What is something interesting about your team that a non-fan wouldn’t usually know ?

What is something interesting about your team that a non-fan wouldn’t usually know ?


The Bills original owner, Ralph Wilson, was also a minority owner of the Detroit Lions. He also loaned money to the Raiders and Patriots so they could stay afloat in the early years.


Much like the Bills fans generously chucked a dildo at Brady a few years back. Just givers. Plain old fashioned charitable folks.


>Much like the Bills fans generously chucked a dildo at Brady a few years back. Iirc they were throwing him his mouth guard.


Because we care


Yup. And I believe he co-owned us back when we were actually successful and winning championships in the ‘50s. By 1963, William Clay Ford brought out the paycheck and bought everyone else out. And we have been mediocre ever since.


Looks like 1959 per Wikipedia, then went on to the Bills then won back to back AFL championships in 64 and 65.


While the Mets were en route to their World Series win in 1969, the Jets were unable to practice in Shea, where they played at the time. They couldn't find any other good fields to practice on in the area, so they ended up practicing at the Rikers Island prison.


The longest yard!!


Frank Reich was the first player to score a TD for the Panthers.


Bill Goldberg, the WWE wrestler, was the first player we ever cut.


Lavar Ball was also on that inaugural roster.


Neva lost!


Lol if you hadn’t said this I would have just assumed it was a joke


It's not *proven* that we used arson and insurance fraud to save the team back in the 40s, but no one is fooled.


Yep. Curly wanted to move the team to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but a.......unfortunate fire stopped that.


How did a fire stop it from happening? It seems like a fire would make it easier to move the team.




The last team we beat in the playoffs was the Houston Oilers.


Dang I scrolled all this way for a sad fact


Only fact I’ve seen so far for us is that a Titans mascot ran over our backup QB and ended his NFL career. So yeah.


must be a weird way to go out, nothing like "oh yeah I dived for a super bowl winning touchdown and injured myself to where I could never play football again," but "oh yeah the other teams mascot accidentally ran me over with a golf cart lol"


The legendary 2010 season (#1 overall offense, #1 overall defense) where we missed the playoffs due to special teams (#32 overall) could have been avoided my making our special teams *pro bowler* from previous seasons Kassim Osgood a WR3. All he wanted was to run routes and get a few targets. We refused and let him go to the Jags, and our special teams screwed us out of a special season. Edit Celebs: Terry Crews was a charger. Mac’s dad from its always sunny in Philadelphia was a punter for us briefly.


The Chart Party episode on this was brutal to watch; special team fuck ups was a deciding factor on like, 4 or 5 losses


Kassim Osgood is a legendary special teams player. He was great for the Niners during the Harbaugh years.


The 2010 stat is *ridiculous*


People Also Forget All the Time: A Charger is a Horse, so one of our official logos has a horse in it.


> Terry Crews was a charger. [Washington ~~Redskin~~ football team member too.](https://i.imgur.com/qvbw1dD.jpg)


Macs dad? The fuck?! Lmao


He was a stand out punter at university of Hawaii and spent 2 camps with us, but I don’t think he ever made it to the regular season on the 53 man roster.


We had a player win the Bart Starr award, which is for players who best exemplify outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community, who ended up getting arrested the same day for soliciting a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover cop.


The very special airplane man?!


I learned that just this week from the Atlanta Falcons series that Secret Base is doing on YouTube right now


Secret base is amazing Jon bois is the man


The Bob Emergency was one of the coolest and wackiest sports docs I've ever seen


I just saw the history of the Atlanta Falcons episode where this happened last night, otherwise I would have no idea who this player was. (I've learned so much about the Atlanta Falcons because of this series, I kinda love them now).


The duality of man


The first play in Miami dolphins history was a touchdown.


I remember watching that on TV as it happened. Pretty cool start. Dolphins head coach was George Wilson, the last former Lions HC to get a similar gig.


How old are you?


Are you like 70


You are very very close.


So 69. Nice.


