Mexico sues gun firms in U.S., seeks estimated $10 bln damages

Mexico sues gun firms in U.S., seeks estimated $10 bln damages


For anyone curious/unable/too lazy to read article, This is based on the accusation that the assorted gun manufacturers knowingly enabled illegal arms trafficking in Mexico.


I read the article, but it did not state what practices these where. What specifically are the gun manufacturers doing that makes trafficking easier?


> What specifically are the gun manufacturers doing that makes trafficking easier? The purpose isn't to stop a specific practice. The purpose is to take groups with a lot of money, like federal governments, and have them start filing lawsuits against gun manufacturers no matter the outcome, because lawsuits are expensive and enough legal action can drive a company under even if they win all of them. The Feds, under HUD when it was run by Andrew Cuomo, tried this against several gun companies back during the Clinton Administration and did a pretty good job of damaging Colt and Smith and Wesson. It's one of the primary reasons the PLCAA exists.


So basically it’s just malicious litigation?


Pretty much it textbook [SLAAP / Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategic_lawsuit_against_public_participation) as the goal was to threaten financially crippling gun makers unless they followed whatever arbitrary requirements the AGs were demanding - smaller magazines or magazine disconnects or needlessly destructive expensive state “safety tests” (example: see California and Massachusetts ‘safe’ pistol roster requirements that require a whole new round of safety testing if you change the color on an existing model).


They marketed a .38 revolver with a famous Mexican bandit on it. Who else besides Mexican bandits would want such a thing? Ok, sure, hundreds of thousands of Americans of Mexican ancestry, but other than ***that***, who would want such a thing? That's right; Mexican bandits! /s


It's hilarious that they would use that as an example, as if a collector edition pistol has had any impact on the violence there. The cartels have access to fully automatic weapons and rocket launchers if they want. If a gangster wants a fancy pistol, he can have one customized for himself.


Yeah, if anything Mexico should sue the ATF instead.


Can’t even get america to The Hague and you expect them to respond to a lawsuit from Mexico lol


Makes sense, that's why only black bald men buy Jordans and only hereditary nobles eat Whoppers /s Yikes, what does that say about people who ate Subway when Jared was their pitchman?


I would want that even if I wasn't a revolver-toting mexican american


I would argue our government did that exact thing, fast and furious


Project Gunrunner in general.




If anything its to bring that toblight, as internal forces would corrupt any findings. The sins of one party Mexico are still being felt.


100% correct.


the mexican government literally shut down the fedales and stated that was the primary reason. it's not exactly like it's a hot take or a controversy


It also seems like Mexico's argument could open them up to a counter suit over Mexican cartels being allowed to smuggle large quantities of Bolivian marching powder into the USA.


One is reputable companies with known assets. The other is a bunch of people living under assumed identities, constantly under threat. One is going to be much easier to attach than the others.


Or government officials who look the other way whilst allowing said marching powder to march through…


That happens on the US side of the border too. Nobody wants to look into corruption, because everybody's hands are dirty.


Started with Reagan and Bush1


Started with? Sure. But I feel like we've had at least one or 2 more presidents since then.


Iran-contra And Noriega


I think you're confused here. I agreed with you. On who started it. Then I said since then we have had new presidents and they didn't do anything about it.


Started with supply and demand.


That one might be harder considering the US government was smuggling it in and selling it themselves. Then they bought guns to illegally supply to a another country. RETRACTION see comment below and look at the Iran Contra wiki page My comment was made tongue in cheek. But I damned sure don't want to be part of spreading any conspiracy theories


Then again there have been literal shootouts with Mexican military in the USA who were helping run drugs and illegals here.


>fast and furious Well, I'd argue that was primarily about family.


can't fuck with Family




Which president is that? Because it spanned 3 presidents administrations and both Democrat and Republican.


