'Die and go to hell': Assistant Utah AG sends expletive email after candidate disturbs his nap

'Die and go to hell': Assistant Utah AG sends expletive email after candidate disturbs his nap


That’s a tantrum It’s rather sad to see an elected official that goes on the record whilst emotionally hijacked. What’s even more sad is to see an elected official that gets emotionally hijacked by being woken from his nappy time.


Dude back in the day I would throw the BIGGEST tantrums when I woke up from a nap like kick scream the whole nine yards! Then I developed the rest of my motor skills and I was able to settle down pretty easily. But the amount of nap time I got definitely plummeted as a result


Had us in the first half ngl.


As a grown man, I still cuss and yell when woken up out of a rem cycle.


I violently jerk awake but typically don't scream or yell... Though one time I ran straight from bed into a wall... That was not fun.


you know, that would be an instant viral video if someone got it on video.


I'd rather not have that circulating lol.


but the rest of us would love it.


So selfish...


As a sleep tech,rule #1 “do NOT wake patient in REM” (closer to morning to get them out & go home…Bad reviews ensured from paying customers.


I scream out in utter terror


My girlfriend wakes me up when she gets home from her second shift job with a kiss every night (I want her to). But like 5% of the time I wake up freaked out, and yell some kind of incoherent sleep-speech at her. It's embarrassing.


every few nights my wife wakes up yelling about one thing or another. I used to try to calm her down, all that happens is you end up in an argument with her about whether whatever it was she was dreaming about was real, which makes it take even longer for her to go back to sleep. Now I just ignore it. The worst though was when I work up by being punched in the face (hard). She was dreaming about something and punched it. I'll admit it took me a bit to not be angry even though I knew she didn't mean to.


Mad because woke up from nap, or homophobic mormon who thought he could get away with hate speech so long as he didn't call say any of the slurs? Such a hard one to figure out.


Spot on.


How. "He is homophobic even though he didnt say or do anything homophobic" Edit: Before you downvote answer my question thanks


He didn’t do or say anything remotely homophobic but based on his response, he either really hates getting woken up from his nappy-naps or he has some sort of pathological hatred of the candidate based on his identity. Based on the fact that he brings his family into it, i would be willing to bet he is in fact a homophobic mouth breather but I don’t know him personally like I’m assuming the original commenter does.


Lol I bet you'd also say something like, "Tom Metzger is not racist, he didn't say anything racist, he is simply a member of an organization that likes wearing white hoods and idolized hitler"


Thats sounds pretty racist to me but thanks for assuming I'm a racist. Very cool your obviously very intelligent


Well this comment proved one thing, you're irrationally combative


If someone said you where racist you would be too.


Now you're assuming some incorrect things about me.


The word of the day is "Microagression"


Today you can breath homophobically


You can even suck dick homophobically


Nap time is the only time his gay thoughts are free to play. Waking up is so hard for him, poor baby.


Continually amazed at how insane Reddit is. You have absolutely no evidence whatsoever to believe he is homophobic except that he is a Mormon. Do you know what makes you? A bigot, actually.


Well the leaders of the church constantly preach about how homosexuality is from Satan, its an attack on the family, etc. Mormonism is an inherently homophobic religion. People have been excommunicated for marrying someone of the same gender.


Wait, are you talking about the same Mormons that spent double digit millions of dollars to fight gay marriage in California? Just making sure.


Most religions are homophobic.


If the religion has a practiced base of discriminating against homosexuals then the religion is homophobic. I would say anyone who is part of a homophobic religion is homophobic as well, it is not restricted to mormons. Don't want to be considered a homophobe based on your religion? Find one that is not homophobic.


Mormonism is homophobic and also [racist](https://www.reddit.com/r/exmormon/comments/o0ex4l/is_the_book_of_mormon_racist/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) But It could be argued that members of this ~~religion~~ cult are victims themselves and can’t be held accountable for belonging to an organization that [mandated that children of parents who are in same-sex relationships must wait until they are 18 years old and then disavow their parents homosexual relationships before they can be baptized.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_and_The_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints#Opposition_to_same-sex_marriage_legislation) If holding “salvation” from a child on account of their parents decision to engage in a same-sex relationship, isn’t homophobic, I don’t know what is. Just like with the racists doctrine that withheld salvation from black people, The leaders ~~realized the impact the unpopular doctrine would have on their profits~~ had revelation and eventually reversed the decision. Such a bold doctrine does not easily allow for the blissful state of cognitive dissonance.


