salvador and been to the slums of India.” I feel like if he’s had those worldly but scary experiences he would know when to shut the fuck up.


Religious loonies are laden with guilt. I’m fact their fanaticism is a reaction to their perception of their own guilt and shame. Their delusion is reinforced by civility — they get to declare themselves above it all because of their identification with their piety. Eventually the spell wears off and they see they are full of shit but Christians tend to double down in the lie. They tell each other that doubt is the devil working on them because they are special. And that they must redouble their efforts to bring the Holy Spirit into their lives. It is all an anachronistic idea with a bit of spit and polish to support the righteousness that they do desperately need to avoid looking at themselves.


That asshole at the end who joins in and supports the guy...


Michael Caine do be doing a good job


Since he took on that Australian accent?


Fuck yea. Straya🇦🇺


Americans gonna American. One of my former friends (who had a very visible public profile in Chicago) went hard right into conservative Christianity and started “preaching” during the civil rights uprisings last summer. The whole of Chicago was the man sitting.


Don’t bitch at people on public transport about how they only care about making more money…. I’d wager their desire to make more money (a huge assumption by the way) is more justifiable than the wealthy trying (and succeeding) to make more money. Go bitch at a CEO about how greed is destroying society


People like him have a lower mental capacity to understand an other humans wants and needs. They believe everyone is like them and wants to learn more, or that everyone is against them and also wants to learn more. They need help. Maybe having religious support helps them cope no matter the message.


This guy is in a cult xD


“It’s a selfish world we live in” “Also please listen to my nonsensical rambling about how my religion is right and you’re wrong for not listening”


As an American, I'm truly sorry you all had to hear and experience that.


Exactly what I felt. We’re sorry we’re dumbasses.


The best argument against religion is being raised religious


Aussies telling it like it is.


Christians are so fucking weird…


I remember this twat. Sydney train. He got fined, as did his compatriots. From memory this was 4 years ago?


Waut thats a train? Looks more like a bus


Looks like a SkyTrain Edit: but I don't think thats what it is




Most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time


I’m a Christian. I’ve got my beliefs. If you would like to discuss them, let me know and we can chat. Otherwise i’m keeping them to myself and i’m getting really tired of people like this dude giving us a bad rep.


This has white savior complex written all over it


Fuckin guy doesnt even know he's in a cult


this guy look like eden hazard rip off


I want to fist bump that old guy.


I love that this clueless, delusional POS is talking about the selfishness of others while he freely imposes his will on others. Believe what you and shut the hell up about it. This applies not to religions but all you culty lifestyle types as well. “Keto will make your life so much better!” STFU “Eating meat is murder!” STFU “CrossFit will change your life!” STF Mind your own business and discuss your obsessions with those who share it.


Love the guy at the end just trying to be nice


Unfortunately that is just adding to this man's delusion that he is helping people... but technically in the video I didn't hear the guy at the end finish talking so might have been leading up to something else.


I think that guy was with the preacher. The plot was that the preacher would completw his preaching then the other guy would tell his to renforce. Obviously, it didnt go as per the plan


I come from a religious family and I just want to ask what the fuck Preaching is good and all (for religious peeps at least) but there’s a line between preaching and forcing religion on people


Someone needed to put a sleeper hold on this guy lol




Tried doing the same on Rome’s subway but preaching about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Of course everyone cheered since we in Italy know spaghetti better than anyone else!


Someone needs to cum on that guy.. Pretty sure he won't be loving people unconditionally anymore.


Why you wear noise cancel ear pods


I read a good post about these kind of people once. The goal is never to convert anyone. The goal is to send out young believers into hostile environments (they create) and make them feel like the world unjustly hates them. Which is a part of cult indoctrination.


Truth is death is no joke, and your soul is no joke. Men like this have been with us for aeons, and have been ridiculed for aeons. Trying to awaken the sleeping. Most people are unaware to the spiritual dimension that lives inside of themselves. Until the spiritually enlightened are taken seriously, society's will continue to be a Hellscape, and the souls of men will suffer.


Oh shit, they're multiplying!


Should've used the Bee Movie script


I went to a Presbyterian private school, we were told daily to convert as many people as possible every day… I’ve never been so proud to be a terrible student.


What in the NPC is this


Opinions and assholes. Everyone has them, doesn’t mean people want to hear about yours.