[Transfer Round Up and Discussion] Summer 2021

[Transfer Round Up and Discussion] Summer 2021


Porch just went from no money to spend on any player to a full on Football manager in one season.


Ole said anyone after Varane and Sancho is a bonus, Getting a DM shouldn't be a bonus, it should be an essential. Varane, as good as he is, was screened by Casemiro. Fred and McT are not Casemiro


Anyone think we’re going for another player or is this it for the summer? Not to undermine Sancho and Varane.


100% they have targets lined up. Just a matter of offloading players first.


Genuinely feel sorry for Bruno if we don't get another midfielder in


Whats the fucking point in getting our business done early if the signings arn't even going to be ready to start our first PL game? We may as well have bought Sancho at the end of the window.


Come on murtough, place a cheeky bid for Frenkie De Jong hehe. Guess an andreas + cash deal will do /s


Frenkie was always the DREAM. For me he is the best guy at dealing with pressure and carrying the ball from the back , what a talent... One word for FdJ .. CLASS. Bruno FdJ Donny


--------------Cavani------------ --Sancho----Bruno----Messi--


--------------Cavani------------ --Sancho----Bruno----Griezmann-- ... would have a lot of tackling back in this one.


As much as I'm really happy a lot of our younger guys are getting loans - and hopefully more to come - I feel for the guy who does the weekly loan reports on here. Should they do it again there could end up being about fifteen players to check up on lol


Locatelli is available for £30m and juve are looking at tchoumeni as a alternative because they can’t afford him. We should definitely be in for one of the two ffs


I'm not sold on Neves and Saul, but I'm completely sold on Locatelli. But this is the kind of deal that we never do, so I don't even bother on getting my hopes up.


Locatelli doesn't want to leave Italy tho.


Maybe that's more for the purposes of an Arsenal offer. I'd say that I don't want to leave Guantanamo if Arsenal came knocking. Though on a serious note, even if we can get him I'd be wary since clearly Juve is his preferred destination. If he comes here, we have to know that he's here to stay.


Any one of them would massively improve us. Locatelli and fred/mcsauce or tchouameni and donny.


Any super zoomed in photos of Varane being driven in for medical yet? checked in any hotel? food order? I need something today. Need.


He’s quarantined for five days so I’d say a while off those yet.


it makes no sense for us financially, but ive always dreamed of Messi wearing the famous red shirt and playing at the Theatre of Dreams. Gonna be devastated if he goes to city. I hate PSG with a passion so its gonna suck seeing him there. Sucks that Barca couldn't figure out a way to keep him. I wish we could sign him.Think about it, an adidas athlete at an adidas club. Ugh reality is often disappointing.


Seems like it's PSG where he'll end up. Bouhafsi seems to think they're already talking


Villa fans can be as salty as they want, but the fact is that they got a British transfer record of 100 MILLION for a player who had 2200 minutes last season (about 2/3) , when City didn't even need him in their first team, and for a player who has zero European experience. They have already signed 2 very good players in Buendia and Ings and with the additional 100m I think they'll be the better for it in the long run.


I dont know what the fuck are they whining about. They literally did the same to Norwich by getting Buendia. That's just how football pyramid works.


I get it though. They've got insanely wealthy owners and still it hasn't stopped their icon joining City. If the signings they've made (also supposed to be getting one of JWP or Cantwell too) work out it will be worth it, and even for the extremely wealthy, £100m is just too good an offer to say no to


Maybe that was Grealish's gift to Villa, knowing that he won't win anything with them. Might as well leave at his peak and grab some cash from the richest oil club in the league to let his boyhood club spend. They weren't contending for anything really, so not sure why they're salty their icon left for bluer pastures.


Totally agree with you on that. Grealish transfer has the flop sign written all over it. And if Villa manages that 100m right. They are going to be scary in the future.


no hard feeling towards grealish but i hope he flops.


That sounds like hard feelings.


towards city


If I was an Arsenal or Spurs fan id be fucking depressed right now seeing the type of signings and spending Chelsea, United and City are doing. Both teams are playing major catch up and they are still loosing the transfer window comfortably (on paper ofc). Even when they do make more expensive signings they have little pull without CL football so they are getting a lower tier of player because of it.


