Dating a 9/11 conspiracy theorist

Dating a 9/11 conspiracy theorist


Whatever you deem a deal breaker is always good enough. If it's something that would cause an issue for you then it's absolutely a deal breaker. Doesn't matter what others think/would do. People will always have different deal breakers.


Politically base opinions like that can always be deal breakers. Anything that makes you uncomfortable can be a deal breaker. But yeah I will probably think twice about dating him if I heard that.


No, that would be a deal breaker for me. Also, usually people with this mentality don't just believe in one conspiracy theory. This could be just the tip of the iceberg. Conspiracy theories affect relationships and a lot of people suffer because of them. A lot of people in relationships are suffering today because loved ones think COVID-19 is a hoax or that the vaccine is a government conspiracy, etc.


I mean.. There are multiple studies that have backed up some of his claim. WTC7 and the possibility of explosions at the towers. If it bothers you so much, bail out. If you really like him, maybe allow him to explain with actual facts so you can make up your own mind. I doubt he is denying the death of people and the tragedy, just the people behind it. Just a thought.


There are documentaries that lead many people in that direction.


how much of it is sarcasm and jokey, and how much of it is just pure "you agree with me right, no no no like this is real!!11!!"


I laughed and his face because i thought he was joking and he said i need to open my eyes to the reality of what the government is covering up and start questioning more.


yeah unless he started laughing after this then youve gotta get outta there quick


No. Run!


How does this impact you aside from you simply disagreeing with him?