Post Game Thread: Green Bay Packers (5-1) at Chicago Bears (3-3)

Post Game Thread: Green Bay Packers (5-1) at Chicago Bears (3-3)


When will the bad man leave?


Maybe this off-season, maybe not.


Probably March unless we win the SB


With the way we restructured his contract I'm not sure that will be the case.


It's structured in a way where we have to do something about it next offseason for cap space. It makes him easier to trade if we go that route because he's only gonna be owed 20M/1yr for whoever he goes to and we foot the rest of that season. Either we extend him and free up some money that way or we trade him and free up some money that way, but there's no way he plays for us on his contract next year as it stands.


They don’t leave they join other teams and terrorize you in new ways you didn’t think were possible


What is the purpose of life


I seek out miserable comments from Bears fans and upvote them so more people can enjoy them the way I do. That's my purpose at least.


Hey me too.


Hey it's me, you.


if you can get Chicago AM sports radio after a loss....goddamn I love me so meatball tears


to crush the enemy bears, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their fans


To get beaten by the Packers.


Wasn’t Rodgers done after week one?


You pass butter


We're here just to suffer


["The root of suffering is attachment"](https://imgur.com/a/9cGFRmx) - *Buddha*




Man I'm really fucking glad Trebek Jr. gave you guys a fresh new meme, because god knows you were running out of ways to humiliate us.


I seriously wish I get to have 1/100000th the happiness that Packers fans get some day


Huuuuge ups. Huuuuuuge downs.


I would like one small up please.


:( You guys don't even seem like you're bad this year. Just some crazy bullshit going against, like always I guess. I wish you happiness, friend.


Oh no, were bad.


Fucking fade me


13-1 against the division Jesus Christ LaFleur really does own the division.


With a few stretches of exceptions, the Packers have owned the division since 1992.


As god intended


And Rodgers owns the bears


It'a a pyramid scheme


We heard.


While you’re right, it’s an incredibly soft division almost every year outside of the packers


2 years the north has sent a wild card team to the playoffs too


Nagy is 11-2 against NFC North teams not named the Packers. It’s not exactly the toughest division if even he can pull that off.


Don’t care. They own em.


How pathetic are we that this game went way better than I expected.


I wish Aaron Rodgers was drafted by anyone else We were bad The refs were horseshit I’m never gonna live that offsides down I hate how every game it seems the defense carries the offense then the offense finally does something and the defense collapses


You can have that offside call if we get the St.Brown TD and the interception


I don’t think either of those are as egregious as not acknowledging Justin Fields calling timeout


Agree. Refs were horrendous for both teams. Took away a turnover and a touchdown from us, but also gave us a turnover and a couple of wtf minor calls went our way. Overall it’s the worst officiated game I’ve seen in years imo


I don't even care about the final score. The refs ruined all enjoyment of that game. They were bad for both teams. Not even major calls either - couldn't get a spot right, couldn't enunciate calls correctly, changed calls after the fact with no announcement, etc. The NFL needs to clean this shit up. There is nothing fun about spending 3 hours watching the refs steal the show.


it truly felt like they were half-assing everything.


Hard agree. There were several wtf calls, but the OPI on EQ and the refs completely missing Fields call timeout stand out to me right now.


Obviously not impactful, but the ref announcing that a penalty was declined on offsetting penalties made for some pretty funny comments in the stands.


Were you at the game?


Yeah I had to watch that piece of garbage in person lol.


I'm sorry. :( What are ticket prices like down there? Seeing a game at Lambeau is bucket list, but prices are steep.


I was asked last night if I wanted to go with someone who had season tickets. Mine was $80 in the middle of the top deck in the north end zone . Great sight lines but definitely far from the field.


This is a side note on NFL rules as a whole, but I’ve never understood why a 15 yard penalty and a 10 yard penalty offset. Clearly one is more egregious than the other based off yardage. Why not award or take away the difference?


It will never happen until people are hired full-time to officiate games


They really fucked both teams and the flow of the game.


Is the reffing getting worse? Legit question cuz this year it’s been terrible so far


I think this game is one of the worst that I have seen. Like, how often do you not see a TO awarded to someone trying to call it to prevent a delay of game? Like that one isn't even a judgement call, it was obvious. PI's, Holding, etc are all hit and miss every game. However, this group was awful at all of them


The time they awarded a first down on an 8 yard run killed me.


I agree… this was one of the most disorganized crews I have ever seen. I don’t think they swung the game at all because they had bad calls both ways… but they seemed completely out of it


Well can we at least agree that was the worst reffed game we've seen?


It was up there. Bad spots. TDs taken away. Missing the TO. I just wanna watch the game.


