Ford Builds 'Very Gay' Ranger Raptor In Response To Homophobic Comment.

Ford Builds 'Very Gay' Ranger Raptor In Response To Homophobic Comment.




This sounds like something on a Top Gear news segment


The episode where they paint "I'm BI" and "MAN LOVE RULES" on a pickup truck and drive it through Alabama? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKcJ-0bAHB4


Isn’t that the one where they also put “NASCAR SUCKS” on their vehicle and almost died as a result?


"Freedom of expression" as long as you agree with them


Am from Mississippi. “Southern Hospitality” only lasts so long as you ~~tow~~ toe the line here.


"I'm from out of town and kind of lost" has gotten my white, city slicker ass pretty far in the south


But what if I'm brown, though?


Then they turn into [Kermit the Frog.](https://youtu.be/5YmKaDYLHLQ)


Probably best avoid the area then.


That’s when they usually let you know you’re looking a little lost. But they’re a lot less friendly about it, that’s for sure.


well that was silly of you :P


Yeah, generally "just be folks", and you're fine. I'll add that *not* dressing like a city slicker and for heavens sake don't drive a Lexus/Tesla/anything classed as a luxury car also helps add into the "just be folks" appearance. edit/addendum - Unfortunately, as has been repeatedly pointed out below - also need to appear white(ish) to pull off the above...


I’ll be sure to buy a pick up for my trips down south lol


What's a Black person supposed to do, buy a body suit?


Try not to become Strange Fruit.


Have a really strong bladder, a car with superior gas mileage and an out of state license plate


I used to drive a pick up truck for practical reasons (hauling project materials, wood, dirt, rocks, etc) but loved that it worked as camouflage when I had to travel through the sketchier parts of NC.


I just drive a mid-level VW on trips out there, and it doesn't draw any attention. My pickup (basically a farm truck for hauling stuff) doesn't have the fuel economy to make long trips nor the comfort, but if it came down to it, I would just to blend in better. Going on a tangent - What cracks me up, for current gen pickups, it's kinda crazy how the pickups can be more expensive and be more luxurious than the "Luxury" Cars now. We used to call those "purty boy" and "city slicker" trucks, and now those trucks are all over the south on farms no less.


I live in the south, and I won't do anything to placate the local dimwitted. Fuck 'em...they're scum.


>just be [white] folks FTFY


My old Prof is a researcher for the Air Force. She now has the (dis)pleasure to move to Alabama to do her thing. She’s pretty leftwing, but that means she has people trying to follow her home to “educate” her.


If she's in Huntsville she *should* be OK.


She does some of her research near Maxwell.


Ah. I'm familiar with the area around Huntsville, but I'll assume Maxwell is closer to being Alabama proper then...


Yea, I turned down a pretty sweet gig in Huntsville because I wasn't going to move my black son to Alabama.




Dale Jr is Obama's Girlfriend


This one really would endanger you. I'm from the south and I wouldn't ride in that vehicle.


yes, and the worst part is that most of it (especially that scene in particular) wasn't scripted, it's a good reminder of why I don't visit the south edit: [go to 10:45, it's an inteview and they talk about that episode being unscripted](https://youtu.be/9tIAcbQGfns)


Try living here as a bi man lol


Bi man living in Florida here - in agreement. Every single time I have to explain myself..


"So yer a gay right now.... But ye'll be a straight later?" I always take it to hair color. If they're dating someone, i ask if they are attracted to people with different hair colors.


I prefer the brownie analogy. Sometimes you like nuts, sometimes you don't. Either way you still get a brownie!


Absolutely valid. I'll even take cookies, or even blondies... pretty much anything off a sheet pan. Sheet, I guess I'm pan sexual. (do I lose my pan status if I myself make the pan joke?)


Good analogy. I tried just saying "gay" to make things easier, but then they meet the girl I'm dating. There's just no winning.




Basically in any of the city centers it's fine, but step outside of it and you're in the South. (maybe you could say the same about many states)


The north-south division is much less important than it used to be. What matters nowadays is rural vs urban. I mean, look at how progressive Asheville is in the south as opposed to eastern Oregon in the northwest.


Agreed. My god, you step a single step outside of Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas, or... etc. and it's just a different world for no tangible (as in logical) reason.


