Why the hell does Dak and Zeke get superstar x-factors in Madden but I don’t get to enjoy a playoff game?


Why is Dak and X factor anyways. At most he should be whatever the gold dev trait is called


Because the guy who has final say on ratings is a cowboys fans. They’re always extremely overrated.


I always do the fantasy draft when I play franchise since I find it way more interesting and I just played the team that has Micah Parsons in my second year…I don’t think I’ve ever played against a more insanely overpowered CPU player, good lord.


[According to Reddit users, Dustin Smith (@Equipment_Guru) is the head rating adjuster for EA Sports and routinely trolls fans of the popular video game on social media. Over the years, he has shown a biased propensity for ranking Cowboys players higher than they might be worth in real life.](https://heavy.com/entertainment/2019/07/eagles-news-carson-wentz-snubbed-in-madden-20-ratings/)


Cowboys are a media hype train, so I guess it could be easy to do idk. Dak and Zeke shouldn’t be x-factors, but the last time I played the game Cee Dee Lamb was lower than what I thought he should be.


You spiked the ball on the last play of the game.


And handed the ball to center to be spotted instead of the ref.


And as some astute observer pointed out in a different thread, the Cowboys spotted the ball 2-3 yards downfield of where Dak started his slide. Which is why you aren't supposed to spot it yourself in the first place.


Should there have been some kind of penalty there? I was drinking pretty heavily by that point, but it sure seemed chaotic with the line trying to back up, get set, and spike in about 2 seconds.


Nevermind the fact that there were 2 seconds mysteriously added to the clock after they got the punt


Blame your head coach instead. Can't believe McCarthy built a locker room that thinks its ok to blame the refs and take no accountability.


There are times when bs calls guarantee one team's Victory, like your game against the raiders, but this isnt one. 99% of the teams go for a hail Mary, or 2.


No, 99% of teams throw an 8-10 yard out.


They did this all the way up to midfield because the niners let them. Then once they reached midfield with 14 or whatever seconds left the niners defensive formation completely changed. The midfield was completely empty and all the defenders were either in the end zone or on the sidelines. They were asking for something in the middle of the field.


Which they had to do because they were otherwise incapable of defending the sidelines


With 14 seconds, probably. They def don't run tho lmao


I’m pretty sure if he called that shit when he was coaching the Packers that Aaron Rodgers would have straight told him to get fucked.


Pretty sure that's why he's coaching the Cowboys now.


Aaron has excellent personal clock management and has performed a ton of last second spikes. He absolutely would have executed this play well by running for 2 less seconds (10 yards or so) then handing the ref the ball (saves at least 1 second). Either that or choose 2 Hail Marys. But you can trust Aaron. You cannot trust Dak


Yeah but dak isn't that good lmao


Dak got paid. He has the leverage to call out of those plays


"stupid fucking call"


This is all I thought when watching the final play.


Dak should had told him the same thing.


"See those idiots are expecting a pass, check this out."


Oh you’ve been watching film. That’s cool. Watch this.


I agree, it's embarrassing. I'd fire everyone.


Starting with the refs! ^^jkjk ^^don't ^^downvote ^^pls


I’d absolutely fire some of the refs, but not for this game.




No you! =)


As someone who watched the 49ers secondary get called for THE MOST pass interference penalties in the league this year, I am very glad that didn’t happen :)


Don't worry I know all about shit penalties swaying a teams win probability. It's shit man




Me either!


The only reason they ended up with the record they had is because they play in the NFC Least.


And a 3rd place schedule.


> Can't believe McCarthy built a locker room that thinks it's ok to blame the refs and take no accountability I mean...I sure can. Maybe you're just using a turn of phrase, but in my view - which I think is representative of at least a solid percentage of NFL fans in this case - Mike McCarthy is a huge turd that is neither a leader of men nor a competent, innovative head coach. This doesn't seem surprising really at all.


thats what mike zimmer does, wait, he blames the players too


How is this on McCarthy and not Dak? Like, even if the coach called that play, how does Dak not just say fuck and just bomb it out? Imo this is 100% on Prescott here


Blame yourself lol like who ran the ball with 14 seconds left and then spiked it with 0:00 on the clock?


