best and worst tbs song?

best and worst tbs song?


I think I’m the only person who likes Tidal Wave. Lol.


Tidal Wave isn’t bad as a TBS song, I just have never gotten into that Ramones “oh oh oh oh YEAH!” type plodding beat. The Ramones never did anything for me either (although I recognize and respect their massive influence on the punk genre).


Nail on the head


Got a lot of crazies in here. Tidal Wave is a banger.


Best: Everything Must Go (It’s actually my third favorite, but their best in terms of quality IMO) Worst: I’d probably agree with Tidal Wave (although I really like the album overall) or Sad Savior (the chorus bugs me for some reason)


Everything Must Go is so fucking good. That whole album, really


Everything Must Go isn't a top favorite of mine really, but it's so cool to see someone rank it so high because I do feel like it and all of New Again are SO underrated.


Slow dance on the inside is my favorite and I felt it too or faith are my least favorites


Faith was such a let down, no pun intended. That was supposed to be the big comeback single, like they really hyped that one up for its release. Drums sound awesome, but the lyrics…. Nah


Best is probably Slowdance on the Inside or My Blue Heaven Worst is definitely They Dont Have Any Friends


* Best: tie between 180 & Slowdance * Worst: Money \[Let It Go\]


I just want to say how proud I am to see people put Slowdance as their best song. The song means the world to me and has for more than half my life! It basically is the soundtrack to my teenage years.


yes! a lot of people saying slowdance, i thought the fan favorites were my blue heaven and one-eighty by summer.


Also Slowdance is the only TBS song which both John and Fred had a part in writing (although not offically credited).


My favorite is Better Homes and Gardens. Least favorite...gotta agree with Tidal Wave


Best: Slowdance on the Inside Worst: Stood a Chance...and it's not the worst, i just can't get into it 🤷


Best: Set Phasers to Stun . . . Worst: Tidal Wave


set phasers to stun is definitely a highlight of early tbs. such a beautiful track.


Money let it go is so damn bad. And way too many favorites for me to pick


Aww that’s one of my favs off the self titled! Haven’t heard anyone knock this one before. That growly bass line at the beginning is so catchy and somehow I think they pulled off surfy solo part


Best: Slowdance for sure for me. I’ll sing that song as loud as possible all the way to my grave. I also LOVE Blue Heaven. Worst: Miami. Idk really know why but if they played it at a concert I’m using it as a bathroom break.


Danggg Miami is usually a deep cut fan fav! I love the guitar tones on that song and the outro is so intense


I think it’s too repetitive for me? Idk. Never could get into it for some reason. Lol. It’s catchy because now I can’t stop singing it all day haha


the best for me is either my blue heaven or this photograph, worse I hate to say it's probably sad saviour, it just feels like Adam heard everybody hurts by REM and was like "okay let's do this"


best: the ballad of sal villanueva worst: twenty-twenty surgery, a song that i fully forgot existed until right now. but also i haven't listened to tidal wave very much (besides death wolf, that songs a banger) but i have a feeling there might be something worse on there lol


Ballad and death wolf are both serious bangers


My favorite is Spin least favorite is probably Tidal Wave. The band said way back their least favorite song was Head Club and it's basically filler but I actually kind of like that one as well


Best: Ghost Man on Third - I love the dark tone and slow intense build of this song. I think at one time it was Adam's favorite also. Worst: New American Classic - I don't know why, but this song makes me cringe hard. It sticks out like a sore thumb and just doesn't fit their style to me. I'm sure these are probably unpopular opinions.


> Worst: New American Classic - I don't know why, but this song makes me cringe hard. It sticks out like a sore thumb and just doesn't fit their style to me. I've always hated this song too. It's an acoustic ballad that somehow manages to sound like there is no actual emotion behind it. Like someone forced them to write an acoustic song at gunpoint or something.


Slowdance clearly dominating this thread, that’s cool. It’s funny I tend to forget about it until I’m listening to WYWTB all the way through, it is a great outro song for sure


Best- your own disaster (TBS10 version) Worst - slow dance on the inside


Best is One-Eighty by Summer or Spin Worst is probably Faith but I really haven't listened to the most recent albums much


Best: You Can’t Look Back Worst: the entirety of New Again with the exception of Everything Must Go


Best - Slowdance on the Inside. Worst - I am Fred Astaire


Best all of them Worst none of them