Well Mormonism is a cult...


Just like pretty much every other religion.


"America's most respected cult"!


If you’re part of an organization that has actively homophobic policies then……..guess what the answer is.


Name 5 openly gay Mormons. Go!


Dude, the odds of him being homophobic are astronomically more likely because he's a Mormon. It's overwhelmingly likely. No, I have no proof. Cheers! Edit: I'll absolutely take maybe being a bigot for assuming a member of a religious organization that practices actual bigotry is probably a bigot. Mine is less harmful to real human beings.


so dont say someone is homophobic unless you know they are homophobic. It's just a dick move


For real. Unless there’s another article that no one is linking to, idk where people are getting off making this leap. Humans cannot handle the internet apparently.


It makes me an ex Mormon.


I’d say give him a sippy juice box but that’d reinforce the negative behavior and he might get more wired from the sugar.


“Last Saturday I was awakened from a nap and reacted with undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility," Who does this jackass think he is?! Bet he doesn’t even lift.


Give him milk and cookies.




Lmao dude come on, I'm a pretty strident ex-Mormon here in Utah and there's no love lost between me and the church, but this is total bullshit. No one has made Mormon Tea since the pioneer days, and it's not like it was a significant part of Utah or Mormon culture even then. The idea that Mormons are growing and brewing tea that's "one step from meth" is ridiculousness on the level of old Mormon dime novels. There are countless true reasons to be critical of the church, we don't need fake ones.


You’d love Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s recent tantrum then


*“I hate you. I hate your family. I hate your solicitors. I hate your contributors. I hate your sponsors. Kindly die and go to hell motherf-----!!!!”* The AG is trying to keep his job by lying about the fact that he sent that email because he has a problem that the candidate is gay.


Anti LGTBQ+ sentiments are so deeply engrained in Mormon culture. The church has recently started to excommunicate LGTBQ+ members for marrying, which is legal. It is sad and unnecessary. This goes to show what the power of the Mormon culture has over elected officials. It is bigoted hatred that the church has taught and instilled. It needs to be rooted out but won’t any time soon.


Why would there be any LGBT members to begin with? Do they just ignore the anti LGBT messages?


Mormon families. They were born into it.


This is very true. I have a friend who is part of the LGBT community as well as is part of the LDS church, and he was absolutely born into it.


The mormon church absolutely persecutes anyone who opposes their doctrine. The people who stay in it against their better interests do it because they have been taught a lifestyle of fear and shame. Also, being attached to your family has been ingrained into you and they won't be available if you Leave.


so, just another, earlier form of Scientology...


You’re closer to the truth than you realize. Their cosmology is almost identical to that of Scientology. I highly recommend the Last Podcast on the Left’s massive series on the history of Mormonism for an entertaining and unflinching look into just how this cult started and got where it is today.


Not yes but not no. Scientology is deliberately intended to be for profit and bonkers. Whereas the Mormons are trying to do things they think are right but are just misguided at present.


> Whereas the Mormons are trying to do things they think are right but are just misguided at present. Some Scientologists are the same way. Only the upper echelons of both "churches" are making bank from it. Every-day Mormons probably think they're following a noble religion or whatever, but I highly doubt their leadership isn't doing it for profit, or some other morally dubious reason.


Joseph Smith was a grave robber who started this cult because he didn’t want to do field work lol it’s the same game. There might be some misguided and easily duped rubes who truly believe they’re a force for moral good, but you can bet that the church elders and anyone with any sense know the score


Cause even Mormons can't pick if they're gay or not and some don't try to repress their feelings.


But...they *can* pick if they’re Mormon or not...


it's a cult. cults are notoriously hard to get out of. kinda like scientology, which someone already said in another comment.