Spurs and Arsenal need to take risks and get those underrated guys, which Leicester and RB clubs buy. At this point you are comfortably behind the top 4 and can't outspend them, then you need to take those kinds of risks. Liverpool took few risks in Firmino and Salah, and it paid off for them. (Not Mane, Mane was excellent before too) Not all of them will work but that's the only way you can do it imo.


More or less all signings Liverpool have made under Edwards has worked out for them. Maybe except Keita. That is a tremendous strike rate.


Edwards is magician, guy sells sub-par players for millions + sell on clauses.


No Mate, forget about Chelsea, United and City spending. They need to worry about Leicester city and Villa.


Good point tbh, they need to challenge them first.


If I were a Spurs or Arsenal fan I'd be depressed looking at what Villa and Leicester are doing. Those two are coming for them this season.


I would sell Maddison to Arsenal if I were leister and get Damsgaard.


Agreed, Villa especially have had a much better window than them.


It's not just the transfer window. It's the general intent of the ownership. Over the course of 4 or 5 years one or both are getting displaced and become middling teams (and I honestly think Spurs are relegation fodder once Kane goes as they won't spend the money well)


... Spurs arn't relegation fodder mate lol you're being way to over the top, at worst they end up mid table without Kane.


"Villa will never go down. Newcastle will never go down.". Poor investment after losing a player that drags you along can easily cause a slip, especially as the overall league quality improves. To suggest that they could find themselves looking down than up over the next 5-7 years if they poorly reinvest after losing their star man isn't "over the top".


Looks like Juve are struggling to sign Locatelli, honestly we should swoop in.


Cheeky Andreas Pereira swap deal should do


We need to sell before we buy... Lingard/Pereira/Dalot need to move on.


Do we think Elanga, Garner, Shoretire, etc will stay with the first team this season, or be loaned out? I reckon Elanga is in for a good shout to get a decent number of games if he stays with us.


Elangs will stay in and around the first team among with Amad, Shoretire will stay in the u23's and get s handful of games in the cups. Garner will go on loan - hopefully to a premiership team (Brentford, Brighton or Norwich would be good for him) but I hear Sheffield United after in talks so maybe another year in the Championship. Plenty of games in a physical league playing for what should be a dominant team could be very good for him.


On one hand, I absolutely do not want to see Messi with City. On the other, I absolutely do not want to see him play in the shitty ass French league.


I hope he goes to PSG because in my own football maths, that puts Haaland one step closer to us. Chelsea want Lukaku. PSG get Messi and may try to sell Mbappe to Real (plus Benzema is extending apparently). City want Kane. Leaves the door wide open for us or Bayern to get Haaland then


The only good thing to come from Messi going to City is watching Kane crawl back to Tottenham.


Id much rather he goes to PSG, City signing Messi would be a ridiculous statment signing and i wouldn't have much hope for the next season. Thankfully PSG seem like the front runners.


Tbh I'd be happy if he went to Chelsea. They're not really our rivals. I know it's a long shot but Messi at United would be the best thing ever 😭


Even still they are a rival to the title lol why would you want him to go there .... Messi ain't coming here my guy lol


Messi at city is a true nightmare.


Seeing VDB bulk up a little, being a part of the whole preseason makes me think he's going to feature alot more this year which is great to see. Problem is he wont be benching Bruno so I can only assume Ole is planning on having him as a number 8. Considering it looks like were not going for a midfielder this seems like the next best thing if we can get a midfield of Bruno, Fred and VDB/Pogba to work.


I think Pogba will start at LW meaning we could possibly see Donny alongside Fred or McTominay in the middle. Although I believe he will play it safe and go with McFred. I'd love for Ole to say to Donny no matter what in going to start you in the first five games, if tactically it isn't going right I may take you off after an hour but you've got five/six/seven games to go and play your football and we'll see how you get on. That should bring us close to our tough run of games in October and if Donny has played well he could ready and firing for those games. If it hasn't really worked out we can change things for that run. By that time new signings have gelled, fitness is good, players are in form etc


From Ole’s comments yesterday it seems likely that we want Rice and, as with Sancho, would rather wait a season for him to be available than buy someone else now.


From his comments i thought he is waiting for haaland ! Hence we signed ighalo and cavani as stop-gap. But he did say he does not want to disrupt the growth of greenwood. Lets see.