The Jets have played in the AFC Championship game at least once in the each of the last 4 decades: 1980-89: 1982 1990-99: 1998 2000-2009: 2009 2010-2019: 2010 2020-2029: ?? Of course, we have lost all 4 of those AFC Championship Games. (In our Super Bowl win we won the AFL Championship, not the AFC Championship)


The New York Jets have 2 league championships technically 😉


The ravens first logo can’t be used because they were to cheap to pay the guy who made it. Also they were close to being called the Americans.


Man pro sports teams really don’t try when thinking of name ideas sometimes, huh?


The Ravens got their name because Edgar Allen Poe lived in Baltimore for a spell in the 1830s. I know Richmond and Boston also make claims on Poe, but he got his start as a writer in Baltimore so it seems apt. Edit: I should have specified writing fiction. He was a published poet prior to Baltimore, but he is famous for his fiction.


His gravesite is also in Baltimore.


Yeah, the bar he got kidnapped from before he died is there. I went this summer. It was fine.


I legitimately believe that the same thing happened with the new Cleveland Guardians logo


In the first NFL draft (1936), we drafted halfback William Shakespeare in the first round, but he never played and chose to pursue a business career.


To be, or not to be an NFL player? *That* is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the breaks and concussions of outrageous violence, Or to take arms against a sea of linemen, and by opposing end them. To IR—to play, no more


Dost thou wear thy mother's drapes?


We drafted Doug Williams and Steve Young


At least now you have Tom.


For almost 50 years, the Bears played their home games at Wrigley Field.


Our mascot ran over a QB on the sideline with a golf cart and ended his career. Also, I remember when 2 backups got in a fight on the sideline for a warm bench seat.


Wait who was the qb?


[Adrian McPherson](https://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story/_/id/2548030)


He also famously lined up under guard during the preseason https://rangelife.typepad.com/rangelife/images/saints.jpeg


"It ain't me daddy."


He went on to a fairly long CFL (and other leagues) career and was the backup QB to the legend Anthony Calvillo when Montreal won back to back Grey Cups in 09/10.


“The doctors says he might lose the foot.” “Just when he got it in the door” “The doctor says he’ll never golf again”


Holy shit I forgot all about that. Wild.


When he was a Patriot, Curtis Martin was given a birthday party invitation from a young boy. He actually showed up.


I love him. Such a good dude, and to think he made it out of the ghetto after seeing his brother shot to death and not be the most jaded person alive.


Yeah I love him. Favorite player when I was a kid and then went to Pitt, not because of Curtis Martin but it was cool. Still have his jersey. Dude was unbelievable.


His Hall of Fame speech was so weird. “Those who know me know I don’t like running and didn’t enjoy playing football. Thanks for putting me in the Hall of Fame” Obviously super remarkable dude though with his backstory


Lorenzo Neal belongs in the hall. Everyone he blocked for got in.


Well think about that for a second though. Most people don’t like their job, but if they wanted to put you in the hall of fame for your job and you were being honest isn’t that what you’d say? Imagine how good he could have been if he liked it though.


That’s what I think is so badass about it. “Thank you for acknowledging me as one of the best players in the history of this highly competitive sport. I know there are dozens of other running backs who worked their whole careers and never will attain this honor. Too bad I didn’t like playing and prefer lots of other stuff. Guess I was just that good. Alright thanks for listening”


Darius Slay showed up to a kids graduation party in the good old days back before that fat bitch Matt Patricia got him out of town


The browns went to Bowling Green State University outside of Toledo Ohio before their inaugural 1946 season for training camp. Paul Brown liked BGSU’s unique combination of orange and brown on the jerseys, and promptly decided to use that combination for his new team


Huh. I never made that connection as a Toledo native who went to a lot of BGSU parties. I figured that they copied the Browns and not the other way around.