False. It started and ended under Obama and DOJ head Eric Holder. The only reason it ended was because a trafficked machine gun killed a law enforcement officer and the media found out. >The Jacob Chambers Case began in October 2009 and eventually became known in February 2010 as "Operation Fast and Furious" after agents discovered Chambers and the other suspects under investigation belonged to a car club.


And it was known as Project Gunrunner from 2005-2008 under Bush.


Gunrunner had the full approval and cooperation of the Mexican government. Fast and Furious inder Obama was kept secret and Mexico was never told of it.


Yeah but no on is criticizing Obama for not sharing intel with Mexico.


It's (D)ifferent.


Gunrunner may have, but the Bush-era [Operation Wide Receiver did not.](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/earlier-atf-gun-operation-wide-receiver-used-same-tactics-as-fast-and-furious/2011/10/06/gIQAuRHIRL_story.html)


We can all agree that they were both fucking stupid, right? Neither administration should have done a scheme like that without making absolutely sure that they could track everything. If there is the possibility of guns being lost, it kind of defeats the whole damn point. We should not be pointing to fuck ups by the GWB administration as some sort of excuse. There are very few things that should be emulates from the GWB administration. It was one of the shittiest administrations in recent history.


Aye. We can agree on that.


And dont forget that Fast and Furious was going to be used to push for gun control and that guns sent to Mexico by ATF were used to kill Border Patrol agents. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/documents-atf-used-fast-and-furious-to-make-the-case-for-gun-regulations/


The wiki shows: Project Gunrunner has a stated official objective to stop the sale and export of guns from the United States into Mexico in order to deny Mexican drug cartels the firearms considered "tools of the trade".[23] However, since 2006 under Operation Wide Receiver (2006-2007), Hernandez Case (2007), Medrano Case (2008) and Operation Fast and Furious (2009-2011), the Phoenix offices of the ATF and USAO did the opposite by permitting, encouraging and facilitating 'straw purchase' firearm sales to traffickers, and allowing the guns to 'walk' and be transported to Mexico


The [Wiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATF_gunwalking_scandal) for gunwalking explains it in detail, and includes all of the scandals.


So 3 operations under 3 years of Bush, and 1 under 2 years of Obama?


The Bush operation had radio tracking of 400 guns and was done in concert with the Mexican government. The Obama operation was 2000 untracked guns done in secret. Bush's DOJ was trying to stop guns getting into cartel hands in Mexico. Obama's DOJ was trying to discredit guns in the US.


While both operations are moronic, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of firearms being bought in USA and smuggled into Mexico every year. 2,400 guns are a drop in the bucket.


The USA has done a pretty good job messing up Latin America and the Caribbean with guns, drug trade, coups etc.


Mexico ain't going to sue Obama


Mexico should sue the US government. The payout would be a lot more than a measly $10bn


Love to see the counter suit. Fucken lawyers getting rich.


> Mexico should sue the US government. Mexico doesn't want Uncle Sam to have to unlock the cryogenic chamber. Polk only served 1 term because he accomplished everything he wanted to in 4 years. Meaning he's eligible to run again. If we have to thaw him out and bring him back to re-finish the job, he'll probably take Veracruz and Ensenada as Navy bases.


Mexico: Our judges have determined you owe us a trillion dollars for gun violence US: Nope.


Fuk Mexico then, we should counter sue for all the Cocaine, Meth and Fentnyl coming across from their side. It’s a shitty border, both sides plenty at fault


Eric Holder, ladies and gentlemen!


They should be suing the US Government/ATF, then, after Project Gunrjnner


You would think they would sue the ATF, DEA, DOJ, Holder, Obama, and every other leader in charger at the time... They were the ones that ALLOWED such things to happen by permitting FEDERAL laws to be broken, so INTERNATIONAL laws could as well...


of course they did, the federal government helped for some of them.




Wtf, corruption on an epic scale isn’t the issue ? Cartels control parts of Mexico. At which point is the Mexican government responsible for crime? This logic would have car manufacturers responsible for accidents. We have lost our minds


It would be like going after Toyota because Toyota knows a certain percentage of their cars will be used while the operator is driving under the influence.


