South Korean Youtuber randomly decides to visit the Cambodian gangs in Stockton, California

South Korean Youtuber randomly decides to visit the Cambodian gangs in Stockton, California


After watching that video about the undercover cop who infiltrated drug gangs, I can't believe these guys are so chill having a random guy come in and stick a camera in their face and ask a load of questions.


The dude filming mentions something on the main guy’s Instagram, it would seem maybe they connected via internet first. Though he does mention later he drops in without getting a reply on DMs, maybe he was just able to verify himself once he showed up.


Not only that, but the dude probably had all kinds of proof with videos and everything that he's just a Korean dude who wants to show people if Stockton is how they make it out to be. He's showing Asian gang culture in the united states that I'm sure will shock most others over seas. There's a difference between a dude showing up randomly trying to get information and a Korean vlogger hitting you up asking permission to show your lifestyle to viewers from his region. One you automatically are suspicious of, the other intrigues the gangsters because they all want to be famous, respected, feared, and we'll known. He simply gave them what they wanted in return he got footage.


So what you're saying is that undercover cops should become youtubers first to build credibility?


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"What's up youtube! This is your fam TotallyNotLAPD, today we are going to explore the underground world of some sick gangstas in this town, gonna go deep inside their den and shoot... I mean, meet their boss and talk about their illegal... I mean, daily lives because we want prosecu... I mean, popularity. It's gonna be fucking lit! Stay tuned, smash that like button like a cop beating the shit out of criminals, and LET'S GET THEM, I mean LET'S GET IT!"


Oh man, I so want to make this a thing. This sounds like a solid YouTube skit vid.


ZackTV used to do something similar, but we know how that ended up. Good thing that these guys seemed cool and genuinely wanted people to see a more real version of themselves but it's still a vicious world, Stockton is crazy.


How did it end up?


Dude got shot just driving around, he wasn't affiliated with anyone. He did interviews in various hoods, with various different gangs.


Is he dead? Or just shot?


he died


Sub count through the roof tho


You play with the fishes you're going to get wet no matter what.


>One you automatically are suspicious of, the other intrigues the gangsters because they all want to be famous, respected, feared, and we'll known. They do, but I also think they wanted to show off as well. As they probably want to emulate rappers and the upper class in that show off their wealth or that show they are big shots. After all they are on Instagram so clearly they want to show off and want attention.


A South Korean passport would do it for me


Check out the book Gang Leader For a Day. It’s written by a sociologist who did exactly this in Chicago.


He even got them to show him their books, so he could see how much everybody got paid. iirc the few people in "management" did pretty well for themselves; everybody else made wages similar to other low-skill work. Like working in a corporate restaurant.


That was in Freakonomics.


Great book


mind linking the video you are talking about? sounds interesting


It was posted here a couple of days ago. Definitely worth watching: https://youtu.be/y_TV4GuXFoA


big difference between some kids in the ghetto small time dealing and actual drug networks and the cartel.


Yes, but also foolish to think small gangs don't have power. There was reason cops during the 90's wouldn't dare go to certain blocks. It wasn't all big time gangs. You have families, ethnic gangs, and even just school level gangs.


The gang is the “boots on the ground” for the cartel. The fact that there is a “no police zone” is why the cartel is never attacked. This boys die on the street for a dime, but they secure the cartel an area to do exchanges in total safety. Here in Italy we are fixing it, but it’s big money to do it. You have to take 1000 families from a neighborhood, pay them their houses a good price so they move, and then demolish the neighborhood itself and make a new livable area. Most of the “gang” problem starts from the living conditions in the area. The people themselves there are not different from me and you. But when you grow up in an area with 10% employment, in horrendous cramped buildings, there is little you can do to resist the gang mentality.


Cameras plus the implication of some sort of fame has an effect on any group of people being filmed.


Those are industrial gangs with a bottom line to product. This gang looks like a bunch of kids having fun. There's no million dollar enterprise to protect.


Keep in mind the British cop said their gang activity was hostile because of undercover agents like himself. The top had to be hostile to try and weed out snitches and cops. This gang just looks like a bunch of kids who use and deal and dont want any cops around. They don't mind the social media hits.


Gang Instagram is very real and pretty out there. It’s sort of like Jail and prison tiktok. Street gangs most def have an online presence and often will use it to recruit.


"Can you go into detail about this role on your resume: Blood Inc, when you managed the social media for a 20 thousand person organisation?"


“Gang gang”


As someone who wanted the gang life when I was young, the money, women, brotherhood, and fun are all there while It lasted before my first arrest. Can’t see it being any different because they still provide everything an impressionable young man wants. Women, money, and power


can't tell if this is 4th of July Stockton or normal Tuesday night Stockton


Yeah when I moved to Stockton I got really comfortable with the persistent question, “is that fireworks or gunshots?”


