Yikes, just yikes and in a public library too.

Yikes, just yikes and in a public library too.


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Is this Russetta? She’s all over my towns FB.


Is she sleeping with other women’s husbands and had her children taken away by CPS?


Does she think her behavior is cute and funny?


Has she contracted STDs such as Chlamydia?


Has she got a large round yellow head?


Is she PacMan's daughter?


Then you may be entitled to compensation….


Better Call Saul!


I'd suggest you check out Bob Loblaw Law Blog before calling a lawyer due to the costs.


I do believe that's a Bob Loblaw Law Bomb!


the guy on all those late night infomercials?


It's his STD and he needs it now!!!!


you're right! call now at 1-800-Myho3s


You're thinking of JG Wentworth my guy, call him now at 877 CASH NOW.


Does she make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you work for love ?


She’s a man-eater!


oh-oh, here she comes...


Baby PacMan grew up to be a home wrecker.


well when your parents are doing nothing but fighting ghosts and eating fruit, keys, and pellets all day, what example do you have?


Very true.. She never really had a chance.


Is she even wrecking homes?


Is she a babysitter?


Does she offer dog sitting service?


She’s a face sitter if that helps?


Tell me more, tell me more?


Like does he have a car


Those poor men with no choice or autonomy. How dare She sleep with them!


The kids she lost to cps had no choice.


So sad. Why is no one thinking of the poor men who are spreading STDs around that community?


They are the real victims here.


Yikes that incident with Russetta is from my hometown. Not a great place lmao.


I am not aware who she is and the yellow dot doesn't help




Yoooooooo Russetta not looking to bad. Lemme get some industrial condoms.


She goes by *Fonda le’Meat* ..thats french for stuffed crust


More like “Blue Waffle” if you ask me!!


Someone in college printed something like this about a guy being a cheater or something and taped print-outs ALL OVER a dorm complex (huge, multi-building suite-style housing). Campus security had to take them all down.


Many times it's may not even be true


They never include the offenders phone number 😞


You thinking she wants to give this girl more business?


I’m thinking I would pretend I have a wife so I could get some sexy time, I like my women that look like their head is that Walmart yellow smiley face without the eyes and mouth


Rolling back divorces


Rolling back marriage lengths more apt.


that’s the joke


No not a joke. Asking for a friend.


Hey friend. You get that number for me yet? I need it for a friend.


Tricky way of getting a babysitter.


Oh shut up. It's as much as the fault of those guys as is hers. They had more to lose and still chose to do it. Blame both sides.


Befriending the wife is straight up psycho behavior.


Letting your cheating side chic befriend your wife is also a psycho behaviour


Having your kids babysat by someone that already lost thier kids is pretty stupid too.


Depending on where you live, you can easily lie about that


For real, how brazen can you get


I don't understand how he could look his wife in the face, share a bed and so on, I'm a married man I get that it's hard sometimes but good God man where's the respect? How does one block out their conscience? How can that be a satisfying way to live? To me that's just fucking pathetic


Some people cheat for the adrenaline rush of doing something "wrong" - it's the adventure, the myst-- I'm not defending that, by the way, it's gonna come across like this but bear with me -- the mystery, ohh the rush of being nasty and taboo, ooohhh So imagine the fucking high they get from parading their affair right under the nose of their wives, getting closer to the edge like walking on a knife, the closer they can ride that high without getting caught... Most of us will ride that high in small doses, like maybe being a bit touchy with your wife in public, or exploring power-fantasies and other kinks, but for some that's not enough and they turn into psychopaths [not clinically, metaphorically]. The point where your dopamine hits override your empathy, is the time anybody should consult.


Yeah idk how they live with themselves while doing that to people they are supposed to care about and spend their life with.


People who cheat vilify their spouse to rationalize the behavior. Cheating is justified in their mind because the marriage isn't giving them what they need. In reality, leaving the spouse is a better choice every time.


Most of the time. Sometimes you need a getaway driver in order to leave the spouse in a way other than with you in a bodybag. Or if even then you can’t escape, it might incur extra risk but also be the only thing keeping you from putting yourself in the bodybag.


I mean they probably aren’t letting her she’s just blackmailing them. Most cheaters don’t want their wife to figure out they’re cheating so they keep the other girl as far away as they can unless they were already close


My ex befriended her affair partner's fiance after the affair happened.


Jeez that's creepy.


Well they already knew each other and she hung around her place with the kids anyway. She just got closer after the affair ended, probably looking to fill the friendship hole. The friendship ended when she told her about the affair.


What did she think was going to happen!!


The guilt was building up I think, also someone else threatened to tell her if my ex didn't. She knew well enough that it would destroy their friendship and the kid's friendship.