A more apt comparison would be suing toyota because a large number of ISIS trucks are toyotas


What I wouldn't do for a five-speed Hilux in the US.


I would do a lot. Probably pay more than for a new tacoma, too. The diesel hilux surf I got to drive a couple times was quite nice.


> We have lost our minds Its a calculated move by gun-control lobbyists because they've failed to get the laws they want passed or the courts have shot them down. So now they are trying to bankrupt them via lawsuit. Those people are zealots. They don't care about consequence or that they may be opening a pandora's box for other manufacturing industries.


It reminds me of the anti-abortion crowd.


They basically are the same in terms of US politics. Both are wedge issues used to divide the populace that have become purity tests of a party due to how much donations the party gets for their "position."


Like how liberal anti-gun nuts know about as much about firearms and firearm laws as Republican anti-abortion activists know about the female reproductive system?


I think they should be going after Eric holder any one remember the fast and furious under the Obama administration


Maybe if they weren’t an actual crime syndicate, we don’t owe them shit.


Might as well sue the US government then. David Chipman working for the, ATF, was involved in a botched operation to sell guns that could be tracked to the cartel only to forgot to track them.


They should be suing the US government then...


>knowingly enabled illegal arms trafficking in Mexico. The bitter bitter irony of the Mexican govt accusing others of doing that.


Mm, yes. The government creates a problem and now private companies get blamed for it.


Why is billion abbreviated like that


It was written by a Wuhan fact checking pool.


Lol @ that brand-new looking $25 bb gun front and center in that photograph of the guns purchased during the buyback. Several other '''firearms''' in that photo are cheap pellet pistols and one even looks like a cap gun. The event offered an Apple iPad and a $200 bank card for each weapon. A lot of people made the police department look like fools and a lot of money while doing so. But hey, the politician involved got their photo op so I guess it was money well spent.


Buybacks are great at accepting guns that aren't really guns and legitimate antiques that are worth far more than what the police pay


I loved the times cops bought spent AT4 tubes for $200 a piece, as well as 2x4s with a pipe clamped to them for ~$200 as well.


I remember a big media scare about "rocket launchers" being turned in to a buyback program. It's a spent AT4. It's literally a metal tube.


Fiberglass tube, actually.


I have the tube from a [M47 Dragon](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M47_Dragon) that I rescued from my armory's dumpster years ago. I would take $200 for it except you know it would be plastered all over the news the next day. I'd also rather not risk getting pulled over on the way to the "buyback."


There have been people in the US that have made guns out of pipes and 2x4s specifically to sell them for profit at gun buybacks. It's a fully functional firearm and it's legal to build your own gun.


An example of this would be the Serbu GB-22, a gun that’s designed be as cheap as possible and easily made at home for the express purpose of taking them to gun buybacks- it’s even in the name, **G**un **B**uyback, .22 Rimfire.


I didn't notice it as first glace, but sure enough a Red Rider and a Crossman Colt Python knock off right up front.


Buybacks is the most political bullshit someone can pull. Might as well give iPads to people that put their trash out for pickup.


I'd like to know who coined the phrase Buyback, as if those guns belonged to the Police State to begin with.


The police department made themselves look like fools by accepting pellet and cap guns. Chances are the ones they let 'sell those back' were off duty cops, friends and family members.


I agree with most of that. But police definitely know all this and are in on the joke. They do these buybacks anyways to placate morons for awhile.


I'd sell a few of my guns to cops for iPads. Would make Christmas shopping easier.


**Sicario** is such a good movie, who comes up with these amazing scripts... reads about the ATF gunwalking scandal. ...Oh


"Based on a true story" only they don't advertise that shit.


The Last Narc on Amazon prime is a good series if you want to learn about the history of CIA involvement in drug trafficking in Mexico as it relates to the killing of DEA agent Kiki Camarena. Dude is believed to have uncovered CIA drug/arms operations in Guadalajara Mexico during the mid 80’s. I think there is a Netflix Narcos season that is based on some of these events although not as accurately.