Pats fan so not my team.. In the early days of the NFL, the Eagles were easily the worst franchise going. Bert Bell was owner and coach and couldn't put together any form of success. Couple teams folded and the NFL was concerned if one more team went bankrupt, the entire league would fold. Enter Art Rooney, owner of the rival Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the more successful franchise in the league. Art Rooney purchased the Philadelphia Eagles for $1, move them to Pittsburgh and renamed them the Steelers. In turn, Bert Bell bought the Steelers off the Rooney family for $1, moved them to Philadelphia and renamed them the Eagles. It was their way of trading the entire organization, players and coaches included. (Bell was no longer the HC of the Eagles at this point). The Eagles instantly had a much better roster and began selling tickets and bringing in money, while the Steelers brought in less but began a proper rebuild. The Eagles not folding prevented the league from collapsing. Within a few seasons, the Eagles were back to the bottom and the NFL owners forced Bell to sell his team but since he was friends with the owners, he became the NFL Commissioner until Pete Rozelle later took over. Another fun fact, the Vikings were originally going to be an AFL team, meant to be the territorial rivals to the NFL's Packers, but switched to the NFL last minute when the NFL gave them an offer. NFL also formed the Cowboys that year to stick it to Lamar Hunt for creating the Dallas Texans and the AFL, currently the Chiefs.


Also the Steelers and Eagles had to merge for a time during WW2 as the teams had lost too many players to military service, so they didn’t have enough to field a team each. The unofficial nickname was….The Steagles.


[George Halas helped save the Packers from relocation, and evidently was instrumental in the hiring of Lombardi. ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/ct-xpm-2011-01-18-chi-bears-haugh-halas-jan19-story,amp.html)




My late dog’s name was Hurley, therefore, I love you.


[Our logo was based off a PNW native Salish art piece currently on display in the Burke museum](https://www.burkemuseum.org/news/mask-inspired-seahawks-logo) Really wish we'd go back to our original logo




For additional fun facts, Chief Seattle's daughter is buried in the same Seattle cemetery as Bruce Lee.


There is a healthy dose of respect when it comes to the Seahawks and their (huge) indigenous fanbase as well


Deep down in my bones I pure straight hate The Seahawks but dammit if y’all don’t have some of the freshest throw backs. I do not understand why they don’t bring them back.


I love how we have clear PNW indigenous inspiration in our logo and uniforms without using some stereotype cartoonish feather-adorned mascot or anything like that.


What are we? Some kind of Washington Football Team?


I thought that connection was still pretty clear with the current logo. It'd be cool to make the current logo a bit more PNW native inspired but tbh the old logo is too flat and the bird looks depressed.


It’s funny, too, because the bird on the source material doesn’t look like he’s just gotten a whiff of sour milk. They just had to throw in that one line by the eye, huh?


Our team hasn't really had anything to do with Washington, DC since 1997. The stadium is in Maryland and the team facility is in VA. Games at RFK were a million times better than FedEx Field. Great location, awesome tailgate (parking lot 8 by the river was DOPE), the bouncing/rocking stands. All better despite RFK being a bare bones old school crappy stadium.


The area around FedEx field used to be called Raljon, for Jack Kent Cooke's kids, Ralph and Jon. As Tony Kornheiser used to say, it's a good thing he didn't name the kids Peter and Ennis.


What's wrong with Enter?


Won 3 Super Bowls out of 4 in 10 seasons with 3 different staring QBs and 3 different starting RBs. This one still amazes me with the consistency of Gibbs, Bugel, and the hogs. All going against some vaunted NFC East defenses at the time too. Early 80s Cowboys with Randy White and early 90s Cowboys, Giants and Lawrence Taylor, Buddy Ryan’s Eagles with Reggie White. Some powerhouse stuff for not having a consistent QB1 through that run


Until like 2015, the Bengals scouting department consisted of three people.


The longest tenured Patriots coach is not Bill Belichick, as (I suspect) most people might guess. That distinction belongs to RB coach Ivan Fears, who re-joined the team in 1999 and has been doing his thing ever since.


For anyone curious: Patriots WR Coach from 1991-92 Bears WR Coach from 1993-98 Patriots WR Coach from 1999-2001 Patriots RB Coach from 2002-present


It’s interesting that this guy never got snapped up for a HC or OC job the way guys get hired just for knowing Bill


The unfortunate reality is RB coaches don’t often move up. QB and OL is where you want to be, with TE as a fallback.


Some people don’t want to be head coach and like the job they are in. I’m sure he makes well into 6 figures and he probably has a family and whatnot so maybe he never wanted to relocate


We don’t actually lose all the time. We just lose at the **wrong** times.