They really went out of their way to get offended at the joke


Agreed.. The husband's face should be on there too.


yea ikr. She was never part of your "home". The husband's are the actual homewreckers


Not what he meant dumbass lmao


I had a similar experience! There was a woman who was sleeping around with a bunch of married men in our town and someone took the time to write 5 PAGES, I’ll repeat, someone typed 5 pages worth of text explaining how vile and awful this woman was and all of the damage she has been causing. They talked about her never washing her undercarriage, her meth habit, and how she once offered sexual favors to her step-grandfather for pills. That person made copies, bought a book of stamps, and mailed that letter to its residents all over town. The police kept asking all of us to bring in the letters for “investigation” purposes but you see the chief of police was apparently fucking her too in this letter and had detailed time stamps on where his patrol car goes every time he’s on shift. They didn’t include a phone number but they put her first and last name and trailer number to where she stays I still have mine I ain’t giving them shit. I’m gonna frame it


All the married men?


Re-Elect Jan Cooper. Mayor of whoreville.


Brought to you by the Pawnee Department of Public Health




Chlamydia affects nearly 100% of Jan Coopers.


“Jan, please come back. I realize I am not blameless here.”


Brought to you by the Health Department….


Jan Cooper: Miss Chlamydia 2011


Instructions were unclear. Was shared to reddit instead




But isn't that the point of the hashtag? To categorize your post to a bigger group? Because if you use an extremely specific hashtag, it's pretty rare that people will think of searching it and coming across your post.


If it's extremely specific then it could allow you to keep track of whose following and sharing your content.


Yeah it has both uses. If you think of hashtags as a kind of unregulated subreddits, it makes sense. You have to post your comics on /r/comics for it to be seen, but then again it can be nice to follow your community on /r/ThisSpecificComicArtist


What’s more specific than Homewrecker


Maybe something like #sarahnonametotalslutomgwhatawhore! I dunno, I'm not an expert on airing my shit all over the twitters.




Porno title haha


Gonna get lost to Mose home-wrecker burrito


Hashtag etiquette and when to use them. Damn, I forgot to enroll in that class in college.


Share this printed page on FB?


Yes it clearly states that now go share


Take a picture? OP is literally sharing this on Reddit lmao


(s/he commented on a post of a printed page being shared on Reddit)


Can we start calling the men that sleep with these chicks homewreckers as well cuz they also wrecked the home with their choices


you have a point but she’s a repeat offender so it’s like a job title


*If* she is. It's worded in a way that makes me think it's just the angry wife typed it that way on purpose. Like 'married men' means 'my husband'. Keep in mind she doesn't befriend multiple wives for some reason, but presumably sleeps with multiple men. And that also implies that the wife somehow knows other married couples in the same situation. I agree with you, but that's a big if.


I have a feeling that whoever wrote this is biased and might try to spin this against her. On whose authority do we know she is a repeat offender? I think everyone is trashy here, including the author of this flyer.


Yes! WTF! It’s always the women that are the ‘homewreckers’ - last time I checked it takes two to tango, shame them both?!


The married one is at least 6 times as culpable as the 'other woman' who is in no relationship, made no vows. Still a dick move but not as much as the husband.


Yeah the husband sucks but I wouldn't say 6 times lmao, befriending the wife and trying to babysit the children of the person you're fucking is incredibly callous




The person outside of the relationship being wrecked is never a 'homewrecker'; they're just in love and/or horny. The person in the relationship being ruined is 100% at fault. What's their excuse? 'oh i just couldn't help myself'? It's not hard to not fuck someone and cheat on your SO.


I mean I still think it’s quite a shitty thing to do to sleep with someone if you know they are in a relationship but I only see the person in the relationship as a homewrecker because it was their family.


If the person coming into a relationship with a person who they know is taken, then they are a “homewrecker” as well.


I already do. You're welcome to join me and I think some others in doing so.


I think homewreckers is a gender neutral term. Men are called homewreckers too when they are the 3rd party. The bigger point is that we don't have a sufficiently bad enough word for someone who cheats while being in the relationship.


I will NEVER understand people who have more hate towards the "third person" than to their cheating Partners


They love(d) their partner so it’s tough to instantly switch to hate. The third person meant nothing to them so they are very easy to focus your rage on


Well, broken trust can numb you pretty damn quick. It’s not hate immediately, but just wait…


I agree that you will despise them later. Just the initial reaction is all towards the 3rd person


Love and hate are degrees on the same emotional spectrum. The opposite of love isn't hate. It's apathy.