Remember operation fast and furious? Pepperidge farms remembers


So I guess you're saying Mexico should be suing the US government?


I think the Mexican government was in on it too. Theyre the ones that dropped the ball and lost track of the guns. Operation fast and the furious was just a drop in the bucket. Thousands of guns flow into Mexico from the US each day.


So it was Operation Wide Receiver (under Bush) that did it first. They worked with Mexico and gun dealers. The ATF didn't want to wait for GPS tracking devices because they are literally the worst government law enforcement agency in existence. They ended up losing guns so the DOJ shut it down. Operation Fast and Furious (under Obama/Holder) did it again (because why not?) only they didn't involve the Mexican government because they felt they were leaking intel and they were corrupt (can't blame them there) Problem was they left it up to the ATF to do it. And guess what....they decided against hidden GPS devices again. The problem this time around was the guns showed up...after they were used by the cartel to kill border patrol agents. Fun fact...Eric Holder was the first sitting member of the Cabinet of the United States to be held in criminal contempt of Congress by the House of Representatives for refusing to disclose internal Justice Department documents in response to a subpoena. Setting the stage for Trumps admin to do the same. [Democrats staged a walkout in protest over the vote](https://www.politico.com/story/2012/06/holder-held-in-contempt-of-congress-077988) [President Obama also sealed a number of documents via executive privilege](https://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/judge-rejects-obamas-executive-privilege-claim-over-fast-and-furious-records-217970) [When Dems took over the House in 2019, they dropped the pursuit of the documents](https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/08/politics/fast-and-furious-settlement-doj-house/index.html)


>[Democrats staged a walkout in protest over the vote](https://www.politico.com/story/2012/06/holder-held-in-contempt-of-congress-077988) Why did you word it like this. The vote had bipartisan support (and interestingly bipartisan dissent) just because a few politicians do something you hold their whole party to it? Well okay then... remember the time when the Republican party impeached their own president? >[When Dems took over the House in 2019, they dropped the pursuit of the documents](https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/08/politics/fast-and-furious-settlement-doj-house/index.html) By dropped do you mean reached a settlement aka the common way lawsuits are ended? Anyways. The whole idea of these poorly executed plans were to catch the top guys responsible for this https://insightcrime.org/news/analysis/2000-illegal-weapons-cross-us-mexico-border-every-day/ 2000 guns a day crossing the border into Mexico.


Care to justify the US Government sealing those documents under Obama? I see you missed addressing that one.


There wasn't much to say on that article. The judge denied it based on process, the fact that the information was already out there and releasing it would only do small amounts of damage. she said there was nothing illegal or wrong about him wanting to seal the documents and even admitted there was some law enforcement sensitive information there that would still be allowed to be sealed and that is possibly why Obama sealed it. Documents involving law enforcement gets sealed all the time, what's to be tin foil hat about that? Should we just release all the information so the cartels know everything we know about them?


LMAO you say that like a government would never classify something for the mere reason it is embarrassing.


Mexico's president was on the cartel's payroll... of course they were in on it.


Without doing it, it is hard to track how guns proliferate into [bratva backed cartels](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cali_Cartel#Russian_state_connections) without dipping in. This and operations like it since the 90s are investigative operation that was meant to see who and how the guns proliferated. It was a good plan that was foiled probably by some inside leveraged people. So it helped prove how truly fucked things are at that level of infiltration into our own systems. Since countries [like Russia also own cartels and have since the 90s](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cali_Cartel#Russian_state_connections), it is almost a national security issue as they are weaponizing and balkanizing Mexico.


Ooo that red rider Lever action BB gun problem has so much blood on it


Untold hundreds of slaughtered soda cans


“You will shoot ur eye out kid “


Mine won't even puncture an aluminum can unless it is an especially thin one. Might knock over an empty one, if I hit it just right.