Growing up in Stockton, you can tell the difference.


It’s weird, I grew up in sacramento and Stockton would show up all the time on weather reports, advertisements for auto dealerships, etc etc. Never had any idea it was like this. It always seemed like a normal sleepy semi suburban city where nothing interesting happens


California period has problems with fireworks year round. Stockton has problems with fireworks. It’s likely one of the top complaints from residents of the city. All of that said, this is not normal for all of Stockton. People aren’t blowing off fireworks 24/7 and walking up and down the streets with guns. The city isn’t over run with gangsters. I’m not going to tell you that this didn’t happen or couldn’t happen in Stockton. Just that this is not the view on every street in the city.


Not 24/7 but from 9pm to 11pm+ you can bet your ass there is one every 2 mins.


This is fascinating. This dude is just like a transfer student who is like "I would like to know the reality of this situation" then just walks to this street and goes up to a guy with a machine gun and says hi I would like to hang out with you.


Agreed, this is crazy. I would never in a million years do this but I’m glad there’s someone who is and is documenting it. It’s funny how the gangsters are actually pretty welcoming to a complete outsider. Maybe because they know he poses no threat


There are some guys on YouTube that go to dangerous neighborhoods (favellas in Brazil or other cities in South America generally) and they just try to speak with the locals. The scary parts is that most of them are nice but they all tell them that they should gtfo of this neighborhood. Can't imagine what they have to go through.


>It’s funny how the gangsters are actually pretty welcoming to a complete outsider. In my experience if you are the one approaching them and show no hostilities they're very welcoming. It's when they do business, which usually entails the gangster approaching you, is where it gets really scary. No matter how close you think you are to a gangster, if they start the interaction always have your guard up.


This is good advice. I’ve had few bad interactions when I’ve initiated contact but never any good ones when I or people I know have been approached.


I grew up in Pomona, CA around a lot of gangs. I actually had to ride my bike to my first job as a teen through “the toughest block in America” according Fox11 news in the late 90s. Never once was I hassled. They knew I wasn’t involved with drugs (selling or buying) so they didn’t care. Had I been trying to sell, I would have been beat to a bloody pulp or worse, but they’re in a business and they know that attacking random people is a great way to scare away customers and get extra police activity. Now I teach high school in a gang-infested area, and the young bangers mirror the guys in the video. If you ask them why, they’ll tell you the same thing as the guy in the video: it’s the only (perceived) shot they got to make a life. Want to get greatly diminish gangs? Give these kids real opportunity to thrive. You’ll see the gangs dry up real quick. Especially with weed being legal here now, they have more reason to “go straight.” Unfortunately there are a lot of people that discourage them and leave them with seemingly few options.


I don’t know the stats for Stockton, but in Baltimore there’s a stat that 90% of criminal violence is done by people who already knew each other. I’ve ridden my bike through the sketchiest, boarded up parts of Baltimore and never had a problem


I was robbed at gunpoint in Baltimore while standing in my driveway. Pistol whipped and knocked out cold and left. Gangs are trash.


Yeah, somehow tourists think you'll get shot if you even step foot on the southside of Chicago. If you're not being a completely annoying asshole, attacking a total stranger is not worth the effort to a gangster.


I once as a white British tourist walked into the "wrong" part of South Central looking for a shop, found a 7/11 and the guys who were chilling outside were like "yeah this is definitely the wrong part of town for you, so once you've got what you need you should probably head back that way and take a left". They were super nice, answered our questions and we went on our way. This also mirrored our experience of sitting directly behind the 3 largest cholo dudes I'd ever seen at a raiders game, they were inked to the moon, and they thought we were hilarious and spent the entire game talking us through what was going on, asking my wife and I questions about where we were from, invited us to their tailgate (we politely declined but genuinely only because we had somewhere to be after the game else I'd have loved to have seen that). People are layered like that.


You missed out, cholo bbq is fucking great.


See i've always thought this, that no matter how "scary" someone looks, if you just be polite or nice to them then they will likely return that


Stray bullets do hit innocent people. A relative of someone I know was killed by one on the L train last month during his commute.


There's also a risk of being misidentified as someone you are not.


I was at a festival in Chicago a few years ago. We walked a couple blocks away to try to get an uber. An old Caddy pulled up next to us. and asked if we wanted to buy some weed. We declined and they drove across the street. We heard several gunshots about 5 minutes later, and heard the car peel off. It was pretty wild.