They were quite literally making shit up out there. And ignoring Fields call for a TO was just... fuckin what?


Having to score *two* TDs in a single drive over a ghost call is just… Shitty zebras unite us all…


Another bears fan said "the zebra giveth and the zebra taketh away" and I'm still tickled over it.


I’ve seen worse


The most predictable outcome.


Matt "best winning percentage in NFL history" LaFleur needs more respect


Matt D. LaFleur. The D stands for ‘doesn’t fucking lose divisional games’


This guy just spoiled One Piece's ending for everyone


Oda in shambles.


Luffy makes it almost to the end only to get bounced out of the conference game by Kid.


Oh. So that's what the Will of D stands for!


It took an Al Bundy Game from Dalvin Cook just to get 1 divisional win


He'll never be treated as a good coach as long as he keeps winning even if Love comes in and balls out they'll just factor that to Rodgers teaching him. For LaFleur to get respect he'll have to have a bad losing season or 2 and then turn it around completely.


I mean this is just false lol. The only people discrediting him are sports media personalities who have to make shit up to create content and clicks.


I think you mean great coach. But I mean the guy is 13-1 in the division, 31-7 in the regular season. Not like he inherited a killer team either. Sure, having Rodgers is the biggest piece but obviously not everyone could continually win him. (See McCarthy)




Do what most Cubs fans have been doing and become a white sox fan


They lost to the Astros so we have to live that down as well.


The coworker I talk sports with is a Packers/Sox fan. I'm a Bears/Cubs fan. Shit's tough right now.


we dont want them


Keep Bridgeport ~~Weird~~ Un-Wrigleyville-like


Cubs won't be awful for very long


Please don’t. That isn’t the answer. I hope you’re kidding but if you’re not, I’d be more than happy to speak with you.


Bulls are on the rise, but other than that, I'm on the same boat as you


We say that every year


They're on the rise but their ceiling is pretty limited.


Bulls just traded their next couple drafts for some good-not-great players who are almost all on the wrong side of 30. They'll make the playoffs and get knocked out by a real contender for a few years and then fall apart completely.


Turn on the Sky game.


The Bulls will be legit this year


Playoff contenders for sure. Title contenders…ehh. Wait and see type deal


Matt Nagy is Adam Gase with a better roster, change my view.....


The Matt Nagy special: Script out the first 15 plays, show off genuinely great play design, score the opening drive touchdown. After the scripted plays are done: Panic. Burn needless timeouts. Play some of the sloppiest football anyone has ever seen. Confuse the color commentators who can't figure out what happened and don't understand this happens every fucking week. Then put together one nice drive when the game is pretty much out of reach, end the game down one or two possessions, talk about how the team was "out of rhythm", and promise to correct it next week. Rinse. Repeat.


> Confuse the color commentators Woah easy there Gruden


No no, you’re right


Has the bears offense scored over 20 points once this season?


Against the Lions


Against the Lions and got 20 against the Bengals


They had a pick six in the Bengals game. I think it’s only the Lions game


Quote of the day: "I STILL OWN YOU!"


Full quote was straight disrespect "I've owned you all my fucking life, I still own you!"


Jesus fuck. At this point he might just play for free to do this to the bears twice a year.




Can’t wait for Pat McAfee’s show on Tuesday


In all seriousness, Rodgers quietly has been excellent since the disastrous week 1 with the most inexperienced oline in football with a very weak WR 2-4.


Not to be like "woe is me" because we've been really lucky regardless, but like we've been missing our best players at MANY key positions this whole season, and have been fortunate enough that they're not season ending injuries... The fact we're 5-1 even despite it all is fantastic, but I'm kinda really excited to see what we can be when we're at full health later on this season... 👀


LT 1, RG 1, C 1, WR 2, TE 3, EDGE 1, EDGE 2, CB 1, CB 2, S 1, MLB 2 have all missed time so far. Hopefully not season-ending injuries to Jaire and Myers, and optimistic that Z comes back late this year.


It helps when your reigning MVP Quarterback is also one of the greatest to ever play the position. It doesn't fix everything, but it sure can cover up some blind spots.


Absolutely yeah, that's why it's lucky that our QB, WR, and RB room have been unhurt (yet 🤞) but the rest of the team is sooooo injured


He’s just been the average Aaron Rodgers. Effective and efficient and staying within the game plan. Made throws he had to make today but it didn’t seem like he was Plan A today.


He's playing better football than he was the last couple of years under McCarthy and the first year under LaFleur.


Definitely agree. Kinda crazy isn't it? And Brady is balling out too. Fucking old dudes still got it.