Move aside Arsenal fans, there's new Delusenals in town. Behold the Chelsea fans, who think if City buy Kane and Chelsea buy Messi, they will dominate Europe for years to come. Even with Messi, a stronger squad and a weaker league, Barca won just 2 La Ligas in last 5 years. Someone remind them they were 1 gareth bale masterclass, and a 6 inch higher Mahrez shot away from going into total meltdown. I didn't know winning a european trophy does that to your brain.


They are champions of Europe, the right has been earned to be as arrogant as they want. I'd be the same if we had just won the Champions League. "6" higher shot away". Is like saying if Terry didn't slip we wouldn't be a Champions League winner. Shit happens


Arrogant is not the same as delusional though.


I know we made big signings in the past, but City being linked to Kane and Messi after signing Grealish is just absurd. What genuinely triggers me are those muppets hyping it up. Oh and PSG is the same if not worse.


The council house still won't be full


Unpopular opinion but I think Lingard, after the half season he's had, is a quality option to rotate with Bruno in cup competitions especially if he wants to stay and fight for his place.


Lingard staying at utd means he can forget making England’s squad for the World Cup


The games that Bruno could sit out will most probably be against park the bus teams. Lingard isn't effective against those teams, while Donny has thrived against such teams at Ajax.


Just because he had a good half season at West Ham doesn’t mean he will replicate the same performances for us. Also why did we buy VDB?


Apparently we are looking at Neves as a Pogba replacement. What on earth is going at United? Neves as a replacement? Really, they aren't remotely similar.


Neves would be a great player next to Fred though and would provide the passing ability needed for our double pivot, without the same defensive limitations that Pogba does when playing there. Like it or not, Pogba just can't play that more withdrawn role reliably, he's much better being the most advanced midfielder in front of two others. But Bruno does that even better than Pogba does.


Because Pogba fit us *so* well, we’re looking for someone similar to him as replacement? How many years have we been trying to “unlock” him? Logic please.


We don’t need a direct Pogba replacement, because Pogba doesn’t have a natural position in our 4-2-3-1. Neves would be a good signing because he’s a defensive midfielder that can play in a midfield two. Besides, Neves actually has a lot of similar qualities to Pogba like his long range passing and ability to switch play which our other midfielders will lack if Pogba were to leave.


Pretty much. The ideal "Pogba replacement" is someone who gives us a decent chunk of the good stuff Pogba gives us on the ball without the bad defending and more than occasional brainfart moments. There's a reason why since getting Bruno, Pogba has played positions other than CM: it's difficult to accommodate for both in a midfield without a Fabinho level DM.


I don't think we're signing a midfielder guys...


I reckon we do on deadline day


I know Barca announced Messi's departure officially. But still i suspect if it is some kind of drama from Barca to force la liga to relax the rules related to wages. I mean I can see them doing something like that cause they are broke af.


Well la liga did give em an option, a shitty one though, which they declined by rejecting the CVC deal. No way Tebes backs down now given that even Laporte wants the super league even when Tebes doesn't. And Messi was eventually gonna leave, a couple of seasons than expected wouldn't really make any difference. They atleast have tv rights and sponsorships locked down rn, the issue would be during the next renewal, but at that time, the offers would be lower knowing that Messi was about to retire/leave b4 the new deals would end. So not much of any implications


With Grealish done and Lukaku in the pipeline United are at last not the target for barbs that we spent 85m and 80m for Paul and Harry M.


Your over estimating our maturity. Next united fans will be like fuck the glazers, see how much Chelsea/City are spending, we need to pay more for talent.


So much happened yesterday(or today depending on your timeline). I am actually fine with almost all of it and that we are not involved in any of major news.


Tier 20: man utd line up a surprise move for Messi!


I mean man! If tier 20 is reporting it already we have to ask ourselves whether it is even a **surprise** move anymore.


I kinda wish we had any players who has good relationship with Messi. But looks like he is set for either PSG or City. I hope it is PSG. If he joins city, we are so doomed next season at Eithad


Rather have a dm than messi. Also city would be way scarier if they sign kane than if they sign messi.


Ole's fault really, should have kept Rojo and Romero around.


I really want to see him join juve. No rumours of it, but would be cool.


Apparently city's tier 1 has ruled them out, and PSG are already said to be in direct talks. So PSG most likely


Don't care if Nike refuse to share FDJ's wages, but getting him in now at United is the perfect time and perfect place for the DLP hole. Better then Neves, Saul or any other DLP we've been linked with. Makes that spot his own for years to come and can run the Ajax pivot of VdB and FDJ behind Bruno, who would enjoy the quick passing amidst the trio, honed at Ajax. Any bid around what they bought him for is fair game, £70m is worth it imo. Sell Pogba, Lingard, Andreas or anyone who isn't going to be with us for the forseaable future, this transfer could be perfect for us. We now that nobody is untouchable at Barcelona, best opportunity we will have in years.


> Sell Pogba, Lingard, Andreas or anyone who isn't going to be with us for the forseaable future Can't disagree with you but there might a problem with PSG's budget if they sign Messi which means they would likely wait until next summer for Pogba. Lingard - no one interested AFAIK so very hard to find a buyer who would offer at least 20M for him. Almost the same with Andreas with Lazio and Galata barely having money to even pay a ridiculous loan fee.


He is not a DM


He's not a destroyer, but he is good defensively and can playmake from deep areas. We don't need a pure destroyer as a DM. There are different profiles.


Midfielders are of different profiles but we'll be killed on every counter if FdJ is our deepest midfielder. He is elite on the ball and woeful off the ball. Needs another midfielder beside him.


Ala Fred to partner him.


Yeah, FDJ would be an elite Pogba replacement beside Fred.


After losing Messi, would Barca be willing to let FDJ go? We might have better chance if Messi stays, Barca can't move grizzy, and forced to have a fire sale.


They're in an absolute state and selling him might be taken out of their hands. But I can't see him joining us and instead wind up at Juve


Well they are completely fucked financially, there's no escape other then moving players out. Doubt Griezmann goes back to Atletico, and no suitors for injury prone Ousmane Dembele and struggling for form Coutinho. The only way they get some release which plays out safe long term is accepting a big bid on a few select players, FDJ is the biggest one.


Is there no manchester united rumors about Messi? Not an united fan.


We won't pay him those kind of wages. It's as simple as that. Nor should we.


It'd clash way too much with the pay structure & Bruno's role, in addition to lacking the personal relationships he'd get at PSG or City. The only miniscule possibility would be if the Glazers got personally involved as a way to raise the stock price or something, but nothing they've done in their stewardship has indicated that they'd act so boldly.


Sigh. I would be alright if he goes to anywhere bar the state sponsored clubs.


I feel ya. Really just have to hope MLS will come together to try & finance a move like they did with Beckham, but I wouldn't bet too much money on it.


Even if they have the money Messi won't go to the MLS before the world cup. PSG it is


I can only laugh if PSG get Pogba and Messi


on top of any stars they signed just in recent weeks.. damn


only to get knocked out by us in the UCL. It would be funny as.


Even PSG can't afford Messi and Pogba in the same window. Fucking hell.


Of course they can. They can just say that Messi is such a icon to football that he will take the job of Ambassador of Qatar and will not even take a salary for PSG, magically avoiding any FFP regulation.


Genuinely won't be surprised if this excuse is actually ever used irl.


Oh I'm not that creative, look where Neymar money com from. A lot of foundations in Qatar give him money for a lot of things.


Correction: They have to pretend that they can’t afford


Juventus could go after Tchouameni as an alternative to Locatelli. Chelsea are also strongly linked with him. I really hope that if the club is after a DM, Tchouameni is at least in the list. I think he is a world class DM in the making, and gives me Fabinho vibes.


Juventus must be deluded to think they can get a loan + obligation for Tchouameni who is valued higher than Locatelli.


Expensive transfer for just one season of first team football. Juventus would rather complete Locatelli, it's just about ironing out a agreeable fee structure. Edit. Jeez, y'all really are uninformed are you? He has a long contract at Monacco, and last season was his first professional season. They have no need to sell him anything less then £50m, plus Niko Kovac wants him for the foreseeable future. I'm not shooting him down, I've been a big admirer for ages now, but it's hardly realistic, plus we have no idea about Tchouameni being keen on a move. He's a little too raw at the moment. We've been burnt in our approach with Camavinga, what's to say it won't happen again?


The Villa CEO video about the Grealish transfer is everything I wish United was like. Clear, concise communication. Much respect to them. They're a very well run club, it seems.