Yup. I've heard multiple stories of people who "made something of themselves" after growing up in a "bad area" with a lot of gang activity and influences, and a common thread is that their friends in the gangs are almost shockingly supportive of their friend who doesn't need to live "the life" to succeed. Obviously, that's not always going to happen, but it happens more than people expect.


>Want to get greatly diminish gangs? Give these kids real opportunity to thrive. You’ll see the gangs dry up real quick. Especially with weed being legal here now, they have more reason to “go straight.” Unfortunately there are a lot of people that discourage them and leave them with seemingly few options. This. People still have the mentality of crack down on gangs by using the police to round them up. But as you basically said these gangs only exist because of lack of economic opportunities. I wager the vast majority of gang members don't want to be part of a gang but want a decent paying job instead and a life where they aren't looking over their shoulder and be able to sleep at night.


The one gang member even says as much, his goals are to get out of there, buy a home for himself, and leave that world behind him.


I can sort of confirm, I was put in an adult mental health hospital and my roommate was a blood gang member. He was actually a really nice guy and we talked a lot, I learned things about gangs I had never thought of before.


Care to elaborate? I’m curious


Sure, so I didn't know the ranks in a gang are like ranks in the military, with an OG being like the top rank. An OG commands those below him to do things in exchange for support and money. The man I met didn't like that lower ranked kids would go around breaking into people's cars and stuff, because if they needed anything they just need to go see their OG. He lost a close friend to a car break-in, because the car he broke into had a man and woman getting it on in the backseat and the guy had a gun. Blew his brains all over the steering wheel. He was in the gang because his dad was in the gang. He got initiated at seven years old. His dad was doing like life in Cali and he hadn't spoke to or seen him in a long time. It made me realize that a lot of these guys probably didn't have a choice but to live that life, at a very young age. He was a Muslim, and a killer rapper/beatboxer. I had some weird things going on to me while I was in there but he had my back the whole time. I didn't try to keep in contact with him because it didn't seem like a good idea, but it was worth getting to know him. I'm from a rural town so the only "gang members" I'd ever met were skinny little white boys lying their asses off that they were a Crip or Blood. He told me he'd done a lot of bad things, and I believed him, but didn't try to find out more. Honestly a part of me worried about if I did find out too much, but nothing like that ever came up.


Thanks for sharing this. I really hope things are going better for you.


When I was like 9-10 I remember hanging out with this group of older guys who I thought of as big brothers, come to find out they were 9Treys, that for some reason tolerated some nerdy brown kid hanging out at their spot. I definitely remember talking about TV shows and anime with some of them, I also remember getting a Choco Taco from one after saying that I’ve never had one. Hope those guys are all alive and on better paths now


I think him being Asian is a major factor in all of this...


But if they also follow that rule, then they’ll have their guard up when they get approached also


They do but they wait for you to make the first move and you need to make yourself look as least amount of a threat as possible. Such as showing your hand


He poses no threat and they get to show off how badass they are. These guys dig it. It's about the show. Cars, clothes, showing lots of money... If the TV gets there, they get suspicious but some random Korean dude for YouTube, they love it. That's also why we should take what they say with a grain of salt.


Nah they were keeping it real yo. The only thing BBM said solely for the camera was that he makes his money rn by being a, "Good, hard-working, tax paying citizen," lmao


That line with his shit eating grin got me too haha.


Hey, you better believe that dude pays his sales taxes every time


I’m pretty sure this is how Louis Theroux managed it with some absolutely crazy people


There's a book that's basically the description of the video [Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets by Sudhir Venkatesh](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1491906.Gang_Leader_for_a_Day) When Venkatesh walked into an abandoned building in one of Chicago's most notorious housing projects, he was looking for people to take a multiple-choice survey on urban poverty. He gets held up 24 hours, then let free. Then he returns a few days later with a case a beer and asks them if he can stay.


> Then he returns a few days later with a case a beer and asks them if he can stay. Dude has balls.


It's fine unless it was bud light


This guy spoke at my school when I was a freshman. The book was assigned reading for the freshman class that year and it was an interesting read. Right near the start of the year (I think? This was years ago now.) it came out that he might have made up kind of a lot of that book though so uh, oops I guess. Interesting book, but I'd take it with salt.


Really? I read about a third of it. Won’t waste my time if so.


Best article I could find on it is [this from the NYT](https://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/02/nyregion/sudhir-venkatesh-columbias-gang-scholar-lives-on-the-edge.html) if you want to read about it. I remember it being big but that's probably because everyone who already didn't want to read it had a great excuse to trash it. I honestly had to root around a little to find the article again (and there's nothing about it on his wikipedia page that I could see) so make of it what you will.