I mean if the third party knows and is proud of helping others cheat, then I can understand being full of hate for them to. Having said that the hate defintly should be mostly aimed at the partner, cause fuck all the stupid pricks who choose to cheat on their partners if you can't handle a relationship don't get in one, don't be a scummy prick cause you can't keep it in your pants (and no not getting any isn't an excuse, nor is wanting more excitement or any of those dumbass excuses)


Also sometimes I think it’s kinda frustration at the third person. Like you were single, you had all the choices in the world, why did you entertain this? It’s obviously not the root of the anger, just spill over. But I get it and I’ve seen my other female friends feel it too.


Can't steal someone that doesn't want to be stolen.


Thats where honesty comes in. If your not happy in your relationship. Leave.


Being stolen is bad and babysitting children of a family who you are actively hurting is really bad too.


You can hate both! The only time I don't dislike the cheater's partner is when they didn't know that the other was married/in a relationship.


Thank you. Every time a case like this gets posted, the comment section falls over itself bemoaning that the jilted party somehow is angry at the homewrecker but not the cheating spouse. There is nothing that suggests that. Overwhelming probability says the cheater got the most of the anger too, but the now-ex wife doesn't have to hang up pictures at a library to shame him. She knows all of his friends, his workplace and his entire extended family, everyone who matters. And yes, it does reflect on you as a person if you have an affair with someone you know is in a committed relationship, worse even with kids involved.


Well, they love or loved their cheating partner at some point. Also, may have kids with the cheating partner and probably don't want to ruin the life of the father/mother of their kids. For the homewrecker, none of it applies


She knowingly had sex with and befriended the girl to assume a motherly role for her children, I’m pretty sure that’s a lot worse


I mean, literally ANYTHING you add also gets added on to the partner doing the cheating automatically making it worse. The partner knowingly cheated after being in a committed relationship and allowed his mistress to befriend his SO to assume a motherly role for their children. It's just unbeatable. Anything she does, he is automatically culpable for + being the one in the relationship.


I don’t think anyone would’ve had sex with someone who admitted to having so many STDs so “ lying and infecting numerous people with STDs” kinda takes the cake here


The paper also hinted to her down by multiple time so for her doing it is a hobby which make it kinda worse


that’s some 90’s psychological thriller/ Single White Female/ Hand that Rocks the Cradle territory, deeply creepy. It has that “I’m going to alienate you from your family to replace you” vibe


Hating the cheater represents an abrupt end to life as they know it. They might have kids or a house together or shared friends, whatever, if they let themselves hate the cheater, it means all that is gone. So they have all this anger and hurt and rage, but a lot of little just can't handle ending the relationship, so they redirect it to the other half of the affair. That's very easy to do, very easy to hate that person with a burning passion. So they vent a little and delude themselves into thinking they are justified in their blame


Coping strategy.


She sounds like a solid pick. No custody of children means no child support.


False. Non-custodial parents are court ordered to pay child support all the time. If her parental rights were terminated, that would be different. But just not having custody of your kids doesn’t mean you get out of being financially responsible for them.


Which is completely fair honestly.




Get you own damn man!!


“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to kill the whore Janice Rossi in 2R.” \- Karen Hill, probably


This reminds me of the time I saw a guy holding a sign basically like this about a woman he was pissed off at. He was standing on the sidewalk in front of the middle school at pick-up time, just waving his sign at the car line as it inched by. Cops were not amused.


I had a girlfriend, who i left clearly, that couldn’t handle the risk of a relationship failing so she’d 1) sabotage the relationship she was in as a means of control, and 2) deliberately seek out unavailable men, either total dicks who were emotionally unavailable or men that were already in relationships. This was how she managed her fear of being abandoned, and because she refused to get help, just repeated the pattern over and over.


I almost don’t want to post on this thread at all because when I did like an hour ago, some chick who hates men (just like the girl I’m about to describe) downvoted me to oblivion and said “yikes, red flags everywhere, watch out ladies!” As if she was saving all kinds of girls who were looking for dates on Reddit from big, bad, babyfartmageezax, even though shitty relationships have had me purposefully abstaining from any sort of relationship for like, 5 years now. Anyway, yeah, the first girl I really, really likes was like this. Severe abandonment issues, so she’d be in a Facebook official relationship with one guy, regularly CHeat on him with another guy (usually me,) then when out and about with me, she’d legit hookup with drunk guys while I was in the bathroom or at the bar getting us drinks, to see how close she could cut it/ get away with it. Then she’d deny, deny, deny to your face until SHE got mad that you had the audacity to accuse/ catch her cheating. Last I heard, she was living with her boyfriend who cheated on her just about every single day, and she could NOT handle the frustration of knowing he was doing it, having proof/ evidence, and him just laughing/ shrugging it off and/ or denying it. So that feels pretty good to know that she’s getting a taste of her own medicine, but something tells me she doesn’t understand WHY it’s happening to her and that it’s exactly what she did to me and at LEAST 3 other regular “boyfriends,” that I can think of


Maybe throw your shitty husband under the bus too?