What big day (Messi and Grealish), and it's not even at it's peak, days later we will got more bigger news, where is Messi landed, what happened with Harry Kane, and i am curious about Barca which didn;t have Messi and can't even register any new player they bought (Depay, Aguero) Reading what happened with Barca and their wage issue is scary, it show what worse can happened with bad managerial in football club. Back to us, i think we are in good way, but we don't know yet who will replace Ed, hope it's someone better.


[PSG are interested in signing Paul Pogba this summer. Saúl Ñíguez and Ruben Neves have been mentioned as potential replacements. #MUFC [@hirstclass]](https://twitter.com/mufcMPB/status/1423428790223609866?s=19)


Haha fuck off have we memed Neves links into existance?


As a great philosopher once said: ["Job done ✅"](https://i.imgur.com/pHVHkVT.jpg)


Oh my god


What tier is Hirst?




I feel Messi joining PSG would probably stop them buying Pogba this summer, which would mean we will lose Pogba for free next year. No way Pogba extend with us with the potential of getting paid next AND playing with Messi in Paris.


Then, if this happens, the club need to grow a fucking pair and let Pogba rot in the reserves without a match to play until his contract ends. Sounds petty, but is what i think about this.


Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face


Yeah no. Nobody is gonna want to join if the club treats their players like this.


Obviously signing Messi would be an awful financial decision, but can you imagine the appeal for the Glazers to have Tom Brady in their NFL team and Lionel Messi in their football team?


Can he play DM?




Who knows maybe he can. He's never played there.


I fuckin wish


Something so underwhelming about Messi playing out his final years in Ligue 1 of all places, just didn't expect that from him at all.


Think he might go to the mls for his final year or so, reports came out that he bought a house in Florida, presumably to play for Inter Miami


Gutted about Grealish joining the Dark Side. Now he enter the Fraud Watch list. Sadly we can’t spend 100 million pounds on a rotation player like they can. But i rather have every day of the week Varane and Sancho for 7 million more. It’s expectional that we have got 2 world class players for that price combined. 1 year ago they would probably have been around 170-180 million pounds.




Fred? Really?


Who’s buying?


If the club is serious about selling players then they wouldn't have renewed bailly and mata. Sell James if you have to. This practice of giving new contracts to every tom, dick and harry is very counterproductive. Also cant they make phone calls offering our players out?


Ah yes. Everyone knows “making phone calls” is the best football management strategy


‘Howdy there, my name is Ed and I’m calling from Manchester United, do you mind if I take a few minutes of your time to talk to you about Andreas Pereira today?’


City and PSG are disgusting clubs. I find the prospect of Messi playing for them revolting.




Chelsea's literally an example of successful sport-washing propaganda. Barely anybody mentions their financing at all.




They can get fucked too


Welcome Messi... TO BRENTFORD FC






Expecting 3 signings is not being spoilt, if that’s what you’re trying to suggest


I think we’re just waiting to sell, then I’d like to hope we will prioritize a dm and trippier


We’re signing Messi


Smh reading all these Messi to city chatter, do people not even watch football. They've got the best player pep has ever had the chance to work with in Foden, why do they need Messi.


What's with luckhurst and united looking for another cb thing, Everyone knows its BS.


Announce Messi


Just need to sell... Well, quite a few players


Not really. Barca was going to pay him 50 million per year. We spend that every transfer window. He is a free agent. We would just need to give him a sign on bonus (maybe just sell Pogba to fund it). It's crazy that so many people think it would be a bad decision. The reason we have not been winning the league is because we haven't bought the best players in the world for a while now.


You can say it might get a little…messi


Guys let’s discuss AWB vs Trippier real quick. For me AWB is better defensively especially 1 v 1s & against attacking teams like City & Liverpool he should def play. But Trippier adds a lot attacking wise & against teams that park the bus I think he’ll be essential. So I hope we get him somehow.


Trippier is a much better player right now. AWB is a good player and I can see that he's improving all the time, and he's a much better player that Trippier was at his age. That's why Trippier would be a great signing. We get an instant upgrade on our starting 11 for the next couple of seasons, and we've still got AWB who's great and getting better


Trippier needs to hand in a transfer request. It’s his last chance at a big move IMO.


