Disc golfer throws 530ft hole in one after slipping

Disc golfer throws 530ft hole in one after slipping

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TIL there is a sport called Disc Golf.


Has been for a very long time. It’s fun and a great work out.


Don’t skip leg day!


Don’t slip leg day!


Don't slip on game day Dammit....


Don't sleep on game day..


Instructions unclear, stayed up the whole night.


Don’t day on leg slip game


Don't slip a disc!


Good sport.


I always thought it was kinda dumb but honestly it looks pretty fun. Especially if you suck at golf


It scratches the same itch as golf and is a lot cheaper.


A lot of towns where I live have municipal disc golf courses that are free. If you want to dip your toe into it you just need a Frisbee. Once you get hooked then you can spend money on different "clubs" etc.


Can’t stop buying discs…


So many discs... then you start buying collectors discs that you never throw... soon you build shelves in the garage... it never ends


and then, before you know it, you have an entire corner of your garage dedicated to dyeing discs and making cricut stencils


Holy fuck you people need drugs.


Oh that's part of it already


It's a great way to spend the day getting high and walking around the park with some friends


smoking on the course is almost a given for most casual players haha


I have an entire collection, that I’ve found hidden deep in the bush. Lol


At least go to Walmart and buy an actual disc golf disc. It’s not any more expensive than a frisbee and won’t be awful to play with like a frisbee. If there is ANY kind of wind, a frisbee is going to suck bad.


I agree if you’re playing with someone who can adjust your throw. A lot of people know how to throw a frisbee and might not understand how to make a disc fly without some adjustments. Wind sucks regardless.


That’s fair. Definitely tough to learn to throw by yourself with zero instruction


My boss took our group. We made fun of him for thinking this would be a good time. We all apologized, it was a very good time.


I thought the same but some courses started popping up around my way. I’m in south Louisiana so it’s hot af. Good sweat good exercise. There’s actually different discs, driving long-mid, approach and putters. One of our courses is pretty cool. It’s like the one shown here in the woods where you have to curve the disc between the trees. Edit: auto correct


At first glance I was thinking this was the course on the LA Tech campus in Ruston.


Same. Always had the impression it was a bunch of stoner hippies throwing frisbees at trees while passing bongs around. My friends took me out 6 years ago for my first time, have played almost every weekend since. Great sport!


It is a bunch of stoner hippies throwing frisbees but yeah I agree it’s fun as hell. Just played a round myself today, really got into it after my city built a course right as Covid lockdowns set in and I played by myself 3-4 days a week


It’s stoner hippies or church youth groups.


It’s definitely a bunch of stoner hippies except for the serious guys. The guy in the gif is a top pro.


> I always thought it was kinda dumb why would it be dumb, throwing stuff into other somethings is the main goal of like 8/10 sports.


Don't worry, you can suck at disc golf too


I know what you mean I always thought golf was kinda dumb but it looks pretty fun. Especially if you suck at disc golf


Can you explain the great workout part?


You're a Redditor, just going outside is a workout.


I got winded just reading this.


I passed wind just reading this.


Hang on, I have to go pick up my pizza


My average game nets me around 6k steps or so for 18 holes on a large course, and then I'm constantly carrying a ~25lb bag of discs/stool/drinks. It has been very helpful as a casual exercise and an excuse to go out into the woods with a couple buddies and shoot the shit for a couple hours.


> ~25lb bag of stool Eww ^^^^:P


pack it in, pack it out ;)


It's not. I am an avid disc golfer and play 3-5 times a week. It's a fantastic hobby and a great reason to spend a day walking around the woods. The game has many merits, the community is extremely friendly and welcoming, and I absolutely love to share the sport. But honestly, it's not a workout in the slightest. People who claim disc golf is a workout are people who consider walking a workout.


Walking is a workout. If you walked everyday, maybe around the amount you would during 18-holes of dg, and ate a good diet, you'd be in better shape than the majority of americans. Most people are just sedentary shit-food consumers. Obviously you won't develop a crazy physique or anything from it, though.