Vikes have the most wins of any franchise without a Super Bowl right?


We have the 7th best all-time win percentage. The next highest team without a super bowl is 18th.


Our longest stretch of not making the playoffs in the last 30 years from 2005-2007. And even then we were floating around as a .500 team.


There was also a post a while back that found the worst 5 year stretch in each franchise’s history by win percentage. The Vikings had the 2nd best worst stretch which was from 2010-2014 and included the 2012 season when AP dragged the Vikings to a 10-6 playoff birth.




The Phoenix Suns of football, I'm so sorry for your fate


what? suns went 10 years without making the playoffs before this year. in the last thirty years vikings havent gone more than 3 seasons without playoffs


The Suns have the 8th highest win % in the nba. The Jazz may be a more apt comparison as they’re the most successful team without a title


The Eagles were 5th of all time when they won their first super bowl 4 years ago. I guess some teams are just cursed


I'm pretty sure I heard a fact that stated we have the highest win percentage between the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB without a championship or something along those lines.


There was a thread about what your team's historical weakness was (Bears: QB, Steelers: trap games, Chargers: Special Teams, ect.). A Vikings fan said "expectations."


You guys are one of the most winningest franchises in the NFL. Jokes aside you just don't have Superbowl success but winning percentage wise you're top 6 still aren't you?


I believe we are 7th now, but in any case it's a statistical marvel we haven't accidentally won a Super Bowl yet


You ran into all time great teams. Chiefs, Dolphins, Raiders and Steelers. It's not like you guys were losing to the Kerry Collins led Giants or Nick Foles led Eagles...(Just playing) but for real you guys played hall of fame stacked teams


Are you trying to tell me Nick Foles *isn't* a first ballot HoFer? Could fooled me


You guys win a lot, just not at the right times.


The Browns have the #45 retired in honor of Ernie Davis. He never played a snap for them. Google his story, as it’s pretty damn fascinating.


Or watch the movie The Express.


Somehow I'm watching The Polar Express.


The Who dey chant comes from selling Hudepohl beer at games and they'd sell it by yelling Hudy beer. Slowly morphed into the who dey chant. Very similar to the saints but they're completely seperate


Montana was a two time super bowl MVP before Rice was even drafted. I hate when people say Joe was only good because of Rice, misinformed as fuck.


The Detroit Lions started the Thanksgiving Day football tradition. Edit: and it will never be taken from them.


Watching the lions lose on Thanksgiving is an annual tradition.


George Marshall, founder of the Redskins, didn't want the Cowboys in the league. Clint Murchison, owner* of the Cowboys at the time, bought the rights the "Hail to the Redskins" and told Marshall he couldn't play it at Redskins games anymore (Marshall's wife also wrote the song). Marshall reluctantly agreed to allow the Cowboys into the NFL in exchange for the rights to his song. Thus, a feud was born. *co-owner along with his brother John, though John gets omitted from Cowboys history for some reason.


George Marshall also said he would never allow African Americans to play for his team, leading to the NFL installing a minimum 2 African American players per roster. He then put 2 on the roster but refused to play them.


Redskins have a long history of horribly shitty owners.




Well the dude wanted to keep the Cowboys out of the league, so he at least made one decent decision.


The pettiness of buying the rights to another team’s theme song is truly admirable


We have the word Kansas in our team name but we actually play in Missouri. This has confused many people including some presidents


And you share a parking lot with the KC Royals.


That we do, and the few rare times there are home games of both teams on the same day are drunken miracles


Philly has all 4 teams* sharing parking lots. I went to the phillies home opener a few seasons back and then a sixers game right after. Both were wins and I was druuuunk


Only 3 stadiums for the 4 teams in the sports complex right? Unless the Flyers or 76ers have found a new one.


Yes 3 stadiums, I misspoke lol


Fun fact, Kansas City existed before the state, and it’s state lines were ever created.


I'm not most people realize Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS are separate but the same place


Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Kansas City exist before the state of Kansas?


The Saints used to have a former astronaut as a GM, and he had zero previous applicable experience.