Not that easy. You grow up in a religion like that; every single one of your friends is in it, your parents, your family. All of them will never be able to speak to you again if you leave. It’s a *huge* deal to leave the Mormon church, not something to scoff at. And some don’t want to. They believe the doctrine, feel close to their God, and they want to stay a part of that community. It’s absolutely nothing to just blow off and say they can just choose to not be Mormon.


While this can certainly be the case for people coming from a family of rabid true believers, I never had any issue with being shunned for not sticking with the church when I left. I think the majority of members are sane people that just do a thing, like anyone else believing in their version of sky daddy.


But not their family. Breaking off from your family, especially at a young age, is a massive challenge.


You can choose not to act on those feelings though. I know the children here will disagree, but not every emotion needs to be acted on. You can have violent tendencies, but whether you feed or fight against those tendencies is your choice.


See, there's a difference between "repressing anger" and "repressing part of your mental psyche." You can't choose to be straight or gay, you just are.


You can't just choose to change your beliefs.


You quite literally can. Source: was raised as a biblical literalist and young earth creationist and am definitely not that now


It's a hell of a lot easier than changing who you're sexually attracted to.


Yeah, but most mormons would just culturally shun the guy/never buy from his business/whisper about him behind his back. This guy outright yelling at him to go to hell is unusual. They're not usually directly confrontational. /grew up mormon and everyone I knew was one.


Oooh do I have stories from missionaries. For context I'm trans mtf. Two men came to my house, and my VR development hobby was a distraction so their group leader had us meet at their hotel lobby. The second meeting had 4 missionaries, 2nen 2 women. They even began volunteering at several of the churches I do, just to talk to me. Every time I asked about Mormon views on trans life, they went to family values. I pointed to statements from their leader that invalidated my hypothetical mtf, ftm marriage; so it's not about one mother one father...square 1 what is the Mormon views on trans individuals before marriage and after a heterosexual (heterogender?) marriage? They insist that every transoerson had challenges that would be exclusively between them and god. I asked them to ask their group leader if it would be inappropriate for a mtof trans Mormon to host sisters at her house for dinner (which isn't uncommon for ciswomen depending on the situation). They never got an answer. I eventually made one of their girls cry. I ask the group if talking to God is challenging. No, he's open and loving and welcoming. I asked what challenges and trans Mormon faces then. No answers. I said, you are the challenge trans people face. Catholic trans people don't face challenges inherit to just existing. Jewish people accept and have in text support for trans people. Wiccans turn trans people up to 11. Mormon people are the challenges that Morman trans people face. Then I was invited to discuss with their group leader but it ended up the same way ultimately. In true Morman fashion he threatened me in the most passive way ever; inviting me to a BBQ they hosted with Mike Pence. Even though I didn't attend, I did sit a few rows behind LGBTVoldemort that morning.


>Two men came to my house, and my VR development hobby was a distraction so their group leader had us meet at their hotel lobby. I'm not understanding this part- are you saying two missionaries were going door to door, stopped at your place, but they were distracted by your hobby, so you agreed to go to them? I must be misunderstanding. I usually say, "No thanks, I'm not interested" and shut the door.




Steal their magic underwear


That’s only step 1.


Step 2: tell them you have stolen the invisible golden plates


Step 4: dum dum dum dum dum


Step 3rd: get the invisible plates certified via acid test.


I thought step 2 involved releasing three greased up pigs into their house numbered 1,2, and 4.


This is standard procedure at Alabama weddings.


Step 3: Profit


Fire them for being absolute dogshit at their job.


You can't fire an elected official. Vote them out or they can be as incompetent as they choose.


Saying "vote them out" to anybody about a mormon in Utah is about the same as saying "Vote McConnell out" to anybody in Kentucky, almost literally impossible.


Yet people think it's as easy as voting them out, because really the entire country is Democrat right


It'd be nice if it was that easy, and in a real democracy it would be, but with how tribalistic America is nowadays democracy basically won't exist. You definitely won't hear me personally saying democrats are all good, but at least their voter base holds them (mostly) accountable for their actions. Can't really say the same for the other side, and that's a real problem.


