There are a few major distros that will all offer similar service (release to any all streaming services) for a fee. Otherwise start with SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


I hate to say it but we do not live in the 90s anymore. Music has become a byproduct a long time ago. People don't pay for music anymore. They pay for identification with a brand. So what is it that you really want? Make art or build a business? If music is what you truly love, just make music and don't fuck around with Spotify, promo etc.... Just put it on tunedly.com and whoever listens, listens.


so you killed that dead. modern times and all. but is there not somewhat more to it? like practice, live performances, gigs, fans, contacts, whatnot? not to say they will get rich in a hurry, but letting it sit somewhere and hope for the best might not be all of it? depends on their goals I suppose


Surely the people who pay for tickets to see bands play live pay for music? Back in the 90s playing live was the goal, putting on a show and hopefully being recognised by an a&r man who would then get you signed and recorded properly to sell bigger shows. Now you can do the reverse and record your music and make some cheap videos as marketing to get followers and interest so that you can play bigger venues. From personal experience, after my first double bill gig in a duo that generated a bit of a buzz at the time, we got paid 150 for the night. Not a lot but it’s a nice chunk of change for doing something I’d do for free, and I imagine with time and as you grow bigger you’d see bigger chunks of change.


Yes! Agreed. I'm not in it for the pay day... I want to create art that just maybe someone else will listen to and connect with.


If I were in your case, I’d create TikTok account to share my compositions every day, share my journey and NETWORK with other musicians around my area until I have a strong community that knows me (10-50 real fans is what you need), then tell your musicians friends in what venues they play and ask then how you can join (if they haven’t invited you yet). I’ve seen many people do this strategy and works :) Remember vibe is more important now than technicality, if people resonate with your music and love your personality you’ll kill it.


I started with SoundCloud and bandcamp but pretty quickly moved to distrokid so I could put it in Spotify


Entirely depends on your goal. So let me ask that first of all, what is it?