Advice for a new player

Advice for a new player


Wait until they can prove they can figure out breeding, or how to sell horses in a drop, or keep races going. If you can't wait then I have some horses I'll sell you.


Nice name. Adun Toridas


join discord [https://discord.gg/zedrun](https://discord.gg/zedrun) and learn. watch out of scams on discord. First horse should be from drop so be patient. don't buy horse from people who DM you.


Cheers man, I’ll give it a look tonight. How quickly do the dropped horses often sell out?


Second on joining the discord. Tons of great resources. Watch Al Smizzle’s YouTube videos, especially the beginners ones. Drops sell out in seconds (think buying concert tickets online back in the day) but if you do the research you can definitely improve your odds of getting a horse on drop days


The drops sell out in seconds but there isn’t going to be a drop in awhile. The next drop is a free giveaway like 1mil worth of horses. Had to be signed up with a stable earlier tho. Join the discord there are plenty websites do research before buying a horse. Raced Genesis that aren’t good racers that wont win much currently go for .16-.25 right now. Wait for breeding if you are on a budget. After the drop unraced horses will for .27 and up.


My philosophy is a little different than simply getting a horse…but there are many ways people want to approach this game. Some want to build great bloodlines through breeding, some want to hold unraced horses as a store of value, some want to race I like the racing aspect so I bought a decent racer at a slightly above average price. I enter a lot of races and gain entertainment from that Figure out what you want and approach accordingly


I’d start with knowyourhorses.com to look at the horses race history and odds. Make sure the horse has run paid races and pay no attention to the Griffen odds. Many owners get good griffen odds, maybe a lucky few wins early, and show good odds and very high win %- only to flip to new people for high $. Beware of a horse that hasn’t raced but a few races…can be a donkey that got lucky. There are some guys out there that analyze horses on opensea for a few to find the best runners for best price…but paying someone a consultant fee before you even buy your first horse may not be in the cards.


That’s pretty much the approach I’m looking to take. Any tips on finding a decent horse? I’m not expecting a world beater as my budget will be quite small to start with


I looked on zed-nucleus.com/opensea/ for the cheapest horses with sub 20 races looking for a horse that someone gave up on and is offloading but could still have potential. But I agree with another poster here, waiting for breeding would be smart right now. Could be some better buys to be had in 3 weeks. Unless you are set on a Genesis, next drop could be months away.


The drops have been pretty frustrating, if you can’t get a horse in a drop. Wait until breeding is open, horses should be cheaper once breeding is open and active, would recommend a filly or mare for your first horse because you keep the offspring in breeding.


The frustrating thing is, there's few gen horses and everyone knows they're the key long term. So you have high demand and limited supply.


I have two options: 1. Buy Genesis! If you can afford Z1-Z7 get to studying them on opensea. The million dollar drop is about to flood the market with Z8-Z10 so go buy on opensea then for one of those. Decide if you want to invest in new foal or try to just stud out for money (f/m). Decide if you want an unraced/unbred horse, a good racer, or a donkey you hope can breed. 2. Buy a bred horse. They will inevitably be sold relatively close to floor breeding prices unless there are proven genetics in the ancestry. Get a few and hope they are awesome. Breed them, hope they are awesome. Personally I think #2 is a poor man's Z8-Z10 which is a poor man's Z5-Z7 which is a poor man's Z1-Z4. Get whatever you feel comfortable spending or what fits your strategy. I wouldn't race until breeding opens. Most importantly go have fun.


I'd wait a few weeks before buying anything. A lot of people I know (including myself) just wanted to race and overpaid for horses at the start. Also breeding starts july 12th. you should see a huge drop in bred horse prices at that time.