When is to much bbs/pellets to much?

When is to much bbs/pellets to much?


You really need to get a shotshell reloading manual, read it, and follow the instructions, before you hurt yourself or someone else.


Wow...yeah don't do that...please get a manual


>If I put to much bbs/lead bbs in would the gun explode? The gun may explode if you: 1. Do not read and understand a shotshell reloading manual 2. Put in too much shot 3. Put in the wrong kind of shot 2. Use the wrong hull for the data 4. Use the wrong powder 5. Use too much powder 5. Use the wrong wad 6. Do not follow published data from a reliable source 7. Do not read and understand a shotshell reloading manual


You can’t just eyeball it, you need tools. At the very minimum, you will need a Lyman 5th edition manual, some basic reloading tools and some scoops. I started (and I can’t emphasize this enough) with a Lyman manual, I then went and got a vintage lee loader, and started there. It comes with a decapper, a resizer, some powder scoops, a wad guide, a shot scoop, a crimp starter and a crimp finisher. Changing even just the primers can have serious consequences. If a load is for 1oz, don’t increase the amount of shot. Everything matters.


More weight at same powder charge = higher pressure. So that’s a no go if you like your gun. Also and not trying to be rude that question sounds like your pretty new and I hate to beat the dead horse but you really should read a manual before you start out in this. At the end of the day your playing with explosives, if you get careless bad things can and likely will happen.


shotshell isnt like metallic. the loads are pretty by the books. as far as how many its like store bought. certain amount of weight. as far as counts im sure theres charts to determine that.


Shotshell reloading must be done per established data from a reliable, published source. Use the exact hull, primer, powder, wad, and shot weight shown in the Shotshell Reloading Manual. Start with a manual. Read the first third twice. BB is a specific size of Shot, about .170 in diameter. Shotshell shot is referred to as shot, not bbs.


In short, yes. Too heavy a load can make the gun explode.


They're 3" Remington loads. I haven't loaded them yet.


Get a reloading manual dude