Imagine his resume. Astronaut and Saints GM, nobody is believing him


Alex Smith threw 1 TD and 11 INTs his rookie year. Didn’t throw a single TD pass until his final game. I know he was young and the 49ers were god awful, but I can’t imagine what social media would do to a guy who was that bad his rookie year. I mean, shit, even Peterman threw 2 TDs in his rookie year, and he started in half the amount of games. In fact, Smith’s rookie passer rating was 40.8, just two points higher than Peterman.


The Broncos were the first team to start a Black QB in modern history. Marlin Briscoe.


~~And Teddy Bridgewater will be the second black QB the Broncos have ever started.~~ Edit: apparently Shawn Moore started a few games for Denver.


Does kendall Hinton not count?


They started that game in Wildcat so the rb is listed as the starter. I think it was Lindsay.


Though Lindsay is also black.


Still beats the Giants (one game of Geno)


What about ancient history


The Dolphins were still the 4th most winningest team until 2018. To put that in perspective from 1966-69 we had all 10+ loss seasons. From 1970-2004 we had two losing seasons and 7 .500 seasons. From 2004-2018 we had 2 10 winning seasons and a third one last year. So despite 15 years of crap we were still top 5. I think we are 6th or 7th right now


We are named after a person.


We are the only team to have won a super bowl in each of the last 4 decades. Infact, no team has won a super bowl in each of the last 3 decades either. We are undefeated in NFC Championship Games (5-0). We don't have cheerleaders. The Giants owners have family ties with the Pittsburgh Steelers owners. In case you didn't already know, we don't play in New York, we play in the beautiful state of New Jersey. From 2011-2020, the Giants did not draft a single edge rusher or linebacker in any of the first 2 rounds of the NFL draft. We have the worst record in the league since 2017 (18-46), tied with our local friend, the New York Jets. There was a time in that stretch when the Giants were 0-8 against the Cowboys and Eagles. I'd also like an older Giants fan to give me the story as to why they didn't elevate Bill Belichick from DC to HC when Parcells left after 1990. The more of these I say, the worse they get, so I'm just going to stop here.


The GM didn’t like BB and didn’t think he had the temperament to lead the team, whereas Handley was a favorite. Also, the timing didn’t work, Tuna retired in May after Belichick took the browns job in February, and Caughlin got a job at BC earlier as well.


>From 2011-2020, the Giants did not draft a single edge rusher or linebacker in any of the first 2 rounds of the NFL draft. "Wait, Jason Pierre Paul can't be that old. He was drafted 5 years ago". After a google search, I feel old.


“Titans” is a nod to Nashville being given the nickname “The Athens of the South” around the turn of the century due to its dedication to higher learning


Is that why the Parthenon was built or is it the other way around?


Yep. The Parthenon was built for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial as yet another nod to the nickname.


We don't have professional cheerleaders. We just have ones come in from the local high school and college.


They're only UW-Green Bay & St. Norberts AFAIK. No high schoolers, because that would be really weird.


My mom was a cheerleader from St. Norbert’s that cheered on Lambeau in front of Bart Starr! It’s one of our family’s most conflicting facts. Both our proudest accomplishment and our greatest shame.


Why is it a- *checks flair* --oh.


Using high school cheerleaders feels like what would’ve happened in like 1953


I believe the concession stands are run by community groups.


Kordell Stewart could also play receiver and punter


Kordell Stewart in two years with the Ravens: 0 passes, 5 punts


The snowballs weren't thrown at an actual Santa actor. The Santa they hired didn't show up, so they just picked some jabroni from the stands wearing a Santa suit to get on the field. The fan was already drunk, was getting booed because the Eagles were pitiful that year, and he yelled at someone in the stands and got nailed. So it begins.


Upvote for the proper use of the word “jabroni”.


I love this moment in Eagles history even more now


Contrary to what it looks like, the Lions are ACTUALLY trying to win football games.


Our origins actually can be traced back to a college basketball team


Andy Dalton broke our 17 year (a record at the time) playoff drought, having never played for our team while doing so.


And then you weirdos donated tons of money to his charity, and cheered him the next season.