As someone who lives in the South, the suburbs and cities aren't bad for the most part, it's when you start getting into the rural areas that the people and area in general become shitty, especially if you aren't a straight WASP.


Sorry, Brit here. What’s WASP? I’m guessing “White And “ something?


White Anglo Saxon Protestant


Actually watched that the other day and couldn’t believe how Slack jaw knuckle dragging they were


I love Top Gear and to this day haven’t made it through that episode because of how embarrassed it makes me to be in the same country as those people.


Holy shit. I just looked it up. What a shithole lol, people can't take a joke


From the comments section: > "They've been to Iraq, Syria, Bolivia, Argentina, Uganda, Rwanda, and the North Pole. And yet, the closest they came to dying was in Alabama."


I think Argentina was closer tbh, even the police told them they couldn't protect them from the angry mob.


Yeah I’d say that was the most danger they’ve been in. Rednecks would have just beat them, the guys in Argentina wanted them dead


Reminds me of the time in 1994, when Michael Moore and TV Nation gave communism a farewell tour across America in a big red 18-wheeler adorned with a hammer and sickle and full of communist paraphernalia. >!It was set on fire in Alabama after being parked for 10 minutes!< https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxa0fpxpOAw&t=32m31s


Those people would’ve been even more upset if they could read. I’m sure their offense came from the bright flamboyant colors.


You joke but the Republicans rage whenever they see a woman with brightly colored hair.


At least they did Alabama instead of Mississippi.


That was pretty ballsy/stupid crazy. Vanilla ISIS arrived pretty there.


It was funny, but also very scary at the same time. Its probably fake but I still feel the fear when I rewatch it sometimes


I’m gay and from neighboring MS. That scene was always 100% believable to me for the time. Homophobia in the more rural areas of the Deep South was another beast altogether. I’m sure it still can be, but things have felt a bit different the past 5 years or so. It’s weird, but you can sense the weight of hatred towards us has lifted some. Or maybe it’s just shifted to a new “enemy” — everything is about political ideology now.


Homophobia has shifted to transphobia. “I’m fine with the gays but now this is too far!!” and there’s even gay guys and lesbians who’ve turned on trans people too (Obviously homophobia is still a huge issue tho, not trying to downplay that)


One of my gay friends has gone quite alt right :( Yet he still uses liberal talking points about himself, whilst simultaneously shitting on liberals, and not in a leftist sense


While homophobia was beyond rampant where I grew up, trans folk were completely invisible. Almost zero representation or positive sentiment, no allies — nothing. I personally (queer and non-binary) wasn’t even aware of transgender issues until the mid 2000s, possibly later. Only now that we openly champion for trans rights do transphobes even seem to care. That’s how contrarian their hatred is. And while transphobia has always existed, I personally find it was on the back burner to homophobia throughout the AIDS epidemic. Now their transphobia today reminds me of the homophobia I witnessed in the 90s, but with more priority on invalidation and more violence (especially towards trans women of color).


>Now their transphobia today reminds me of the homophobia I witnessed in the 90s Same. Back then instead of the trans bathroom debate it was panic about gay people preying on straight kids in locker rooms, and before that it was black people in whites only bathrooms, all with the same rhetoric. When the culture wars pick a new target to prevent from peeing in peace that's how you know progress is happening for the last group I guess


History doesn't always exactly repeat but it does rhyme.


It has been well established at this point that that segment wasn’t scripted/fake. [60 Minutes Interview](https://youtu.be/9tIAcbQGfns) (The part about Alabama starts at about 11:00.) [Here’s an article ](https://jalopnik.com/the-time-i-almost-got-top-gears-hosts-murdered-in-ameri-1706321954) from one of the producers that planned it. Top Gear did many scripted segments but washing slogans off cars with Coca Cola on the side of the highway while filming on a camera phone was not one of them. 2007 was a wildly different time from today.




I have a hard time thinking it's fake, the camera is all over the place, production is usually rock steady. This feels a lot like the Argentina episode. But I can see why you'd think that, considering a lot of other incidents.


All I can say is in the early 90s my grandfather lived in I guess you'd call it North alabama, and the stories I could tell from what I remember as a teenager visiting him this would not shock me if this was real.