That's funny considering an ever increasing amount of ammunition being produced in Mexico to sell in the U.S. My most recent purchase of 5.56 was "hecho en Mexico".


If the ammunition is on par with the quality of their boxing gloves, it's probably damn decent.


This should be dismissed under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) which specifically says a firearm manufacturer engaged in legal firearms manufacturing cannot be held liable for crimes committed with their products when they have followed all applicable laws. If Mexico could point out a specific dealer or manufacturer that was actively colluding with criminals to break the law and smuggle weapons into Mexico, that would be different - but that is clearly not the case here.


Sounds like some corrupt Mexican politician got some good info from someone definitely not in the cartel.


Isn't the Mexican government also buying a metric fuck ton of machine guns right now? https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/mexico-near-deal-buy-sig-sauer-automatic-rifles-us-sources-2021-08-03/ Oh, right. It's exactly as stupid as I thought.


Their first mistake, thinking they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt with evidences that these accusations are true.


Civil cases are "preponderance of evidence," not "reasonable doubt."


I assume Sig Sauer is not one of the “others” since they’re trying to buy rifles from them.


Cool, let's start suing Mexico over drug importation and illegal border crossings.


Just sell the parts. I build my own anyways.


If the ATF gets its way you won't be able to do that eventually.


That is what they said about alcohol during prohibition too.


Well I guess we'll just have to ban the fucking lathes and other machining equipment. Also we have to do something about that bothersome internet, freedom of information is killing EVERYONE. /S


There is big irony here. The Mexican government's stance on drug trafficking is that if there wasnt so much demand in the US, drug trafficking wouldn't be a problem.


The drug trafficking also wouldn't be a problem if the Cartels didn't own the Mexican Government.


Sue the government not the manufacturers. Bring in Eric holder. Hold him accountable. For downvotes- go check out fast and furious scheme under holder. Explains why I said sue the gov, not the manufacturer.


They can’t sue to feds. If they try in a US court they’re going to get sovereign immunity thrown back at them and the case will end there. If they try in an international court the US will simply refuse to consent to the court’s jurisdiction, which makes any decision unenforceable.


Will the USA counter sue over the effects of the Mexican government's collusion in the cross border drug trade?


You know Mexico isn’t suing the USA government, just private gun manufacturers. To counter sue the US government would first need to be sued otherwise it’s just a regular lawsuit. The law suit is filed in US federal court and not Mexican court or an International court so the Mexican government is saying the manufacturers broke US federal law. While the article doesn’t explicitly say what laws were cited in the suit it’s likely they will cite US customs and border protection rules for exporting firearms as well as treaties created between the US and Mexico. In the article it’s stated “He said he viewed the U.S. government, which is not named in the civil lawsuit, as being willing to work with Mexico to stem arms trafficking.” The person talked about was Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard


And the US collusion in the cross border drug trade?


this is starting to become the norm. Sue gun manufactures, this is not a good precedent.


When you can’t pass a law you want or the Supreme Court says it is unreasonable, try an economic end run instead. Time for the manufacturers to file Anti-SLAPP countersuits against the organizations backing this stupidity


America countersues for drugs. Mexico counter-countersues because is was the CIA who funded the trade. Who wins? Lawyers.


Eric Holder cowers in fear as the Mexican government closes in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl-0WdwJk4k


How about the government corruption and rampant crime?


Sure hope the Mexican Government doesn't need small arms any time soon, also they filed in a Massachusetts court when none of these companies are based out of Massachusetts


Smith and Wesson is hq’d in Mass. But you are right most of the others are hq’d in Connecticut


Vice did a good episode on how cartels use American guns. And often they aren't the types of guns you can just buy easily. And the punishment for drug running is so much worse than gun running, yet it's the guns the cartels get that enable them to be cartels and push drugs. https://youtu.be/388wlVWxGz0


> And often they aren't the types of guns you can just buy easily. Then that means it is a Mexican Government agency doing the buying.