> It'd be nice if it was that easy, and in a real democracy it would be If it were a real democracy we wouldn't have a 2 party system in the first place


You can, however, pressure them into resigning. My city did that with our mayor a few years back amidst a massive sexual misconduct scandal and it worked


Good luck doing that in a state where the majority of the population only vote for others Mormons.


Who better represents them than one of their own


Laugh at Skippy while smiling and feeling deeply disturbed


I was just approached by some Mormon missionaries recently. It’s so tragic. They’re SO young. Way too young to really have any understanding of the world. And they’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed and taught how to behave in any given situation. They’re like robots for their cult. It’s truly horrifying to realize that there are actual humans behind the name tag and facade. I introduced them to the term, *deconstruction.* I hope they Google it and don’t stop reading about it until they’re free.


Sadly they would be unlikely to research it on mission because their partner would turn them in. Those missions are more for keeping the kids in the religion than getting new converts. It helps create a feedback loop, they are told they will be hated for their faith, people are annoyed with them for knocking on doors, they believe everything else more because that came true. Plus it takes them from their support for two years. It used to be you rarely even got to call home for weeks!


I actually disagree with what you've written because I spent 2 years doing it. I also have spent decades afterwards thinking back on it. They are 100% trying to increase their population because 10% of the income from every human being attached to their corporation is more money, more money, more money, more money.


Of course converts are great. But at the end of the day keeping teenagers in and making them believe they need to do this to get temple sealed is more important. Tithing if you don’t plan on using the church for anything like fiscal help or to get married, it isn’t as big of a deal not to. My FIL (may his memory be a blessing) hadn’t tithed likely ever and he didn’t go on mission because he couldn’t afford it (plus he was drafted). New converts may end up more like my FIL, but kids raised in it, they are believers and will want to do everything right. Some missions don’t get converts. But the bigger deal is that it helps inoculate teens who would be going to college and maybe finding a different path. Makes it more likely they will end up at BYU and get married in the religion and raise their kids the same. If they spend that money to do mission, it means they believed it (or their families did).


We actually talked about that. One of them claimed that because they aren’t paid for their mission work, “there’s no ulterior motive.” We talked about the social consequences of *not* doing a mission when it’s expected verses the social benefits of doing one within the context of their faith system. We talked about the enormous pressure to assimilate within Mormonism. I made a point of saying that that’s exactly why they always work in pairs. It creates built-in peer pressure. These kids were just staring back at me with blank faces— they had no prepared script and instead kept offering to help me if I needed anything like good Eagle Scouts. I made sure to be genuinely kind and gentle (I’m a mom so I spoke with them like they were my kids) because I know that they’ve been told that they’ll be persecuted and attacked for their faith which only serves to validates their faith. I explained that part of my own decision to leave was the long history of systemic oppression as perpetrated by my own faith system. I recalled a study that showed that those in faith systems actually experience less empathy and compassion than those who adhere to any faith system. I suggested that if those were characteristics that really mattered to them, then they might want to explore that some more. I encouraged them to be listeners when they speak with people who *intentionally* hold no faith. Who knows if any of our conversation made any affect whatsoever against the nearly two decades of psychological abuse and indoctrination, but hopefully they heard something that can begin to crack the facade. I kept pointing them to the term *deconstruction* and affirmed that it’s very hard and scary and lonely but that there are lots of us who are ready to support them if they find themselves going through it too.


Can confirm. I was one of their top salesmen in my youth. Sucks to look back on.




Mormons? It's not that easy buddy. Try all around the world when you're pinning anti-gay awards on a group. Btw, I grew up mormon in Utah and their religion is repulsive!


What ya goin’ do when they come for you.


Not sure but stop them from taking over utah with their stupid bs.


