socrates died for this shit


me reading the holy bible of [reddit.com](https://reddit.com) https://img.ifunny.co/videos/597220093ec8d87570773c0240cd0aaa8d5832e747d8f1a4645ca831c0449127\_1.mp4


You used ifunny.


I don’t understand the iFunny stigma, it spawned plenty of the most creative and amusing memes in recent memory, and the content on it is really no different from any reddit shitposting sub, just as it’s own dedicated app.


Most of the users are nazis, for one. Even though Reddit has a right-wing bias, it's not as alt-right as the iFunny userbase.


reddit has a RIGHT-wing bias? any supposedly neutral political subreddit like r/politics, r/politicalhumor, or r/worldnews is completely full of left-wing content.


r/animetiddies is another news subreddit. It was.


Here's a sneak peek of /r/AnimeTitties **[NSFW]** using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/AnimeTitties/top/?sort=top&t=year) of the year! \#1: [Communist waifu](https://i.redd.it/s0wt3oolyx771.jpg) | [27 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/AnimeTitties/comments/o9do1v/communist_waifu/) \#2: [Damn](https://i.redd.it/1ikacl0edh671.gif) | [8 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/AnimeTitties/comments/o4ebx4/damn/) \#3: [For every upvote I'll do 5 situps and 5 pushups](https://i.redd.it/9lk6r160qoc71.jpg) | [14 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/AnimeTitties/comments/op5vii/for_every_upvote_ill_do_5_situps_and_5_pushups/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| ^^[Contact](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| ^^[Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| ^^[Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/o8wk1r/blacklist_ix/) ^^| ^^[GitHub](https://github.com/ghnr/sneakpeekbot)


iFunny is full of racists, homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, fascists, antisemites, and nazis, encouraged multiple hate crimes, and have generally horrible people.


breaking bad FUCKING SUCKS


NO, actually it is FUCKING GOOD, the scene where he falls on his side with the vine boom is the BEST MOMENT IN TV HISTORY




yeah but you gotta love a man who can cook 🥰




Um, ACKSTUALLY, you misspelled it, it's "Walter" not "walber"




"🤓" 🤓






wah (evil)


Ratio + Linus + Om Noms brother + Skim + unwise + two weeks + you say "and balls" instead of "and poop" + Your dad made like Sienna and disappeared + you thought the lines didn't meet + your computer can only run 111438 FPS + your life is like a sun in a circus + you're not Barney + you think that papyrus > prunsel + giant stretched out PNG of Boss Baby + you think that frame from sonic 2 is dechristianisation + Biden didn't offer you gay sex + you're Jerma + you can't summon objects with your PC + You got the bad ending of Deltarune Chapter 3 + Get Sheeposted + you're immune to cocaine + Ms. Pac Man had to speak to your mother. + You think cheese isn't blue + You didn't invest in spiderstonks + You didn't watch Operation Ouch + You invested in zinc + Makes burgers with poop + Visited by public relations squid + No mashed potatoes + No Lizza + Doesn't drink the milk + Still idolizes false gods + Doesn't poop + Doesn't scream + No funny sex songs + Not peeing + Bababooey + Game was rigged from the start + Got a girl pregnant from pre-cum + Doesn't go ahead + Not what the ladies call "epic style" + Can't find the sun + No fun + No willpower + You're weak + Wrote about starting a business + you handed over your sleep. + You missed your finals to work at the femboy factory. + Manny Pordo didn't ask you to have sex with him + you lost a race to a bowl of soup. + You went into a snow building with Toby Fox + ¿Lober? + You didn't read the sub rules. + You say eat instead of yeag + You're still plummeting towards Japan after Patrick Bateman dropkicked you + You didn't watch the leeks movie + You think that Biden launched a lice attack on the Finnish. + You invested in Hawaii while you were there + Elon Musk hijacked your dream + Pride flag saying soon + You bought an atsuover NFT + Your weed didn't kick in + people threw spoons at you while you were drowning + You typed /backrooms on discord + You tried cutting the trees + cringetopia mods doxxed you + You got aids from a witchcraft book + The bugs got you + You used a fork while peeling oranges + You wore shorts going to work at AMC + You think homer Simpson is a real character + You had to answer 80,000 questions on day three of a horse convention + You're so bad you had to use a Goku berry to win + Hot dog saying fuck you + You don't have a plastic bucket + Your mother is bigger than the worm on Neptune + Your father must have had some gossip about him + You starved because you can't even climb a 50ft wall + You ate the chicken with phosphorus acid gas in it + You didn't get on the (hey hey) mcgay + I hope the Jamaican bee is behind you + get beanboyed + cat filled your cooler with bread + Michael De Santis saying "Ass" + You didn't read the Reddit Bible


This is literally every post posted here in the last week turned into an L+ratio joke. You have too much dedication


and poop


L + Hedge Born + ubchivalrous + no land + thou hast the plauge + thou be a filthy peasant + thoust family hast died + thou land was plundered + thou leg hast fallen off + no ladies + no wenches + thou hasn't gotten a proper education + thou be a backstabber + the crown owns you + no crops + thou last harvest hast been pitiful + damaged equipment + unarmored + untrained + thou hasn't tooken a bath in the river since last harvest + no food nor water + no farming skills + hast never seen the king + the lords have no respect for thou + thou be living on Sr. Fredrick Von Bernanrd III manor + thou hast injured thyself with a hoe, how foolish + L + plundered + no wenches + marooned + you have scurvy + landlubber + walk the plank + the crew watches Markbeard now + young captain better + all hands on deck + ye have no booty + yer with the Royal Navy + you’ve rats in your rations + our cannons will rip ye to shred + ye crew mutinied + cheap rum + you have no booty + scuttled + mutinous crew + no cannons + small ship + no parrot + you have no treasure maps + polly want a cracker + 0 doubloons + barnacles on the bottom of your boat + shit sails + good teeth + no eyepatch + no peg leg + no hook + ye too smart + ye still got tricked by blackbeard + bad captain + me mother had a better ship + damaged boat + small crew + bad quartermaster + good hygiene + capsized boat + ye be stranded + unstable crows nest + moldy food + ye abandoned yer wife + ye'll be hung by the crown soon + yer stolen ships location be: Caribbean Sea, 20 degrees North, 80 degrees West Ship Name: "The Angel's Fist", Three-master, 28 cannons Flying the Spanish Flag, 5 knots if the wind be right I.P:


The weakness of the Phoenix Wright impostor is a wet blanket that's been touched by a four-armed woman.


This copypasta grows longer every time I read it (and one of my dreams is included in it!)


Yeah that sounds about right


Someone now needs to make a reddit bible


Someone make this I’ll trade 70 Jamaican bees please just do it


did it include [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/2byyca/reddit_helps_me_focus_on_the_important_things/cjafxvh/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)


"you're still wrong tho" -/u‎/reddituser 6:9




Holy shit I recently had a dream where every temple in the world, no matter of what religion, collapsed and sunk into the ground so not a single piece of debris remained. Then, a giant burning Reddit logo appeared on the ground in every location where a temple was once situated. It was covered in tv all around the world. Maybe our dreams are connected or something idk


wonder if I was in there


What were the first pages?




did it include “disagree, petition to ban op” -elne that was probably the most downvoted comment ever on reddit


Seems legit


Um im seeing a moneymaking opportunity here


“Hate they neighbor”




socrates if he was awesome


Probably based.


In the name of the cat subs, the memes, and the shitposts, amen.


Would read 100/100