In The Lion King, if Mufasa had never died, do you think Simba would have been a worse King because of it?

In The Lion King, if Mufasa had never died, do you think Simba would have been a worse King because of it?


I tend to think yes, he would’ve been worse, because he wouldn’t have faced any real adversity and was kind of bratty. However, I also think Mufasa would’ve shaped him into a leader like himself, so it could go either way.


That was my thinking, Mufasa was a good ruler himself, so with his father's influence he might have turned out alright. But the story went how it did so we may never know.


If only there were people that could write a different ending.


In this scenario though. We have two major influences that could mould Simba into the adult he’d become. Scar and Mufasa. Had all respectively lived, whoever had a great influence on Simba would have shaped him in their image. I think Scar would have almost definitely left a huge impression on Simba too.


would have been interesting to see Scar actively manipulating Simba while Mufasa was trying to make him a fit ruler. jungle political drama lol




That actually exists though. It's called *Kingdom Hearts*. Hell, it even includes Marvel.


Nature v nurtue


I'm not sure about that. With his father's guidance, I think he would have grown up and learned a lot about being a king. Everything he learned about being a king, he learned from Mufasa. Timon and Pumba didn't teach him anything about being a king, from what I recall. They taught him how to find grubs to eat and stuff like that. Also, didn't they actively advocate for shirking your responsibilities and just living in the moment. Hakuna Matata and all. This would make a great essay prompt for middle school or high school students.


What reason do we have to believe that Simba was a good King? He was a kid when he left, knowing so little about the kingdom that we even see him be taught such basic information as its extent not long before he leaves. His education from that point is basically nonexistent and he lives a nihilistic, hedonic lifestyle. Simba returns as a young adult to dethrone the (by then elderly) Scar. It's no surprise that he's able to do this given their ages and is not at all a display of his fitness to rule. Given his general lack of education and specifically his lack of knowledge about the kingdom, it is *highly* likely that he would be a terrible ruler. . ^^(Yes, ^I ^am ^ignoring ^the ^direct-to-video ^sequels. ^They ^deserve ^to ^be ^ignored.)


HEY! The lion king two is an underrated classic and should be recognised as such


It taught valuable lessons!


Like banging your cousin isn’t that bad!


Technically, aren't they step-cousins since Scar wasn't his biological father?


Possibly, but wasn’t the adoptive thing a retcon? There are only 3 adult male lions in movies one and two, Silva, Scar, and Mufasa. Which I am now realizing makes Kovu her dad’s age as well. Even better!


A true Lion King sequel would be like an animated Caligula. Simba rotting from some std, living in a temple dedicated to himself, giving random sex slaves poisoned wine, and untimately his son murders him and continues the lineage of madness.


is that what that old movie is about?


His father would have had more time to teach him lessons and he would have benefited from them


I think he would have been a better King. Mufasa was consistent in raising Simba and what we see in the movie is the rebellion of a kid lasting a day or 2? Then his dad dies and he never gets the chance to grow out of the rebellious attitude until he's forced to confront his dad's killer. Which he originally does because of 2 driving reasons: He fell in love/wanted to get laid and hallucinated a spirit that told him to do so. That doesn't bode well for a kingdom lol. He missed out on a decade+ of experience, wisdom, being put in learning situations by Mufasa, who in the short time we see him clearly has the skillset to raise a leader. Wouldn't make for a great Disney fairytale, but if we're asking realistic questions, you don't just develop leadership skills by hanging out,. partying and doing nothing for years.


Probably, yes.


What exactly did he learn in the movie that helped him become a better king? Literally nothing comes to mind. He fell in with nihilistic vagrants and shirked his duties for years. It was only falling in love with Nala that inspired him to *consider* the possibility of returning. And then finally, it was his father’s spirit who implored him to take his rightful place.


I would argue he learned what happens when you avoid responsibility for self-gain. When he left and fell in with Timon and Pumba, his kingdom suffered. Scar ruled with an iron fist, the people were starving and the landscape was dying. Simba saw this when he reunited with Nala and when he returned and I believe he learned the consequences of his actions. So, this will aid him in being a good king. Being able to make sacrifices for the betterment of your people.


If Mufasa lived there would be no point in the movie. After all these years and coming to the realization that the movie was dog shit I would have found it more entertaining if it had of played out like a lion pride would in real life Scar kills Mufasa and then would proceed to kill ever cub because they were not his offspring and then roll credits. Nature is a motherfucker kids life isn't about happy endings


If Mufasa didn't die, Simba would never have been able to Check His Privilege™


If Mufasa hadn’t died, Simba would have likely been raised in a lap of luxury until growing bored in his young adulthood having never really experienced any kind of difficulty for himself. He would reject the marriage Mufasa and Sarabi had arranged for him and choose to strike it on his own in search for his own wife under the pretense of “sewing his royal oats”. He’d fall in love with a foreign lioness while masquerading as a common lion, wooing her solely with his charm. She’d eventually find out about his royal lineage after Mufasa seeks him out, and exposes him to the lioness’ family. She pushes him away and Simba returns to Pride Rock, resigned to carry on the royal tradition, but is surprised to find his beloved lioness as his bride.


Ah yes, Lion King 2: Coming To The Pridelands


It literally wasn't until the last sentence when I was like, "wait, I've seen this before"


In a side-adventure, we learn that Timon and Pumbaa were once rich until they lost their fortune on an ill-conceived effort to corner the frozen-concentrate orange juice market.


He would’ve been a better king because Mufasa would be there to teach him.


Other than enforce the natural order of the wildernesses food chain determined hierarchy to maintain the monarchy’s inherited power, what did mufasa do that was such good leadership ? All simba would have to do to be a good king like he’s dad would be to keep everyone in there place and keep the hyenas in check. Would he have been a better king if he instilled some form of democratic parliament where the rest of the animals had a say, or is it good that he becomes the benevolent dictator who inherited he’s power through divine right like his dad ?


I don't think so plus the mufasa highlander spinoff would have been amazing


We need to look at every possibility. Firstly, Mufasa could ground Simba for life, or Simba could say his part and Scar would be banished or killed. It probably goes this way because DISNEY and Mufasa had a one scene with him and he changed so all his life would either make him more of the bad because it was this way since childhood or more of the good because of the inspiration from his dad. He would probably try to become a better king because if he doesn't he has to stay in the shadows of his dad which would be bad and depressing for a person like Simba who enjoys pride in himself


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