Gotta move yourself the 530 ft to the basket or howevrr far it is for each hole. Courses are typically 18 holes. Plus the throwing motion takes a good bit of energy and you average between 60 to 100 throws


So... Walking?


A round can easily be a couple miles of walking overall, with up/down hills, the actual throws themselves, etc. You’ll burn 3 or 400 calories pretty easily while having more fun than just walking a trail. That’s a good workout. Workout doesn’t just mean lifting weights


Yes.. but you're also typically carrying at least a six-pack of beer. It's practically condition training once you really look at it.


It's only a great workout if you consider going for a walk to be a great workout. It's not nothing, but it's not much either.




Depends on the course really, and your pace. If you play solo you can move pretty fast if you want. And some courses can have quite a bit of elevation change.


Is it really? I've played a lot of ultimate frisbee... but always just assumed that disc golf was about as much exercise as golf


I mean golf is quite a workout if you don't have a cart. Carrying your bag up and down hills all day in the sun, probably a 8-10 mile walk


Well it depends on the course as well. We have a local course that is through the woods and varies in elevation. You run through that thing a few times and I don’t care who you are, you’re winded.


Great work out is being mighty generous.


> great work out We must have different ideas of how to play disc golf. When I played, we had a “must drink at least one beer each hole” rule.


Yea it’s fun but I would never say it’s a great work out.


Uhhh it's definitely fun, but I'm not sure what makes you think it's a great workout lol


Wait how is it a great workout? Genuinely curious


Nah don't forget mosquito spra day. You won't make it out alive.


That’s Kevin Jones and he’s a beast. Check out Jomez Pro, everyone! Disc golf is wonderful and more people should try it!


Jomez are the homies. CCDG is cool too. Both have YouTube channels covering the pro tournaments with sweet edits.


Don't forget GK Pro and Gatekeeper Media!


I’ve never played disc golf in my life, but I’ve watched every video Jomez put out. I’m fascinated at how good those guys are!


Absolutely, even if you think it looks or sounds dumb just give it a try with a generic frisbee and your mind will be blown.


Super fun and cheap, if you live in the US it’s in a lot of parks as well. I suggest you give it a shot, I can only throw 280-300ft


I do actually! I need to definitely give it a shot. Looks like its pretty fun.


You can get an innova starter pack at most sports stores for like 30 dollars and it’s all you need to play


Agreed and also, walking thru a wooded course trying to find your lost disc (lol), you’ll probably find others that people gave up on to add to your collection.


Yessir! I have a mamba that i found and text the guy, hopefully he comes and picks it up but if not, free mamba lol


Nothing wrong with that! Name and number on the disc then give it a shot. I’ve given up on discs so I’d hope some one found it and can use it.


Ding ding!! Back when I was playing I’d bought maybe two discs.


A great place to look is the goodwill!! Check there frisbee section. I got a few for $.99 which is a flipping steal used. Once they catch on they were still only like 6.99


App called Udisc will show you where courses are.


And no need to buy new discs. Lots of shops sell used. Many folks take the time to fish through the parks, clean up the discs and resell for cheap. Just need a few different weights and you're good to start.


TIL some people seriously don't know what disc golf is. Used to play it in gym in highschool sometimes.


Me and my friends skipped school to smoke and disc like … every day. It’s why I’m so cool/unemployed today


TIL there are people not aware of disc golf


Kevin Jones with the shot! KJ-USA!


Disc golf mad fun bro


Very enjoyable minus having to fetch discs out of the water. The people are real great. Lots of og dead heads. You'll often find "gifts" around the course from others. Always good fun.


It’s actually an excuse to go smoke weed in the forest. At least that’s how we played it.


r/discgolf welcomes you.


Significantly cheaper than regular golf.


Only knew about it because of Wii sports lol


Have you been hiding in a hole or?! 😁 it is a hell of a work out as most courses are in the trees like this and there is usually lots of hiking involved ;) pretty fun. Hard but fun.