One of my favorite episodes they ever did. As an American, some of the stereotypes were a bit annoying, but for the most part, it was a pretty accurate depiction of the southern states. I feel like it was one of the first major tv shows to *really* call out American BS and show that America can be just as stupid and dangerous as any other country we think of as “dangerous.” Were they being intentionally antagonistic? Definitely. But that doesn’t excuse any of the shit they saw or went through in my opinion. I’m always surprised by just how backwards and crazy some areas of the South are, and I’m a Texan born and raised.


One of the best episodes by far


It really does. Well, anyways!


Just yesterday I watched The Grand Tour season 2 episode 1 and Clarkson was driving around in a Ford which was deemed as one of the most popular cars amongst the LGBTQ community. Funny to see this here.


That was a Jeep


LesbianGayBaconTomato, as he calls it.




Only if it was reported in a way that had homophobic undertones, just so you knew for sure that the presenters were not gay




Top Queer


America's next top bottom


Looks more like one of those colored sand jars.


Thank you i was wondering why id totally rock that and this is it.


You’d totally sand it


A sediment shared by many, I'm sure.


A minority of people might not like it, of coarse, but I think its just Fine.


Some of the homophobic people might be quite indigneous about it


These puns are making me grain from ear to ear


I had one of those, until I decided to shake it one day.


Ya blew it


The temptation was always too much. None of mine lasted longer than 6mo but the regret lasts a lifetime.


Ford: “You think a blue truck is gay? Hold my beer and watch this!”


Also Ford: "Behold! We give you the Rump Ranger! I mean, you practically asked for this by flopping your truck nuts out below a gaping 2" receiver."


I'm now convinced that everyone with truck nuts not-so-secretly wants it in the booty.


Hold my ~~beer~~ palm bay


Hold my ~~beer~~ ~~palm bay~~ *appletini*


Germans think blue is gay? Every vehicle can't be black, white, or silver.


There was a post here awhile back that showed the major car colors over the years, the white black silver being major ones is a pretty recent trend from decades of color.


What is that tiny truck that looks like a slipper? I want one. Also, does it come in slipper form?


I was trying to think of a description for the oddly shaped car on the left. Slipper works nicely.


Yeah we have those little things in the UK


It's a Ford Ka. I don't think they make them as pickups normally, so it's probably purpose built.


Ford Ute Ka would be fun. Had to drive one one as a courtesy car due to my own incompetence. Surprisingly fun car to drive, just forget you are driving a sardine can with flared arches. It was also bright purple.


That certainly would be ka-ute.


That live rear axle makes for a lot of fun!


For a short while they made a Ka ST version with 135 hp. I imagine that'd be a fun ride...


"Now with just as little space, but all your shit will get wet!" Sold!


>23 years ago, the automaker created a special truck-converted Ka Literally from the article.


>23 years ago, the automaker created a special truck-converted Ka with a rainbow finish for Cologne's CSD celebration in 1998. It's that


Oh my gosh it's someone who read the article!


It's a pretty popular (at least in the EU) small Ford, the Ka. It has a Cabrio version, which I guess is what they used to do this tuned pick-up. I would argue that the Ka is more egg like than slipper like, haha.


The StreetKa had different headlights, so this just looks like an original Ka.


StreetKa named Desire, wacky name right?


It's like a 2 generations ago (at least) Ford Ka. They produced huge amounts of those little guys. Including a drop to 'StreetKa' so probably not too difficult to make a tiny Ute version


It's a Ford KA - not sure if they ever factory built one with a truck bed though.


That's the Ford El Kamino


Ford: "Remind me again, which one of us has the weird obsession with hanging testicles on the back of pick-ups?"


It's weird, making a truck male is making it worse for them: "I am riding my (male) truck" "I am only going inside (male) trucks" "My (male) truck is shaking so hard it made me sore"


"My (male) truck came in my ass last night"


"My (male) truck asked me to marry him omg!!! 💍"


You make such a cute couple.


I heard they are looking to adopt a small 2 door. I wish them the best of luck ❤


I packed my (male) truck so tight, I was afraid it might not be able to take it all. Really made full use of that bed!


I only drive stick in my (male) truck. It is surprisingly responsive.


On that note, aren't vehicles often referred to as female? Like ships and such? Just something I thought of when reading your comment. Not really sure.