If dak slides after 8-9 yards, they still have a play and a chance. He took and extra 2 seconds to pick up 5 meaningless yards.


He still had a chance as it played out if he had handed the ball to the ref from the get go


Another thing I don't see being mentioned, but not only was the ref hauling to get there, so was the chain gang. There weren't set yet. I don't know the full rules, but wouldn't they have to have their sticks in place as well?


“Also, wtf was up with the Niners playing their starters? That really seemed unfair to me. I think the fans agree. When I play backups, you see how good I am.”


Damn y’all are enjoying this so much 🤣😂🤣




i’m in austin, send backup.


Bruh, I was low key rooting for 9ers. I know I know 🤣




Naww, Eagles are looking good moving forward. Just put some key pieces around Hurts and I think ya all got a bright future.


It softened the blow of our loss.


I said that game was one of the worst because of that reason u said, then I got downvoted lmaooo


After the way Cowboys fans celebrated last week, beating our practice squad like it was their super bowl? Yeah. Their misfortune is good enough to eat.


TBF we pulled our two best starters on defense for the 4th quarter, dak didn’t have to deal with Warner or bosa for his comeback.


Is being injured considered being pulled? Just weird verbiage


Just me being sarcastic for humors sake


Exactly, remember when they beat Washington and proclaimed SuperBowl bound.


"It only took their two best defensive players being ruled out for our offense to look decent. Clearly we were the better team and should have won"


I remember an Eagles fan saying these WRs would wreck the 49ers on this sub. Feels great baby.


I highly doubt an Eagles fan provided positive commentary towards anything from Dallas


yeah whoever said that should turn in their philly card


Haha, absolutely OWNED that Eagles fan by eliminating their bitter rival 😎


Am I the only one who thinks the ref really didn’t even fuck up at the end there lol Dak is salty af edit:spell


The players should have known the ref had to place the ball and not done it themselves. Refs are pretty damn good about that. Dak is being a child.


They didn't. The cowboys just had one of the dumbest plays I've ever seen to end a game.


First time watching a Mike McCarthy team fucking up clock management?


2014 still haunts me. And 2015. And basically every year from 2011-2018


As I've told anyone when this has come up in conversation, it's pretty telling that the very second McCarthy gets replaced, the Packers immediately improved.


But he has Rodgers! You mean like the guy before him when they stunk it up the past couple years?


This. Other than a Super Bowl, we’ve basically had as much success in the last 3 years as we had the entire decade of Rodgers-McCarthy.


He didn’t fuck up. He did what the rules say.


He also hustled way more than refs normally do, fought his way through an already set O-line, marked the ball as fast as possible (and didn't even take the time to move the ball back as far as it should have been), and jumped out of the way from the players. If anything, the dude deserves a medal from Dallas for even giving that dumbass play a chance.


That ref was hauling ass to get there lol


And ran into just about every ass on the way there.


Not to mention they gave the Cowboys 3 extra yards with that spot.


How dare you follow the rules!! /s


No. Even Cowboys fans are being rational about it in their sub. Refs didn’t do anything wrong.


Honestly, outside of skip bayless, I have yet to see any cowboy fans blame the ref on this play. They seem to be more preoccupied by the bone headed play of running a QB draw with Dak running for 10 yards too many


Don't read Twitter comments then. Half of them are blaming the ref


We can all agree skip bay less is a joke of a person


No they aint


Everyone but skip bayless agrees


Skip’s a fucking clown


Skips been blasting the Cowboys though


Skip bayless is truly the most annoying person in sports. I can’t stand him at all


On face value yeah, but once you know what he is it can be entertaining. Like the way he’ll set up takes or move the goalposts is funny. Even the persona of a disgruntled cowboys fan constantly on the ropes is hilarious. It’s theater, he plays a character.




His mime game needs a lot of work. It's almost as if he doesn't understand that he's supposed to be silent. I just mute the tv and then it's easy to understand how he could be a top 10 mime if he just worked a little harder.


He's worse than Steven A.


