Can you break the rule 0 if there's no conversation though?


you MUST have the conversation. Doesn't matter if you don't care and just wanna get a game in, doesn't matter if you have played with the playgroup before. If you don't have a rule 0 conversation you can't play because none of the players concented to your decks. If they don't concent to being armageddoned, comboed, taxed or group hugged it's not ok to do so. And this isn't about the various specific cases but concent in general. Whenever I play commander I show the others my deck and ask if they don't like any of the parts of it and if they object I swap it out or take out another deck. Is it really too much to ask that all other players also show me their deck? And when you see other people forget to talk about it, you should also remind them to do this. I see people forget constantly and then it always ends with at least one of the losing players being sad after the game...


I really hope you are jerking


/uj Is this a super jerk or not? I can't tell.


/uj yeah kind of inspired by the edh player copy pasta going around


/uj I take off my hat chief, you really shocked me there, wonderful execution.


Whenever I sit down to play with a new group I pull out my computer and build a brand new deck from scratch and make sure every member of the group is okay with every single card in the deck before adding it. It’s the only ethical way to play.


hooooold on there! Did you just say \*computer\*? That sure sounds like you'd be using tools like scryfall, goldfish, tappedout or similar. Aka net decking. And then calling it ethical. Do you have no integrity?


i dont get it


Love this jerk, but as a member of the BDSM community I like commander because it's the only time I'm allowed to be a sadist without a full negotiation beforehand. Rule 0 is for chumps.


Returned to magic after 20 years and Commander is still new to me. What's rule zero?


It the equivalent of the house rules for monopoly. “Rule 0: These are the official rules of Commander. Local groups are welcome to modify them as they see fit. If you’d like an exception to these rules, especially in an unfamiliar environment, please get the approval of the other players before the game begins.” The rest of the rules follow this.


Makes sense! Thank you.


They're like the unwritten rules of baseball where if one breaks them other players will get pissed for some reason.


It's the rule that makes fun cards like Biorhythm Shahrazad playable


must have been playing legendary banned card doubling season