Yeah that what I thought. It always takes two to cheat.


Eh, I dont really feel bad to be quite honest


Yeah I would only feel bad if she didn’t know he was cheating. But I know women who do this home-wrecking crap and they are well aware of the wife and/or kids and do not give a shit about them.


So I guess the husband’s poster is on the other side?


On the other side of the world in Mexico


Coming out of my store as a beverage.


He’ll be needing a wanted poster


No, he's on the missing poster at the police department 😂


Hahahahaha good one!


Nah you know that chick is unhinged enough to just give the husband a tap on the hand and blame that “temptress” for her husbands awful morals.


Love when people air their dirty washing out in public... cant beat a bit of uninvolved drama


Isn't chlamydia the easiest std to get rid of?


I was taught (ages ago) that chalmydia and gonorrhea are both treated with antibiotics and are therefore the easiest to get rid of.


Public service announcement 😂


Did all y'all who want to fuck her just gloss over the part about her having STDs? Raise your standards. Y'all can do better. I believe in you!


And just how do you know that the people who want to sleep with her don't already have a bunch of STDs themselves? You need to start thinking outside the box. About poking inside the box. Without protection.


Also chlamydia is curable with a single pill, I wouldn't sleep with anyone that currently has it, but I don't see why it's a big deal if they had it and cured it?


STIs are no more shameful than any other ailment of the body. And they provide the basis for some [great](https://youtu.be/jIz86kT86T8) AC/DC [tracks](https://youtu.be/vmGOEdjoMAU) too.


It isn't but mixed with everything else about her you're better off with an actual sex doll.


This is reddit. They can't do better


the person who made the flyer isn’t a reliable source of information


Okay, but where's the man who chested? He's just as guilty as anyone


didn't know he was a mimic


People like this don't learn lessons unless they face the repercussions of their actions so I agree with this "Public Service Announcement"...Let people know that she is a promiscuous, self orientated ho'.


Is this my exwife? Sounds like my exwife.


Do you mean the post-er or the post-ee?




I'm sorry for my language but what a whore


No need to be sorry, English is allowed on Reddit


Sorry but I dont consider this trashy, people who cheat deserve to be called out.


You got her number? Asking for a friend


She's down horrendous


I just want to know what printer printed this crooked as fuck. Those margins are more fucked than this lady's ex husband.


“Is this the superintendent?... Yes, I want you to know, sir! That you have a whore living in 2R!”


She’s wayyyy trashier than the person who posted the photo of her.


"Share on facebook" Yeah! Let me just click this share button on this piece of paper.


Posted in the library because she keeps checking out husbands.


Sounds like my sister. Add a little meth in there and sounds excatly like my sister


I believe they should have included pictures of the married men she slept with. Shame one, shame all.


That’s disgusting, where does she live so I know never to move there? I can’t believe someone would do that


Honestly I blame the husbands knowingly cheating. She's just an opportunist. In fact this is slut shaming.


How would you even know that what the flyer is saying is real and not just slander about someone somebody hates? I can't take the people that do this seriously, it is so immature and trashy, so even if it was true it'd be hard to believe em' anyways due to that.


Two for One trashy post!


Quick question, I know that the person on the paper was trashy but was putting the paper up trashy?


Damn that could be my youngest sister ngl. By 17 she had 20 "relationships" including several married men. She's the most hardcore sociopath i know and lives to destroy families. Cunt


> lives to destroy families Yeah, there is a cheating & homewrecking fetish. Reddit even has subreddits for them. They don't feel remorse when they break up a couple or family; they feel a *rush.*


Oooh, a printed hashtag - how quaint.


Which part in question is the trashy part? The flyer or what the flyer is claiming? Because I'm not inclined to believe only one persons personal narrative about someone else, so to me posting the flyer is the trashy part.


she messed wit da wrong person on this one, and its deserved .


Was this hanging on the “available services” public board? Asking for a friend who needs a side piece and a babysitter.




The mastering of Marital Arts. Primarily she used takemando, with muaytit and cross over of krave-magee! She coaxes him first with ham and cheese sambo and promises he will see-mo later. But ultimately she just uses her spiritual connection to Pencak-Slut. Chun suck see, chun suck do!


My ex-best friend was JUST like this. Had to cut her loose because people thought I was like her when I was the polar opposite 🤷🏻‍♀️


Homewrecker, our prices have never been lower! (Sorry)




Is there a specific sub for this type of thing?


Well my wife and I do need a babysitter but I see no phone number listed...


This is trashy bc no one should put up a poster like this of anyone, especially in a library, right? Not because of this woman who has no opportunity to defend herself?


Imagine having access to a computer and printer but this is what you do with it


Just for clarity. Are you calling the person who made the flier trashy or the homewrecker?