Ref didn’t fuck up. Dak gave the ball to the center to set the spot, which is obviously not allowed. The fact that Dak isn’t taking responsibility for his mistake shows he’s not a leader and why Dallas keeps showing up small in big games.


Not to mention the center actually spotted the ball three yards too far. The ref was trying to put it in the right place but he bounced from that idea to save time.


He was trying to get through the OL to spot the ball faster, when he actually could’ve run around and wasted more time.


It looked like the ref was hustling to get the ball spotted. Fans are upset because they expect a 50 year old ref to run as fast as Dak. Even if he snapped it a second earlier, it still takes a second after the ball is snapped to spike it. He messed up by not sliding earlier and the coaching staff messed up call a draw.


Refs were spot on. Didn't Romo say Dak should have popped up and immediately handed the ball to the official for the spot?


I’ve seen guys haul ass to give refs the ball in those types of situations too lol


Yea if we’re gonna run that we really need to know the ref places the ball. Dak’s definitely salty rn, but I mean I completely get why he’s salty. It’s easier to blame outside things than yourself at first.


The whole game they couldn't move the ball for shit, but yeah let's blame the loss on the referees and the last play of the game where you let time run out on a shitty play call!


no, all the cowboys players including the HC are blaming the refs


There is no thinking actually. You're 100 percent right. That was all on Dak and Dallas not understanding the rules/situation. That and McCarthy trying possibly the worst trick (pre-snap) play in playoff history, earlier in the game.


Yeah it's literally just you bro


The fans/refs didnt run a draw with :14 seconds left and no timeouts, Dak.


Legit elementary stuff, give the ball to the ref Dak not the center. You practice this scenario every week supposedly


I need to know if they've been practicing it wrong, lol.


It’s McCarthys team. Of course they’re practicing it wrong.


Dak you and your center can’t spot the ball. I don’t understand why that’s hard to understand.


If your game plan involves putting pressure on the refs to be efficient at anything, you’ve already lost


Weren’t most of Dallas’ penalties pre-snap? Those are pretty hard to fabricate. And if he’s talking about the end sequence, that was an absolute fuck up from the Dallas sideline and nowhere else.


This reeks of them doing it in practice with no one playing the referrree role. They do it and click their STO watch the moment he slides down. And look at each other and say it can work. Of course no one thinks to take into account the ref needing to spot the ball. It’s their own stupidity and here they are blaming the refs.




>Fuckin refs won't even let us spot the ball ourselves 4 yards on from where the slide started wtf is this bias


What a leader, $75 million well spent


I know right?


That's great, Dak, but *you* screwed up.


But… you’re the one who did it..?


Even Dak blaming the refs im fuckin dead SALT IS A WAY OF LIFE. THE WALLS ARE SALT. THE AIR IS SALT


This is weak man. You had 1st and 10 from the SF 46 with 2:30 left and gained -1 yards.


Just needs accept that the team was poorly coached and he straight up butchered the ending. Refs have been bad this year but they’re not the reason they lost lol.


That play was idiotic on so many levels. - The obvious stupid call when you don't have a timeout. I don't even think the 49ers fully bought in. On replay the defenders on the sidelines stay in their land because they think there might be some lateral coming at some point. - He runs all the way until he's about to get tackled, instead of sliding 5 yards before. That extra 5 yards isn't worth getting some defender on top of you. It's a one pass to the end zone situation, make sure you get a chance. - Gives the ball to the center, then blocks the ref from touching the ball. - Why call this in the first place? 2 Passes from 40 yards are a better bet than 1 possible pass from 25 yards IMO in a Hail Mary situation. - The refs are horrible, and probably should look into better ones going forward but they weren't the issue on this play.


One pass from 25 yards is better than two from 40. Especially with their roster of TE, WR, RBs.


> One pass from 25 yards is better than two from 40. Without any other context, possibly yes. The real issue is that everything had to go perfectly to even get a play off from there (and it obviously didn't).


I can't believe they would call that QB draw without having a specific play in mind from 25-30 yards out. It would make absolutely no sense otherwise


Doesn't matter if you can't snap the ball.