Odds are there’s a course in your town that’s free! $30 starter set and you’re rolling.


It’s old enough to have been a joke in Seinfeld. Very fun and a great way to kill two hours in the woods.


A Slipped Disc is no laughing matter


Boom crack-a-lacka


Boom crack a knee cappa


This clip is at least a year old, *** original post was just not accurate. Guess it was a different clip of an ace with a torn ACL. My bad the Dude tore his ACL in his left leg on the throw


No, he didn't. He had a couple of small bruises, that's all. He didn't miss any tournaments.


His name is Kevin Jones. He’s one of my favorite players, super down to earth


Kevin is awesome, it’s always this ace and the philo shot that get posted but they’re both awesome people


I love Philos coaching vids. Dude’s got such smooth style


That’s what kinda upsets me about his videos, he makes it seem so easy


> the philo shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJjrkdigzbY


That's my shot :)


People from /r/all have no idea how big of a celebrity you are in the /r/DiscGolf community Thanks for all the hard work! CCDG has been a top tier production team for the last year or two, regardless of the sport.


Thanks for linking, it’s the shot that got me into the game!


That tourney last weekend hurt me to watch last few holes.


+4 on one of the last holes, no?


Yeah he took a seven and lost his lead. Heart breaking




Yup but seeing him sink that big putt on hole 18 was a good way to end it


oh he hasn’t let the celebrity of disc golf gone to his head? oh thank god…all that limelight


Believe it or not the top disc golfer recently signed a contract for 10 million bucks


Exactly what I was thinking lmfao


especially after that fall


I knew him in college


It’s a surprisingly fun sport that gives a workout.


That sport was more frustrating than regular golf. All I have to do is throw a frisbee into those chains? Whatever. Seven throws later I am ready to rip a disc in half. Next hole is 500 yards, through a thicket, over a creek, surrounded by trees and uphill....its a par 4. Fuck y'all, now you"re just making fun of me. It just got worse from there. Next thing you know I have $400 invested in discs, I am practicing 3 hours a day, 12 year old kids are kicking my ass, damn geek from the library is 4 under for the round, my girlfriend runs off with him. I get lost in the woods trying to find my damn purple disc, I slip in deer shit, I have to trap squirrels and eat them raw to survive. I emerge weeks later,bloodied and battered, the course guy puts me down for a 12 and directs me to the next hole.


You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last my friend. Stay strong! Disc on!


Someone give me a fucking cart at least.


Joke's on you, Zuca carts are $250 or more.


I almost believe this but in disc golf they use feet instead of yards so I call bullshit


Yes, that was it. The one factor that was a dead giveaway, you discovered it. Excellent.


Yeah, there’s no 500yd holes. Longest on the pro tour I think is 1300ft.


I'm not certain but I believe his story was slightly fabricated for the goof.


League is rough.


Have you been spying on me dude why would you steal my story like that


I enjoyed reading this


15 years ago it was the wild west. It was so much fun frolfing all these ninja courses on public and private property. People, being ~~people~~ pigs fucked it up though and they straight tore down our best established course here and locked down hard on the public lands courses as well.




It’s like hiking with frisbees, I love it


Technically he threw it before he slipped.


Thank god you noticed. Where would we be otherwise?


As a guy who once (or several times) ate shit off a slippery teepad, the slip is definitely before the throw.


As a guy who's slipped once or twice, that follow through is very important in a lot of accuracy based sports. It's still really tight he aced it.


But it's not a hole in one until after he slips. By the time he slipped he had only thrown the disc.


This is beautifully pedantic.


What everyone is missing is that this was intentional. The key to disk golf is the follow-through, which looks a lot like slipping and falling.


I took a screenshot of his fall and I’m dying of laughter https://imgur.com/gallery/ZDlWNV0


Never go full QWOP


That fucking game... I remember making it to the hurdle at the 50yard line, coincidentally in a very similar position as that screenshot.


Lmfao this is dead on man!


It looks like the way Jim Carrey falls to get a laugh


weirdest fall I've ever seen lol


Someone turned that pose into a parody professional sports logo a while ago.


dude looks like a skyrim character


Kevin Jones* Disc Golf needs more love from the people. Best reason to hang in the woods and smoke weed with friends.


Or not! I play without weed or beer. Getting pretty good too!


Rock on! It’s definitely not needed. Just helps in my experience. Or at least gives justification for my shanks off the tee.


Yea, I have no justification for those!


The beer is for hydration and numbing the pain of hitting the same tree 4 times.


You just made it sound 100x more fun that I had originally imagined


Real golf is hard and frustrating. Disc golf is hard and frustrating, but with lots of hippy types who just wanna have a good time. Are you near NH by chance? I’ll take you out for a round and give you a disc or two.


I am in NZ of all places! I wish I could though, thanks mate. I'm going to look and see if we have any courses in our country.


[You totally do! There are many!](https://i.imgur.com/mp04NcA.jpeg) Download the UDisc app to find the closest course to your home, (that's where I got the map in my image above from.) Most courses on the app include GPS-linked scorecards so that you can see exactly where you're supposed to throw, hole-by-hole. Grab a couple discs and start throwing! It's great fun.


Awww this is so wholesome ❤️


I actually went to high school with this guy. Incredible athlete. In football he was the starting WR, Safety, backup QB, returned punts, was also the punter and kicker. He was also a midfielder on the soccer team and led them in scoring the only two years he played (oh, and he played in the soccer state championship with a torn MCL). He went on to play college football for a bit before taking up disc golf full time. Yeah, he’s pretty next fucking level.


i love people like this. just naturally athletic for no reason. hashtag blessed


Especially when they are humble and overall great people. I root for them through everything and I'm so happy to see them succeed.


He really is. KJ USA!


He's a classy guy as well. He did a great job keeping it together at Glendoveer after throwing the lead with a quadruple bogey.


It’s the fastest growing sport.


Better stop growing. Too many damn people on my local courses. Get off my lawn plz.


Discs are unavailable too lol


I bought 2 discs from Discraft when they dropped, paid $50 total (after shipping.) I hawked one on Facebook for $65 and kept the other to throw. That was 4 months ago, now that disc is worth $100 or more. COVID-reduced manufacturing + Rapid increase in player base = stupid resale market. (For people intimidated by this, keep in mind that this only applies to "limited edition" discs. It's still stupid cheap to snag a starter pack on Amazon) Edit: to whoever downvoted me, the buy limit from Discraft was 5 discs per customer, and I only bought 2. I originally wanted 2 throwers, but I got a Wonderbread foil. I didn't want to throw it (too pretty) and I don't believe in putting discs on my wall, so I sold it. I'm not a person who abuses manufacturer drops for resale. Fuck those people.


\- every hobbyist, until their favorite manufacturer has to shut down because they don't get enough business to stay afloat


It’s crazy. I used to just to able to walk on to any of my local courses. Now you show up, need to park 6 blocks away because the lot is full, and there is a line up at every tee. Everyone is throwing pars and you feel like shit because you just came out to have fun and can only drive 250 ft.


I thought it's pickleball. Both seem to be super fun and social though


Fastest growing sport? These things have been in every park in the Chicagoland areas for like 20 years. And I barely see it take off but they try to sell these frisbees everywhere.


The sport is exploding in popularity. I would love to see where they're selling these discs everywhere... There are shortages of every single brand.


Covid exploded the sport. Bored people wanted to get outside and do something. PGDA registration is up massively.