I wonder if you can hang a sphincter from there too.


[Put it in the exhaust](https://youtu.be/zUXow3d3-b0) Call em Truck Butts


Also, what makes the original Performance Blue gay exactly? I swear masculinity/homophobia with straight men is like living under an authoritarian regime or the Red Scare: fear, paranoia, and arbitrary designations of what makes someone an "enemy of the state." WELLP! Glad I don't have to deal with that as a card-carrying and out gay :P


As someone that lives in the south, I have some degree of insight about this. It's less about homophobia (although it's about that too) and more about the masculinity complex. These are men that aren't entirely secure with their identity, and in particular, their masculinity. For whatever reason, societal or otherwise, their self-worth is tied entirely to this vague concept that they don't fully understand. So they overcompensate and build their "identity" out of cliches and other socially acceptable masculinity symbols. Trucks, sports, boot cut jeans, beer, American flags, and excessive meat consumption - it's all to build an image that makes them feel safe and comfortable in a scary world. If it wasn't so often obnoxious and hateful, it'd be a little sad.


Nail on the head. I got into a bar conversation with some rednecks in a redneck bar and we got on the topic of sex. I mentioned how my wife likes to be on top and they called me gay. None of these men were married and I'm assuming they haven't been laid in years.


What if we we had gay sex in the gay Ford Ranger Raptor? Jk... unless?




When two gay men have sex, how do they know whose penis will open up to accept the other person's penis?


Same same.


No more samesies!


I’m waiting for a Dirty Mike & the Boys Limited Edition Ford Bronco.




I think it's gonna need to be *very* gay sex in the *Very* Gay Ford Ranger. Seems only right.


Do you like trains? Haha! Just kidding… unless?


Can you drive straight in this thing?


It would be absolutely hilarious is they knocked the alignment out, so they can say it can't even drive straight


It’s that a Ka with a pick up deck?


Yup. Interesting choice, but I kinda like it.


Ford's El KAmino 😎


Occasionally, I play CarX Drift Racing online.. And for really no reason I built [this](http://imgur.com/a/HjymiJG) drift car with a gay pride livery. I'm a straight man myself, but I did it purely to see the reaction of other players on the platform (I was also bored). Since I started using it, I've been subject to people either ramming me off the road, or just refusing to drive alongside me because they think I'm gay. The homophobia is both saddening and hilarious.


Imagine being that insecure that a rainbow painted on a car in a racing game makes you angry. LoL.


Unfortunately homophobia remains the norm in the world at large and not in a 'hurr durr dem queerz' but in a 'bullet with your name on it' way. Like I don't recommend heading East from Germany if you're openly gay.


Fact: If you drive next to another dude you're automatically gay.




Wtf really? I should tell my boyfriend.


I wore eye makeup to the bar not too long ago and totally forgot I was wearing it. All night people were acting so weird (not bumming me cigs, buying drinks for random people around me but telling me I couldn't have one, giving me stink eyes) it wasn't until I hit the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror that it was probably because I looked gay. Homophobic people are so pathetic


Meanwhile, rockstars have been wearing masquera for decades...they shoulda asked for an autograph.


I just want to dress like I'm in an 80s hair band


I too remember my 20ies.


And it doesn't even make sense! Straight people can wear makeup, gay people can be completely macho. They might even have a gay person living repressed in their own brain!


Yeah it's insane levels of insecurity


Hahahaha the “Thrust Master” sponsorship got me.




I participate in events on this game, and I always have a trans pride flag on my roof, even though I'm a cis guy. On last night's event we got a bigot insulting me in twitch chat for it. Was fun lol.


The people rear ending you might be wanting something else though


Very Gay Raptor? And this isn't already a Chuck Tingle book?


A very tentative search tells me that 'Space Raptor Butt Invasion' is a thing, so ... close enough?


You should go read Chuck Tingle's AMAs.


I expect to see a book titled "Pounded In The Butt By A Very Gay Ford Raptor" forthwith.


Get some illustrations for the book from r/carsfuckingdragons.


Fucking hilarious.


It may cost more, but it's gay-er. Pierce Hawthorne.


