Post Game Thread: Houston Texans (1-5) at Indianapolis Colts (2-4)

Post Game Thread: Houston Texans (1-5) at Indianapolis Colts (2-4)


Well then, I don’t think we’re winning the division guys


the colts are a tiny bit of luck away from 4-2. Best 2-4 team in football.


Call me a homer but I think things are looking up


No homerism needed. Y'all are legit dangerous.


The Colts D was definitely iffy outside of turnovers but they have a lot of pieces on both sides of the ball that are not quite 100% including their entire defensive backfield and their best DE. Especially if they can have a bit of injury luck in the next few weeks it's possible they would get to 6-4 and with a bit of bad luck for the Titans they could be 3-7 or 4-6 at that point; Tennessee's not currently favored in any of their next 5. The Colts last 7 games are definitely a lot tougher than the Titans' (games against Buffalo, Tampa, and Arizona while Tennessee's toughest game in that stretch is @ Pittsburgh) but this division is clearly nowhere near out of reach.


I think with luck they'd be better than 4-2


*sigh* Every single time


Cmon man I was feeling good


Well, we weren't. I mean we're still not either but we weren't.


Wentz has been largely fantastic though


I'm still mourning.


You may have lost the battle but you're winning the war.


We dont need luck, with a decent secondary we are 6-0.


With any secondary we are better than this. We have practice squad dudes starting


Decent secondary, and no Braden Smith phantom foot Injury, 4-2 at the least


How dare you mention luck


I’m not very good at math. Is that better or worse than being the worst 11-0 team in history?


I love Johnathan Taylor


idk who that is, Jonathan Taylor is pretty good tho ;)




Hell yeah, cheers from Iraq


the Bills/Colts friendship brewing over this last 9 months has been one of my favorite storylines in football.


Must be mutual respect from the wildcard game


it definitely is, if I remember correctly a bunch of us donated to Josh Allen’s charity and something else happened between the fanbases as well


And that wild blizzard game in Buffalo was fun


Unlike a lot of Eagles fans, I still appreciate everything Wentz did for us, I know it wasn't all his fault, and I truly wish him nothing but the best.


Tbh I think he is worth the 1st to you guys. He just wasn't for your team and FO anymore. It happens. He does great for us. You guys should have a bad ass draft if your FO doesn't shit the bed.


Not ready for the 50 posts in the Texans sub saying “We need to fire Culley right now”


He makes enough boneheaded dumbass errors (declining that penalty, punting on 4th and 2 down multiple scores late game, etc) that I'm sure he ain't it...but we weren't winning this year anyway. Let him finish out the year. Maybe next year.


I just hate how he started to throw his players on defense and Mills under the bus post game. Like man, come on, that ain’t it chief.


I thought that sub was only for koolaid drinkers convinced we're super bowl-bound.


Man, poor TY. Dude comes back, does well, and is likely out for a few weeks now. This is gonna be how his last year ends. A bunch of injuries :/ On the plus side, Leonard, Taylor, and Wentz all looked phenomenal today and the DBs in general looked very good (granted we weren't playing against Watson lol).


He had to come back to have a great game against the Texans then right back to the IR until the next time we play the Texans.


He was grabbing his leg and then walking fine on the sidelines. Man probably just had some cramping.


Sure hope so. With the amount of soft tissue injuries he has had the last few years I am not getting my hopes up.


For what it’s worth, which is not much, Reich says it wasn’t a serious injury.


TY also brushed it off and said he was good in his post game presser.


I legit don't think we win another game this season.


You still play the Jags again


I legit think the Jags would beat us right now. And honestly, by December this team will have almost certainly just given up, hell it looks like they've given up now.


2017 Wentz has arrived


ironically this was not one of his better games of the season- he had a couple plays where he held on to the ball too long and it cost him, and a couple more throws that were a bit off and/or ill-advised. Just finally we are getting the home run throws that we had like none of till Pittman's last week; Hilton opens up the offense so much by simply drawing a ton of attention (the great catches help too) which helped a lot.


T.Y. Is definitely stoked he has a QB that can launch it to him again lol


Darius Leonard and Jonathan Taylor are so fucking good. And Wentz was superb.


I don’t understand why they don’t give Taylor more carries


The Colts are always gonna be a by committee RB team. Someone also theorized that they may not wanna wear Taylor out, and save him to be sure he’s good for either when things are dire or you need to run the clock down. Not that I approve or disapprove, but I can see the logic if that’s the case


I definitely can see the value of RBBC - it’s taking over the NFL for good reason - keeps guys fresh and healthy, gives teams more freedom with playcalling. It still feels like Taylor is very underutilized.


Oh I 100% agree. That’s why I lean towards that idea that this significant injury bug the Colts have is making them skittish about losing arguably their best offensive weapon. We saw on MNF that Reich will get very conservative sometimes when he feels a momentum shift, and imo it’s influencing some decisions


We like to use a mix. Hines is a good RB but we do use him for dumb shit. He isnt an up the gut runner. He's a good dual threat RB. Taylor should be our go to up the gut runner. Taylor recently has been getting mega yards on outside runs too


On the other hand - you can’t *always* treat Hines as strictly an outside runner if you want to keep him effective out there. Reich probably tries interior runs a bit too often with him, but a few are necessary to keep the defense honest when he’s on the field.


Definitely been a big complaint against Reich this year


The Wentz trade is look pretty good for both teams now.


Good bounce back win after last week. Funnily enough we are still in the running for the division lmao


Well yeah we were only 2 games out going into this game. The AFC south is a dumpster fire as usual


AFCS and NFCE alternate being dumpster fires


Why did the last 5 minutes feel longer than the rest of the game?


Well, at least the first rounder doesn't belong to anyone, and no Bill O'Brien around to fuck that up.


We almost lost to this lmao


TY Hilton being on the field does thing to the Texans.


When the announcers were discussing the Hopkins deal I once again wondered what the Texans were doing when they thought the trade was a good idea.


Trading Hopkins was the right move, it was the return we got for him that was the issue. If he had stayed, we would have Watson, Tunsil, and Hopkins taking up like half of our cap space. As for why they thought it was a good deal, BoB always seemed to think he was the smartest guy around


Wentz = 9 TDs and 1 INT


Jonathan Taylor Tudder


After last week, only a blowout win was gonna make me not roll my eyes at the result of the game. So barring we talk about injuries I can’t complain


I know Texans and us we have very different goals this season, but I hope this victory is able to let the team build some confidence after last Monday and get ready to tackle the next part of the season. While I do think winning the division is not very likely, we should be aiming at a wildcare spot and more than anything else get the team in form for next season, get those coming off injuries fit, and identify our weaknesses for next season. If Wentz comes true then so much the better.