The Vikings have the most NFC North Titles... The Vikings also hold the record for most consecutive NFC Championship game losses with 6, and also the worst blowout in an NFC Championship game losing 41-0. They’re also the best NFL team without a Super Bowl win, and will probably be the first team to go 0-5 in Super Bowls if they ever make it again.


Idk, the Bills sure look they could lose a super bowl before us


The team colors are inspired by the Colorado sunsets.


Unsurprisingly this make me hate yall more.


Classic Raiders


I always thought it had something to do with the [Doom Horse](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Mustang) (Yes, i know it wasn't put in until 2008)


The Vikings were the first NFL team named for a region instead of a city. The buccaneers being the second. Both the Twins and the Vikings considered different names before choosing to represent Minnesota. The Vikings were nearly the Minneapolis-St. Paul Vikings before the GM nixed it and the Twins were going to be the Twin Cities Twins (why they have TC on their caps) before MLB intervened. It was a significant issue as part of the reason the Minneapolis Lakers relocated is due to not being able to engage St. Paul fans because of the rivalry between the two cities.


The Texans collapse started when we traded Duane Brown. Most people think it was the Hopkins and Tunsil trades but that’s only because we weren’t nationally covered before.


Which basically started when the owner called the players inmates, right?


Yup “can’t let the inmates run the prison” stupid ass... only thing worse Is his son is known to be one the stupidest owners in all of American sports


believe it or not, the Browns haven't always had one of the top rosters in the league


Just don't forget about us way up there


I'm rooting for you guys! You'll have your day




The Chargers Twitter handle used to be owned by a random fan who would always tweet about taking his wife to PF Changs. The team has acquired the handle since then, but the meme of the PF Changs tweets still live strong in ever brochacho.


We’re bad. That’s all.


Andrew Luck is our Daddy


Y'all really never beat him


Seahawks are the only team to play in an NFC and AFC championship game


when the team moved from boston to foxborough, they had the good sense to change their name from "boston" patriots to a more regional name. looking at you, "san francisco" 49ers. (additionally, they debated the name "bay state" patriots but \*the league* decided against it for them, as they were already a bit of a laughingstock and didn't want to invite the nickname "B.S. Patriots.")


Golden State 49ers?


California 49ers of Santa Clara.


Wouldn't be a bad idea. Gold, 49ers... Excellent.


I thought the team had actually agreed on "Bay State" and it was the NFL who told them to change it.


right you are!


We used to have a mascot named Ragnar who was basically just a fan who dressed up in Norse viking attire and drove a motor cycle on the field in the Metrodome days. He got into an actual contract dispute with the team demanding $20k a game. When we refused to pay him, he made a social media campaign announcing he was going to move on to the Packers organization. Complete with a video of him switching out of the horned hat and into a cheesehead. Not sure he ever did anything with them, however.


We just broke a 22 year streak of having an UDFA make the initial 53 man roster. The streak was due to years of having bad depth and a philosophy of everyone competes and everyone has a chance.


Raiders Legacy is Diversity First Latino QB (Tom Flores) First Latino Head Coach, and First Latino head Coach to win a SB. (Tom Flores) First Black Head Coach (Art Shell) First Woman CEO (Amy Trask) Al Davis was all about equal rights and Diversity. For instance, in 1963, the Raiders, who were then a member of the AFL, was scheduled to play a preseason game in Mobile, Alabama, where his black players were not allowed to be roomed in the same hotel as the whites. He demanded the game be moved to Oakland. Davis would not accept segregated hotel accommodations for his players. He once fought to have the AFL All-Star Game moved from segregated New Orleans in 1965. When Davis took over as the AFL’s commissioner in 1966, he fought for racial equality league-wide. He helped the AFL build a brand of football that could compete with the NFL by encouraging scouting and drafting black players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Davis once again became the general manager of the Raiders and drafted the first black quarterback in the modern era, Eldridge Dickey, out of Tennessee State.


Larry Csonka is the only player to be penalized for Unnecessary Roughness while carrying the ball, when he knocked out a Bills safety with what might as well gave been a haymaker.