I absolutely love that the main guy he was talking to just took him under his wing and started breaking it down. Definitely some Asian solidarity going on; another group might not have been as open and accepting to him / another person filming might not have been accepted. But for them, he’s just a new homie. It gives everything a much more personal perspective and is really interesting.


I am from Stockton There was this one Japanese fighter that did this at Nick and Nate Diaz’s school he went back to Japan a giant stoner and big advocate for decriminalization. I remember dragging him around like weekend at bernies because the weed was too strong for him poor dude probably doesn’t remember what Stockton life was he was so stoned. He literally spoke no English and just showed up to class and Nick took him in


Unfortunately, Koreans get treated differently by their government. When I was there, a Korean blogged about smoking pot in Amsterdam and was arrested. Koreans must obey Korean law while abroad.


Yea a friend of mine moved to Seoul a few years back and when he came back he wanted to try weed(he was not a smoker) but was too afraid he'd get tested or they would do a follicle test or find out. He said they are insanely against weed and you can get in major trouble for any kind of use or affiliation with it. The Korean girl he brought back with him was hugely uncomfortable around it and constantly afraid they were going to get in trouble.


Yeah I have a Korean colleague at work.....much older guy....he's like 56....and he's always bitching at how corrupt and screwed up the South Korean govt is. According to him, they have their grubby little fingers in everything.


winning hearts and minds


This video is crazy. There's like a billion nice parts of California and he said "naw, fuck all that, I'm going to Stockton." Respect.


This motherfucker could have gone to Santa Barbara but said "no thank you, Stockton it is."


Journalism is strong with this one


Some friends and I ran into Nick in Vegas at some casino bar. He looked like he was trying to pick up some girl that wasn't particularly interested. We approached and at first he gave us this kind of luke warm, "hey thanks but I'm in the middle of something" response, so we hyped the shit out of him and bought him a drink. The girl was very clearly super impressed, and Nick was suddenly all about taking a few pictures w the fans. We gracefully peaced out, and Nick very clearly had her full attention as we walked away. Your welcome Nick, and thanks for the pics.


Fuckin' legend. I was in boston at a hip hop show and saw this local rapper Slaine chillin in the crowd as well. He was at the bar, apparently talking to this chick. Dude was fire back then so I decide ima dap my man up. As I start walking towards him I begin to notice what's going on. This chick is elbow deep in his track pants, giving him a handy at a packed show lol. Plus, he saw me coming and mean mugged my ass so I just kept it moving lol


I went to highschool with alot of Asian Boyz ( asian crips) generally good guys just living the life that was delt. The main thing I remember is this kid breaking another kids jaw for making fun of the special needs kids.


Now he is the special needs kid. Making them see from their PoV


Street empathy lessons


These dudes were on another video where they were teaching how to fish for crab and cook them. Super wholesome https://youtu.be/PxYEtPHWGJw


Im just a white boy but in my addiction days I used to talk to both hispanic EPA gangsters and vietnamese gangsters from San Jose in the bay area and I was surprised how easily people would open up to me. I think if you're not threatening it's kind of a fresh experience for them.


When your just soo innocent and willing to give people a chance, they would just feel bad for robbing you lol. Not everywhere and everyone, you might all ways catch that random crackhead on a bad day or dude who feels tough, but they're just people tryna live in ways they know how. They might not be the right ways, but this guy doesn't seem to be judging them, & is just rolling along with it all. + the gangsters get to feel special and gain a lil clout for feeling interesting enough to be followed.


These dudes were in another video this week where they were fishing for crabs and cooking. https://youtu.be/PxYEtPHWGJw


Damn, they are the same dudes.


He say that at the beginning because crab is a derogatory word for crips, so if he crabbin then he is looking for crips to jump/kill/rob. It's a brave title.


The main guy in these videos is a rapper with a decent following.


Weird. Really weird. What's going on


Homies got hobbies.


Bounceback Meek is just a rapper whose catching a little buzz lately. Its not that weird.


"Don't go to Louis Park" *"So, we're going to Louis Park..."*


Shenmue vibes. "Excuse me, do you know where I can find Gansters?"


lmao yeah that line is legendary


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htqHWLluSSo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAEUYvRU1EU [Actual Shenmue in California](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgmCdt4EgxU)


> Actual Shenmue in California Is this the mega64 skit? *Clicks* Yeah it is. Love Rocco, met him many times at PAX, they always are up to shenanigans with Rooster Teeth since their booths are next to each other


What on earth this guy is crazy lol. Has balls for doing this. Asks where the gangsters are, gets told not to go to a location then heads straight there lmfao.


Smith Bay (east) and Housing West in St Thomas, USVI I was told the same thing. Skinny bald head 17 year old Texan boy. Don’t. Go. THERE. But my partner from down island knew the block. So I met tons of homies. Learned dice and dominoes a few other things. Good times eating local food and learning new and real things about the world. I miss the genuinely fine people. There is stupidity with guns but I live in Texas now where people are equally but differently stupid with them. Edit: sorry this wasn’t meant to be “WHOooo look at me I’m a crazy” cause I’m not and neither were my actions or this youtuber’s—we felt very much alive and okay with and confortable with being uncomfortable where we were.


USVI has one of the highest rates of homicide in the world, because there's only ~100,000 people there, but 50+ murders per year


Um....wow. Good to know. I was thinking it was a nice Caribbean island to go visit as a travel nurse for three months. Now maybe not.


It’s almost all local on local and almost all because of limited economic opportunities. The USVI like many islands has only two real industries: tourism and fishing. Not much legit job growth. But turns out tourists love the more dangerous side of nightlife: drugs, prostitutes, illegal gambling. That and theft from tourists; “losing” your wallet while drunk is decently common like many tourist locations. The hotels are nice and you can leave your wallet in the room and charge things to the room at the hotel bar. The official casinos are clean and nice and well-regulated. But you start wandering around with cash looking for a good time and you’re probably going to end up with empty pockets and a hell of a hangover the next morning. So there’s some areas that are largely people who make their livings off the dirty side of tourism, typically the lowest rent areas. It’s true everywhere: further from the beaches in Hawaii, the outskirts of north Las Vegas, tons of other parts. Those areas always have a high murder rate, almost always local-on-local when disagreements over their “businesses” get heated and “corporate negotiations” go poorly. It’s always complicated doing illegal business because competition can turn violent quickly. Mutual benefits and staying away from others are the way to safety, but not everyone is willing to take a safe approach and disregard the ground rules that tend to prevent conflict. Especially the young. They tend to forget the finer points of negotiation and think that a loaded gun is enough to get what they want without realizing that anyone who has been in that kind of business has dealt with enough violence to not be easily intimidated.


Reminds me of the times where vice news was doing all those documentaries about warlords, cartel, isis and stuff…


That many guns and kids pointing at the guy with them, scary.


Ironically Stockton is the birthplace of the Federal ban of Assault Weapon imports. A racist dude went in and shot up a [Kindergarten full of Cambodian kids back in 1989](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Elementary_School_shooting_(Stockton)) as "payback for Vietnam". George Bush acted immediately and made a ban on imported Assault Rifles.


I’m from sac and have never heard of this, fucking tragic. Thanks for the info.


Yep. Fuck Patrick Purdy. The Cleveland school shooting was traumatic as fuck. Those kids were about the same age as me when that shit happened.


God Damn....


I live in Oakland. It’s scary here. I’ve been to Stockton. It’s scary af there.


Lol. I grew up in Stockton. One of my lacrosse teammates in college grew up in Oakland. When he found out that I grew up in Stockton he was all impressed. I pointed out that he grew up in Oakland which has its own special type of terrifying character, and he responded, “Yeah but it ain’t Stockton.”


I went to 6th grade in Oakland, the school was about a 20 minute walk from our apartment, and I walked both ways. As a skinny, nerdy white kid I was too dumb to be scared, and I guess that worked. I was the only white kid in any of my classes, and I'd always joke that Nirvana was better than Tupac. Years later I ended up addicted to heroin in Stockton, and eventually spent a small amount of time in San Joaquin lockup *Everything* is about race, gangs, and affiliation. But as a skinny, nerdy dope fiend I was too dumb to be scared. I learned some card tricks and people called me Harry Potter. I guess my point is both those places were conventionally scary and dangerous, but as long as you're respectful, polite, and hopefully entertaining, most of the time people will be cool back. There are monsters out there, but most people just want respect. Give it to them, and most people will hang around.


Had this same experience while in michigan prisons lol. They called me spiderman (i was slinging on the web) and minion because evidently i looked like a minion with my glasses lol Kept me out of trouble because people came to me for technical advice or how to learn the dark net.


Yoo, I grew up in Fresno and had a student who grew up in East Oakland tell me Fresno was hella ghetto lol


Fresno is fucked too. I think they have one of the highest rate of human trafficking in CA.


Visited Fresno last month and I feel it gets a bad rap. Coming from Portland Fresno doesn’t feel worse - especially not after our protests and massive gun violence problem lately. We have homicides and double homicides in the news every day now, sometimes more often than that. And the outer lying areas of Fresno were super nice and really quant. I actually loved the area.


Bro everything surrounding Fresno is like ranches and Clovis The ghetto cities in California have a bad rap cause of past shit but everything is getting gentrified so when you visit it’s actually kind of nice


Stockton legit sucks. Fresno is more boring than anything else at this point.


