Door County, First Time

Door County, First Time


If state parks are on your list then Rock Island for sure but plan ahead it's two boat rides and you don't want to get stuck without a place to stay. Peninsula park is very nice also with the new Eagle Tower, I also enjoy Newport state park. With that Sister Bay would be a central point for your exploring.


Weather permitting, my favorite place in Door County is watching a show at the [Northern Sky Amphitheater](https://northernskytheater.com/) in Peninsula State Park. Nothing quite like some good ol Wisconsin inspired folk theater while sitting with a beer in the woods, under the stars on a cool summer night. Not sure when you're going though, they do outdoor shows thru mid-September.


concession stands are closed this year. Have they offered beer in the past? Thought it was just popcorn and soda? we went to fisherman's daughter this year and it was amazing


Red Putter for some classic, throwback mini-golf.


Red Putter is the best mini golf in the state. I will fight anyone who disagrees.


Shout out to the county parks which are free and often less busy—Cave Point, Ellison Bluff and Door Bluff were all worthwhile. Donnys Glidden Lodge for a nice meal.


Check out Wood Orchard Market for the BEST cherry baked goods, sauces, etc. Amazing. They also have fudge and lots of apples and stuff there. It’s huge and there’s free popsicles for kids in one of the fridges!


Cherry Hut just North of Egg Harbor is worth the stop too. Good market selection, wine tasting, beer on tap from Bridge Up, awesome tacos and hotdogs.


The boat tours or chartered fishing may be worth it, but the trolley rides are not although the quality of your experience depends on your driver. The ferries are cheaper than chartered boats. Coronavirus stats are up considerably (comparing the last weekly posting to earlier this summer). I imagine this means Delta is in Door County now. So avoid... ...restaurants. Get takeout, outdoor dining, or food from grocery stores instead: [https://wisconsindoorcounty.com/groceries/](https://wisconsindoorcounty.com/groceries/) ...indoor lodging. Go camping instead:[https://wisconsindoorcounty.com/campsites-under-30/](https://wisconsindoorcounty.com/campsites-under-30/) ...crowds. Visit parks instead:[https://wisconsindoorcounty.com/door-county-parks/](https://wisconsindoorcounty.com/door-county-parks/)


The White Gull Inn has a fantastic fish boil. Tastes amazing and the atmosphere is really nice and chill. You have to call a ways ahead and reserve spots for it though I think (my mom's always handled the reservations so I'm guessing here).


Great breakfast too!!


We stayed at the Foxglove Inn (b&b) and it was stellar. Located in Sturgeon Bay. Peninsula state park is gorgeous (even when we went in the dead of winter) and I have heard great things about kayaking out by the islands. I have no specifics for that though.


I’m a big fan of fish creek. We camp in peninsula every year. The bike ride from Nicollet bay to fish creek is great. Also, the golf course there has amazing views and is a lot of fun. Definitely hit wild tomato for pizza. You will NOT regret it. Shipwreck in egg harbor had good beer and food. If you can hit a fish boil that is a unique meal. I could keep going but will stop there. Tons of fun thing to do in each town, and each one has its own personality. You will have a blast.


An absolute must is Door County Rafting Adventures!! Tell Captain Matt I said hello!,


There's a hotel/restaurant across the road from the boat landing to Rowleys Bay. They have the best cinnamon roll I've ever had. GO THERE. (It's litererally at the end of the road so you can't miss it)


Thanks for your suggestion-can confirm they have the best! Expensive though damn 6$+ where the rest of DC was like 3$. And everywhere else but they were reaaaalllly good. And actually open and not weird covid rules!


Lots of great suggestions so far. I'll add the Ridges Sanctuary nature preserve near Bailey's Harbor. Rare native orchids among other things. Bring mosquito repellent.


Favorite Place to Stay: [Baileys Harbor Yacht Club Resort](https://www.bhycr.com/) Favorite Things to Do: Visiting [Cave Point County Park](https://www.doorcounty.com/experience/cave-point-county-park/), tasting specialty foods and wine at [Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery & Market](https://www.orchardcountry.com/), enjoying the Door County Cherry Stuffed French Toast at the [White Gull Inn](https://www.whitegullinn.com/), hiking in [Door Bluff Headlands County Park](https://www.co.door.wi.gov/551/Door-Bluff-Headlands-County-Park), climbing the Eagle Tower at [Peninsula State Park](https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/parks/peninsula), and walking through the exhibits at the [Door County Maritime Museum](http://www.dcmm.org/).


Put The Cherry Hut on your places to visit next time. Close to Lautenbach's.


Will do! Thanks for the recommendation!


I just went up there yesterday! Check out the sturgeon bay canal north pierhead lighthouse and Portage park beach. Zero crowds when I went. I saw maybe twenty people total in both places. As for parks there is an officially recognized dark sky area there that I really want to check out on a clear night and there’s also tons of pick your own orchards. We missed the Cherry season by literally one day.


Trolley tours are definitely fun but any involving booze are probably already sold out or will be close. Those are popular ones. I have done the scenic tour as well and it's some great info about the region. Plus it's nice to have someone else driving so you can just look around. AC Tap in Baily's Harbor is great for bar food.


Stay at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay! It has such a rich history (oldest motel in the county) and amazing retro 50s vibes!!! Perfect walking distance to downtown Sturgeon Bay. The owner is SO SWEET and the price is great too. I rented on Airbnb but you can go through their website too. https://www.holidaymusicmotel.com Other than that, definitely check out Not Licked Yet in Fish Creek for custard and a MUST SEE: the goats on the roof at Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay!