Wimby picture of the day - Fed and Sampras bowing to the royal box before the classic 2001 fourth round encounter

Wimby picture of the day - Fed and Sampras bowing to the royal box before the classic 2001 fourth round encounter


This is one of the earliest tournaments I have a clear memory of watching. I was in middle school, attending summer tennis camp. We were all rooting for Roddick, who had a lot of buzz as the up-and-coming star. Before his match against Ivanisevic, one of the camp counselors said "Goran is going to destroy this kid." He was right. No one was really talking about Federer, from what I recall. Even after he beat Sampras, it seemed more noteworthy as a sign of Sampras's decline than of Federer's rise. This is just how I remember it from a kid's limited perspective, maybe in other circles there was more hype around Federer.


Everyone remembers the Federer Sampras match, but nobody remembers that Fed lost to Henman in the quarter final. Growing up in the 90s watching Wimbledon every summer, it was guaranteed that Henman would make a deep run and then inevitably get knocked out by Sampras. 2001 seemed like it would finally be his year to get to the final only to be stopped by Goran and the rain.


I remember those years when everyone talked up Henman at Wimbledon. It always seemed like a title was a long shot, but he did have a few good looks at it. I really don't recall any big talk about Fed before Wimbledon 03. It was all about how many more can Sampras win, can Henman finally break through, etc. Roddick, Hewitt, Safin were the young guys with all the hype. Fed has had such amazing longevity it's easy to forget he was somewhat of a late bloomer.


I watched that tournament but not the match, only saw that Sampras was knocked out early (for him) and thought, "hey, now Goran can maybe actually win this thing", the hype as the tournament went on was crazy, and he actually pulled it off. Had no idea who Federer was at the time.


Years later, Roger said "If I have to call the Prince (Charles) your highness, he should also call me the king of the court".


Your grassiness


Haha did he actually say that? Cheeky but very on point


Classic cheeky Fed.


Kate Middleton agrees


That was Prince William actually


Interesting, never knew about this




It use to be but I don’t think it has been for a few years now.


The bow/curtsey was [abandoned in 2003](http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/2987705.stm), though it was [reintroduced as a one-off when Queen Lizzie herself popped in for a quick visit in 2010](https://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/25/sports/tennis/25queen.html).


ah yes. the time Rafa refused to meet the Queen because he needed to prep for his upcoming match. the horror!


Based Rafa.


I would honestly struggle to keep a straight face, the whole idea of calling someone “your highness” or bowing before them seems so hilariously out of place in the 21st century.


It's embarrassing


I have yet to see an average Head of State or President that can bring £1.8 billion to the Economy of their countries like royals do.




Brits unironically defend this shit.


"because tradition and tourist money" 🤦🏻‍♂️


July 2nd is the 20th anniversary of this match by the way.


Man, I respect tradition and all that. But this is not good! P.S. the true kings are the ones on the court (even if it was a qualifier who earned his/her way to play in the Wimbledon thru hardwork and talent)


We should take 2001 Federer, put him in a time machine, and move him to 2021, so he can win another 20 slams in the next 20 years.


2001 Federer wasn’t winning slams either lol


Yes, but in two years he'd go on a tear


He would still beat the NextGen lol.


It’s Novak he would have to beat


Novak and Rafa still here. 3-4 slams at best for him.


Shitty tradition, don't bow to privileged peeps just because they turned out to be the lucky sperm.


I can’t believe they must bow before playing a 5 setter.


Oh no! they bowed! I'm so offended now.


Disgusting. Americans don't bow to royalty.