I don't know who, but it's definitely people in positions of power getting paid to look the other way.


For anyone who wants to read more on this scandal in general - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATF_gunwalking_scandal


They aren't suing the ATF for losing track of hundreds of guns they let across the border into Mexico. They are suing the manufacturers because they believe they (the manufacturers) knew guns were getting trafficked into Mexico. It's just a PR move because he said he wasn't going to crack down on the cartels. >López Obrador has all but conceded he has no intention of mounting a firm response. He's made a mantra of the phrase "Hugs, not bullets." >Speaking to reporters earlier this week, López Obrador seemed unfazed when asked to comment on the show of force in the Jalisco New Generation Cartel video. He said his administration had inherited the drug cartels, but announced no new police offensive against them. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/23/893561899/as-mexicos-dominant-cartel-gains-power-the-president-vows-hugs-not-bullets


Incoming lawsuits against Toyota for all the Hiluxes ISIS turned into technicals.


The article doesn't say anything about the ATF Gunwalking scandal or name the ATF though. Shit, at least this wiki article accurately states that it started under Bush in 2006 as part of Project Gunrunner though. Better than a lot of articles that reference the scandal.


>Shit, at least this wiki article accurately states that it started under Bush in 2006 as part of Project Gunrunner though. Better than a lot of articles that reference the scandal. The reason that gets left out is because under bush it was a much smaller operation with seemingly more oversight


This is like a cartel suing a gun manufacturer that sold guns to another cartel, Mexico’s so utterly corrupt and inept that it’s kind of laughable.


Their respons? Piss off


I agree they can piss off


Cool. Let’s sue them for drugs now


How many different versions of billion do we need?


like cartels would not have guns otherwise lol


That translates to 199,582,000,000 pesos.


Operation fast and furious ring a bell


Cool, let's counter sue for damages that Mexican manufactured drugs have created in the United States.


The DEA worked with Sinola cartel to allow them to smuggle drugs into the country, perhaps Mexico should also sue the DEA.


They should.


They should also be suing the U.S government for the gun problems. Not the gun manufacturers.


You want to.. sue an illegal drug trafficking ring?


No, I want to sue the Mexican government. Oh wait, yeah I want to sue an illegal drug trafficking ring. Same same, but different, but still same.


The fact that most of the comments here are equating private gun companies with the federal government is really horrifying.


Dont you dare! I need those drugs for uhhh my research paper


We should also sue Mexico for not only allowing illegal immigrants to pass through to the U.S. every day, but in many cases encouraging and/or enabling it. That'll be worth a lot of billions.


Billions and billions and billions.


Maybe the Mexicans should sue the gov seeing as they got caught running guns there in the first place.


If U.S gun firms were really causing increases in violence, you'd see it in similar crime rates in the two countries. Instead, one's got a much higher crime rate to the point that the northern one has built a diaspora of tens of millions of people from the southern one.


Maybe we can sue them for the damage all the drugs they ship to America.


Mexico should be suing the federal government to disband the ATF terrorist organization. ATF is a bunch of sadistic, fat, rapist, murdering scum. Plus the atf knows nothing about guns.


How tf are US gun manufacturers supposed to prevent criminals and corrupt government entities in Mexico from stealing their product? Are we gonna sue Toyota now because their trucks are used by ISIS (and the Cartels)? The US gov’t has actively funneled guns into Mexico at various times in history, what can gun manufacturers do to stop this? Even if the Mexican government wins this suit, which they shouldn’t, this money won’t go to the people. It’ll just line the pockets of the very same politicians that caused this to happen. Dismiss this case.


Can we sue Mexico over their trafficking of immigrants through their country to the US?


Yes. However, Democrats need those voters. So, it won't happen.


That’s the stupidest comment I’ve read in months. Take this not real moron award 🥇.