Yeah, his deep accuracy hasn't been there yet this season consistently. So if that clicks on the offense will be really something


He's not putting up the same MVP numbers as last year. Whole offense is still out-of-sync due to a banged up OL and the lack of a key receiver. LaFluer's play calling has also been a bit suspect. If they can get the OL back together and MVS comes back, this offense could start dropping routine 40 burgers.


Full quote: “All my fucking life. I own you. I still own you. I still own you.”


That’s what happens when the defense taunts Rodgers. He gets fired up. These youngsters need to understand who to talk shit to and who you just let be when you are owning them.




Guess he's the one who made the call to relocate them to Arlington.


I'm waiting for the fine and three week suspension for taunting all of Chicago


I legit heard “I spit on you” and was like “Jesus Rodgers why you need to go so hard with the Shakespeare?”


"what, you eggs?"


Anyone have a clip? Must’ve missed it


yep, that's a Bears-Packers game


Aaron Rodgers saying he still owns them is the most honest statement I’ve heard in a long time. Absolute domination


Don't know how we keep winning when our team is made of duct tape, but I'm really happy about it. Would like to see the offense get as good as last year, of course, but we're getting the job done even with all the injuries.


Worst 14-3 team ever incoming


> **Don't know how we keep winning when our team is made of duct tape** Inb4 someone says 'Refs' EQ called, he wants his TD back.


Poor EQ lol.... Didn't make the team after years of us giving him chances, finally has a good couple of plays and a sick TD and it gets called back... That might literally be the end of his career since MVS is back soon


Well when the other team is held together by spit and popsicle sticks


Don't talk about your head coach like that


Its incredible honestly Just keep getting injuries to key players week after week and yet somehow someway keep winning MLF gotta get some credit here


Seriously one of the worst officiated games ever. Absolutely garbage both ways. We're building a nice offense though, excited for our future there. We'll get y'all back someday Green Bay. Some day


Scoring 14 points when the opposing team has their top 3 DBs out is not building a nice offense lmao


Also the Smith bros are out.


Wasn't Preston in there today?


He left with an injury


They meant you guys are building a nice offence for the future, which I agree with tbh. Fields, Kmet and Mooney are all pretty young and good, they should only get better. Just need to get rid of that jackass Nagy, the offence will be held back if he’s still around EDIT: forgot about Montgomery, he’s up there too


Seriously. I dont see the offense being good for 3-5 years.


Like i honestly think the replacement refs could've called it better.


Roses are black. Violets are black. Everything is black. Touchdown Seahawks.


Yep. Refs were horseshit today. Gg bears, see you at Lambeau


I thought Fields actually showed some real flash today. He was pressured a lot, which is probably the only way we win that game. And Herbert looked fire too, if inexperienced.


He's been doing that all year. He was dropping dimes against LV despite being under fairly constant duress


You think he's a franchise QB for you?


I think so. I'd say it will likely come down to coaching though and I'm very apprehensive about our current coaching staff. Namely, Nagy


Yeah, I get that. He looked like he could definitely be someone you can build a team around. I love that he's got the Red Rifle for mentorship too.


Andy has been a great leader. I'm a big fan of him


I fucking love Andy. Cheers. Hope the rest of your day is better.


Appreciate it man, you as well!


Ignore the penalties for a second… how fucking shit was their spotting of the football, they didn’t blow plays dead on time continuously, called penalties denied that were actually accepted, said something happened and then 20 seconds later did the opposite. It was pure incompetence all around.


Lol Tonyan got fucked on that one play and then AJ Dillon got a 1st down despite literally being close to 3 yards short. I have genuinely never seen so many shit spots in a single game. 3 of them coming within like 10 mins of each other.


Only a Bears fan would see that as building a nice offense.


I'm worried that this postseason is gonna hit a breaking point or something because it was so ass the whole game and has been for weeks


Yeah definitely with you on that. When they weren’t making bad calls they were confused about where and when to enforce the bad calls they made.


Three out of four of the last Packers games have been absolute shit shows (bears, Steelers, niners) the only one that wasn't completely terribly officiated was the Bengals game.


Tbf, bengals was a mess too, just for different reasons. We haven’t had a regular game yet.


Especially that bullshit holding call


The biggest horseshit call was the mysterious 1st that Dillon got, when he went backwards for a loss of at least one yard.


Can’t decide between that one and the delay of game where Fields literally called for a timeout 3 seconds earlier.


I thought my eyes were playing with me when I saw Fields turn and signal for a timeout. Then I thought when they didn't give it to him, maybe he was motioning to the WRs but nope the refs were just that fucking horrible. I thought the Niners/Packers game from SNF week 3 was going to be the worst refed game of the year, but nope.