True, but you don't call plays assuming your players will fuck it up like Dak did


It didnt really need to go perfectly though. You just cant have your QB screw it up like it did. Not only did it add 5 yards on his run but also the refs run.


Most of the defense is going to be in the end zone anyway for the last pass. At least on the play before, some of them were guarding against the sideline pass. And it allows for one more chance of pass interference as well.


Personally I disagree with the 2 40 yard attempts being better than than the 1 25 yarder (analytics also disagree that its better in terms of likelihood of scoring) With the 25 yarder you can actually run a semblance of a legit play that can take advantage of matchups you like. A hail mary can easily be picked and requires a lot of luck to even get in the ballpark of being completed


In a vacuum yes, but in Hail Mary situations where it's one pass or done, most of the defense would be in the end zone. Analytically, the 25 yarder would be better in normal situations, but they are essentially throwing it up into the end zone anyway because it's going to be crowded.


Not really. Either way they have to go to the end zone with a pass. The only way it would have been better is if they were within range for a run to be a legitimate enough scoring threat to pull defenders out of the endzone.


That's not true, it makes a big difference. The longer the pass, the more time there is for defenders to recover. From 40 yards, even if a guy is wide open, he might not be by the time the ball gets there.


There's nothing to recover from and no one is getting wide open because the defense has cover 7 or cover 8 in the endzone. There's only gonna be small coverage gaps and 25 yards still forces a long enough pass that the defenders have time to adjust to the ball and fill those gaps so it still doesn't help. You have to get within a distance where your QB can throw a laser into the endzone, which is roughly 15 yards, to potentially exploit those small gaps. This is also close enough that the defense has to pull a defender or 2 up just in case there is a run or short pass attempt


You’re heart is in the right place and I get your point, but I don’t think you know what “cover 7 or cover 8” is.


"Cover 7/Cover 8 in the endzone" gives a good depiction of Hail Mary defense so I went with it, even if it sounds dumb/nonsensical to someone who actually knows what Cover 7/Cover 8 means


Okay I’ll let you off the hook haha


Thanks. May the Niners win this Saturday


One pass has to go extremely high in the air. The other you can actually throw a normal football which means defenders cant adjust nearly as fast. The whole reasoning behind the play is to get into an area where the offense can throw a non a jump ball.


Does the risk of trying to get to the 25 yard line make up for the risk of 2 40 yard passes though?


I strongly disagree with number 4. A pass from the 30 means you can actually throw a normal ball and run routes. The percentage for a TD there far higher than 2 hailmarys which are jump balls with outnumbered offensive players. The issue was Dak overran it.


Daks situational awareness at the end is what messed up the Cowboys ... Should've at slid earlier, fell into the 49ers trap giving him all that space to run


I’d have thrown deep and drew a PI. Derek Carr makes a living off of it.


You need to win the game to win. The blame game is for losers.


I'm not trying to come off as "piling on" cowboy fans here but, is it me or has Mike Mccarthy gotten everyone to buy into the "it's the refs fault nonsense?" I mean now dak is up here practically admitting the same? We all did watch the same game right? A bad qb draw with no T.Os. I mean as soon as dak took off with it, I knew right then it was game over for them. I literally said "what the hell is he doing?" Sorry but penalties(undisciplined) turnovers, and bad coaching lost the game. Not some phantom ref mistake. Dak maybe needs to own up to his mistakes and admit "yeah I could have looked for the ref to give him the ball and i could have snapped the ball and chucked it in the endzone, but I spiked it instead."


McCarthy should be fired after this. The team has no discipline which was made clear by the pre-snap penalties. He can’t play call and he blames everyone but himself. Dak isn’t going to be the QB to lead a team, he won’t ever take responsibility, so if Dallas wants to keep him around they need a head coach who can do that for him.


The refs got them the ball back back with that false start call that was pretty suspect and they decided to run a QB sneak and spike it. Dak is acting like a soft little baby.


QB draw with 18 seconds and no timeouts.


I thought 14?


14 seconds. Which would of been a record in the nfl if they ran for over 10 yards up the middle.




