Why do Korean show have to pixelate tatoos?

Why do Korean show have to pixelate tatoos?


By Korea law it's near impossible to get a tattoo legally because only medically licensed people are allowed to give tattoos and most doctors aren't gonna waste their medical training for tattoos. So pretty much most if not all tattoo artists in Korea are actually operating illegally. So having a tattoo is associated with breaking the law which Korean broadcast companies aren't gonna have any part in. Back in the day and even somewhat today tattoos were associated with criminals especially gangsters. So a good portion of the older generation and even some young don't have a positive image of tattoos. And a good portion of Korean dudes get tattoos to look hard, especially sleeves which were associated with gangsters similar to the yakuza in Japan. Korean artists sporting tattoos is a more recent trend which started with rappers. With that said, the law is outdated and not really enforce so there's a movement amongst the younger generation to get rid of it. Recently a young female member of the Korean congress sported temporary tattoos as a publicity stunt to promote the sentiment to abolished the law. I wish the people who replied to your post had a better understanding of the situation instead of just saying it's prejudice or Koreans hate it. This is how misinformation and misunderstanding is spread smh.


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>and even some young don't have a positive image of tattoos. Maybe my image is colored since I'm staying in gangnam now but I can't go outside without seeing at least one 20-30something man or woman with at least one tatoo.


Then they should just blur every politician ajussi's face on tv because they all have brow tattoos lol


It isn't banned, but many networks pixelate them since a lot of people in Korea don't like tatoos.


Just wondering, but do they also blur out ethnic tribal tattoos, for example, the moko from the Maori people, or the Thai sak yant tattoos, or Philippine batok tattoo? I always wondered if cultural tatts get a pass or if korean tv would even blur out a person's facial moko


I'm not a hundred percent sure but I believe they do because it has cultural significance. I think the variety show law of the jungle they showed Polynesians with tattoos. if I remember correctly they even showed the process of getting tattoos the traditional way.




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In cultural practice it’s not really frowned upon. I have a large back piece and I’ve never been confronted or anything at saunas, pools, water parks, or while outside running. It’s quite popular for anyone under 30 or 35 these days and no one I’ve met is reasonably against them. It’s a pretty outdated taboo that isn’t really all that taboo anymore.


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They pixelate blood/ knives/ brand names and cigarettes too. Broadcast standards are strict. . Usually people going on TV with visible tattoos cover them with flesh colored KT tape.


i see a lot of small tattoos these days on younger koreans but the older koreans don't like them and associate them with gangs, yakuza, etc. at jjim jil bang, some might even ask you to leave if you have really big ones. otherwise they will ask you to keep them covered somehow... little tattoos are rarely an issue.


Koreans still have a prejudice against tattoos overall. They associate tattooed people to delinquents, gangsters, etc, so they don't show it on TV. They blur it just as they blur weapons and kitchen knifes on kdramas. As if it was a bad thing they don't want others to follow. Also, in Korea you can only tattoo other people if you have a medical license. If not, it's illegal (for the ones who practice it, not the ones who use it obviously). Nowadays there are many youngsters and even idols who have it. When they go to TV shows they usually hide it with bandages, for example. Hope I helped a bit.


Don’t want all them kiddos running out and getting tattoos, would ya? Plenty of young people have tattoos these days, but it’s still technically illegal to operate a tattoo shop and older people don’t like it as much. They’ll adapt to the changing times eventually.


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I feel a little anxious about people with excessive tattoos (usually because bullies get a lot of tattoos)