[Picture of them both](https://ewscripps.brightspotcdn.com/dims4/default/d860bfc/2147483647/strip/true/crop/1280x720+0+0/resize/1280x720!/quality/90/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fewscripps-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com%2F08%2Ff5%2F785d9b9d47cea6d521df233d4e52%2Fmano-wuthrich.jpg) Utah Assistant AG Steven Wuthrich on the left. >“I will do everything in my power to see you never get elected to any office higher than dog catcher,” Wuthrich wrote in his email to Mano. “I hate you. I hate your family. I hate your solicitors. I hate your contributors. I hate your sponsors. Kindly die and go to hell motherf-----!!!!” *Current* Salt Lake City Councilman Darin Mano on the right, who was chosen to fill the vacant seat of former councilwoman Erin Mendenhall after she was sworn in as Mayor in January 2020. He was one of 28 candidates that applied for the position and will hold it through January 2022. He is currently campaigning for an elected position on SLCC. Wuthrich's apology >“Last Saturday I was awakened from a nap and reacted with undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility. Since then I have regretted the ferocity and language of that email. My words were uncivil and unprofessional. From me personally I apologize to Salt Lake City Councilman Darin Mano and his family. I never wished harm to Mr. Mano, his family or anyone associated with him. No parent, spouse or child should be subjected to such emotional outbursts. I am deeply sorry. > >"That email was my sole responsibility and had nothing to do with my employer. The consequences for my conduct are mine alone. I wish Mr. Mano well in his official capacity and campaign. > >"I am taking steps to examine my reaction and find ways to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.” Mano's Response >“I appreciate the apology from Mr. Wurthrich, particularly the assurance that my family is safe. I will leave it up to Mr Wuthrich's employer and the bar association to decide on any disciplinary actions. That is not my place. Each of us can and must improve ourselves with an eye toward kindness and equity in order to build a safe and inclusive community for all. I'm hopeful this has been a learning experience for us all that we need to slow down, think before we react, and treat each other with kindness and respect. I am still Mr. Wuthrich's representative and the invitation to hear his views about Salt Lake City and District 5 remains open.”


And he thought thats a good justification? xD


That's probably an important fact to know. I mean, getting woke up from a nap I completely understand the rage.


>The AG is trying to keep his job by lying about the fact that he sent that email because he has a problem that the candidate is gay. Where are you getting this from?


Subtext. If it was a verbal rant on the spot I could see it, but a government lawyer was so incensed about standard canvassing that he sent a death wish e-mail? nah. Kept reading the article and it talks about potential anti-Asian sentiment but nothing in the outburst seemed like that (not that it's necessary, but racists usually show their cards a little). Then saw the picture of the candidate and his partner and it all made sense. SLC is "liberal" by Utah standards but it's still run by Mormons and socially conservative and while many are superficially nice many aren't that tolerant. Dude flipped out because a gay man had the audacity to come to his front door.


Probably the fact that the candidate left a pamphlet showing him with his husband and their children, and the AG's email says 'I hate your family...I hope you die and go to hell' and he is a member of a homophobic religion.


I woke up after a migraine today you know what I didn’t do…. Tell anyone to “die an go to hell”. It’s pretty “easy”.


I woke up after a migraine last week, and told the cat to shut up. In my defense, my head hurt so bad I was contemplating shaving my head because the weight of my hair was too much. I did not shave my head. And I pet the cat to make up for telling him to shut up when he was singing the son of his people. Loudly. In my face.


To be fair, having a migraine completely justifies that statement


Somebody needs a Snickers


You're not you when you're hungry, but something tells me that that email showed everyone the briefest glimpse of the real him.


or a [twinkie](http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/May-June-08/On-this-Day--Dan-White-Convicted-of-Voluntary-Manslaughter.html)


Really bad takes on this in the previous comments. The AAG was absolutely despicable and disgusting, and the fact that he threatened Mr. Mano’s campaign should have consequences.


Consequences for government? Thats the main issue right now that we got no enforcer. What do they fear if the law answer to them?


We are the enforcers.


Good luck with that. Even if you are peacefully protesting they will label your group terrorists and unleash the intel agencies on you if they dont like your goals. If there was even the possibility of one of them being injured they could literally have you shot and it likely wouldnt even make the news.


How's home life with guy that has that length of short fuse? It makes one concerned for his wife and children.


Well, I dont like the “motherfucker” part as that is just not accurate.


My 3 year old wakes up less angry after being woken from a nap. Maybe some needs to promise his fool some fruit snacks when he wakes up, they do the trick for most children.


We have a word for "hangry", but we really need a portmanteau for "sleepy-angry" somehow.