Dude, our offense is one of the absolute worst in the league. Nagy has had 4 years to build literally any identity in it, but hasn’t done anything. It’s awful and it should get him fired honestly.


I’ll never have to stop seeing that dumb phrase now. Jesus Christ I want to kill myself


Can we fire Nagy now? No? Fine, continue to waste everybody's time


"I've owned you all my fucking life! I still own you! I still own you!" Some absolute super villain shit from Rodgers there, he's a bad fucking man!


This game was over when the Bears defense mocked the belt on their first sack. GG Bears.


Matt LaFleur now ties Matt Nagy in Regular season wins


That wasn't OPI That Unsportsmanlike Conduct call was bullshit That wasn't holding on Mustifer on the Herbert TD that got called back That arm punt interception was a clear offsides And how TF does a QB call time out and you're just like Nah (I'm sure there were others I missed but these stood out to me)


Block in the back was missed a play or two before the one that was called that was even more apparent. That 2nd interceptions after the arm punt was called back then they had to change the call after realizing they somehow said something entirely different. That TD for the Packers was called back for some phantom reason. Don't forget that horrible 1st down the Bears had to challenge.


Not to rub it in, but the Bears only scored 14 despite the Packers being without Jaire Alexander, Z Smith, and King. Also lost Darnell Savage for most of the game. I know the refs sucked, but the Bears offense was atrocious. We had guys out there in the secondary that probably shouldn’t be on NFL rosters. Edit: I personally think the narrative that “being without King is a net positive” is off base. He’s been a starter for a reason. He has the physical tools to actually cover guys in this league. Is he one of the best in the league? Hell no. Is he better than the guys we had to trot out there today? Absolutely.


Very fair point. Counter point, we're on our 5th string tackle and a center that couldn't bench a pretzel... Balance lol


Counterpoint, the bears were down to the 4th string runningback and offensive tackles that shouldn't be in the league


> We had guys out there in the secondary that probably shouldn’t be on NFL rosters. Matt Nagy Special. People also forget the Eagles were missing their top 2 corners in the double doink game and yet the offense couldn't score any points in that one either. Rookie QB + O-line that can't pass block + ludicrously poor playcalling = a shit offense.


Fields calls timeout Refs: No


Remember when everyone panicked on the Packers after week one?


Maybe I should start rooting for the bears because playing them in the NFC championship seems like the only way we make the Superbowl


Aaron Rodgers is terrifying


As much as the “I still own you!!!” was amazing, I’m very surprised he wasn’t penalized for taunting.


You can taunt the crowd


There's nothing to say he can't taunt the fans. *head tap*


You can taunt all the fans you want but if you yell at a player thats 15yrds


Honestly why? It was towards the fans, not another player


Is taunting the crowd a penalty?


Aaron Rodgers, Chicago Bears owner.


I think Rodgers still owns the Bears guys


Is 11 of last 12 in Soldier Field not enough evidence for you?


Fuck the refs, fire Nagy, Fields looked alright etc etc


x 10 That’s probably going to be *the* reoccurring theme this season…


Packers fans: hey can we get another historic red zone performance? We had an awesome 80% TD conversion rate last year. Packers: sure. We'll make it 100% conversion rate ^(for opposing offenses on our defense)




sigh, one day we'll have a team that doesn't struggle with basic execution on offense... one day


Good to see the offense is still terrible despite having a quarterback than can make accurate throws


At least we’re helping Joe Barry’s job security?


He’s already better than pettine


He hasn't been bad considering.


After week one the D looks solid tho. They are beat to hell but still doing alright. If they can figure some things out in the red zone they could be legit.


Considering the decimation that the defense has had this year, he's been looking alright. The red zone defense needs massive work though


Even when we lose, we win 😈 >!that’s how it goes, right?!<


Every single mother fucking bears player needs to have pre-GB game day meetings about NOT. FUCKING. MOCKING. THE. BELT. CELEBRATION. How many times does he have to teach you? 24-7 since Quinn had to go and poke the bear


Why does Wikipedia say the McCaskey family owns the bears? We all know it's Rodgers that owns them




"I still own you..." trending on twitter, my day is better. That being said, the officials were awful in this game.


Bears defense, you guys are dominating why would you try to activate pissed off Roodgers mode? Comment I posted during the live thread when it was 7-0 Bears and the dude took a taunting penalty standing above Rodgers.


His facemask was pulled by Rodgers. I mean, Edwards was in idiot for responding, but this idea that Rodgers was just innocently sitting there and then verbally abused by Edwards is revisionist history.


Regardless of what Rodgers did, it doesn’t effect my comment, don’t talk shit to Rodgers or you unlock his god mode.