If I can't tell the difference between two labels but I relate to them, can I use them both?

If I can't tell the difference between two labels but I relate to them, can I use them both?


You can use whatever you want so long as neither are genders specific to a culture or religion you don't belong to (unless those cultures or religions have given outsiders permission). If you feel they fit, they fit. If they don't fit in the future that's okay too-- doesn't mean you were faking or appropriating or a liar, just means what fit you once doesn't fit any more. That's how pretty much everything in life is. Good luck with sorting it out ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰โœจ


Thank you. Those two labels are those which fit me the best and are the closest to my experiences. They both kinda overlap, so it's hard for me to choose one over the other. Right now I feel comfortable with both boyflux and genderfaun identities! I think I'll use both for now, maybe in the future I will like one of them better, you never know.


Of course you can use them both. Let me say something about gender labels. Categorizing into such exact terms can help you discover yourself, and it may also help when talking with other people who are fluent in these terms. But remember that these categories are just a means of communicating your experience. You can use different terms when talking to different people, and those different labels can still describe the same experience you feel. I will explain using colored pencils as a metaphor: you have a set of 120 colored pencils. You sort them and try to determine your favorite color, the color that gives you the best vibes. You know it's a shade of purple, but not an amethyst purple, more of a lilac - and then you settle for wisteria. Now you meet some cool people and you ask each other what your favorite colors are. You say: wisteria! And they will be confused. You will explain that it is a shade of purple, and some will accept your favorite color be "wisteria purple", but others still don't understand. And so you explain what it looks like and they will call the very same color "a pale, warm purple" or "something close to lilac" - and others again will just group it into a general term of "lilac" It's not always all exact, but they all talk about the same color. And that happens with gender too. The terms you use are very, very exact and it's good to know how you feel, but others may just group it as demiboy. I would look not just for one exact term, but several terms that all include what it feels like (and also find out what is not correct, so you know what you don't want to use/have used for you) Labels are fun, and useful, but in the end they are just words to shorten a longer explanation - different ways to explain your very individual, unique experience.


Ayyy, this is so me! Of course you can use both, just like youโ€™re already using all those labels. I can see how you can be both simultaneously. I suppose, genderfaun covers boyflux (and the others) as more of an umbrella term. It definitely gets confusing but there are no rules or regulations! U can be anything :)


You are free to use whatever you want, whenever you want.... Be yourself.... live life.... I guess the only thing I would ask is if you are going to change descriptions, that you help people in your life know which is in play when appropriate so they don't offend you in not picking up on personas, pronouns or expectations of them...


Yeah i relate to multiple labels but i just pick the ones i like best For example i dont like the term demiboy or demiguy but i am fine with libramasculine. And mathematically speaking, all librqmasculine people are demiboys but not all demiboys are libramasculine. I just prefer one label over the other. And i also dont actively use the term libramasculine but refer to myself as transmasc, while i actively use the lobramasculine flag instead of the transmasc one because i fins it hideous and feankly it reminds me of a vagina. And if i one day stop using a label because it doesnt fit me anymore thats fine too, aint no harm in that. So what im trying to say is heck yeah using multiple genderlabels is valid