A thing of beauty is a joy forever, my friend.


Alright, you've got my vote.


Excellent. And because it’s a noun one can be a hangry tirate.


That's alright taken, it's when you're irate, but wearing a tie




maybe slangry




Oooh! Late entry, but an excellent one!


"Slangry" just seems like it would be needlessly confusing.


..... Slangry?


Slumpy? Sleep-grumpy.




This is why politicians have access to large amounts of cocaine. For returning chipper after the nap. What is wrong with this guy that he can’t get with it.


as an insomniac I value whatever sleep I do get and can't act like an angry stream of consciousness hasn't left my mouth immediately after waking up....but, to get up, log in, type the To: line, then format and type a letter with this much detail? That's pushing the line, and I'd hope government officials are better than my lazy ass, and they'd at least confine their rant to somebody who doesn't care or at least has the peer level relationship to clap back. Example: A forgotten toaster oven smoked out the adjoined apartment. After cursing out my roommate (who is not my employee or political subordinate) they threaten to suffocate me with a pillow next time and blame it on the smoke, then our happy healthy relationship continued from there.


Wow, men sure can be emotional; I'm not sure they're fit for office. Lol


Right! That’s exactly where my brain went.


100% that could be my wife, who is the sweetest, most empathetic person I've ever met. But, interrupt her sleep and you have a problem. I expect to get stabbed over my snoring at some point.


This is my husband. Such a chill guy, unless you wake him up.


That's me, *especially* if you wake me up by ignoring my "leave me TF alone" sign


Every time I feel like I've acted like an idiot, Reddit reminds me that while I may make mistakes here and there, I have never told someone to go die after waking me up. Thanks Reddit.


Totally unhinged to go off on a stranger like that. With such an anger management problem, I can only imagine how verbally abusive he must be to his family.


Tbh same


Fucker should have known it was nappy time.


Expletive laden tantrums are good signs for an AG right? I’m sure his judgement is sound…


Hahahaha. That's awesome. How is this "news" btw? Shit's hilarious and I'd respond the exact same way.


A Mormon complaining about people knocking on his door to spread anything is so rich. How many naps did Elder Wuthrich interrupt on mission?


He said what we all think about solicitors.


Canvassing is not soliciting.


Technically, sure. In practice, when people say solicitors they mean "anyone who's knocking on my door who I don't know or don't expect to be there." I don't care if you're selling post control or candidate, don't bother me.


From the article: >In his initial email, Wuthrich said he had an “unwanted solicitation” sign on his door. Mano said he saw the sign, but clarified that “solicitation and campaigning are not the same thing.” I've canvassed for candidates before, which in a very Republican state is hard to do when the candidate you are canvassing for isn't Republican. Although Mano is legally correct, we were instructed NOT to knock on these doors as you are just going to piss someone off, and you certainly aren't going to win any votes. Best case scenario, they forget about you. Worst case, you end up getting a vote against you because you are being a dick. I don't condone "die and go to hell", but Mano was clearly being a dick. Some people don't want to be disturbed and folks should respect that.


I'm glad you pointed this out: I *do not* condone sending that email, but I understand the sentiment. We have charity groups knocking on our door in the afternoon and at dinner time, and they've frequently woken my children up from naps when they knock/ring multiple times. We've complained to charities and have a sign posted, but it hasn't prevented people from bothering us. The comments by Mano are nitpicky - he feels he has a right to knock as solicitation isn't the same thing. Fine, but when people *don't* want to be bothered, then you're only risking losing potential voters.


Check your local rules. After being endlessly bugged by "free quotes" (which according to the person at the door didn't count as a solicitation) I looked it up--by my local code it totally does count! Unfortunately my area still allows religious solicitation, but every place has different preferences and as long as you know what's on the books you can update your sign to scare more people off.


I feel you. When my kids were younger, nap time was sometimes the only time my wife and I got some downtime. Interruptions to that were just awful. Having kids get woken up would have bee just awful.


The jump to Asian American hate may be somewhat of a jump. The Utah AG (his boss) is of full Asian decent. The email is hateful for sure, but a jump.




