How do I begin full contact tournaments for karate?

How do I begin full contact tournaments for karate?


1. Someone has to bully you 2. You steal his girl 3. You decide to learn Karate from your local Apartment maintenance man 4. You and new master confront Karate master in his Dojo 5. Your new Sensei challenges Karate master to have you fight in local tournament for respect and honor


This is the way.


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This is the way I have spoken


Its missing the part where he has to get jumped by 5 people.


Dressed as skeletons


On halloween.


Then, years later, after some adventures in Okinawa, you get fat, take up horticulture, and finally learn some judo.


There are a few full-contact karate rulesets: American kickboxing, Japanese kickboxing, Kyokushin/knockdown and its derivatives like Enshin, the 'koshiki karate/bogu karate' guys. WT taekwondo, if you think they count as 'karate'...not usually thought of as 'full-contact' due to the fact that the vast majority of matches are decided by points, but you *do* win if you knock the other fellow out with a legal technique. Typically the only guys doing it in tournament format are Kyokushin/knockdown. Maybe the koshiki/bogu karate schools do it too, I don't have too much firsthand experience there. The rest of them tend to do single matches.


Learn to sweep the leg of course


And show no mercy…unless you have a problem with that Mr. Lawrence.


Be sure to get him a body bag!


Not just legal, but encouraged, in kyokushin.


Find an Enshin Dojo near you


Call local dojo and ask them.


You don’t need to attend any specific dojo. I fought in several continuous contact ISKA events without representing any specific dojo, though I was asked to provide the name of my instructor (I lied). However, in one particular match I was disqualified due to a very questionable call from one of the judges, who just so happened to be the promoter of the event. Whether or not I was purposefully sabotaged, I can only speculate.


Interesting. Where are these events located?


I can't speak about this much but my understanding is that the founder of my school (since retired) had a falling out with sport karate over this sort of thing. The guys actually affiliated were being favored by the judges.


No way, really??? I always had my suspicions but I never really talked about for fear that I would just come off as a sore loser.


go to a new school and get bullied. have the bully and 4 friends jump you at halloween and a maintenance man who’s actually a karate master will save ur life. he and u will confront the sensei of your bully and you will duel it out in a full contact tournament. you will start of slow but eventually make it to the semi finals where you leg will be injured but u will keep fighting and use the crane kick to win the tournament. 30 years later, you will be a car businessman and teach your students the art of okinawan karate 🥋


Google "Kyokushin (your local area)". That's your best bet in terms of a dojo that will prepare you for full contact competition. There are other ways, but this will be the most reliable.


I recommend cobra kai