Lived in Stockton for 15 years. Delivered pizzas in Stockton mid-late 2010s. The income disparity is *massive* in Stockton. I used to run doubles (deliver to two houses in the same trip) and the first house would have a security guard check in where they would literally scan my ID and take a picture of my plates, and the other delivery’s house would have all broken windows and a civic in the driveway missing all its wheels and front doors. The pizza shop I worked at **had a suite of gun safes in the back for us to keep our belongings in while we did our deliveries. The shift lead kept a pistol under the registers.** We were told to not clean our cars, never keep anything in them, don’t deliver in new cars, don’t use your phone for GPS, and if you absolutely *have* to bring your personal phone on a delivery hide it under your seat while you’re out. Multiple times I’d deliver to houses and the (owner? renter?) would answer the door **holding a gun behind their back** because they were afraid you were a fake delivery person who was going to shoot them.


Bro, I'm a security guard in San Joaquin county, and whenever they offer me a Stockton site I'm like nah.


The big difference to me is the heat. That shit can escalate things. It weathers people.


Thats funny because i'm in stockton but avoid Oakland like the plague lol.


Oakland is probably a lot like Stockton. The majority of violent crime and gang activity is concentrated in specific parts. However Oakland does have a really bad petty crimes and armed robbery problem all over the city. I live in deep east Oakland and I hear gun shots every night. Sometimes automatic gun fire. Stray bullet hit my house a couple months ago only a few feet from my wife. I’ve lived in Oakland for a while now so perhaps I’m used to it but yeah….Oakland can be a scary place.


>Oakland is probably a lot like Stockton. The majority of violent crime and gang activity is concentrated in specific parts. Yeah, it's a pretty big city, the parts up in the hills can be pretty richy-rich and safe. >However Oakland does have a really bad petty crimes and armed robbery problem all over the city. Honestly... while the petty crime and armed robbery might be higher per capita in Oakland, I feel like your risk of getting robbed, pickpocketed, having your car broken into as a *visitor* is actually higher in SF. Especially if you are going to a club.


I can agree with the car break in issue in SF. Problem is tourists come and think SF is a safe city and they leave shit in their car. The city is bad with PSAs on car break ins. They should be better about it.


Stockton is small enough that the violence bleeds over to all its parts regularly.


My wife’s from Stockton. I lived there for 3 months like 10 years ago with her. Never saw anything like this.


I havent personally either but my wife makes sure we dont hit the bad areas lol. She's lived here all her life.


Moved in with my girlfriend who lives in Stockton. The worst I hear at night is fireworks, cars revving their engines, and dogs barking constantly


I used to tour the country non stop. Have been through pretty much any town/city in the US with more than 50k people. Can confirm that Stockton is a top scariest city in the US.


15 years ago I came out of a BART station in Oakland and turn the wrong way and got lost waking around. I called taxi companies and they kept telling me “we don’t pick up there; too dangerous” and here I am, white boy walking around trying to get back to the port so I can get on my ship. I saw some shit I didn’t wanna see and started running down the railroad tracks towards the gantry cranes until railroad police picked me up in Acorn Industrial and I said “im trying to get to those cranes cuz they’re working my ship” and they laughed and took me there


All my Cambodian and Vietnamese friends break weed up by chopping it with a knife just like that haha brings back many memories


I accepted a job in Sacramento but my wife worked in Modesto so we decided to move to Stockton so we'd have equal commute times. Our first day in Stockton looking for rental homes the guy right fucking behind us in traffic gets shot, in a drive by shooting. We ended up splurging for a rental in far far north Stockton in a gated community. We didn't stay long and eventually left the state but dayum is it expensive to live somewhere in the central valley where there isn't train horns and gun shots every night.


Someone in YT comments called them OGs. These guys are 19-23 years old. The real OGs probably locked up, dead, or just grew out of the banging phase.


When kids start gang banging at 13, and kids are getting shot at 15/16 23 is technically an OG because theyre 10 years in


That's really sad.


[18 years old is too seasoned](https://youtu.be/i8GaFuo4svQ)


[same scene with a twist](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDIi0dzmvpE)


Early 20s is pretty fuckin old for a gang banger dude. They start at 13, the older members manipulate the kids into doing the shooting because it's less traceable if some random 14 year old junkie that the cops don't even know exist does it


Young teens are used for drug mule shit a lot too. Not huge quantity but a 13 or 14 year old with half a key or a couple of 8 balls. Maybe different these days but was how they did shit in the 90s.


Also, that 14 year old sure as hell isn't undercover.