Uh oh. Someone didn't read the very short article.


Yet they got 20 upvotes. Quite amazing how reddit works :)


The AG didn't receive an email. The person was knocking on doors and woke up the AG, who then sent an email to complain.


I think the email was fine. The guy had a "no solicitation" sign on his door and they banged on his door anyway. Who wouldn't send a mean email if they knew exactly who it was? The guy didn't even use profanity in his email... that's the little league of mean emails.


I'm going to have to disagree. There is a difference between solicitation and campaigning. Even IF, you want to argue that his knocking on the door was a nuisance and violated his sign, you are incorrect in the fact that the mail was profane calling him a motherf\*cker and telling him to "die and go to hell".


Or you know, set it to "do not disturbe". But that wouldn´t help when someone knocks at your office door!


You don't mess with a man's nap time


He was sorry he got caught. I hate these kinds of 'apologies'. Sorry but anyone who goes off like that and types out that kind of constructed email knows exactly what they are saying. I hate how everyone these days blame behavior on other trivial things (in this case---waking from sleep). He should be fired


It's telling that at the time of this report, he had not apologized directly to the guy. That's another common aspect of these performative mea culpas.


I have to say that people that don't respect others time and privacy kinda deserve what they get. I support his email. I also curse spam callers and thier like.


I think you have a right to be pissed off if someone wakes you up after ignoring your no soliciting sign because they think it doesn't mean them which is exactly what the article says happened. Campaigning is selling, it's selling ideas and trying to get you to back a person for office. If there was nothing racial or homophobic in the letter and just pure venting at the violation of of the no soliciting sign then the candidate needs to stop playing the victim.


Ok, sure, but then everyone else has the right to understand you're a fucking asshole that doesn't know the law, which is kind of the entire point of your job.


Campaining does not legally count as solicitation in their location. Knocking was still a bit tacky, but legally sound--the dude overreacted *hugely.*


I too can get pretty cross when disturbed mid wank


I read that in Mr. Garrisons voice


Damn, i say the same shit when i get woken up from naps. Like Al Capone talking about Elliot Ness in The Untouchables.


I don't get it This is a perfectly rational response to being woken up from a nap


A person who reacts like that because he was inadvertently woken up from a nap probably shouldn't be working in the AGs office, to be honest. And it wasn't a situation where he just yelled at the door-to-door solicitor or something like that in the heat of the moment. He needed to take time to get a device, figure out the email address, and type out his bullshit before sending it. Plenty of time to take a few deep breaths and consider his actions.


Listen, I can understand snapping at someone right after they woke you up, but this isn’t it. He with sound mind logged onto his computer, drafted and entire rant, reviewed, and than sent. There is zero excuse for this. Especially as a person placed in a pretty high up state position. You can conjecture bigotry here, but at the bare minimum this guy needs to have a conduct review of his qualifications.


Napping matters


""Last Saturday I was awakened from a nap and reacted with undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility," Wuthrich said" - Dude, you and "tranquility" have never met each other. You are a total disgrace, and should be removed from office immediately.


> "Last Saturday I was awakened from a nap and reacted with undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility," Wuthrich said in a statement. "Since then I have regretted the ferocity and language of that email. My words were uncivil and unprofessional."


"In his initial email, Wuthrich said he had an “unwanted solicitation” sign on his door. Mano said he saw the sign, but clarified that “solicitation and campaigning are not the same thing.” “Our understanding of the law is that campaigning is protected under the First Amendment — that's why we were particularly shocked because one would think that the assistant attorney general would know the difference,” he said." It means don't knock on the door, nothing to do with the First Amendment.


You're not wrong. The first amendment has nothing to do with your right to come onto my property and talk to me about shit I don't care about. The correct, reasonable move would have been to respect the intent of the sign, regardless of your excuses or misconceptions of what the fuck is in the first amendment. The AG is still a probable homophobic dickbag, and stepped in his own shit on this one, but like, also maybe respect the "don't fucking bother me" signs for fucks sake.