Wouldn't it be the vendor's fault for negligently selling weapons to someone reselling them? I thought when you bought guns, it was from the store, who got it from the mfg?


Nope. Because the vast majority of guns seized in Mexico that can be traced to the US were sold to government agencies or militaries in Central and South America. It’s not the vendors fault if some countries police force can’t secure their shit


Can the US now sue Mexico for illegal drug trafficking largely enabled by inept or corrupt Mexican government officials?


yeah much better than actually dealing with the government corruption and rampant crime




Mexico can start paying for ALL of the destruction of lives, property and money wrought upon the people of the United States of America due to Mexico’s corrupt useless government. Keep crying guns from America as you line your pockets with coke and meth coated green pictures of Ben Franklin. We’ll send you the bill for all the Narcan and emergency room visits to deal with the results of products coming North.


How about Sue the ATF for operation fast and furious?


This is not as much of an "unprecedented move" as some people have claimed. From what I've read -- mostly articles, as I don't think there is a transcription online -- they're aiming to play on both the ATCA and Goldstein v Earnest, a strategy that seems both very safe and predictable. And even then, it continues a long trend of latin american international lawsuits, both within the ATCA against corporations and outside of it against the state itself -- as in the ICJ's famed Nicaragua v USA. I personally don't think this is a suit that will succeed, especially because the ATCA has historically been limited based on national interests even when applicability is crystal clear. But perhaps, what is unprecedented is that Mexico's standing relationship of convenience with the US appears to be increasingly weakening, which even if unprecedented -- in this century -- is hardly surprising.


When it comes to cocaine, Reddit blames the US for demanding. When it comes to guns and corn syrup, Reddit blames the US for supplying.


Do we get to sue the cartels?


Fuck the Mexican government, nothing but a bunch of crooked thieves. My family in Mexico own .38 Supers, AKs, and I don't know what else. Gun ownership is pretty common in Mexico. But whatever, I don't expect your average white liberal gabacho on reddit to understand the situation in Mexico.


I'm Mexican, I love Mexico. That being said, thank fucking god I don't live there


A narco state like Mexico with no integrity trying to throw stones at the US. Funny


Screw you Mexico, how bout you deal with your narco problem?


Maybe if the US locked down the border using any and all means at its disposal guns wouldnt be trafficked to Mexico. If thats what they want..


You would think they would sue the ATF, DEA, DOJ, Holder, Obama, and every other leader in charger at the time... They were the ones that ALLOWED such things to happen by permitting FEDERAL laws to be broken, so INTERNATIONAL laws could as well... Edit: Fast and Furious, for those that don't know.


It has about much chance of working as them paying for the wall.


Let's deduct the amount the US has spent on it's citizens who crossed the border illegally due to the corruption of their government and the sewage that seeps from Mexico into San Diego, CA. Last but not least the drugs that flow through Mexico into the US and ruin lives and families.


Let’s sue Mexico for drugs


Good Luck Mexico with trying to sue gun corps. Families of children slaughtered in school massacres tried and they didn't get anywhere.




Can we sue for illegals making their way across the border? Hmm


When will USA sue mexico for knowingly allowing drugs to flow over the borders? 10 bil sounds about right.


Stop doing coke and they won't have a reason to.


That’s a BB gun in the pic. Raphael you will shoot your eye out.


That's hilarious, Mexico trying to point fingers on control. They can't control a single thing in their country. They can't even control the millions of people that left it cuz they've ran their country so shitty.


The value of each and every dollar stolen and life taken on American soil by Mexican nationals would eclipse their request quite easily.


All terroristic cartels in Mexico are directly funded by American drug addicts. The drug addicts get high, the terroristic cartels get rich, and the innocent Mexican populous gets killed.


That’s literally a BB gun in the middle of the picture.


If they win, we can all safely assume that every single dollar will be used to line pockets of Mexican “leaders.” Every single dollar. The Mexican government is unable to enforce its own laws, unable to protect their own officials because the cartels are the real power. What a mess.