I have seen people in gangs at 9, they are 30+ now.


30+ is Triple O G.


I live in an area of a major metropolitan city that is commonly referred to as the “hood”. I feel 100% safe living here. That being said, I’ve worked at a place that is 75% Vietnamese and Hmong, and I WOULD NOT fuck with those people, man. Of all the “gang” types in the world, the ones I am least likely to mess with are Asian and Russian. The guy in the video is a little insane.


This is guy has mix of call of the void and call of adventure.


Call of the wild, call of duty


I see a lot of people wondering why these gang members were so open to a camera being in their business and all their faces being on camera as well. I honestly think it’s because it is a foreigner. I remember having exchange students in high school and everyone would jump to show them something they haven’t seen from our country and get a huge amount of satisfaction from it. I think the same thing is going on here. Nonetheless the balls on this guy is absolutely absurd.


I think it's his stereotype that protects him. He's an asian with a pretty thick accent, walking around with a camera in a way that nobody else would in that neighborhood. It's blatanly obvious that he's an outsider, which makes him more harmless and allows the gang members to put their guard down.


Not to mention they are rappers. They are looking for exposure. How many people will see this and search Bounceback Meeks music...?


Way back when I was having lunch with a girl at the campus cafeteria, she was from stockton. Asked her how her weekend went. She told me she attended a wedding and there was a drive by shooting. The thing that got me was she said it like it was no big deal. I asked her a bit more about it and she said it happens all the time! *shrug* I was just like, "Ohh... ok"


As an aside I found it interesting how he gets out of the car where the Airbnb is, and says "there is nothing here at all, only houses no marts or anything." It's a big shock going to America from most countries that you can't just walk to a shop no matter where you live.


This trend of random people showing up to the hood with a camera and ignorance of the danger they’re in won’t end well. At all lol.


I think is pretty cool. I was born in a Barrio and I can tell you a lot of times, people who carry guns and sell drugs, dont do it because they wanna be baddies. They do it because of circumstances, and because (and this will sound silly) they are entrepreneurs with no means to start a buisness. Why else do we have so many successful entrepreneurs that dabbled in drug trading when they were young.


Dealing drugs is fastest way to make money when you don’t have many alternatives. Easy to get into, hard to impossible to get out.


Last part sounds like a movie trope unless you’re talking about high level distributors. I’ve had multiple friends in LA who got into selling blow for a while then just stopped. It’s not like in the movies where you’ve got a target on your back when you decide you’re done with it. Probably a different story for people moving a ton of drugs for cartels and stuff but for street level dealers or their distributors, it’s really easy to call it quits.


It's extremely hard because people get used to the high life, minimum wage jobs are hard as it is, but when you are used to making hundreds or thousands of dollars a day they are pretty much impossible. Your friends probably had a solid alternative which wasn't minimum wage.




Knew a guy who was making $40k/month selling drugs and running his own gang. He did it to cover medical bills for his grandma and send his siblings to college.


Gangs are kinda lame


People don’t really bang no more outside of LA and Chicago gangs and people that want to be them. Go somewhere like Memphis which also a big gang city and you see smaller clicks of people who rep many different gangs moving together, same way in Atlanta. There is a video with a cop talking about that’s why gang units are failing now because they are smaller and less centralized than in the past. In the south at least.


They give desperate and deprived people the feeling of family, Everything that comes after is peer pressure, herd mentality, broken window theory and the primal need to fit in. If you come from a dirt poor area with no chance of bettering yourself legitimately, watching your parents and peers do fuck all with their lives and not caring about you, then that feeling of family that gangs are built around will blind you to a lot, and make you accept even more. Everyone wants somewhere they can fit in, and if society doesnt provide safe and secure places to do so, people will provide other means of achiving that triablist nature.


Same thing that turns people to groups like Al-Qaeda.


Poverty is kinda lame




Very much a kindergarten mentality. But like the dude in the video said (paraphrasing)... if you don’t play along you don’t last long. Very sad circumstances these people are born into


being in a gang is not cool. you know what's cool? Maxing out a Roth IRA every year


My work matches my 401k up to 6% yearly and I'll own a house in 29 years. Ladies, the line is over there.


Sometimes I like to think of my loans as a percentage of the total. After lasts months mortgage payment I officially own 5.1% of my house. I choose to believe I own the toilet and front door outright and the rest of the house is owned by the bank.


my work gives me 6% and matches me up to 3%. I aint complaining


Better yet, making enough money to where you’re disqualified from normally contributing to a Roth IRA. Backdoor loophole it is.


Ummm you saw the fireworks right? That’s living!


Bunch of kids walking around with guns....