Agreed, hope the guy faces some sort of punishment for this, but claiming it was hate speech because the candidate was gay is a stretch, then invoking of the First Amendment takes this even further astray


Different areas have different laws. Apparently in Utah campaigning does not fall under the term "solicitation" (neither, btw, do religious people knocking). Different areas have different rules. I do think he shouldn't have knocked anyway because we all know that means the person wants to be left alone, but legally he had the right to knock.


To be fair, some random shithead breaking my weekend nap by banging on my door would really piss me off. If i learned he did so to shill politics, Id get enraged as well.


What a fucking baby you are


Have sleeping issues where naps are most if not all the recharge you get and then come back to talk. And if I had a no solicitation sign on my door and a candidate still knocked? Pissed even if it wasn’t a nap.


While that reaction was WAY over the line, when you see a sign on someone's door that says 'no soliciting' and you knock anyway, you're going to piss off the person inside. It doesn't matter if there's a legal distinction between soliciting and campaigning, the sign means you don't want strangers knocking on your door trying to get you to do or buy something. If they went through the effort to get a sign, they *really* don't want that knock. During the rare time that I get to nap on the weekend, if someone knocked on my door for this kind of bs, I'd be really mad. I wouldn't go nuclear like this guy did, but I'd be pretty pissed and my sleep would be ruined. If you knock on a door that says 'no soliciting' to try to get a vote, the only thing you're insuring is that the person is going to vote for your opponent in most cases. What you do is quietly leave whatever campaign material in their mailbox or outside their door. I might even write a note that says, "I saw your sign and didn't want to bother you. I just wanted to introduce myself and leave you with this material about my campaign." I'd actually appreciate the consideration and the personal touch at leaving the note. They'd be ahead of the game before I even looked at the materials.


I have a “No Soliciting” sign on my door that specifies all categories of solicitors, including political solicitors, with “THIS MEANS YOU” underlined at the bottom and also a “NO TRESPASSING” sign. So any candidate or other political solicitor who knocks on my door is certainly going to catch Hell from me for behaving like an inconsiderate asshat. You all are focusing on the AAG’s reaction, but consider the level of assumed privilege of someone like that candidate who sees signs like that and thinks “But they don’t apply to ME, because I’m special and privileged.” No. No one is privileged. If someone goes onto private property and ignores both a “No Soliciting” sign and a “No Trespassing” sign then they are deliberately violating the owner’s right to privacy and they deserve to be told to eff off - at a minimum.


I saw a post yesterday where a doorbell camera caught a salesperson reading the 'no soliciting' sign, then they turned it around so it faced the wall and couldn't be read. They thought they were being slick and didn't realize they got recorded moving it. But even if they didn't see him doing it, the guy knew they didn't want to be bothered and wasn't going to get a good reaction from the occupant. I don't know what some of these people are thinking. 'No soliciting' basically means, go tf away if you haven't been invited.


"....undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility..." Well, his tranquility was interrupted!


As someone who gets pretty cranky when my sleep is interrupted, I understand the sentiment. But sending it in writing? Lol


>In his initial email, Wuthrich [Assistant AG] said he had an “unwanted solicitation” sign on his door. Mano [temporary Mayor up for re-election] said he saw the sign, but clarified that “solicitation and campaigning are not the same thing.” >“Our understanding of the law is that campaigning is protected under the First Amendment — that's why we were particularly shocked because one would think that the assistant attorney general would know the difference,” he said.


His secretary said, "I'm sorry he didn't have his warm milk yet."


Yes he overreacted, but on the other hand, f*** political campaigners knocking on your door. No I don't have time for your sales pitch right now. Do one.


I get that this guy is probably a dick anyway and everyone is having fun comparing him to a toddler cranky from a nap, but waking someone up unnecessarily regardless of what kind of person they are makes you an even bigger dick. Let sleeping people sleep unless they absolutely have to be woken up.


Somebody's cranky


To be fair if someone woke me up from my nap for no good reason, especially someone I don’t like, I’d be pretty pissed as well.


This is just like my wife. I had to teach her to 'save' angry emails for a few hours. This was like 25 years ago when email was new. As a right coaster, not certain how Utah voters view this public display of "bad decision" from one of their top attorneys, or how this plays out with the AG office in Utah.


Utah is a crazy state.