Get trippier on a 2 yr deal watch AWB become the playmaking goat by the time he leaves


I talked down Dest before but somehow prying Dest and FDJ from Barca to enable them to keep Messi would be such an absurd fever dream scenario. Dest is basically a better Dalot - very good going forward but... questionable...at the back. Seems very driven though so we could be sorted at RB for a long time (plus we'd have an American for marketing). FDJ would sort us at DM for a long time.


How’s his crossing like?


Dest would be a great option for a backup RB if AWB ever was out for a long period. He has the potential to be a solid player.


It looks like barcelona are in dire straits due to their finances. There is a way out of it if they sign CVC deal. They are not signing off on the deal because they want the super league dream to continue. I just don't know what Real and Barca are smoking! Super league is not possible without English clubs. English clubs will not take part in it - not after the fan backlash they faced earlier. Is it so important for Barca to be losing their best player, not registering the new players and continuing the financial trouble. I guess, Super League is the hill both Spanish giants have chosen to die on. Disclaimer: I have no idea whether this new deal is actually good for la Liga or not. But if it come to choosing between Super league and this deal, I guess the CVC deal 'seems' better.


CVC deal means they suffer in the long term. The deal involves CVC taking 11% of the leagues revenue for the next 40 years. This is essentially an upfront loan for the entire league to keep them solvent, but they will end up paying it back 20x


Eat today, hunger tomorrow.


Also the English clubs don’t really need the super league money compared to the big La liga and Serie A clubs.


Best they could hope for is a Mediterranean league


Just give us FDJ and you can keep Messi


Messi and Ronaldo to United then?


Just imagine it though, messi breaks the goal and the assist pl record in his debut season. We finally win the league. United goes down as the only club in history to have 2 of the greatest players ever play for us


Maradona and Messi played for Barca, Zidane and Ronaldo for Real, Ronaldo and Eric Djemba Djemba for United so I don’t get what you’re on about pal


Since when do you follow football?


Just imagine !


United take FDJ to bail Barca out. Will never happen but a man can dream.


What’s a fdj


Frenkie de Jong


Frenkie De Jong


Frankie De Jong


De Jong


Question how come there’s no posts on the sub other than photos of players and transfer discussion and daily discussion


One of the biggest stories of the football year broke today and it’s like North Korea on the sub. The mods have a tough job and I know you can’t leave a post up about every player leaving their club. But it’s Messi. His next move is likely to impact us in some way directly or indirectly anyway.


Yep but here you go. Have a nice picture of a maguire sinking which no one cares about


Mods take them down. Somehow discussion posts belong In a single daily thread no one uses but random photos of players with 10 emojis is content this sub allows and deems worthy. Shambles.


Doesn’t seem engaging for a sub tbf


DAILY discussion DAILY transfer


Excuse me, daily discussion thread where the topic you want to discuss won't get any traction.


And? If it's interesting and worth going over they get engagement, and it's transfer season so most people use transfer thread more.


I'm not talking about transfer season. During the regular season the mods will take down discussion posts. Posting in the daily discussion thread might yield you 1 or 2 responses. The rest of the sub is filled with random player photos and emojis. It's dumb. It's wierd, your seem to be defending the way this sub operates. I guess player photos with emoji titles is better content in your eyes.


>Posting in the daily discussion thread might yield you 1 or 2 responses. That sounds like a you problem than how the sub operates. Again, if it's interesting and engaging it gets engagement, the thread is very active, I'm going to take a stab and guess this is a why's Messi leaving not posted but player social media posted (seen a similar comment earlier), if it isn't let's use it as example. It's unrelated to club, but go to either of the threads and it's discussed heavily. As for discussion posts, you want individual threads like, Why I think X player is etc, I think our best formation is..., What's your opinion on etc. They're extremely low effort and not worth Thier own individual threads, how would you even filter out the opinions one, what would be the threshold of being allowed, just look at how many comments and shit posts gets posted daily, that being allowed as their own individual ones is insane. >It's dumb. It's not, it's smart, maybe you don't like it but majority of people do, I don't wanna come to this sub and have to go through individual threads on people's opinions, I go to daily discussion to read them. >. It's wierd, your seem to be defending the way this sub operates. Well yes.... >. I guess player photos with emoji titles is better content in your eyes. As I mentioned earlier, I know where to go to read different things, I don't need it cluttering the sub, I also sort by new so I have fresh contest to feast on.