Disc golf popularity exploded about a year ago when it was almost only sport you could do safely due to covid. In Finland we had more than 50% growth in one year and about 10-20% growth every year for the last 10 years. We have +5,5 million people in Finland and it's estimated that 700 000 - 1 000 000 people have disc golf at least as a hobby. There are currently nearly 800 courses in Finland and that means 1 course per 7000 people. For the past year Discs are always sold out (Discmania mostly), courses are full of people, it's hard take part on weeklies because they are reserved full in minutes every week. Luckily there are more than 15 courses in 100 km radius, and weeklies somewhere for every week day.


Like others have said, it grew 300% over the quarantine. What other basically free sport can you play completely by yourself and not have to make compromises?


If there’s one sport that despite being able to be competitive, doesn’t feel like a competition ever, it’s frisbee golf. Literally everyone is there for a good relaxing time.


At the top level it is very competitive. The gap between average and elite is similar to any other professional sport. Top players can make 7 figures a year, so i would say it's pretty competitive.


> Top players can make 7 figures a year, so i would say it’s pretty competitive. Is there really anyone other than McBeth making this money?


I believe Eagle McMahon and/or Ricky Wysocki do, but not for 10 years.


I would assume Sexton.


Can’t imagine Sexton comes anywhere close. He helps push discs for Innova, but the resale market is where that money is going, not into his pocket. Sexton probably makes ~250K a year, at best. I really don’t think anyone is close to the 10M/10yr deal that Mcbeth grabbed… but he also is a 5 time world champ with a decade of play left…


Maybe 3 players are making 7 figures on disc sales, not from the events.


That's entirely up to who you play with. I have friend's that'll go to hell and back to win any dumb little competition we make. And I love them for it. We are die hard competitors.


THAT'S what those are? I see those chain basket things all over at a park I go to sometimes. I thought maybe they use to be some kind of trash cans but couldn't figure out what part the chains played. Never in a million years would I have guessed they were for catching frisbees. I had heard of disc golf before, but had never actually seen it.


And now I realize why people picnic next to the baskets even when they see people throwing discs around the park lol. But seriously it’s so fun and such a low barrier to entry I wish more courses would be made over ball golf courses.


TBH more courses in all sorts of places would be a great thing. Ball golf is enormously resource intensive. For disc golf you barely need to clear anything. In fact you could meaningfully "re-wild" huge swathes of urban and suburban areas, with fruiting bushes and trees, wildflowers, native grasses, etc., and if anything it makes the courses better. That's actually my favorite thing about this sport.


Its good fun, def try it sometime


Over the line! Mark it zero Dude.


forget it Donny, you're out of your element.


*pulls out pistol* MARK IT ZERO


The man lives to Frolf. Just like Andrew Bernard.


“Get in the busket!” Fun fact: this was during a reoccurring skins match put on by the YouTube channel [GK Pro](https://youtube.com/c/GKProductionsGoThrow) and [OTB Discs](https://otbdiscs.com) where the ace pot value increases every time till someone gets another ace. This was work $1800 this has been the only ace during a skins match since is now worth $5200. This came from the video at Maple Hill on [hole 16.](https://youtu.be/hnu4RGwvRtQ). It starts at 22:22 I’m on mobile so I can’t link a timestamp.


TIL it’s called an Ace


This is awesome. The new Reddit mobile app update is not.




Kevin jones!


Bro I thought the guy that gave him a fist bump at the end was Adam Sandler


My neighbor has a mobile disc golf hole. I hear the chains almost every day from him practicing.


I might not be your neighbor, but I am that neighbor.


Disc Golf is so much fun! Here in Philadelphia, I play at Sedgley Woods, which was one of the first courses in the world!! We have 27 holes. It is serene, peaceful, and therapeutic. I go to alleviate stress after stressful days or just to enjoy myself when I want to have a good time. Of all the courses I've been to throughout the country, Sedgley is my fav.


Dude looked like he ragdolled when he slipped. But they makes hit score so much sweeter


Never heard of this... Looks heaps fun! Is this played in Australia?


161 meters for those not using freedom units.


At least his embarrassment didn’t last long.


He wasn’t embarrassed.


Slipping while playing sports. Man, bet that doesn’t happen often.