Now this is r/NotTheOnion worthy


At first, I discounted this as a PR move but it looks as if Ford has a good history of inclusiveness. Per the article (and confirmed via Google search): "23 years ago, the automaker created a special truck-converted Ka with a rainbow finish for Cologne's CSD celebration in 1998. Additionally, Ford's GLOBE (Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Employees) network celebrates its 25th anniversary this year..." Good for Ford!


Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. In my mind, I'm not really picturing Ford as a progressive company, but from the article it seems like they're at least open to it. So I'm going to take it at face value for now. After all, they could've just hung a rainbow flag on the back of a Raptor and called it a day, but instead went the extra mile. Edit: well, when Googling 'is Ford LGBTQ friendly ' I'm seeing quite a few articles about Ford scoring at the top of several rankings. So at least as far as I can tell, seems Ford is in fact progressive.


I've been working for Ford in various capacities since 1999, the company is *super* inclusive and has been the entire time. Also, super aggressive against sexual harassment in any form. It's a damn shame when the system breaks down like what happened in Chicago, but there's bound to be problem spots in a company with 200,000 employees. At least they came down hard on those idiots when the executives found out.


That's awesome to hear. Sounds like a good company culture. And yeah, with a company that big there are bound to be issues sometimes, but what matters is dealing with them properly and learning lessons for the future.


The Company, definetly. The man, no...


Welllll.... sure. But I'm not going to hold modern-day Ford accountable for anything Henry Ford might have done. Ford founded the company in 1903 and died in 1947. That's 44 years. But between 1947 and now is 74 years. So the company has existed for far longer without Ford than it ever existed with him.


Dude's been dead longer than 70 years, longer than my parents have been around. I don't give a shit what he believes. I'd take a stab that you might have family members from 1900 who had bad takes on issues we all should agree on today. People in 2100 will probably make the most hardcore progressives look like Neanderthals


oh no, there's going to be one guy who finds that offensive and "will never" buy another Ford again. He'll need to peel off the Calvin pissing on the Chevy logo first


Can’t wait for people burning their parents’ F150 on ticktock to make stupid point


Quick, hop in the gay-mobile


Ford should cease production of the Ranger and start making that pickup Ka NOW


Now all I can think about is a _Cars_ style movie titled "The Very Gay Raptor's Very Gay Adventure."


He has to organize the Gay Pride parade that year but the special guest declined so he has to trek across the country to personally invite them and meets lots of other LGTB+ along the way!


How do I buy a Ford Ka in the US? Gay or Straight version, doesn't matter.


Sadly they're no longer making them. The middle version was just a Fiat 500 in a different frock. Can you get those? The last version was made in Brazil so might be able to get some shipped up from that neck of the woods.


Starting next year, you can import a 1997 Ka since it’s no longer subject to the 25-year import rule - that’s essentially the only way to get a Ka in the US by any legal means


We're not homophobic, my car is gay!


Rainbow KA pick up, for when you’re a bit red neck, a bit gay but also live in a city


You can have any colour so long as it's rainbow


Not too far off from making [the Gayroller](https://theoatmeal.com/comics/literally).


I love this.


It just looks awful how the heart on the tailgate isn't centered with the Ford logo. Otherwise, the whole truck looks absolutely fabulous and I wish it were driving around my town.


I can't unsee this now.


I would drive that in a red hot minute. Wish you could order this from the factory in the US


"Build" .. please! they gave it a paint job..


Needs more dildoes.


I assume they're in the seats.


As a straight man I would totally buy the Very Gay Ranger Raptor. I think it looks cool and my 5 year old daughter would so damn excited every time we went for a drive it would be totally worth it.


I know, right! My 4-year-old daughter saw the picture and said "That's my car!". She always said "I want a rainbow car"


As a 36 yo woman I want this. With rainbow bright everything on the inside. It looks dope. Why isn't rainbow a standard car color.


Because the cost to wrap that isn't cheap. It's not a paint job and if it was it would be even more expensive. You can buy any car or even use your existing and have it rainbow wrapped.


The gay raptor is one of the nicest raptors of the prehistoric era


[AAAAAAlllllwayyyys I waaaant to beeeee withh youuuuu](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n-GvhmSMnU)


Erasure is the fucking greatest.


Is there the nut sack hanging below the hitch?


People. Read the article.