Very similar to vietnamese 'gangsters' in San Jose. Growing up, I was in bands with dudes who's homies rolled, so we'd get invited to these crazy get togethers where there was tonnes of food like whole roasted pigs and entire platers of noodles and other asian cuisine, but outside, it would just be dudes lighting up blunts, talking about their beat downs joining these gangs, talking about local hardcore bands(they were super into hardcore dancing and screamo) and just set off fireworks. Not so much gun brandishing, though you knew most were probably packing in their cars. Being white was never really the issue; the issue is that they've dealt with so many narc and racist white people in their life that there's no reason not to assume you're one of them. Totally respect that, so obviously you earn that respect with treating them with respect, and everyone has a great time


Best part is when they take him over to where they’re smoking and a guy is chopping up weed with a butcher’s knife and the YouTuber goes “Ah Benihana, right?” And the gang member goes “Yeah, bro, marijuana.”


Nah the youtuber said "Marijuana, right", but in Korean, Marijuana is pronounced like malihwana (마리화나). Fun fact! Marijuana is incredibly illegal in Korea. To the point that hardcore, gangster-wannabe rappers will hold press conferences to formally apologize for smoking it before probably being prosecuted. Edit: in case anyone thinks I'm making it up https://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.asp?newsIdx=304969


I used to play soccer with a Cambodian team in Stockton with heavy gang ties. Let me tell you, for as scary as this gang may be. They fucking suck at soccer.


I had a Cambodian gangster as a downstairs neighbor. Great guy. Good cook. Very blasé about his criminal career. Fished for sturgeon with giant rods hung on the wall of his apartment. Best memory was when he invited me over for dinner with his friends. It was a nice day so we just sat on the ground outside, as one does. In Cambodia, people eat with their fingers and share a big bowl of sticky rice. So we did that. Just great people who did not-great things. The food was quite spicy.


Funny reading some of the comments in here. From people that are completely ignorant (which is perfectly acceptable) to others like yourself (I have similar experiences with black gangs). People are just people and we largely value the same things at the end of the day.


> "Hardworking taxpaying citizens" ROFL


Rap money? :D


key was right with his country music. Homies are not exclusively black. White homies, asian homies also exists.


When i was 19.. I had a friend who was friends with a guy in one of these gangs in Atlanta, washington.. they invited us down. Just two little white dudes who were playing drug dealer in there small town.. these dudes showed us how to party.. they had like thousands in booze and grilling sea food every single day. Lobster. Clams. Shrimp.. there would be random drive bys where they wouldn't even flinch and would run up front to fire back.. and no cops would come. It was another world.. we stayed for about a week.. the reason we came was to get to know us and see if we were cool. They ended up giving us 25grand in ecstasy to sell.. upfront.. 3000 pills and had one of there people come live with us.. they gave this dude a minivan dressed him up like Mr. Rodgers sent him with a really attractive woman they both called his wife as cover.. and he watched us while we sold that first batch over the next couple months.. he lived in this nice ass rented house lol.. Anyway. Being 19 and 20.. with friends all the same age. We partied way to hard.. messed shit up.. owed a lot of money.. I had 12grand in the back already so no big deal.. but the other friend wasn't so lucky. Him and 4 others ended up robbing a bank.. or tried to.. they got 6 grand and pulled over on the way home lol.. my roommate didn't come home for 3 months lol.. the last thing he said to me before he left was "this is gonna be the biggest heist of the 20th century.." I didn't have the heart to tell him it was the 21st century already being 2003 and all.. he came back with a giant beard saying he had been in federal prison.. he was in the army so.. things were different when he robbed that bank.. Another friend got caught with 299 of the ex.. and another 500 or so in the trunk they didn't find.. and his dad ended up buying the car he got impounded back.. so he could pull out the ex so his son didn't get in trouble.. again. Even though at that point I don't think it mattered cause they had missed it. That's my experience with Cambodian gangs.


When it gets this real, you get to call it "journalism." Professional journalists used to do stuff like this all the time. A few still do. Now though it's mostly just glorified copypasta.


seriously, this is gonzo journalism at its finest if you ask me. meanwhile people in the comments can't see past their own egos and just wanna make comments like "hurr durr gangs are dumb" like yeah, we know they are bad, the interesting part is trying to see exactly how people end up like this and learning about these people on a human level to see how you can get trapped into this lifestyle.


Humans are so fascinating.


Those gang dudes seem smarter than the Korean guy. That guy was 100% right saying the Korean guy could get labelled as a gang member for hanging out with them. I don't think he realizes that that kind of charge can get you banned from visiting the US for life.


That blur really didn’t blur much.


I think it was meant to blur the house's number, not the dude's face.


Lol doing doughies in their Commodore