Cowboys have ZERO leadership in that room including the head coach and QB. They didn’t have it with Garrett/Romo and still don’t have it now.


Having Jerry Jones as the owner certainly doesn’t help


What a 🤡


Blames the refs for a horrendous playcall, tries to justify them getting shit thrown at them and then doubling down it. Not a good look at all, and pretty surprising considering daks been pretty mature and doesn't mess up at the podium all too often


They should have let Dak walk and found another QB.


The Undertaker dug fewer graves than this guy.


McCarthy should have ran his Ozone plays.


Let me try to understand this. Is the issue whether or not the Cowboys had time to get one more play for a 40 yard Hail Mary? As if that shit has a 55% chance or something? The game was over when he ran the ball. This is a waste of time.


Dak took a hot steamy shit on the field at Jerry World and all dem boyz fans want to do is blame McCarthy and the refs 😂


All the fans I see here are blaming Dak and McCarthy.


Lol fuck off dak. Shit team, undisciplined penalties, awful throws, horrible awareness, horrible play calling. Enjoy the downswing.


Broke ankle man got frazzled as the clock wound down and doesn’t take accountability for his elementary misunderstandings of how football rules work


Totally blaming the refs after a bad overall performance from the entire team is exactly what you want to hear from your franchise QB. Why do guys not watch Brady and learn how to handle this stuff? It's not that hard. Dak's been doing this too long to say that


Yeah, Brady *never* whines. That guy bitches and moans throughout every game. 🤪


There's a difference between bitching to the refs and blaming the refs.


Brady never blames the refs? Okay...


No Dak. I for one am not at all upset with how this game turned out.


Or maybe you guys are just a bunch of overrated bums who get hyped up because the media themselves are a bunch of boomer cowboys fans and your fanbase is filled with delusional fools who eat that shit up. Everyone else saw this coming considering you play in a braindead division with easy wins and you failing to beat any real teams.


Can't wait to see the "Dallas vs Everyone" merchandise.


How many chances did they need? The refs bailed them out multiple times before that. Don’t run with 14 seconds and no timeouts from midfield..and then not hand the ball to the ref. One blunder after another from a mediocre qb who gets so much attention due to playing for the most overrated franchise that hasnt done shit in 30 years.


It’s your teams fault you ding dong. Double digit penalties, bailing out the Niners multiple times and a final play that will be taught to show young QBs what not to do.


But at the end of the day, I opened my bank account information and smiled and realized it’s just a stupid game I get paid for no matter what. trust me, dak, the fans do not feel the same as you do.


Class, with a silent CL.


Did the refs tell you to run that play? Or underachieve once again?


Fuck yeah Dak, real QBs deflect blame. I hope you stay in Dallas forever, youre awesome




I'm feasting on this salt so much I can feel my arteries hardening.


So Dak is basically condoning fans throwing trash at refs. What a leader.


The Dallas Cowboys have not won a championship in 26 years.


Are you going to be posting this same comment to karma farm all night, or are you going to take a little breather and post it tomorrow all day instead?


Dak Prescott is 1-3 in the playoffs.


Cry more Dak.


The refs were probably short staffed. That’s what I hear everywhere place I go.


For once this game wasn’t on the refs. McCarthy and Moore are utter trash.


And so is overpaid Dak with his 25 QBR. Oh and so is overpaid Zeke.


So...um...how bout dem Cowboys?


Dak is gonna get crucified for the next 8 months


As he should. He’s acting like a complete clown about it. No accountability for his shit play the entire game


Blame yourselves … refs did nothing wrong


I am not sure how they can hyper focus on the end of the game when they were commuting penalties like crazy and then Dak and his receivers timing looked off all nice. Balls either overthrown or thrown behind the receivers that were open. When I watched the game, it looked to me like Dallas was just having a really bad night, and not playing to their level. They didn’t really deserve to win that game.


If anything the ref helped him out by spotting it where Dak spotted it. He slid at the 26yd line and then wanted to spot it at the 23. Had the ref been “no fuck you you’re back here” then they wouldn’t have even got the snap off. Dallas you played yourself, own it


Dak should look in the mirror, he played like shit.